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Neuro stared at the women's cold body, and walked slowly towards her. When he got closer, he could see the blood staining her blond hair. It was a sudden shot to the head. She was walking alone when a stray shot, made by a thief nearby, hit her. It was just bad luck. She didn't have anything to do with the crime. Neither robbed nor helping the victim. How could she have known a crime was being committed nearby.

"She was just walking when she suddenly dropped to the ground. When we got closer, we noticed blood coming from a bullet wound to the head. There was nothing we could do." Claimed a witness.

"No, we immediately called an ambulance" Said another.

Neuro reached for the body, and slapped both it's cold hardened cheeks. "Yako, wake up! I didn't give you permission to die yet."

All the police, witnesses, and bystanders stop what they were doing to stare at the scene with mixed feelings. When the police came to their senses, they moved to stop Neuro. But one glare from Neuro was enough to freeze them in place again.

"Yako!... This can't be!..." A middle-aged woman cried while sobbing. Unaware of Neuro's presence.

"Yako, your mother is crying. Wake up already" His voice sounding irritated.

"Yako…" Katsuragi Haruka, Yako's mother, immediately stops crying. Although her eyes were blurred by tears, she noticed something off about the situation. Neuro, her daughter's kind-hearted assistant, wasn't acting like a normal person in mourning.

Neuro lost his patience and started shaking the already stiff body. "Wake up, maggot. Who told you you could sleep here?"

Yako's mother tried to hold back tears. "Neuro, Yako has already…"

Suddenly, a man with a suit and short hair ran towards them, trying to stop Neuro. "Oi…! She's dead, she isn't gonna wake up anymore."

"…is that so?" And just like that, Neuro lets Yako's body hit the hard road.

"You monster! Can't give her a little more respect and be gentle with her body?" Godai couldn't believe it. After realizing she was useless, he just throws her away like a piece of garbage.

Neuro didn't pay any more attention to Godai. He simply left the scene. The press eventually gathered. A few recognized Neuro as Yako's assistant and tried to get a few words from him. But he just kept walking, and suddenly disappeared.

Neuro arrived at the office and found Akane watching the new about the death of the famous detective.

'What happened? Is the detective really…' She didn't finish the sentence.

"Yeah, she's dead. Post a job listing for a new detective, Akane" Neuro walked towards Troy and sat down, turning on his computer.

Akane didn't know what to do or how to feel. It happened so suddenly, and her boss' reaction didn't make it seem real.

Neuro called up Godai. "Godai, where's the new puzzle you told me about before? …Of course, I'm being serious… So what if she died. I don't care if one or two of my slaves die. I just need to find new ones… Shut it! Get over here or I'll make you join her side."

After Neuro ended the conversation with Godai, Akane finally came to terms with the reality. But she didn't know how to mourn. She was just the braided hair of a corpse. It made her realize she was also dead.

"Akane, stop it. It's annoying!" Neuro glared at the restless braid, "If you found the new detective for me, the human will also taking care of you"

Akane just stared at her boss and wondered if the demon really felt nothing towards the detective's death. Maybe the detective was wrong about him.

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