"I prayed that you might be saved and took every breath with me in the leafy shade.
I cried out in pain, Please save us"- M2U

Chapter 12.5

Yako watched the scene with horror. Neuro was abusing the girl's dead body, which looked so much like her, and she's almost ninety percent sure it was her corpse. If she's not crazy, or dreaming, then that means she's dead. But that's impossible, isn't it?

Yako was still in Neuro's embrace. Neither moved an inch. They could feel the heavy air around them, scared to make the first move. Their eyes still staring at the screen despite the TV being turned off by Akane when it ended.

The rotten and stiffened body, almost like a corpse. 'But, how come I'm still alive? Oh, God! I must've gone crazy, or the news clip was fake? But, I'm...' Yako, who was debating with herself, eventually turned around to face Neuro. Only to see a painful expression etched across his face.

She was only able to see it for a second before he suddenly deepened his embrace. Pulling her face to his chest. Neuro whispered her name repeatedly into her ear. Like someone crying for help.

The hug was tight, but not painful. Instead she could feel her heart filling with warmth, and for whatever reason, she felt so fulfilled that her tears started falling out. It wasn't out of anger or fear, but they weren't really happy tears. It overwhelmed her.

She hugged him back and snuggled into his chest, trying her best to stop this feeling. There were so many things she wanted to say, but she was only able to repeat his name in the process.

"...Neuro... Neuro..."

Neuro stopped whispering her name when he finally realized her change in behavior. So, he pulled her away to face her.

He wanted to ask her 'Do you remember everything?', but when he saw her face he just couldn't do it. Yako was still full of anxiety and worries, but her anger had died out. Replaced by sorrow and misery.

Yako was finally facing Neuro. At first, she saw hope in him. Which eventually turned into grief and regret. That's how she understood. She was indeed dead and was somehow brought back to life, but not as a complete human.

He touched her face, wiping away the tears that had ceased by her sudden realization. Being touched by his actions, she holds the hand that had touched her face. She looked straight at him, as he gave her his best mock smile with sadness in his eyes. She smiled back at him with a sad expression.

There was no need for words, their actions and expressions were plenty. He kissed Yako's forehead in reassurance and she answered him with a hug.

They knew that words would only break the illusion of serenity they had in this moment. It would break eventually, it was inevitable. But, they wanted to preserve this "calm before storm" moment a little while longer.

But they forget that the one who felt the most tense was Akane, who was watching the whole thing with a stern face (hair). She was anticipating what would happen to them but was also scared of the punishment she would be receiving.

"Little bit of poison in me. I can taste your skin in my teeth
I love it when I hear you breathing. I hope to god you're never leaving"- Melanie Martinez