Disclaimer: Doctor Who isn't mine. If it was things would be quite different. The BBC owns all and I bow before them.

Written for legendslikestardust prompt 'fall' (the verb and the season :D), timepetalsprompts 'sunrises on cold days,' and tenroseforeverandever.

The Doctor watches the first rays of sunlight fall across Rose's sleeping form. She has a severe case of bedhead and her lips are still kiss swollen from the previous night, but he can't imagine a more beautiful sight. Such inactivity would've once made him restless, back when he was still a full Time Lord, but not any longer. She's his personal sun, bringing warmth and life to him in so many ways, and he's forever in her orbit. Happily so. He snuggles in close, basking in the warmth of her body next to his on this cold autumn morning.