Beast Boy was utterly depressed.

Starfire was utterly depressed.

No one knew, though. Everyone has their secrets.

Beast Boy's POV

"Robin, nothing's wrong. I'm fine, just a little tired."

"Beast boy-"

"No Robin. I really am fine." Beast boy turned and went to his room passing Starfire and Cyborg, but not giving his signature goofy smile.

Flopping on his bed, Beast Boy sighs. His mask fell away, but he kept his emotions in check. Thinking happy thoughts and chasing away the bad, he sat thinking of his birthday. It was a week away, but no one knew. He would like to keep it that way too.

He will be sixteen. No one knew though, they thought he was like fifteen or fourteen. He's a late bloomer though. His parents were too. They didn't start puberty until they were about eighteen. Starfire's birthday was four days before his and he was excited for her. She deserved to be happy on her special day for she was a good person and didn't hide anything from the group unlike him who only deserved darkness, unhappiness, and no celebrations in his honor.

Beast Boy looked over his messy room and laughed a dry, humorless, laugh totally unlike Beast Boy, but definitely like Garfield. Garfield Mark Logan was his real name though they don't know that either.

All the other Titans know about him that is true is that he was adopted by Elasti-Girl or Rita and Steve Dayton, but they died trying to save him. He was deeply affected by that, but not as much as his birth parents' death did.

Although, it was still early Beast Boy fell into a deep, restless sleep.

Starfire's POV

"Friend Cyborg, you have no need to do the worrying for me. I am the most fantastic." Starfire floated to the kitchen a bit tired. She had been distracted during the fight with Enemy Cinderblock and before she realized it she was on the ground with a headache. Friend Raven healed her and she didn't have any serious injuries so that was good, but Friend Cyborg noticed that she was a bit more distant and less cheery that she usually was.

She no longer offered to make Tameranian dishes for the group and she hugged people less. She was frowning a couple of times and Friend Cyborg and Friend Robin both noticed and asked her what was wrong.

Her birthday was in three days and the Titans were excited. They bustled around trying to seem like they weren't doing much, but she could read people very well. Friend Beast Boy was the upset. He tried to cover his emotions, but she could see that when no one was watching he frowned.

Once Cyborg, left her alone she wandered back to her room with a bottle of mustard in her hand, but on the way she heard soft talking. It was coming from Beast Boy's room.

She knocked on the door a couple times.

"Friend Beast Boy, would you like to share the yellow drink of mustard. It is the most appetizing." She heard a groan and shifting and she knocked again.

"Friend Beast Boy."

The door slid open and Star saw a very tired and slightly frightened Beast Boy.

"Hi Star, h-how are you?" Star narrowed her eyes as she looked him up and down. He was wearing his Doom Patrol uniform, but didn't have any gloves on, which is when she saw his right hand bleeding and his other hand clenched tightly. They also had many scars on them.

"You are the bleeding. Do you need Friend Raven? I also thing that you had the terrors of the night, but it is the afternoon. Are you alright, Friend Beast Boy?"

Beast Boy wasn't looking at her so she, as gently as she could, pushed his head up to look her in the eyes and she saw intense pain that only lasted a second, but was unmistakable. It was just like the one she wore each morning before thinking of happiness and floating out of her room to greet the other Titans.

Starfire pushed Beast Boy into his room and letting the door close behind them. Then she gave him the biggest hug she could muster and wouldn't let him go until he gasped for breath.

"Star?" Beast Boy asked worriedly.

Beast Boy's POV

Beast Boy was very confused and a bit frightened. At first he was sleeping then he was at the door with a very emotional Starfire and now he's sitting on his bed with Starfire hugging the breath out of him and he can't breathe, plus he's pretty sure she cracked a few ribs. He tapped on her back a few times and she let go with tears brimming out the corners of her eyes.

"Star?" He asked worriedly.

"It is okay Friend Beast Boy. I understand the sadness." His eyes widened and he held on to her wrists firmly.

"How do you know?"

"I have seen the expression of sadness before. I have the sadness too." Tears spilled over Star's eyes and she tried to quiet her bawling. Tears welled up in Beast Boy's eyes as well, but he didn't let them fall. Crying wouldn't do anything to help them.

"It's okay we can heal each other. Don't worry Star. Can you meet me up on the roof at midnight? It is important." Star nodded and gave him another hug, significantly softer than the first one.

"Thank you, Friend Beast Boy. We shall do the helping of each other." Star bowed to me and put her arms in a cross across her chest hands on her shoulders and smiled a genuine smile at me before putting on a fake smile. He did the same thing back which made her giggle.

A couple hours later, Robin was lecturing Beast Boy about his performance during the fight that morning.

"You were sloppy and you almost got yourself killed! You're going to have to train twice as much before you even think about playing video games again."

Garfield actually despised video games and hated tofu. He hated comic books and speaking and reading in English. His first language was Swahili and he hadn't started to learn how to read until he was adopted by the Doom Patrol.

"Hole ya punda." Beast Boy muttered before he could stop himself. (*It means the hole of the ass, so basically asshole*)

"What did you say?" Robin said, dangerously.

"I said, No fair, Robin." Beast Boy frowned pitifully for a moment. Then he smiled goofily. "Of course, oh great fearless leader. I do hope that I do better." He said sarcastically.

"Whatever, Beast Boy. Make sure you pick up your slack, can't have you being even more useless." With that Robin left and Beast boy was close to tears.

"Yep, that's me, useless, ugly, green freak." He was filled with self-hate and dropped his mask. Then Raven walked in and was hit with a bunch of gloomy emotions. He felt the intense pain and sadness that someone felt, but then all of a sudden it stopped.

Raven looked around, but didn't see anyone so she proceeded to walk to the kitchen to get her tea, not noticing the green fly that buzzed out of the room.


A few hours later, when it was dark out, two shape made were on the roof sitting near the edge. Not talking, but not quiet either.

"Let's start with our names. Our real ones. My name is Garfield Mark Logan."

"I am Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran." They settled into a comfortable silence while both thought about their pasts.

"Friend Beast Boy?" Starfire asked quietly after nearly an hour of silence.

"Star, I miss them." Star looked quizzically at him.

"Your parents from the Patrol of Doom?"

"No, I do miss them, but they are not my real parents. I had real parents when I wasn't so… green. They were scientists in Africa trying to find a cure for a genetic disease. I was about six at the time…"

Beast Boy went into explaining about his parents and how they died. Then he told about his kidnapping and his beating and his scars and even his murders. He also told her that English wasn't his first language and that Swahili was. Then he went into the happy parts and finding of the Doom Patrol and the acceptance and then the Titans and how he, for the first time in a long time, felt that he belonged and that he had a family.

Starfire listened and nodded and cried and hugged him as he told her his story.

"I've never told anyone all of that. I always have kept it in and thought of happiness so Raven wouldn't use her powers and tell Robin."

"I have not been through such hardships such as you, but I have been through the many hardships as well."

Beast Boy nodded and was about to ask her to continue, but he saw the sun slowly start to rise and realized that they had been talking all night.

"Starfire, it's almost morning. Do you think that you could tell me later? Maybe for lunch or something?"

Star looked a bit disappointed before smiling softly and nodding.

"Of course Beast Boy. May I call you by your real name?" Beast Boy looked a bit conflicted, but shook his head.

"I'm not ready yet. May I call you by yours?" Star nodded.

"Only in the secret though. Only Friend Robin knows it." Beast Boy smiled and hugged her.

"Until, next time." And they both went their separate ways.

One Week later…

Beast Boy and Starfire have gotten even closer and Starfire was ready to tell Beast Boy her story. They hadn't had much time to discuss many things since they still met in private.

Star knocked on Beast Boy's door.

"Kori. What did you want to talk about?" Beast Boy asked, cautiously.

"I would like to talk about the bad things. I believe that I am most ready to share." Beast boy sat on his bed in rapt attention. She wasn't willing to share a lot about her past at first, but she became best friends with Beast Boy over the week and was willing to share.

"As you know, my name is Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran. My home was destroyed by the Gordanians, my younger brother Prince Ryand'r, or Wildfire was sent away to save our families' line and somehow ended up on Earth. I saw him once a few months ago, but wasn't sure until he started flying. I never have seen him since, but he is near. We were under attack and my sister Princess Komand'r or Blackfire betrayed us and went with the enemy. She wasn't going to be queen though, since she did not look like us our people did not trust her. My parents were killed trying to protect us and I escaped. My sister was always hunting for me and later found me she forced me into slavery and later tried to have me killed. I escaped and was forced to kill an innocent man because he did not do what my sister wanted him to do. I was either going to be hurt very badly or I was going to be killed, but I was okay with that. The man had a family and she was going to hurt them as well as him so I did and I have hated myself ever since. I eventually left and went to Earth where I found Friend Robin, Raven, and Cyborg. We formed the team and then found you."

Starfire was trying really hard not to cry, but when Beast Boy pulled her into a hug she did. Her dam broke and the waterworks came in soaking Beast Boy's shirt. Star fell asleep after a few minutes of crying and Beast Boy brought her to her room. He struggled since he was shorter than and not as strong as her, but he managed to get her safely tucked into bed.

Two Weeks later…

Beast Boy charged at Starfire and at the last minute changed into a kangaroo and kicked her back. Starfire shot star bolts out of her hands and flew towards Kangaroo Beast Boy with her eyes glowing. This went on for a couple of minutes before Starfire finally struck him down.

Starfire went over to him an offered him a hand.

"Friend Beast Boy you are most skillful, but you get the over excited and loose the focus."

"Starfire you are very skilled, but you hold back. You fear hurting somebody and you hesitate before making the final blow and that could be a fatal move when fighting someone who doesn't have morals about killing someone."

They smiles and walked out of the training room. Their days usually go like that. They wake up early and talk or train and then they walk back to their rooms for a rest or for a few extra hours of sleep. The training rooms are soundproof so no one could heard them and they are very quiet when it comes to sneaking in or out of their rooms.

Beast Boy stretched, but winced when he bent over.

"Garfield?" Beast Boy shook his head.

"I'm fine Kori, One of your bolts may have hit me. They may not have been full powered, but they sure do pack a punch."

Starfire looked confused.

"I did not do the punching though." Beast Boy smiled, chuckled lightly.

"It's an expression. It means that they hurt." Starfire nodded, then frowned.

"Take off your top article of clothing. I wish to help heal you." Beast Boy was worried because their training sessions lasted a bit longer than usual, but he decided that it was okay. No one wakes up that early anyway.


Starfire beamed and floated over to the first aid kit as Beast Boy took off his shirt. Her star bolt had actually reopened an old scar he got a few weeks ago from fighting Cinderblock.

"Oh, Friend, I am the very sorry."

"It's fine, Kor. I'm actually okay, the whole shapeshifting thing helps me deal with pain." Then Beast Boy winced because he never told Starfire about the shapeshifting hurting.

"W-what do you mean, Friend Beast Boy? Does your shifting of shapes hurt?" Beast Boy didn't even bother to try lying, so he nodded.

"You can't tell the other Titans though. They would kick me off the team and stop me from fighting. Please Starfire."

Starfire was conflicted, but she eventually nodded.

"You know the secrets no one else knows about and I would be a bad friend if I betrayed your trust. I am not the most joyous about keeping this one though."

Beast Boy smiled, grateful for a friend like her.

"Could you wrap up my back though? I can feel the blood moving down my back." Starfire nodded and wiped away the blood putting on a bandage. Then they hugged tightly.

Then they heard footsteps and low talking. It sounded like Cyborg and Robin. So Beast Boy and Starfire quickly made a run for it and hid behind a plant in the hallway as they made their escape.

Then they both went to their rooms to wash off and get a few hours of sleep before getting up for the day.

Around noon, Beast Boy and Starfire got out of their rooms and headed for the kitchen where they saw Raven, Cyborg, and Robin all eating breakfast.

Starfire quickly got something to eat as Beast Boy got some leftover pizza and warmed it up.

"Where have you too been? Starfire you never wake up this late and Beast Boy you don't wake up at all unless we tell you to."

Beast Boy shrugged and Starfire munched her food nervously. The Titans seemed skeptical at first, but dismissed the topic.

After breakfast, the Titans went for training since there haven't been many attacks in a few weeks and it has made Robin skeptical.

"All right Titans. Pair up! One of you will work on strength while the rest of us will work on hand to hand combat."

Raven sighed and put up her hood, while moving towards Beast Boy.

"Beast Boy was going to pick me anyway so I might as well go." Beast Boy looked a little sheepish.

"Actually I was thinking of working with Star. We haven't worked together much anyway."

Starfire smiled knowingly and Beast Boy smirked. Robin looked a bit sad, but then nodded.

"I'll work on strength and Cy and Raven can spar." Everyone took their positions and the sparing started.

"Star, don't hold back." Beast Boy whispered and Star nodded with determination.

Star leaped towards Beast Boy with medium powered bolts and her eyes glowing. They would stun Beast Boy for a second while she could make her move. Beast Boy turned into a roadrunner and matched her, but then turned into a squid and squirted ink at her. She dodged and threw her bolts at him. He dodged them and tripped her then he turned into a gorilla, grabbed her hair, and threw her at the wall. She stopped just short of the wall then she nodded her head and they stopped using their powers all together.

Beast Boy ran at her and crouched kicking at her head then punching her stomach. She expected the first move, but not the second and was knocked back. Beast Boy came at her again, but this time was met with a kick to the jaw. She ran at him and kicked his side and elbowed his jaw. Beast Boy fell and blood squirted out of his nose.

Starfire hesitated and Beast boy made his move. He slid underneath her and grabbed her arm pushing it back then pushed her forward. He pounced on her and just as she turned over. Straddled her stomach and holding her arms with one hand he put the other at her throat pushing lightly.

Then she sighed and screamed a bloodcurdling scream and closed her eyes pretending she died.

Beast Boy was about to start laughing when he was captured in a black magical bubble. He saw Robin and Cyborg race towards Starfire who was still on the ground. Raven was looking stony as ever, but had a tinge of worry in her eyes.

Starfire shot up and started laughing. A high pitched hysterical laugh that caused Raven to lose focus and dropped Beast Boy from within the bubble. Beast Boy smiled and chuckled a little and they all looked at Beast Boy.

"What the heck was that Beast Boy? Was that a prank because it wasn't funny?" Robin demanded, dangerously.

"Friends, friends do not do the worrying. It is just sparing. There is no need to shout at friend Beast Boy."

The other Titans looked confused as Star went and got the first aid kit and bandaged up Beast Boy's nose while popping it back into place. Beast Boy yelped and Star swatted him on the shoulder lightly, which actually sent him stumbling.

"Sorry, Garfield." Star whispered, so that only Beast Boy could hear her.

Raven felt someone's emotions go to fear and back to happiness as quickly as it came so she wasn't sure if it was really there to begin with, but she still felt skeptical.

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