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Starfire bursts through the tower window not caring for the glass shards that pierced her skin. She flies to the medical bay and puts Beast Boy onto one of the beds. It is a white room with an operating table and several beds.

Frantically, she looks around the room and spots the IV drip and the heart monitor. Carefully she sets up the machine and drip. Starfire unzips the top part of Beast Boy's old Doom Patrol uniform and takes a look at the damage.

His right shoulder is swelling and rapidly taking on a purple tint and his right wrist is at an awkward angle that she knows it shouldn't be in. His chest looks worse than his shoulder as it is black and blue. His old scars on his chest make it look like he was in a brutal battle even though he was not.

"Oh, friend Garfield. I am making the apologizes even though the fault is not mine. Please be okay." Starfire groans.

Starfire grabs some bandages used in wrapping wounds (gauze?) and wraps it around his chest and shoulder tightly. Beast Boy wheezes and Starfire stops and peers at his face worriedly.

"Friend Beast?" Starfire asks, but when she gets no reply she goes back to wrapping the wounds. Significantly looser though.

Starfire hears sharp talking and footsteps and doubles her pace. She finishes and pulls up the blanket just as Raven, Cyborg, and Robin come in.

"Friends!" Starfire shouts, nervously. "Please do be quiet. Friend Beast Boy is sleeping."

Raven and Cyborg go over to check on Beast Boy, but Starfire pushes them back and steps in front of Beast Boy.

"Star, what-?" Raven starts to ask, but is interrupted by Starfire.

"Cyborg, you may do the scanning of Beast Boy. I have done the wrapping of Beast Boy. He doesn't want Raven to heal him and Cyborg, you have taught me how to do the wound dressing."

Cyborg looks skeptical, but scans Beast Boy from head to toe. Over the blanket of course. He can see the bandages on Beast Boy pushing the wounds into place, but not his scars. He nods to Starfire who his standing next to Robin with a worried look on her face.

"Yeah, BB will be fine. Good job, Star." Cyborg says, noticing the look on Star's face. Starfire nods and takes a seat on the foot of Beast Boy's bed, staring at him, wishing that he would get up.

"Update us when Beast Boy's condition changes. We are going to the kitchen." Robin says, while leading Raven out of the room. Cyborg takes one last look at Beast Boy before following the other Titans out.

Starfire sighs and makes herself comfortable.

A few hours later, Starfire wakes up to a soft, but insistent tapping on her shoulder and a quiet voice.

"Star. Star. Star! Starfire!" The voice says. Starfire, now alert, cracks her neck and looks up from her floating just next to the bed. She sees Beast Boy and she falls to the hard tile floor with a thump.

"Friend Beast Boy! You have awakened! Are you the okay?" Starfire exclaims, while resisting to squeeze him to death in a hug. He nods and tries to sit up, but yelps in pain and settles back down.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Did the others see..?" Beast Boy trails off. Starfire shakes her head.

"No, they did not. Do you need anything?" Beast Boy ponders and realizes that his uniform is getting a little tight.

"Could you go into my room and get a sweatshirt and sweatpants from my drawer and then go to the large pile of clothes in the corner and look through it to find the first aid kit? Please?" Starfire looks like she's about to ask, but nods her head and flies off to his room.

Beast Boy gets comfortable. Then the door practically flies off of its hinges as Raven, Cyborg, and Robin run into the room. They all look disheveled and tired.

"BB! You're awake. How are you, grass stain?" Cyborg asks.

"I'm glad you're awake, Beast Boy." Robin says.

"Well at least you didn't die." Raven utters. He averts his eyes and looks down at his hands, forgetting that his torso isn't covered.

"Hey guys. I'm fine, thanks for asking, Cy." He mumble. They all look down at his hands and gasp.

"Beast Boy, what happened to your hands?" Robin exclaims. His eyes widen hides them, then Starfire bursts into the room.

"Friend Garfield, I have gotten your things that you have wanted me to get. Why the kit of aiding though, we have medical things here?"

His eyes widen even more and snatches the things out of Starfire's hands, barely mumbling a thank you. He quickly puts on the sweatshirt and strips out of the bottom part of his uniform and slips on the pants as well. Grabbing the first aid kit, he holds it to his chest.

"Garfield? Isn't that the name that you told us when you tried to fly off? Who's Garfield?" Robin asks. Raven's hands start glowing and she moves towards him.

"Are you hurt? I'll fix it." Raven says, surprisingly gentle. He scoots back from her and holds the kit tighter.

"I'm fine," He growls, trying to get the Beast under control. "Leave me be. Cyborg can you get this thing off of me?" He growls, my voice an octave lower than it usually is. Shaking his head, he holds out his arm for Cyborg to take out the IV. Cyborg hesitates, but finally does it. Beast Boy rubs his arm and turns away from the Titans as he feels himself changing.

The Beast usually comes out when Beast Boy's super agitated, mad, or scared, but there is a way to keep it at bay that Star Labs came up with, but Beast Boy didn't know what that was for, he just took it a couple times a year when he was upset or agitated and it calmed him down. He finally found out what it was for when he turned into the Beast for the first time.

He decides not to risk his friend's safety and open the first aid kit. There are the regular things in there, bandages, burn salve, disinfectant, etc., but there was also three syringes and six small bottles of a greenish clear liquid in there too.

Beast Boy's POV

"Fuck it." I growl, fighting to keep myself from turning into the Beast. I pull out the syringe, disinfectant, and greenish liquid. I pour the disinfectant over the needle part of the syringe and put it into the liquid drawing out it and filling up the syringe all the way.

"Beast Boy, what are you doing? Stop!" Raven yells at me. I turn to her, my eyes going from dilated to slits in 0.2 seconds.

"Leave me." I snap. My voice has already reached the Beast deep voice and my body was starting to change, causing spasms of pain. My hair is turning thicker and I'm growing.

Raven has a scared look on her face as well as the rest of the Titans. I never even told Starfire about this, but she seems to get the importance of this and holds back the rest of the Titans.

I pull up my sleeve and rub my arm, opposite of the one that had the IV in it. Then plunge the needle in and push the liquid into my vein. Pain rockets through me, but is immediate followed by relief. I sigh as the pain flees. I lay down on the bed. Forgetting that my teammates are all there watching me with horror.

"What the Hell was that Beast Boy?" Raven screams, her eyes glowing and a few things in the room start to float.

"The Beast." My voice cracks. Everyone stops what they're doing and calms down.

"What?" Robin yells at me. I wince and look at my arm which has shrunk, but is still not it's usually stick-like shape. I frown and look down my shirt momentarily.

My knees would have buckled from under if I was standing up.

I have abs!

'No shit. That's what I was trying to do anyway. I wasn't really trying to take over, well not really. You kind of missed puberty because that green stuff that keeps me at bay. That stuff is bad news. It stunts your growth, but now it doesn't since you're fully grown now. Remember that I am a part of you and despite what you think, I'm not trying to lock you up inside of your mind and take over. You should really embrace you're animal side.' The Beast tells me. His voice fades a bit into a deep, but faraway voice in the back of my head.

I finally realize that my sweats are actually a size to small. They used to be like three sizes too big. I look up at the team. I flex my supposed hurt arm and the already strained bandages burst and fall off my arm. My wrist and arm feels better.

"Duuuuudes. I just had puberty."

The team looks at me like I'm a totally different person.

(*Okay so I'm going to change it up. I know what I said in the previous chapters that it was Starfire's birthday, and that Raven was turning seventeen and Beast Boy sixteen and what not, but forget it. He's turning seventeen and Raven is turning eighteen okay? Starfire's birthday is going to be next week. *)

Cyborg and Robin look skeptical, but also really curious.

Starfire looks confused, but delighted anyway.

Raven looks…. Well, Raven's expression is unreadable. I stare at her for a few minutes trying to figure it out, but she flushes red and puts up her hood.

I cock my head, but ignore it.

Starting to get up, I notice that I'm taller. Not Cyborg tall, but definitely close. I'm taller than Robin and Starfire which is saying a lot. Starfire is six feet and Robin is five eleven. Cyborg is about six four, which leaves me at about six two.

I smile.

"Okay dude. This is so cool. The Beast said that-," I start only to be interrupted by Robin.

"What do you mean, the Beast? Can he communicate with you and why did Starfire call you Garfield? What are you hiding from us Beast Boy?" Robin demands. I scowl and walk out of the door.

I turn back and look skeptically at them.

"Well, are you coming or not?"