Like Father, Life Daughter: Omakes

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Chapter 01: Skate Board Lesson

Jackie Lynn Thomas was ridding her skate board through the park. She always skated when she had free time, it helped clear mind. And her mind had many things that needed clearing.

She thought about Marco and their break up, as much as she wanted to she hadn't gotten over it just yet. She wasn't happy about what happened between Marco and Hekapoo, but she understood years had passed for Marco and he needed to move on. She also didn't blame Seraph, the kid was innocent in all this. And she knew she needed to break up with Marco, he was a father after all he should spend time with his daughter and get to know her. To take care of her as much as he needed to take care of himself at the moment.

As she continued to ride on she saw a red blur move past her.

Marco rushed pass her giving her only a second to stop before crashing into him.

She paused and something else speed past her and strike Marco. Marco tumbled backwards and held up a gloved hand, inside the glove was a beaten up base ball.

"Got it!" Marco raised his hand in triumph.

Jackie barely caught a glimpse of all of that as an orange blur rushed towards her, "Dad! You got it!"

Jackie noticed the cheerful presence of Seraph.

"Throw it back!"

"Okay," Marco wound up his arm before throwing the ball as far as he could.

The ball flew into the air and Seraph waited a moment before she rushed towards the ball. She was sprinting faster that Jackie imagined was possible.

Jackie had heard rumors around school of how physically talented Seraph had been, even to the point that sports teams were going to war against each other to try and recruit her.

Jackie now believed them, judging by how fast she was running and how fast that ball went major league teams would scout the girl.

"Uh, Jackie, Hi!" Marco paused to give her a proper greeting. Marco rubbed his arms trying to sooth his soreness.

"You okay?" Jackie questioned,

"Yeah, me and Seraph decided to play a game of catch today and well... Seraph is trying to reign in her throws a bit."

"Dad! Dad! Dad!" With another quick sprint Seraph rushed back to them with the ball. "Hey Jackie Lynn Thomas! I didn't see you there."

"Hey!" Jackie forced a smiled, she remember how the girl asked to be friends with her and she was trying to be nice but it was hard at times.

Jackie knew it was wrong to blame the girl for her break up, especially when she was the one that proposed it, but that nasty feeling was still in her gut.

"What are you doing out here today?" The girls excited voice perked Jackie up.

"Nothing much, it's just a nice day and I thought I would ride my board."

Seraph paused as she noted the skate beneath her feet.

"Oh!" The girl let out, " You seem really good at that. Hey dad can you show me how to ride one of those things?"

Marco scratched the back of his head sheepishly, "Yeah, I can't. I never really learned to ride one of those. I have maybe been one ride before with... Jackie."

Both Marco and Jackie looked away as they both recalled their date. Seraph didn't notice as she continued to stare at the new ridding implement.

"Huh?" she amused out loud she thought, "Jackie? Could you please show me how to ride one?" Seraph looked at Jackie, her eyes twinkling.

Jackie paused unsure how to answer, it was an innocent request one that she normally would be more happy to comply with but this felt odd.

"Okay," Jackie let out before she even realized it.

After Seraph retrieved the helmet she had that would fit her horns they got started,

Jackie let her borrow her knee pads and set her on the board. They only paused for a moment when Marco insisted to triple check that she had all the knee pad on right. Jackie tried not to think about how this was so similar to how she shared her first ride with Marco.

One the things that made thins easier was that Seraph was such an athlete, she had great balance on the board. Jackie gave her a nudge after instructing her a bit.

"Okay, just stay like that and kick to the side when you start slowing down."

And with one last nudge she pushed the girl away and rolled forwards. Seraph waved her arms around as she tried to keep her balance.

"Just relax." Marco called to her, "You're slowing down kick the ground again."

Seraph did so and sped up.

Marco smiled as his daughter rolled along, she wasn't moving all that fast but she was doing pretty good for her first ride.

Jackie took a step back and looked at Marco, the way he smiled, they way he beamed as he watched Seraph. He was such a dad, Jackie could tell Marco was ready to bolt to his daughter side if he thought she was going to fall and had to hold himself back not to run after her right then.

There was something Jackie was having a bit of trouble to describe, a certain aura about Marco as he watched his daughter. There was just something so right about him being there with his daughter and taking care of her.

Jackie sighed, she did the right thing, Marco was meant to be there with his kid. Normally a Saturday like this they'd probably be hanging out, if they had stayed together Marco would probably feel obligated to do so, Seraph would probably be fine with it hanging out with Star or her grandparents but they'd lose moments like this.

Jackie still missed being with Marco, even without noticing she found her hand moving towards his to hold. She paused pulled it back before Marco noticed.

"Thank you." Marco's voice echoed.


"Thanks for teaching her to skate. I'm not great at skate boarding and... well, she looks like she having fun. So, you know, thanks Jackie. I know this could be a little weird for you."

Jackie smiled, "No problem dude, you're both my friends."


Seraph skated into a tree when she found she couldn't turn.

"Seraph!" Marco raced towards the girl despite her seemingly being fine.

Jackie chuckled before she raced after him.

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