Like Father, Like Daughter: Omakes

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Chapter 13: Festivia

The small little Seraph ran down the forge's hall, she held up her Princess Marco Doll and her plush dragon Jalapeño. She ran down the halls making noises as she ran, she imagined some grand adventure unfolding before her eyes.

She was just a small child, in shorts and a yellow shirt exploring the forge she called home.

"There you are," Hekapoo's voice broke through the hall way.

The small girl paused to find her mother standing there.

"Come on its time for your nap."

"But I'm playing," Seraph pouted,

Hekapoo walked over and scooped up in the girl into her arms.

"No buts, you're a growing girl and need the sleep."

"Are you sure?"

"Pretty sure, you're not the first kid I've raised."

Seraph blinked, "What?"

"I've never told you about Festivia?"

"Whose Festivia?"

As they reached Seraph's bedroom Hekapoo started to explain as she helped her daughter get ready for her nap.

"You remember how I told you about those people I worked for those people."

"The Beuterflies"

Hekapoo snorted, "Yeah, them. A long, long time ago, mommy helped the magical high commission raise one of the princesses."

Seraph blinked as she climbed onto bed. "What happened to her mommy and daddy?"

Hekapoo scratched her head as she wondered how she would explain the complicated situation and death to such a young child.

"Ah… they couldn't raise her. They were gone to somewhere they couldn't come back from. It doesn't happen much because most parents can stay but honestly… they weren't great people." Hekapoo patted her head. Her hand tapping Seraph right between her small budding horns. They were so cute. "Don't worry about it. You don't have to ever worry about that."

"Oh, okay."

"So, Festivia was just a baby when she was pretty much the last one left. Me and the rest of the Magical High Commission were pretty much in charge of everything. Trust me that was a chore." Hekapoo huffed as she tucked Seraph into bed.

"Well, we helped raise her. The day to day stuff a lot of the castle staff did it. But we were in charge of teaching her about magic, responsibility, about all the queen stuff she had to do."

"You played with her too?"

Hekapoo smiled, "Yeah, sometimes we played together. When she got a little older I helped her travel around."

Hekapoo smiled, "She used to call me her cool aunt and a I guess I kinda was." Hekapoo sighed, "She was a little girl that needed someone. I guess, I stepped up when she needed someone. "

Suddenly Hekapoo's mind flashed back to that fussy purple haired child, that ran around and never really wanted to listen. The castle staff did most of the taking care of her but she helped. How many night had Hekapoo have to get that kid to go to sleep? How many times had she found her alone crying? How many times did she have to comfort a girl who never knew her parents? How many times did she end up playing with her because no noble kid wanted to play with the Queen of Darkness' daughter? How many times did she spend late nights talking to her?

Hekapoo smiled, if anything had ever got her ready to care for Seraph it was Festivia.

Silently Hekapoo thanked the princess.

Hekapoo softly said, "Sleep right now and I promise we will play later."

Seraph smiled, "Okay, mommy."

Seraph laid down in bed to take her nap.

Hekapoo walked out of the room and closed the door. She could only hope she would do right by Seraph.

Author's Notes: Seraph's Birthday! So, I made sure to write up a little something for her. A look back to her time with her mom at the forge. I'll get back to work on the next chapter for LFLD. Just wanted to make sure to have something for Seraph on her birthday.