Like Father, Like Daughter: Omakes

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Chapter 14: Daily Life

Seraph was sleeping peacefully, but as the morning sunlight struck her face, she started to wake. She stretched out her arms and yawned a bit before she began to rub the sleep from her eyes. She got up, changed her clothes, and went about her morning routines.

She woke up and got ready for the pups and the dragons.

"Morning, laser puppies. Morning Nachos. Morning Cinnabar."

Her grandparents had gotten some large dog beds and laid them out in the corner of the living room. The Laser pups liked to find room next to them to sleep.

Marco soon joined her, and they headed out for their morning job with the pets in tow. The pups were little balls of energy, maybe literally, and they always loved to run and play. The dragons were much more relaxed than the puppies, but they still like getting out and doing stuff. Since they couldn't fly about as much join in on the morning jogs helped them burn off some of that extra energy.

They did try to fly them on the weekend so they could stretch out their wings. They jogged for a while and did their usual exercise; they head back home to clean up.

In the kitchen, Angie filled up the pup's food bowl, they jumped over each other as they tried to eat.

"Here you go, Nachos." Angie tossed the dragon a cooked steak.

Nachos quickly jumped on it, but Cinnabar tried to pull it away; it quickly became a game of tug of war between them.

"Now, now, Cinnabar, I have one for you too." Angie tossed him a steak too.

Cinnabar let of the steak and chomped onto the other one.

Angie gave him a quick pat on the head. Seraph had noticed her grandparents were incredibly friendly to the dragons. She was sure they were gonna try to ride them; she'd seen them get leather jackets.

She had a feeling that it wouldn't end up well.

Seraph didn't have time to think; she sat down at the table. Rafael served up some breakfast for Marco and her. Star had already sat herself down and served herself a bowl of her favorite cereal; this was the only time she was allowed to have some. Though Seraph did like it too, she did love it when her Abuelo made breakfast, and she'd sneak a bowl later.

"Morning," Hekapoo walked in, still half asleep.

Hekapoo walked in her hair a mess; she was wearing some shorts and Marco's old 'I'm A Hot Dawg" shirt.

Hekapoo sat down in a chair beside Seraph. Things had been rather hectic for the last few days; after destroying her dimension, the High Commission decided to give Hekapoo some time to recover, they instead, in fact.

Hekapoo was trying to cope with things are best she could. Whatever a rainbow-colored snaked did, it meant that Hekapoo didn't need to draw out so much energy from Marco. Hekapoo ended up taking more human traits. Now, sleeping wasn't something she did to relax and kill some time; now, she really had to sleep for hours every day. To get extra energy, she needed to eat and drink things. She needed to be around Marco regularly to get some energy, and he had to double up on eating too to keep things even on his end.

The elder Diaz had invited Hekapoo to move in with them; after all, she was now homeless, and she needed to be around Marco. Why not?

Hekapoo tried to make things easier on them; she took a hall closet and used some magic to expand the insides. Basically, she made the closet bigger on the inside, and they made some adjustments like adding a window. It was basically the same spell Star did in her own room without having something stick out of the house. Though Hekapoo tried to make it bigger, she could only make one bedroom with magic on the Fritz. Not that she was in any place to complain.

Everyone made it out alive, Erebus was gone; overall, it could have been worse. They had seen worse, the dark future they promised to make sure never came to be.

And the bright side to all this meant that Hekapoo could live with her daughter.

Seraph woke up every day now looking forward to spending time with her mother. Maybe they couldn't spend all day together, but now they could spend so much more time together.

It would take a lot of time to get used to this, still getting to spend more time with her little girl meant that she'd be happy to deal with. The worst of it was that she was basically starting from scratch. Sure, she had cash hidden around the place, but that didn't change the fact that all her stuff was gone. The home she had with Seraph was gone. It was a good thing that Hekapoo copied all the pictures and gave them to Marco, so at least those were around.

"Morning, mom," Seraph greeted her.

"Morning, sweetie," Hekapoo smiled at her.

Hekapoo smiled happily, smiling at the smell of fresh bacon.

"Mom! Mom!" Seraph yelled happily. "I found something while on our run."

Seraph pulled out a small metal figure; it looked like Hekapoo, except her face was misshapen, her horns were pointed too close together, and her legs weren't that big. Hekapoo blinked as she realized what it was, a small little figure that Seraph made for her when she was a baby.

"How?" Hekapoo held it close.

Seraph shrugged, "I just found it."

They had found stuff for the last few days, people complaining about stuff crashing into their house after that day her dimension collapsed. When Marco pulled off their escape bit of the forge shot out with them. Nothing much survived but enough to recognize things from the forge, bits, and pieces. Also, a bit the swing set impaled itself Jeremy's house.

This was the first thing she thought was really worth salvaging.

Hekapoo pulled her daughter into a hug, they might have lost the house, but there was still a bit of home. Hekapoo thought maybe she should look over the junk that crashed; perhaps there was something else to save.

Angie clear her throat as Rafael started to serve breakfast. "Well, with everything that's been happening, we thought it might be a good idea to do something as a family."

"What do you mean?" Marco couldn't help but ask.

Rafael told him, "We are going on a family road trip."

Angie gasped, "Hekapoo, are you free today? I thought we could use the day to go shopping and get you and Seraph some clothes for the trip."

"For me?"

"Of course, you're family."

Seraph grabbed her mom, "Mom, it will be great! Grandma knows these cute shops all around the city! And we're going to have I just know it."

Hekapoo found it hard not to smile seeing Seraph so happy.

She wasn't too familiar with all of this family stuff, but maybe it would be okay.

Author's Notes: Feb 9trh is Seraph birthday so I decided it was time to give her a little happy family time before we get into the next arc in the main story. Let me know what you guys think, I am working on the next chapter its just been busy time. Anyway, Happy Birthday Seraph.