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This is a Emmett/OC story

Prompt: Emmett was never Rosalie's mate. She is with someone else. The OC could be a shapeshifter and Sam's cousin. She could've shifted just after Leah and Seth did maybe. Also she could be of Chinese descent and she can also be portrayed by Malese Jow. When it's set is up to you.

For you: FeralG3 I hope you enjoy it...I've gotta admit, I'm on pins and needles hoping I've done this justice.

I should be used to this by now, right? Everyone's got a mate but me. Odd man out. Currently kicked out of our humble abode, my brother and I are on a trip to Canada to find the biggest bear before they go into hibernation.

"See that one there?" Edward points just before he takes off.


His laugh to my thoughts alerts the bear to his presence and I race ahead of him, throwing my fist out to the side and pounding him into a tree trunk when I pass him. Like the Hulk in that one movie. Now I'm the one who's laughing.

And I caught the biggest bear.

After our hunt, we're heading back toward Forks at a slow pace when Edward breaks the silence. "So, do you mind if I head back a bit faster?" Edward asked almost timidly. Bella is on a plane back from Italy. She was on assignment for the Volturi otherwise I would be alone because he would be wrapped up in her newly strengthened arms.

Rolling my eyes, I shoved at his arm and he scowled playfully. "Go for it dude but when your ears bleed, don't come crying to me."

He chuckled. "I'll make theirs bleed in retaliation. She'll be home in…" He looked up to the star riddled sky. "two hours and thirteen minutes." His wistful voice was sickening. He missed his mate every time she had to go on assignment. It was punishment for not being changed by graduation since Eddie tried to put it off until they were married. Bella didn't want to get married. Push came to shove and the Volturi intervened a year ago and his mate was a guard member for a century.

Whatever, at least he had a mate. I kicked the ground as he readied himself to shove off the ball of his foot toward home. Pausing, he turned to me. "You'll find her, Emm. She's out there somewhere."


It's been two damn weeks since my father's funeral and I was still going through his estate. The tiniest house in La Push was stuffed full of antiques and boxes that would literally take me forever to go through! You'd think Paul could help me out? Of course not!

I had half a mind to just toss it all but something told me not to. As I gathered all the dusty boxes from the basement of the small shack I'd just moved into with Paul, I swiped my wrist across my forehead. Jesus, I'm sweating to death down here. Paul was running along with his friends, doing God knows what. He wasn't even mad his dad died...Our dad...I had to remember that.

Mom took off with me, leaving Paulie with our dad when I was just four. Two year old Paul had no idea what was going on but I guess they made something work because they were both still here until Dad died of a heart attack. Too much booze and fried shit. When I had found the obituary in the paper, I'd left a message for mom on the answering machine -she was never home anymore- and drove straight to La Push, Washington. It was a long drive from southern California but it felt so right to be back here.

Like I belonged. My blood sang and my heart pounded as I stepped out of my Jeep and into the cool, misting rain of the Olympic Peninsula.

Two weeks later and here I am, irritated beyond all get out and I just want to scream! Finished with the organization for another day, I stomped up the basement stairs and grabbed a shower to wash the dust and grime off of myself. I dressed in jeans and a tee and pulling my long dark hair out of my face into a ponytail at the back of my head, before slipping on my sneakers and walking a few doors down to Mrs. Clearwater's house.

Her boyfriend, Charlie was there and I greeted him as he looked up from the paper. He had grey streaks on the sides of his head and crows feet when he smiled. His smile never reached his eyes though unless Sue was around. His daughter, Bella had been taken from him almost a year ago. The search went on for a long time but even after the state presumed she was dead, Charlie refused to give up. I admired his strength but I pitied him. He was going to work himself to death.

Seth and I were going to go for a job today. We were hoping to stay on the rez and find work but there weren't many choices other than the diner or bookwork at the community center. It was odd to me because my cousin, Sam had forbid Seth from going anywhere near Forks but the second I said I was going to look for a job -voila- Seth needed one too.

Just chalking it up to one more odd occurrence in La Push!

"You ready?" I asked as I opened the door unexpectedly to Seth's room, hoping to scare him.

Instead of a shriek, I was met with a dimpled grin and a wave as he stood from his desk chair. "Sure am, Kris." He mock punched my shoulder but damn, it still hurt like a bitch. I rubbed my arm and his eyes widened, looking panicked. "That hurt? Oh shit, I'm sorry!"

Seth is scared to death of Paul, with good reason of course but sheesh. "He'll never know. Chill out and let's go. It didn't hurt that bad." He didn't look reassured in the least and kept his distance from me as we went out to his Chevy truck and drove off. The rusty red beast roared loudly, the fan making it sound like it would take off in flight if he revved the engine too much. Charlie had gifted it to him after his daughter had been determined dead telling the boy he wanted to keep it in the family. Seth took such good care of the truck it was almost sickening in a very sweet way.

After spending the day applying to every place in Forks and La Push, Seth scrunching his nose up every now and then, we headed back home. I walked into the Clearwaters house to greet Sue since she hadn't been home earlier and Seth flopped down on the couch, muttering under his breath. Leah slammed the door to her bedroom as she exited and stormed through the living room, glaring at me the whole way. I rolled my eyes but when she let her shoulder slam into mine, I twisted around and followed her out the door.

"What the fuck is your problem, Leah? What'd I ever do to you, anyway?" I demanded as I stormed after her trying to keep my voice down from her mother until we were out of earshot. She kept her back rigid but she stopped, facing the forest. "You're always running away when I'm around. What's the fucking problem?" I continued walking toward her even as Seth came running from the house, yelling after me.

"Leave her alone, Kris. Trust me it's just easier to ignore her." He tried to reason with me as he caught up to me.

Both of the Clearwater children towered over my 5'5 and I glared up at Leah, sweat beading on my forehead. I squinted my eyes at her and she stared at me, trying to intimidate me. "I asked you a fucking question, Clearwater. Not getting laid enough or what?" I poked her in the chest with my finger.

The longer she glared at me the more angry I got. She'd been doing this ever since I'd arrived and I was just sick of it. Between going through everything at Dad's without help, Paul disappearing as if he can't stand me but Seth acting like he can't even joke around without fear of my brother beating his ass, and Leah! Leah pulling this stupid ass bullshit.

"Are you fucking stupid, girl?" I taunted. I got my temper from my brother and we both got it from our father. My whole body trembled in anger.

Leah's top lip pulled over her teeth in an odd animal-like snarl and the sound that accompanied that movement definitely sent fear into me but I held my ground.

"Fucking weirdo." I muttered at length as I narrowed my eyes further. I couldn't help the anger I felt. She didn't deserve the taunting or my swearing. She hadn't really done anything except leave whenever I was around and glare at me but it was sending me over the edge after everything else built up. "You seriously have nothing to say?"

"Look here, you fucking gook. Get the fuck out of my way before I chew up your insides and spit them on your corpse."

"Leah!" Seth cried with angry indignance while my eyes widened.

"Got the wrong fucking race there, asshole. I'm Chinese. Barely! I'm more Quileute than anything." My chest was rumbling with rage as my voice got louder and deeper. I couldn't believe she went there. "Want me to call you an indian, you racist bitch? Fuck you!" I slapped her across her face as my eyes teared up in my frustration. Her face registered shock for just a moment before her scowl deepened and she stalked forward. My body was practically blurring as she shoved me into the woods, through the thick brush at the treeline.

Seth scrambled after us and then disappeared into the thick of the trees. Leah kept shoving me with a scowl on her face and her teeth bared but she didn't say anything else. God, I wanted to rip her face off and that scowl with it. What the hell was her problem? I hadn't done a fucking thing to her!

What is going on? My body feels like it's on fucking fire. Leah shoved me again and I swore I heard a howl before suddenly I bent forward, a burning pain running down my spine and through my pelvic region, gasping for breath, my teeth clenched tightly as I groaned long and loud. My eyes closed and I screamed out in pain as my face hit the bracken. When I opened my eyes, I looked all around, my eyes rolling before I settled on the strangest image.

Jesus H. Christ, I have paws!


"Smell that, Alice?" I asked the little pixie as we walked through the park in Forks. It was a perfectly cloudy day and there was nothing else to do. I sniffed the air and though the scent was tinged with mutt from the reservation, it smelled like…"Oh it smells like heaven." I sighed.

Alice giggled at me and I shoved her with an flat palm, watching with satisfaction as she stumbled sideways a few steps before righting herself with a glare. "You should stop shoving people, Emmett. One day you'll shove the wrong person." She warned.

Rolling my big golden eyes, I gave her my dimples and heartstopping grin. "Never met anyone to match me before, lil sis. Not even that Felix fucker." I said smugly while I bulged my biceps in her direction.

Alice hummed and nodded her head but she didn't look convinced as she let a small smirk play on her lips.

"What do you know?" I asked, stopping beside her and pulling her to a stop with me.

She pulled her gray coat around her shoulders tighter as humans walked by, pretending to be cold as we stood on the sidewalk by a bench. She smiled wickedly at me, eyes that matched mine sparkling with mischief. "I'm not telling!" She sang before she spun around and walked a fast pace back toward our car. She had driven us in town to drop something off at the post office and insisted we walk around the park. We stopped by the Bella Swan memorial that had been erected in the cemetery and paid our 'respects' in full view of the public. It was something we always did when we came through town. Eddie was hardly ever seen in Forks anymore, seemingly still mourning the loss of his girlfriend who had died tragically in a car crash.

I assumed she'd had something up her sleeve but nothing out of the ordinary happened. Still, she was always a cryptic little thing. Got on everyone's nerves, honestly.

"You will too tell me! Alice, get back here!" I called after her as I 'chased her' through the street and to the car. Her wicked grin never left her face as she ducked into the passenger seat. I sighed, catching the heavenly scent one last time and storing it away in my mind for later contemplation before getting in the car and driving away back to the house.