The pack and I raced through the La Push forest, pushing ourselves harder than ever as we chased down a nomad vampire. He'd killed four humans in the last three days and we had finally created a reverse pyramid formation to corner the leech against the rockface on First beach before he could jump into the ocean.

Leah and I led the pack, being the fastest and we were a blur of gray and black as we darted around tree trunks and through the brush before our paws sprayed beach sand behind us.

Don't let him get away!

You think I'm an idiot, Paul?

Fuck off, Kris.

I snapped at his leg as he came barreling into view and he lunged at me.

Enough, you two! Jacob's command flowed through our veins and we had no choice but to focus. Damn right you need to focus! We've almost got him. Pay attention. Leah, duck behind that bush and stay low until Sam and I flush him to you. Kris will have your back. Paul! You will have your sister's back!

She's not my fucking sister.

I had to admit, that stung. Paul didn't see me as his sister because he didn't remember me and he'd hated our mother for leaving. Mia Lang Lahote was named after her grandmother and I was named after her grandfather, Kristian Lahote. She hated the legends, the stories, the bonfires, and the Quileute traditions in general. She'd married Gene Lahote on a whim to piss off her parents and only stayed with him out of duty. Mom swears she tried to do right by him but by the time Paul toddled around she just couldn't stand the life she was living. She whisked me away to southern Cali where she brought me up on traditional Chinese ways instead.

The vampire, eyes filled with fresh blood and a strange purple spiked haircut, was backed into the cliff face, baring his teeth and hissing venom at us. The pack started the plan in place with Sam's large black wolf and Jacob's larger russet wolf pushing into the vamp. Paul, Jared, and Seth were filling in the gaps and the only place the vampire had to go was right into Leah's jaws where she lied in wait impatiently. I was crouched behind her, my black fur brushing the leaves and bracken as I breathed as shallow and as little as possible. No doubt the leech could hear our heartbeats but in his wild eyed panic, he didn't seem to be paying much attention to that.

The pyramid worked perfectly and Leah chomped his skinny little neck right off his shoulders before he could scream. We all leapt into action, getting our muzzles on a piece of the bleach scented filth and before long, a hazy purple smoke was filtering up into the gray clouds as we celebrated our kill.


"I thought they were going to let us know if they had visitors?" Bella asked. She had her long hair pulled away from her face and she sat perched on the arm of the chair Edward lounged in while he played with her fingers.

Carlisle set the phone down he'd been using and turned to Bella. "You know how honorable they are, my dear. They wanted to do it themselves. I'm sure if they had more trouble than they did, they would have contacted us."

Rosalie snorted and her mate, Ray snickered as she brushed his dark hair off of his forehead. He was laying on her thighs while she sat on the chaise lounge across from Edward and Bella. Dude looked like the guy straight from Supernatural and I picked on him every second I could. His brown hair was a perfect match, including his straight jaw and long nose. I suppose he was a good match for Rose though. They were both obsessed with their looks.

"In any case, they've taken care of the problem and they've neither seen or scented a mate. Let's hope that's the end of it." Carlisle stated.

Damn dogs were always taking away my fun. All I wanted was a little fight. Just a tussle! It didn't matter to me if it was to the death or just a quick beat down but no. Even Paul Lahote, the resident hothead wouldn't fight me. Fucking pansy. We all hung around doing our own thing for the rest of the day. The couples all ended up in their bedrooms together and this time I didn't have Eddie to go off with because Bella wasn't due back in Italy for another three weeks. They should have punished Edward harder for but Bella would've been a martyr there too. She took his punishment as her own because her shield was more valuable than Eddie's telepathy, joining the guard and completing whatever assignment they sent her on. She was their beck-and-call girl. At least if Eddie had been the one leaving all the time I could have fun with Bella. She liked to prank as much as I did.

So, once again kicked out of the house, I started running blindly through the forest, wracking my brain for something to do. I didn't need to hunt, I didn't have anyone to talk to, and I had no idea what to do with myself. Existence was boring without a companion. Maybe, just maybe I could find myself a tasty little morsel to join me in some temporary fun. As soon as that thought hit me, I veered back toward the house, changed into something more outing suitable while trying my best to ignore the lustful noises throughout, and hopped into my Rubicon.


Jake had given us the night off, stating that he and Sam would watch over the rez so we could all go out and take a load off. It'd been a long few months since I'd burst into a wolf and my entire life had changed. Learning the real reason why Paul avoided me cut me deep but at least now I knew. Leah was adamant that he would come around eventually but I had lots of doubts about that.

I dressed myself in my best black top and a pair of black skinny jeans with lace on the sides of my calves and a pair of ankle booties with fat heels. My dark hair was pulled up into a high ponytail and I put on some mascara and eyeliner. Leah smacked my ass on the way out the door of our shared apartment and I laughed.

We'd come a long way since she'd pissed me off to the point of shifting. Sam suspected I'd have the gene since Leah shifted so he ordered her to be a complete bitch to me. He figured that he would give it a few weeks and if I didn't get angry enough to shift or did get angry enough but didn't shift, then he would release Leah from the command. When I stopped freaking out that I had paws, Leah had been so remorseful that I could feel it clouding my emotions as if it were my own.

That was another thing that had been crazy. The pack mind. Letting everyone see my absolute private thoughts? I had hated shifting just because of that. Then to learn about vampires and the truth about Bella, imprinting and not aging. It was all so much to take in. I couldn't believe that Charlie didn't know the truth about the wolves yet let alone that his daughter was literally living in the same town he was. I understood the need for secrecy though. I hadn't met the Cullen Coven yet but we were going to have a meeting with them later this week.

The vampires were planning on picking up roots and heading off to the next town as they'd been in Forks going on five years. Jake wanted to readjust the treaty to incorporate Bella's name and to introduce me to their scents should I ever come across them anytime soon or in the future.

But tonight…

Tonight was all about celebrating and cutting loose. I followed Leah out of the apartment and we took my Jeep to Quil's where we picked up him, Embry and Seth up before taking off to Port Angeles for the evening.