Rated M for Mature Content. 18 and older only please!

Howling shortly as she trotted down the long driveway to the Cullen house, Emmett raced to her and they collided together, a streak of white and black as they flew into the forest for a much needed run. Emmett had no idea what was wrong but he could feel her upset in his venom filled veins. She was still trembling and her wide wolf eyes were misty. Something was troubling her and he resolved himself to figure it out no matter how long it took. Kris was his top priority.

He chased her through the thick underbrush, letting his fingers twine into her thick, soft fur as they ran together. As they came upon a large herd of deer, she took off and Emmett hung back a moment while she took down two large bucks with a simple swipe of her dinner plate sized paws. She swung her head to pin him with her eyes and that's when he got a good look at her eyes. They weren't the glowing hazel he'd fallen in love with. These eyes were a feral yellow and it sent a zing of fear through his body before he remembered this was his mate, she would never hurt him.

Her eyes darted from his to the downed deer. He had to admit, she did a great job incapacitating the two deer. She didn't break the skin, only knocking them out. Quickly draining the animals, he sat back and watched as she tore into the shanks of them, pulling the tenderloin and succulent raw meat from their bones. He loved the way her muzzle crinkled and her long tongue slipped between her teeth as she ate her prey, using her paws to hold the meat in place.

Basking in the afterglow of their hunt, Emmett rested his head on her warm ribs, letting her heat flow into him as he ran his fingers through her fur and listened to the thick thud of her heart. It was early in the morning, Emmett guessed about two and he let Kris slumber, listening to her rumbling wolf-snore with a smile. He found it entertaining that while in her human skin, she didn't snore, making a cute whistle sound between her teeth but in her wolf form she snored.

Counting the stars and thinking about what their next move could be depending on what Kris confided in him when she awoke passed the time for him. Before he knew it, the sun behind the clouds was lightening the sky in beautiful colors of red and orange. Kris started stirring slowly and Emmett lifted himself up and turned to face her cross-legged. Blinking her bleary yellow eyes, she graced him with a wolfy grin, complete with lolling tongue and he chuckled at her sleepy look.

"Good morning sleepy head." He smiled as he ran his palm over the baby fine fur of her forehead.

Easily shifting back into her human form, she pulled the leather cord from her ankle and pulled on her jeans, leaving her top bare, the shirt in her lap. Emmett's body immediately reacted and Kris noticed, blushing but she didn't attempt to cover herself. "Good morning to you too." She smiled. He was happy to see that her golden hazel was back in place. He'd fallen deeply in love with the color.

"Did everything go alright last night?" He asked, knowing full well it didn't since she ran to him. He'd felt the pull of pain lessen with each galloping stride as she neared him. All he'd had time to say to his family was, "something's wrong, I'll be back" before racing from the house and meeting up with her on the long gravel drive. He knew his family would give them time to themselves, trusting him to get them if he needed help with anything.

Kris' demeanor changed and she scowled at her hands as they clutched the fabric of her top tightly. Her almond shaped eyes narrowed to slits and she shook her head. "No. I mean, it did. At first. Everything was great. Jake let me have a beautiful celebration home with so much food and we all laughed and I told them all about our engagement. Everyone was so nice except Paul. I mean, he wasn't mean? But he wasn't there. He just hovered on the edges. Even when Jared tried to joke with him, he would laugh but it was just a bark. Just a force of air and it put me on edge."

Emmett's brows furrowed in concern. He knew how much she needed someone to confide in and he wanted to be that person but sometimes it was nice to have a sibling or a good friend to talk to. He placed a beefy hand over hers and gently squeezed her tense fingers, silently asking her to continue.

"Near the end, Jake had me go for a walk with him…" She relayed everything he'd said to her, trying to manipulate her and command her to stay. Emmett's muscles strained as she continued her story until suddenly she laughed. "I'm a fucking alpha now, Emm. Breaking from the pack, calling Jacob Black out on his shit somehow granted me power to become an alpha." She laughed without humor.

Quirking an eyebrow in curiosity, he questioned, "How are you an alpha without a pack?" He wasn't sure how that would work. Wouldn't she just be a lone wolf?

She shook her head softly, her hair falling around her shoulders and tickling her chest. She looked at him from under her thick lashes. "I do have a pack." She whispered before looking at her lap again. "I know the wolves stink to you and your family. So I do understand if you don't want them around but they do need to be around me, one way or another."

"Babe." Emmett waited until she met his eyes again. "You stink to my family but they're not kicking you out. I planned on us having our own small place right next door to my family anyway, no matter where we relocate. We always buy a large lot of land so we'll just make a third home as well. Do you think they'd mind living on the same property as a bunch of bloodsuckers?" He asked with a wink, using the slur that the pack used often for his family.

She grinned, feeling more at ease. "Sure, so long as no one leeches off of them like we'll be wolfing all the food."

Emmett laughed and pulled his tiny mate into his lap. She may be 5'7 but he was still over a head taller than her and she was so tiny, his hands could span her waist. Granted, he had large hands, but that didn't matter. Her wide hips fit in the cradle of his lap perfectly and when she wriggled, she tossed her head around at him and grinned wickedly, feeling the effect she had on him.

"You're okay then now? What about the rest of the wolves?" He asked with interest.

Spinning around to straddle his lap, her ankles hooking behind his hips, she kissed his lips once softly. She missed having his taste on her tongue. "I left the invitation open. I'll never take my pack's choices away. The only time in my opinion that an alpha command should be used is in the heat of battle. Everyone should have an option unless it's a life or death situation." She said before she kissed his lips again.

Humming against her soft, warm lips, Emmett smiled. "That's very diplomatic of you." He accepted another kiss while his hands traversed her naked skin.

Letting out a small moan of desire, her eyes hooded and she stared into his. They were swirling with black, quickly blocking out the deep ocher color as his fingers pressed and kneaded her skin. She kissed him again, letting her tongue sweep across his lips.

Standing quickly to discard her jeans while Emmett shirked his own, she sat back in his lap eagerly, taking her mate into her body as they both moaned. She wrapped tightly around him; arms around his shoulders while she pressed her nose into his neck, legs around his waist, pussy around his cock. He gripped her hips hard and nuzzled below her ear with his nose, purring loudly through a groan as her muscles contracted around him.

She leaned way back, pressing her palms into the leaf-litter behind her and changing their position. She opened her mouth wide and groaned loudly, her voice husky as she called his name to the sky. Emmett wrapped his lips around one peaked nipple and sucked on the succulent soft flesh roughly, reveling in her keening cry as she bucked against him.

They reached their release quickly, falling to the side with their legs entangled, gasping and giggling. "Boy that was a fast one." She giggled louder. It was true, the time apart -even just a few hours- had made them ravenous and he couldn't hold in his orgasm for the life of him.

"It's a good thing we've got forever to make up for it." He commented lightly as he brushed her hair over her shoulder and stroked her neck.

She smiled, completely sated. "It was still perfect." She sighed wistfully.

Emmett chuckled thickly. "It's always perfect."

They finally meandered into the Cullen's backyard around midmorning. The sun was high in the sky but it was starting to mist from the thick clouds it hid behind. What awaited them was a shock not only for Emmett but for Kris. Along with Leah and Seth; Embry, Quil and most surprisingly, Jared were standing in the grass in their typical cutoff attire.

"Hey guys, what's going on?" Kris asked with a raised brow as the couple approached them.

Emmett watched with a slacked jaw -just like the rest of the Cullen clan behind the wolves- as Embry, Quil and Jared kneeled in front of Kris. In some weird unison rehearsed verse, they spoke together, a musical bass vibration echoing off the house.

"We pledge our loyalty to our alpha, Kristen Lahote."

"Holy shit…" She said in awe as her arms spread wide and Emmett watched, fascinated as her eyes went from the golden hazel he loved to the bright feral yellow he noticed in the forest. Eyes fluttering closed, she leaned her head back toward the sky, seemingly accepting the power that flowed into her.

Long moments passed as Leah watched the Cullens with various emotions flying across her face and Seth shifted his weight from foot to foot.

Looking over her new pack, Kris inhaled deeply, her nostrils flaring before she exhaled hard. The words she spoke were husky and deep, immediately hardening Emmett again inside his jeans. "Welcome, wolves. I am humbly honored to have you apart of my family."

Once the newcomers stood, Kris blinked her eyes and the yellow faded back to hazel.