Rated M for Mature Content. 18 and older only please!

Yes folks, this is the epilogue!

It was decided rather quickly that the wolves would stay on the reservation or wherever they liked really for the time being. Kris vowed not to command them but she did let them know the vampire family would be moving soon across the states. Once the wolfpack pledged their own vow to follow their alpha wherever she went, everyone moved into the house. Jasper and Edward opened the windows to keep some fresh air floating through, lessening the stench of both species. Esme started cooking and baking up a storm, intent on making her new houseguests feel welcome. Rosalie and Ray, with the help of Alice headed to a small stone cottage to knock out a wall and turn it into a small place for the wolves to sleep if they so chose.

Kris settled on the sofa in the living room and addressed her wolves. "I'm so honored to have you here, really." She assured. "But why are you here? Why pledge yourselves to me?" She asked.

Leah smiled as she sat next to Embry. Kris watched in awe as the moody she-wolf tucked her hand into his. "A lot happened while you were gone that we didn't get to tell you before Jake went all 'asshole' on you. Embry's my imprint." She actually blushed and Kris smiled happily. Her lips spreading wide, showcasing her sparkling white teeth.

"That's so awesome. Congrats guys." She said before looking to Quil.

"Hey, I go where he goes." He stated matter-of-factly, jerking his thumb toward Embry. Kris nodded.

"What about Jake though? You guys are best friends." She wondered, looking between the two.

"Were best friends." Quil answered gruffly. "Treating you like shit is not the first time he's pulled some bullshit. He's trying to keep everyone on the rez. He doesn't seem to care about anyone anymore. We couldn't take it."

Jared made a noise of agreeance, bringing Kris' attention to him. "Jared?" She questioned.

Shrugging his bulky shoulders, he raked a hand through his hair. "I just felt like I didn't belong. Paul was my best friend but ever since he phased, it's like he's changed. Most of us kept our normal personalities but Jake and Paul…" Jared shook his head, sorrowfully. "Something profound changed in them. Old Quil has a theory but we didn't want to stick around to find out if it's true or not. It's only getting worse."

Quil explained how Jake, being a true alpha should have imprinted by now and that his grandfather, the shaman of La Push, thinks that the reason the two wolves are so testosterone driven is because their imprints are close but they haven't connected yet. "The old man thinks that's why their spirit wolves are on some sort of power trip. He's convinced things will settle down once they finally meet their other halves."

"Meanwhile, they're just damaging the pack ranks...as you can tell." Embry said as he waved his hand to the six wolves sitting in the Cullen household.

Esme presented a large feast soon after the pack discussion, covering the twelve person oak table with a thick table cloth and placing many hot dishes on top of woven trivets. Though the wolves all tried to be polite and sweet to the matriarch who opened her home to them, they couldn't help the noises that came from their stomachs or their mouths as they devoured the food within minutes. Even Kris was patting her stomach as she burped. She blushed profusely, causing the vampires to laugh with her.

Alice and Jasper -because he wouldn't let his mate around the wolves alone without him yet- took the five of Kris' wolfpack out to the stone cottage and though Kris wanted to see where they would be staying, she was exhausted. The power that enveloped her from the pack shift had worn her out. She could always follow their scents in the morning.

Curling into Emmett, completely naked and relishing in his cool body soothing her overheated one, she pressed a kiss to his chest before falling asleep almost instantly.

Turns out she didn't need to follow their scents because they'd followed their noses to the kitchen where Esme had prepared yet another feast. This one had an array of breakfast foods from grits and cream of wheat to sausages and bacon. Kris praised the cooking so much that Esme finally told her to stuff it or she wouldn't feed her again though the matriarch looked very pleased. During breakfast it was discussed that everyone would move sooner rather than later and after a very easy vote and the all clear from Alice, they decided to leave by the weekend.

The next few days went fairly quickly, packing up the houses on the rez and loading them into three large moving trucks, courtesy of the Cullens. Jared, Embry, and Seth would be driving the trucks across the country to the address Esme gave them while the Cullens packed their house. Kris didn't have anything in Paul's house except one box she felt she needed to take. It held an old family bible from the Lang side and a laminated photo of the Lahote family tree. Paul wasn't home when she gathered her things so she left him a note with her cell phone number on it.

If he ever wished to contact her, he had a way. If not, no hard feelings...Well, anymore than there already were.

She helped Leah pack their shared apartment that Kris hadn't set foot in in over six months. She only packed some photos and her clothing and necessary toiletries before she helped Leah pack her things as well. No one had heard from Jake and though Kris longed to make things right because she hated leaving things the way they were, Jacob Black made his bed. He can lie in it.

Leaving a sealed envelope in the Black's mailbox on the way back toward Forks, she let Jake know how to get ahold of her should he ever need her for any emergencies but she also warned him that she wouldn't take any crap. She wished him luck in finding his imprint. When she had found Emmett she'd thought Jake had an imprint. He had loved her deeply but Jared had explained that the girl he was so hung up on and in love with was Bella Swan...The same Bella that was Edward's mate.

It shocked her to realize that the two women were the same. She looked the same and yet completely different and Jake's image of her was skewed. No wonder she'd never met the broad. At least not the human one. She snickered to herself as she used the term her granddaddy always used for women. Leah and Kris drove the moving truck to the Cullens and proceeded to help them finish their packing. Quil was having fun with Emmett in the backyard, throwing a football around and getting to know each other. Turns out both of them were obsessed with videogames and Kris had to laugh.

She walked out into the yard, overhearing a debate they had going on. Quil tossed the ball with a grunt. "I'm just saying man, a vampire's choice of food interferes with a human's choice to live!"

Emmett caught the ball with ease even as he dove for it and Kris grinned at him, loving the way his muscles coiled and bunched with his movements.

"It's not like vampires drain everyone! Besides, I eat animals, dude."

Quil snorted as he caught the ball and then lobbed it back to Emmett. "Oh so that makes it okay then!" He grinned as the ball sailed over his opponent's head and then died on his lips as Emmett jumped straight up into the air, snatched the ball and threw it at Quil from the air before his feet touched the ground again. Quil caught it though, in the gut and Kris laughed as he went flying backwards into the treeline.

Emmett clapped his hands together in a self satisfied manner. "Yep. It does. Vampire's gotta eat too." He nodded curtly at Quil as he grunted his way out of the forest with a scowl.

"Yeah yeah, I hear ya." He grumbled.

Kris couldn't tell how the debate was settled but the guys seemed content to let it lie so she shrugged her shoulders and waved them over. "We're almost done. The house is empty and the cars are loaded on the hauler. You guys have anything else you need to do before we go?" She asked as they started walking through the now empty house, their footprints echoing off the bare walls and floors.

Twenty hours later, they were pulling up a longer driveway than the one in Forks, Washington in the deep north of New York just south of Domaine-Enchante, Canada and north of Forest, NY. They had a hundred acres to themselves. Over double the amount of land they owned in Forks and there was no need to build any houses for any of the wolves because there was an old abandoned cabin rental company that came with the sale. The cabins simply needed to be overhauled and everything would be ready for them all. Each cabin was just over four hundred square feet with a wood burning fireplace. The shells were beautiful cedar logs that had been urethaned enough to stay safe from the harsh elements of the Great North Woods winters. It would take nothing at all for a large group of shifters and vampires to remodel.

The manor -as Esme insisted on calling it- was a large Craftsman style home. The design was simple, a stopping-off point between a Victorian and a mid-century house with fanciful features; exposed roof beams, multiple roof planes and decorative balustrades accents. It needed repainted and re-stained, definitely new windows and the hardwood floors needed to be sanded down as well. There was going to be a lot of work to be done but Kris was positive it would be well worth it.

As the wolves unpacked the moving trucks into a few of the cabins that they wouldn't be remodeling just yet, the vampires headed in town to get the needed supplies and get the utilities turned on and such. Emmett wired every home for internet and electricity -as the cabins were more rustic than modern- and then proceeded to start sanding the floors in every home. Jasper and Edward worked on painting and staining while Bella and Alice went shopping for furniture and decor. Esme, Carlisle and Rosalie worked on the roofing of every home and then put in all new windows and doors.

Everything was done within two weeks, the longest part being that all of the wolves needed rest and food. Emmett had called them all stubborn and stupid at points because they refused to rest for long hours, working well into the nights. Usually they ate as they worked and hadn't shifted but once the entire time.

"Okay that's enough!" Carlisle demanded with a stern brow as Kris wiped her forehead on the back of her hand. She had just finished staining the last porch a deep red in the hot sun.

The Cullens all sparkled brightly but thankfully the thick woods hid them from view above as they'd left as many trees as they could. Privacy was becoming a thing of the past with all the satellites and airplanes going overhead so they took all the precautions they could.

Every wolf stopped what they were doing and looked at the Cullen patriarch. Kris still didn't get along with him very well but that wasn't for his lack of trying. It was because he rubbed her the wrong way. Emmett had tried to smooth the ruffled feathers but first impressions held true and though she didn't normally hold grudges, Carlisle Cullen was not her favorite person.

Once he knew he had their full attention, he spoke. "We're done. There's the bare minimum left to do and you all need to run. We've taken time to hunt over the last two weeks but you have only phased once."

Jared shook his head in the negative, ready to open his mouth but Carlisle held up his hand. "Please, your muscles are quivering with the need to let your wolves free. We don't need accidents because you're denying your wolves." He said with compassion.

Kris looked around and saw what he did. The wolf pack was a stubborn bunch but as alpha she should be making sure they take the time to take care of themselves. A pack run was in order. She would have to do better.

Locking eyes with Carlisle, she walked up to him and held out her hand. It was time to put the past behind her. She knew he only wanted what was best for everyone. He grasped it with a smile. "Thank you." She looked around the area before meeting his eyes again. "For everything." She whispered.

She froze as he leaned forward and his lips connected with her cheek. "And thank you, daughter. You've made my family whole."

She really didn't expect those words to pierce her heart as they did but when her eyes welled up with tears, Carlisle let go of her hand and pretended to be engrossed in the work Emmett was doing to the soffit and facia of the house. He knew how proud she could be and he also knew she wouldn't want him to witness her tears.

Turning abruptly, she whistled to her pack who all eagerly came running. "Let's go for a run!" She said excitedly. They changed in the treeline and left their clothes there before shifting easily, their wolfskins easily accepting them. They ruffled their furs and headbutted each other with enthusiasm before taking off into the deep woods. They ran for hours, bumping each other, nipping at ears and downing animals for food.

By the time they got back, there was nothing left for them to do except eat the spread that Esme once again laid out for them. Even the lawn had been mowed. They all showered quickly so they wouldn't sweat all over everything and then devoured everything quickly. Even with the raw dinner they'd consumed they were ravenous like...well, wolves.

Later than night Emmett crawled into the king sized bed of their small blue clapboard home that sat on the far right side of the property. He hugged her to his body and buried his face in her hair.

"Isn't it odd that the wolves and us each get our own place but the rest of your family all share the main house?" Kris asked sleepily.

Emmett chuckled into her hair, tickling her neck. "Trust me, they're just happy not to have any permanent wolf stink in their home."

Kris rolled her eyes but not only were they closed, she was facing away from her mate. His hand traveled up her torso to cup her breast, kneading her flesh. She hummed into the pillow as she arched against him. "We should design some sort of humidifier scent blocker or neutralizer. The crap in stores don't work for shit. Maybe we could make everyone's lives easier. I know that's why Rose and Ray took the attic. To make sure we're never near their clothes." She said with a small smile.

Large cool hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her hips into the cradle of his. He hummed his agreement, not paying a bit of attention to her words.

"We could probably patent something and get rich off it." She sighed as his fingers worked down her thighs and back up. She wriggled her butt into his erection and Emmett grunted in pleasure. He started pulling her clothing off of her body before removing his own as well.

"There's enough vents in the house and it's big enough in there that we could all…" She paused as his large hand cupped her mound, teasing her lower lips. "...all live like one big...happy...family." Kris moaned as Emmett's fingers entered her.

Nipping at her earlobe, Emmett growled. "Are you done talking yet, mate?"

The flood he released within her at those words caused him to moan into her throat. "Hm. Yeah. I think...I think so." She said softly as she turned over onto her back the same moment he covered her body with his.

"Good because I'm done listening to anything other than 'oh god' and 'yes please', babe. Let me fuck you." He said huskily.

Shaking her head, he paused and stared at her. "Make love to me, Emmett. Love me." She said with a small smile.

"Always, babe. I'll always love you." He kissed her nose before slanting his lips over hers.

Yeah, she was done talking.