Taking place in season 1.

Mainly a series of one shots focusing on my OC Emma, her discovery of Magic and her relationship with her siblings/

Max isn't as dumb in the story as he is in the show because I thought that'd be kind of unrealistic. Not that being a family of wizards is realistic, but you know...

I do not own Wizards of Waverly Place.

The Russo family consists of Jerry, Theresa, Justin, Alex, Max, and Emma. Justin is the oldest, he's 16. He's the nerd of the family and does very well in school. He sometimes acts like he's the other kids father rather than their brother, but he is always looking out for them. He's usually the one left in charge of Emma, since the other two can take care of themselves but can't be trusted to watch their youngest sister. Alex is 14, and is always getting into trouble. She is sneaky and manipulative and has a talent of getting people to do what she wants. Max is 12. He isn't as smart as Justin but he doesn't do terrible in school. He plays soccer and likes to play video games. Emma is the youngest and she is 7. She looks up to her siblings a lot, especially Alex, who most of the time finds her annoying. Alex and Emma do get along for the most part though, Emma is the only one Alex will feel bad messing with sometimes.

The Russo kids are wizards, but Emma doesn't know that. The family has a tough time trying to hide magic from her.