This chapter is pretty short, but this is just to reveal to Emma that she is a wizard. Enjoy!

"Happy birthday to you!"

The Russo family had just finished singing happy birthday to the youngest member, Emma, who was turning 8 years old. The youngest Russo didn't yet know that she possessed wizard powers. Justin found out he was a wizard at age 12, and the other two children didn't find out until they were 10, but Theresa and Jerry decided they couldn't keep it from their baby girl any longer. Her powers had slowly started coming in, and Justin, Max and Alex were getting tired of fixing things and using their own magic to keep her from unknowingly doing things with her magic. Jerry and Theresa were also tired of having to lie to their daughter, so they discussed that on her 8th birthday, they would reveal the truth to her.

"Okay, come on blow out your candles I'm ready for this cake!" Said Alex. Emma blew out her candles and they all started eating.

"I can't believe my last baby is 8 years old!" exclaimed Theresa. What she really wanted to say was that she couldn't believe her last baby was finding out she was a wizard. She was the last innocent one who had no idea about the magical world, right now she thought magic was just pretend.

They finished their cake and then Emma opened her presents. After opening the last one, Jerry and Theresa looked at each other. Jerry then looked to his youngest daughter.

"Emma, we have one more surprise for you." Jerry took a bag from his wife. "This is a pretty big gift, you'll have to open it down in the restaurant."

"Why?" Emma asked, having no idea what it could possibly be.

"Cmon," said Alex grabbing her little sisters hand. She was incredibly excited for Emma to finally know the truth. She wished she could just zap them down into the sub shop, but she knew how much her dad really wanted to be the one to tell her.

The family made their way down into the sub shop, and Jerry handed Emma the bag.

"Go ahead," he said, "open it."

Emma reached inside the bag and pulled out a fancy looking case. She opened the case and inside was a wand.

"What is this?" she asked. "Is it like a fairy wand?"

"Sort of," Justin said to his little sister. "More like a wizards wand."

"Like Harry Potter?"

"Come on this is killing me!" said Alex, "can we just show her already!"

Jerry took a deep breath, before taking his little girls hand. "We have something to show you."

They walked back to the kitchen, and Alex pointed to the freezer. "Do you know what's in here?"

"Uh, food?" Emma had no idea what was going on. "Are we having more cake?!"

They laughed and Justin walked towards the door. "Alright Emma, what we're about to show you is something we've been hiding for a while until mom and dad thought you were old enough to know. And it may explain why Alex is back here so much even though she hates working."

Alex made a face and elbowed Justin. Justin opened the door and they all walked into the lair. Emma's mouth dropped.

"What is this?!" She exclaimed, hardly believing her eyes. Walking in to she always thought was a freezer, she saw a room she's never seen before.

"Emma, you're a wizard," said Jerry. "So are Alex, Justin, and Max. And that wand that I gave you, that's your wand. You'll use it when I teach you how to do spells."

Emma looked around at her family. She could hardly believe her ears. She had always been obsessed with "magic" and fantasy world, but she always thought it was just fantasy, make believe. Now her family was telling her that she was a wizard? How was that possible?

"Wait so Justin, Alex and Max all knew about this before me?"

"Actually Em, me and Max didn't find out we were wizards until we were 10," said Alex.

"Yeah, and I was 12 when mom and dad told me," said Justin. "But your powers started coming in early, and we tried to use our own powers to hide it from you. But, mom and dad finally decided we could tell you so that we didn't have to hide it anymore."

"Thank god," said Max. "It was getting annoying. Every time you wanted a cookie and mom wouldn't let you have one, a cookie would literally start floating in mid air. Do you know how many cookies I had to eat so you would find out you were a wizard!"

"Yeah Max, that was the hard part," said Alex rolling her eyes.

"Wait, I have a question," Emma turned to her parents. "You said Justin, Alex, and Max are wizards. What about you guys?"

Jerry and Theresa looked at each other and smiled. "You're dad was a wizard when we met. But we were in love, and wizards can't marry non-wizards. So he gave up his powers so we could be together."

"Woah," said Emma. "So does this mean I don't have to go to school anymore? Since I'm a wizard?" She turned to her older siblings, "do you guys really go to school or do you just say your going to school and then stay home and learn about being wizards?"

Alex laughed, "Unfortunately we still have to go to school. But how great would it be if we didn't? I mean really, we're wizards what's the point of going to school?"

"Okay, enough Alex," said Jerry. "Yes, you still have to go to school Emma. You may not always be a wizard so you need to learn how to survive in the real world."

"Well then what's the point of being a wizard?" Asked Emma.

"Don't worry, you have a lot to learn. And I'll teach you, along with your brothers and you sister. But it's getting late, and this is a lot to take in, so I think it's time for you to start getting ready for bed."

The family headed out of the lair and back upstairs to the loft. Emma headed into the room she shared with Alex. She couldn't believe what she just found out from her family. She was a wizard, she had magical powers and could do spells. As she layed down in her bed, she closed her eyes and thought about her new life, and drifted off to sleep.