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Touma Kamijou was not a lucky person.

Who would have thought a rainy day during his summer break would result in him lying in bed with a fever, barely conscious of his surroundings?

It all started about a week after Index left with Kaori Kanzaki and Stiyl Magnus to visit England. Touma Kamijou, a typical high school teenager with black spiky hair in Academy City, was trying to avoid getting soaked after somehow managing to get the last dozen eggs on sale. It was only a couple blocks to his house, as he snuck from overhang to overhang at each nearby building to minimize exposure to the elements. It seemed like he was going to get home free, but then he witness a couple punks bullying a girl at a magazine stand inside a convenience store. The person behind the counter didn't seem to want to get involved, so Touma knew what he had to do.

This led to him being chased across the city by the punks, who just happened to be part of a gang.

In Touma's defense, he had only seen three of them. The other ten had been in other aisles and showed up the second Touma was trying to get the girl away from them by pretending they were together. He had no choice but to flee, with every one of the punks chasing him. Knowing the girl was safe and free to return home was the only silver lining in this situation. Tears streamed down Touma's face to mix with the rain as he kept reliving the moment his eggs fell from his hand and smashed against the ground. His clothes were soaked within minutes and he shivered. Running was keeping him warm, but the moment he stopped, he risked catching a cold. He reached a familiar bridge, when he realized he was surrounded. Somehow, the punks knew he was heading here and decided to send a group around the other side. There was only one option left for him and he took it.

Touma Kamijou jumped off the bridge and into the river below.

Three hours passed before the gang members gave up the chase. During that time, Touma was hiding under the large bridge in the cold water below, while he clutched one of the support columns to avoid having to tread water. Once he heard them leave, he waited another hour to make sure they were truly gone and not trying to set a trap for him. It took a little work, but Touma finally dragged himself to the shore. He was tired, cold, and depressed at the thought he lost his precious source of protein. After all, he was considered a Level 0 ability user by Academy City. Each student in the city received a stipend to buy food and supplies and the higher levels naturally received more, as they were considered more valuable.

Touma's status and his predicament could all be traced back to his right hand.

Imagine Breaker was the name of the unique power sealed in his hand. It wasn't a scientific ability developed by the city, so the scientists couldn't measure it. This led to him being labeled a Level 0. Even so, the Imagine Breaker had the ability to negate all supernatural effects, which included abilities, magic, and even God's miracles. All the misfortune that occurred to Touma was most likely caused by his hand. Regardless, Touma always tried to live his life as best he could and kept moving forward. He managed to drag himself home, throw off his wet clothes and promptly fell down on his bed in exhaustion.

That night, his air conditioner decided to run at full blast the entire night.

Never getting the chance to dry and warm himself up, Touma woke up that morning with the worst cold he had in a long time. He had a fever of over a hundred, his entire body ached, and he went through an entire box of tissues. He could barely sit up and only managed to drag himself to his kitchen around lunch to grab a few pieces of leftover rice and vegetables. That was all he had available, since he was supposed to have gone shopping. Now, he was stuck alone, in his dorm room, sick, nauseous, and barely able to operate. Only his TV was working, but there was absolutely nothing on. Touma had slept most of the day to pass the time, but still didn't feel any better that evening. He was, however, getting hungry.

"This day could not get worse,"Touma muttered bitterly and then his front door burst open. Being used to misfortune, you would think he would learn to keep his mouth shut.

"Hey, Lover Boy! I'm finally back!" He recognized the young girl's voice.

Oh, no, Touma thought in panic. There was only one girl he knew who used that nickname for him. He propped himself up on the bed and then turned to the kitchen to see the girl barge in. "Hi, Lessar," he greeted her weakly. Lessar has blue eyes and long black hair, with yellow dye on both sides of her bangs, and wears a pink headband. She belonged to a magic group called New Light and usually wore their uniform consisting of a white undershirt with N.L logo on it, topped with a white jacket with red and blue sleeves, also sporting the N.L logo. She also wore a miniskirt with the same color theme as her jacket but, unlike her comrades, she doesn't wear spats underneath. A dragon tail accessory was attached under her skirt.

"It's five in the afternoon!" Lessar called out to him, before she barged into his living slash bedroom from the kitchen. "Why are you still in bed?" A devious grin appeared on her face. "Oh, did you know I was coming? Maybe you don't have anything on under those covers?"

"Sorry to disappoint you," Touma said with a sigh. "I caught a cold."

"A cold?" Lessar asked and Touma actually heard a mixture of confusion and concern in her voice. "In the middle of summer?"

"I kind of… went swimming for longer than I should have last night," Touma admitted, deciding to omit a lot of the details. The last thing he needed was Lessar laughing at him. His words didn't help much, as Lessar's mind immediately thought of the most obscene thing possible.

"I didn't take you for the kind to skinny dip at night," Lessar said, sounding impressed and then grabbed her head. "Arg! I knew I should have come here last night, but Bayloupe made me clean up my room before letting me go! I could have gone with you and then we could have warmed each other up on the river bed!" Her eyes gleamed and she eyes Touma up and down. She noted how vulnerable he looked and Touma's danger sense went off.

"I do not skinny dip!" Touma denied immediately and held out a hand. "Nothing like what is in your delusional imagination is happened!"

"Doesn't matter," Lessar declared and her predatory gazed intensified. "I have to take this opportunity when you're defenseless. I'll show you what you are missing and then you won't want to stay here without me. England will finally have their vanguard!"

"Sto-…!" Touma tried to warn her, but it was too late. Using her magic tail item, she was able to leap high into the air and proceeded to land right on top of him. This was a mistake, as her arm hit him right in the stomach.

"Now, let's get these clothes off… why are you looking so green?!" Lessar's eyes widened in realization and she quickly somersaulted backwards off the bed as Touma sat all the way up, leaned over the side of his bed, and proceeded to empty the contents of his stomach into his trash can. Lessar's nose twitched slightly and she stepped back to avoid the smell. The sound of mush falling into the trash can finally stopped and Touma sat back up, albeit a little greener than before. Lessar frowned and walked up to Touma, on the other side of the bed from the trashcan, and pressed a hand against Touma's head. "Huh, you really are sick."

"Told you," Touma sighed and got up to empty his trash can into the bathroom. "Give me a moment."

"Then you shouldn't be up and about," Lessar told him.

"I can hardly ask someone to empty a container filled with my vomit," Touma replied and gave her a small smile. As he walked, Lessar made note that his posture was terrible and he swayed a lot more than he should have. Lessar looked around the room as the sound of water came from the bathroom.

What should I do in this situation? Lessar had planned to seduce him while Index was away in England, yet his cold was going to put a severe damper on her plans. If he's not in his right mind, I could probably trick him into going all the way and he would take responsibility. He's just like that, but is that what I want? I feel like I would lose points as a woman for doing that. He has to fall for me due to my charms. I got it! I'll take care of him while he's sick and, when he's slightly better, start showing him my skills. Once he sees my body, he won't be able to resist. When Touma emerged from the bathroom with a clean trash can, Lessar decided she had to know a few details before her plan could be fully carried out. "So you were bedridden all by yourself?"

"Pretty much," Touma answered and plopped himself back down on the bed and sighed. "My friends haven't contacted me today and Index is still in England for another week." He chuckled slightly. "That actually makes it a little easier for me. I don't have to cook for her and," his voice changed to a whisper, "she's not exactly a cook." He smiled. "But I'm sure she would try to take care of me at least." Lessar smirked internally, as a plan fully formed.

"Hmm," Lessar mused out loud. Her tone was a combination of contemplation and amusement. "I actually hadn't eaten either and hoped to be able to eat some meat with you." Touma face palmed at her choice of words. "But with you being sick and all that, maybe I could help out. I'll make you something."

"You can cook?" Touma asked in surprise. When we were traveling before, we just grabbed fast food.

"All members of New Light can cook to some degree," Lessar bragged and placed a hand on her chest proudly. "We determined it was a good survival skill to have when we were on our own."

"That's pretty impressive," Touma admitted. He had always thought Lessar was a little spoiled and used her looks to manipulate people to get what she wanted. Knowing she actually worked to learn some life skills improved her image. "But you should know," he added slowly and sounding completely embarrassed, something Lessar did not miss. "I really don't have much here. I was supposed to get some food yesterday, but an accident occurred."

"That's no problem," Lessar replied and held up a card she pulled out of her pocket. "The Anglican Church gave me a card to use for official business!"

"Isn't this personal use though?"

"That is where you are wrong, Lover Boy!" Lessar announced and pointed directly to him. "Not only does the church owe you for all your help over the last few months, but I personally want to thank you for all the help you gave to my home country of England. So no back talk! Just rest up and accept I'm going to make you dinner!"

"Why?" Touma asked.

"Why, what?" Lessar tilted her head in confusion.

"Usually you just make a couple sex jokes and then try to get me to do stuff," Touma pointed out. "It's kind of unnerving to see you so helpful."

"I'm always helpful!" Lessar protested in a combination of irritation and disbelief. Touma raised an eyebrow and she shrugged. "Because I know what it's like to be sick. Bayloupe is the oldest one in our group and always acted like the big sister when we were younger. She nursed me when I had a bad fever once and I remember her slaving away to make soup. That's what I plan to make and it's not that complicated." She turned and marched toward the door.

"Lessar." She turned around to see Touma looking directly at her. "Thanks, I mean it." He slumped back on his pillow. His face wasn't as green as it had been, but it was still pale. Maybe vomiting helped get the bug out of his system.

"You're welcome!" Lessar flashed him a victory sign and then grinned deviously. "Besides, isn't the fastest way to a boy's heart is through his stomach?" She laughed, winked, and left.

Same old Lessar, Touma though amused. She hasn't changed at all. Even if her meal wasn't good, he vowed to eat it all. A girl's home cooked food was one of the best gifts a guy could receive.

"I'm back!" Lessar announced, as she returned a surprisingly short time later. She had a couple bags in one arm. "Did you know this city has the weirdest drinks? I stopped by a vending machine to get some ginger ale for you, and they had stuff like curry. Seriously? Curry drinks?"

"Academy City is known to experiment with everything," Touma pointed out, looking over from the TV. Since he had slept for most of the day, he couldn't fall back asleep. "That includes drinks. Some are okay, but a lot of them are…. just don't drink them."

"Anyway," Lessar continued brightly from the kitchen, as she unpacked the bags. "Soup should be ready in half an hour or so. Hope you feel like eating now that your stomach is empty."

"My appetite is returning," Touma replied. "Even though my brain feels like it has gone through a blender." He blinked and stared at Lessar suspiciously for a moment. "Lessar, I'm going to trust you, but please don't put anything weird in the food. I don't want to end up even sicker."

"Like I would do something as sneaky as that," Lessar huffed indignantly. The bottle of aphrodisiac was pushed away from the pot. In her defense, it was originally going to be used later, but if a tiny bit fell into the soup, it might have help Touma loosen up. "If you get worse, how am I supposed to keep you warm at night with my body? I don't want vomit in my hair."

"Good to know you have your priorities in order," Touma muttered, but was glad Lessar was going to make something normal. Too often in manga, girls try to cook something overly complicated to impress people and end up with a mess. He would still eat the food if Lessar did it, but would regret it that night.

Lessar was busy making the food from a mix, rather than scratch. The only thing she was adding was some extra chicken, since one of the other members, Floris, would always complain about companies skimping out on substance in bagged meals. It may look like Lessar was being a good friend to Touma, but she always had an alternative motive.

Her end goal was to bring Touma back with her to England.

Sure, Lessar could try to kidnap him, but that wouldn't fulfill her objective. First, Touma always seemed to be able to untangle himself from any mess he found himself in, so he would eventually escape. The second, and most important reason, was she needed him to voluntarily come with her. Lessar wanted Touma to act as a vanguard with her group to protect her home country of England against threats. This had to be done willingly. If she called and told him she needed help, he would probably rush to her side, but that would take time. If he lived in England, they could solve a lot more problems quicker and more efficiently. The fact Lessar thought he was cool and harbored some feelings for him only made what she had to do easier. Her plan was to seduce Touma into falling in love with her. However, there was a small problem in her plan.

Touma was not falling for her!

Panty shots, suggestive language, trying to get physical with him; none of it worked! Lessar had never met someone with such resolve against her seduction attempts. Throughout school, since she had developed early, boys had always been putty in her hands and she could manipulate them into doing what she wanted. Normal tactics were not working this time, so Lessar had to get creative. This is why she created a multi-step plan that started with making Touma food. Not only would it make him feel better, it would be the first step to closing the distance between them. Once Touma let down his guard, she could set up a foothold. The casual conversations were going fine and she purposely kept the topics away from what she would like to do with him. When the soup was done, she found bowls, spoons, and trays in the cupboards.

"Soup is ready!" Lessar announced and emerged from the kitchen ladled with two trays. She passed one to Touma and kept one for herself. Touma looked at it and tried to sniff it discreetly, but to no avail. Lessar caught the action easily. "No, I didn't do anything to it. It's chicken noodle soup." Touma took a bite and his eyes widened.

"It's good," he told her and took another bite.

"Why do you sound so surprised?" Lessar demanded in false irritation. She knew he didn't expect her to know how to cook. "I'm full of surprises." She leaned over and whispered seductively. "I lost my panties in the kitchen. Let me know if you find them." Touma coughed and almost flipped his tray over onto his bed. "Careful, now. I worked on hard on that."

"Don't say things like that when I'm eating," Touma gasped and coughed a couple more times. "I could have died!"

"Heh," Lessar snickered. "I doubt that. You survived through so much worse and I'm glad you did." She smiled. "So it's okay if I say things like that when you aren't eating?"

"You're too young to be saying those kinds of things at all," Touma pointed out.

"Young?" Lessar huffed indignantly. "I'm old enough to make my own decisions. I've been living with New Light since I was really young and have seen a lot of things adults wouldn't be able to understand." She didn't elaborate, but Touma understood the meaning. The magicians he knew fought way too many life and death battles, so there was no doubt Lessar had done it too.

"You shouldn't have had to," Touma muttered and began to eat in silence. Lessar looked at him and imitated his action. They sat in silence for a moment as she watched him. His gaze held a little bit of pity, but it was overshadowed by anger that the situation even existed at all. Lessar knew if Touma could do something to stop all the magicians from fighting each other, he would. It was that kind of determination she wanted back home.

And in her bed, but Bayloupe didn't have to know about that yet.

"That's kind of you to say," Lessar remarked. "But it's part of life. People have disagreements and will go to whatever ends they can to prove their sides right. New Light exists because we love England and want to protect it. Some forces outside the country do not like England and we clash."

"That's the problem," Touma refuted. "Just because people disagree, doesn't mean they have to fight."

"Don't you fight when you disagree with them?" Lessar asked with a gleam in her eye. "You fought the princess because you didn't believe she was correct?"

"That's different," spluttered Touma. "I wasn't trying to gain anything from it. I just couldn't stand idly by and watch people get hurt!" He flinched and grabbed his head.

"I wasn't blaming you," Lessar reassured him. "Things are never black and white." She grinned at him as she picked up his tray. "The fact you can fight for people without wanting anything in return is pretty hot." Touma's ears began to burn and he wasn't sure if it was because of his fever or her comment. When she walked back to the kitchen, he could swear her hips were shaking a little bit more than was natural. "Did you want anymore? If not, I'll stick the rest in the fridge."

"I'm good," Touma called out to her. "Should probably make sure I can keep it down. It was really good though." That might have been the hunger talking, but he was quite satisfied with it. While Lessar was cleaning up, Touma was having a dilemma. He couldn't get Lessar out of his mind. It might have been the fever talking, but he kept imagining the way she was swinging her hips and how good she looked bringing in food. When did I start thinking of Lessar that way? She's too young for me. The room began to spin and he fell back down on the bed until it stopped. Phew, the dizziness comes and goes, but at least it doesn't last long. Lessar eventually came back into the room and sat on the bed, before putting a hand on his head.

"Still feverish," Lessar muttered. "But it's going down." She leaned forward and sniffed him, before jumping backwards and covering her nose with her hand. "I didn't realize that smell was coming from you," she gasped. "I thought it was from the vomit."

"I didn't get a chance to bath today," Touma protested. "And I came back after swimming in the river to escape some delinquents." He couldn't be sure those rivers were clean if he was honest with himself. There were regulations on pollution, but there were some companies that were sure to cut costs, not counting for the students dumping trash.

"You need to at least wipe yourself down," Lessar told him. "And you can escape those sweaty clothes of yours. I would change the sheets too because they can't still be clean."

"I was going to," Touma said groggily. "But this morning I was barely conscious."

"I'm going to be nice and change these sheets," Lessar declared in a tone that his compliance was mandatory. "You!" She pointed a finger into his chest. "Get into the bathroom and wash yourself off. You don't need a full bath, but we have to get that stink off of you and the hot water might make you feel better. Where do you keep the extra sheets?"

"In the closet," Touma answered and threw back the sheets covering his legs. He stood up, glad a dizzy spell didn't knock him over, and he headed toward the bathroom. She's right. I always feel better after a bath. He shut the door behind him and made his first mistake. Due to his fever, he forgot to lock the door. A quick turn of the handle caused water to flow and Touma began to undress as the water heated up. He grabbed a towel and covered his lower half while he tested the water. Once the water was warm, he sprayed his head and relief washed over him. That felt good, he internally monologue. I should have done this earlier. His second mistake was about to reveal itself as he reached for a washcloth.

He had left Lessar alone while being in a precarious position.

The bathroom door flew open and Lessar burst into the room.

"I'm here to help!" Lessar announced.

"Lessar?!" Touma cried out and shielded his eyes with one hand while covering his lower region with the other via the cloth. "What are you doing?! I'm in the middle of cleaning up! Get out!"

"I'm here to wash your back," Lessar answered in a singsong voice.

"I'm perfectly capable of doing that myself," Touma refuted, still covering his eyes. "Besides, don't you know how inappropriate it is for you to be naked in the bathroom with me?"

"Naked?" Lessar asked confused. "I'm not naked. I put on my swimsuit!" Touma fell silent at that piece of information and then slowly removed his hand before he turned to look at her. Technically, Lessar had on a swimsuit, but Touma was not impressed.

"You call that a swimsuit?!" Touma demanded angrily, which shocked Lessar. "That's a piece of string!"

"It is totally a swimsuit!" Lessar refuted and looked down at the red ribbon barely covering anything. "It is just designed to show off the maximum amount of skin for girls!"

"Ugh," Touma groaned and face palmed and then pointed at Lessar with a determined look in his eye. "You completely miss the point of swimsuits! True, they are designed for practical use, but their design and colors are an art all on their own. There is a balance between what is revealed and covered, along with showing off the appeal of the individual girl. If too much is covered, us guys' imagination can be used to its full potential, and if too much is revealed, nothing is left to the imagination."

"Nonsense," Lessar refuted. "The more skin revealed, the more boys go wild."

"Maybe for boys," Touma explained. "But once they grow up, they begin to understand the true importance of swimsuits!"

Hmm, he may have a point and I'm going to file that information away for future use. However, this wasn't going to deter her from her original plan. She grabbed a washcloth from the sink and moved behind Touma before he could protest. "No arguing. I'm going to wash your back. You definitely need it."

"Wait…!" His pleading went unheard as Lessar began to wash his back and his words failed him. Touma knew this was wrong, having a young girl wash his back while he was naked. The part of his brain that would have fought back at least a little was buried under a fever and the honest part of the male brain that told him to enjoy it. It wasn't like this happened to him often with his luck. His posture loosened up and Lessar knew she was in.

"See," Lessar whispered triumphantly. "It's not that bad. I've washed backs before."

"I suppose not," Touma finally admitted. It feels pretty good actually.

"I take it you're feeling better," Lessar prodded, as she moved the cloth around. Weaken his resistance and then strike. She was focused on finding that moment. "You know, I expected a lot more scars on your back from all the crazy stuff you get involved in. There's only this big one here." She removed the cloth and poked a spot in the middle of his back with her finger.

"I think that was because of a car accident when I was young," Touma said. "I can't really remember." He did lose all his memories once, so even if he had known what caused that, he definitely didn't know now. "As for my cold, after that food and hot water, I am feeling better. Still exhausted, but a good night's sleep will probably take care of that."

"Exhausted heh," Lessar mused and leaned forward, so her chest was pressed against Touma's back and her arms were dangling over his shoulders. "You sure you might not just have a buildup of stress that needs released."

"No idea what you mean by that," Touma responded quickly, her face burning. When Lessar blew into his ear, a shiver ran down his spine. He could feel the warmth of her skin directly against his. The soft mounds of her decent sized chest for a girl her age also had small firm nipples being pressed against him. With the swimsuit being virtually a string with no thickness, he could feel everything. Touma like to believe he was a decent guy who didn't think of girls like sex objects, but he was still a man. Certain impulses were impossible to control and his body began to react. No, stay down. Stay down! Think of sad puppies! As a distraction, he kept talking. "This is the first time I actually got a chance to rest all day. Not stressed at all."

"Really?" Lessar asked skeptically. "If my words aren't getting through to you…" She moved one of her arms off Touma's shoulder and under his own. "Then maybe I should communicate directly to this little guy down here." Before Touma could even process her words, Lessar slipped her hand under the cloth covering his nether regions and wrapped her fingers tightly around his dick.

Touma inhaled sharply at her touch and his eyes widened. "Lessar…," he gasped. "What are you doing?" He could feel her small fingers wrapped around his shaft. While unmoving, he could feel the heat from them and his body continued to betray him.

"What am I doing?" Lessar asked almost mockingly. "As you can see, I'm helping you release some of your pent up stress." She blew in his ear again. "Have to say, you're a lot bigger than I imagined. My hand can barely wrap around it."

"This… is… wrong…" Touma tried to say, but he couldn't find the strength to try to remove Lessar's arm. The room began to spin slightly and his strength seemed to fail him. A voice in the back of his mind spoke up and seemed to be getting stronger. Let her, it feels so good and she's not even moving. He could feel a heartbeat at his dick and he wasn't sure if it was his or Lessar's.

"Don't bother trying to resist," Lessar continued, moving her body slightly so she could get her arm in a better position. She made sure to keep her chest pressed firmly against his back so every one of her movements could be felt against his skin. "Seems like your body likes my touch. It's growing bigger. I didn't realize you were so perverted, Lover Boy."

"That's… natural… response," Touma gasped, as Lessar's fingers moved ever so slightly. Every little twitch was magnified against his shaft and sent a small shock through him. Touma had masturbated before, but this was the first time a girl was actually touching his dick. There was no comparison.

"You don't have to deny it," Lessar reassured him. "It's just us." She giggled. "Do you want me to move my hand?"

"Lessar…," Touma said and trailed off.

"Maybe I should stay like this for a little bit," Lessar murmured out loud and flicked one of her fingers, which sent another jolt through Touma. "Your dick… it's throbbing in anticipation."

"Lessar…" Still Touma could barely get that one word out.

"You don't like the word dick? Should I saw cock or penis? I have a very dirty mouth and you can take that as you like in this situation." She moved her lips and began to nibble his ear.

"Not… it…" Touma clarified. Now he was feeling pleasure from both ends. His entire body was burning, and it wasn't just from the fever. Then he felt Lessar's hand move.

"Think it's time," Lessar whispered seductively into his ear. "I've been keeping you waiting for too long."

Touma inhaled deeply and tried to keep his mind clear, as Lessar's hand began to move up and down his shaft at a slow, but constant speed. To his shame, his dick pulsed and throbbed to her touch and nothing he could do would make it stop. Lessar had him at her mercy. Why is she so good at this? Am I that weak against this?

"At least your dick is honest," Lessar commented. "And those cute gasps of yours let me know you are enjoying it, even if you won't admit it." She moved her other arm off his shoulder and placed her chin there instead. "Let me know if you like this." Her free hand moved under the cloth and began to fondle Touma's balls.

Touma couldn't prevent a small yelp escape his lips as Lessar cupped one of his balls with her hand. Her other hand still moving up and down his shaft. Oh, god! This feels amazing! He immediately felt a wave of guilt after that thought, but he couldn't lie to himself. Lessar's hands were small, but she continued to move them skillfully and pleasure kept flowing into Touma's brain. Pressure was building up down there and he knew what he was about to do. He didn't want the pleasure to end and focused on keeping the floodgates back. It was actually a little painful, but Lessar's pleasuring inducing moments easily made up for that. Then something happened which caused him to turn his head slightly to see Lessar out of the corner of his eye. She was slowing down.

"I realized I kind of forced myself on you," Lessar said out of nowhere. If Touma had been in his right mind, he would have caught the teasing tone. "If you want me to stop, tell me and I will." Touma stared at her and saw her eyes sparkling. Touma wanted to say she should stop before this went too far, but words were being caught in his throat since her hands were still moving.

"Don't…," he gasped.

"Don't…?" Lessar repeated, almost mockingly. "Continue?"

"Don't…," Touma tried again and then he managed to choke out the second word against his wishes. "…stop!" Lessar immediately changed her pace. The hand stroking Touma's shaft increased in speed intensity, while her other hand started to tickle his balls gently. The sudden contrast was too much for Touma and he grunted. The pressure building up inside of him doubled and he moaned. There wasn't much time left. He was so embarrassed being this turned on by a younger girl, but the pleasure he was feeling prevented that small part of him from speaking up.

"Wow," Lessar gasped. "I think you're dick got even bigger!" She laughed. "Something this size might tear me apart." Touma inhaled sharply and she giggled at his embarrassment. "Are you embarrassed that a big strong guy like you is being jerked off by a small girl like me?"

"Yes," Touma moaned. "But so good…" He was on the verge of cumming. His body had to cum. It was going to be released any moment, regardless of what happened.

"Hee, hee," Lessar giggled. "You may be a nice guy, but you are still a man with needs." Her hand stroking his shaft began to go all out. "It's okay, big boy. Let it out. Let your stress go!"

"Ugh," Touma grunted. Pure ecstasy filled his body as Lessar brought him to the edge. Her slender fingers were warm and delicate, yet they managed to pump his shaft like a machine. He couldn't see any of the motions, as the cloth still covered it, but that made it even more exciting. He closed his eyes as the waves of pleasure flowed through him. His hips jerked slightly on their own to position themselves to release. The hand cupping his balls began to rub them instead of tickling, while the hand pumping did not slow down for a moment. His hands groped for anything to hold onto and they found Lessar's smooth legs. He held on to them as the flood gates unleashed. "Damn it, Lessar! I'm cuummmiinng!"

He felt his dick release and then began to shrink as the orgasm finished ripping through his body. While the white stream released, Lessar kept slowly pumping his dick to make sure it all got out. Touma's body stopped shaking and he finally stopped panting. The orgasm only lasted for a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity. It was the most pleasure Touma had felt in a long time. Without a girlfriend, he couldn't expect these kinds of situations. All the worries he felt about what Lessar was doing were gone and even his head felt better. He sighed in relief and then felt Lessar push off him.

"Have to say," she told him teasingly. "That moan of yours, I could get used to hear it." Touma turned his head toward Lessar and saw that her ribbon swimsuit had slipped over one of her breasts so Touma could see her small perky nipple. Lessar made direct eye contact with him a second later.

Then she brought her hand up to her mouth and started licking some white cream off her fingers, flicking her tongue as much as possible.

"I'll let you finish bathing," Lessar told him with a huge grin on her face, as she made her way to the bathroom door. "Call if you need my help, I'll finish changing the sheets for us." She winked at him. "I bet you feel better now, right?" She skipped out and closed the door behind her. Success, she thought. Have to see how he reacts later to determine the next step.

After a moment of silence, the gravity of the situation sunk in.

What did I let myself do?! Touma wailed internally, as he buried his hands in his face. He couldn't believe he did something like that, let alone with Lessar. It must have been because I was feverish, so I wasn't thinking straight. He tried to rationalize his response to Lessar's actions, while washing off the cloth and his lower body after what just happened. However, the small truthful part of him spoke out in a much stronger voice than it used to.

It felt good and I do feel better.

No amount of denial could change that.

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