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How did I end up like this?

It was finally morning and Touma had slept a fair amount, but the situation was delicate to say the least. Since Index was gone, he could sleep in his bed, but his new roommate wasn't very considerate of personal space. Lessar had insisted of sleeping in the same bed as him and would not take no for an answer. The slight fever he still had yesterday probably caused him to argue less than he normally would have done.

In the end, Touma and Lessar had shared his bed. At first, he couldn't sleep at all. The memory of what they did yesterday in the bath was fresh in his mind. Shame overwhelmed him, not only at giving in, but at the fact he rather enjoyed it. Lessar had not been lying. She was skilled, though it wasn't like he had much to compare her to. Touma had been worried about what she would attempt during the night but, to his relief, she only slept.

It was then he discovered a new issue.

Lessar was a terrible sleeper.

Touma had assumed she would try to latch onto him and snuggle at the very least. During the day, she never missed an opportunity to try something. His guard had been up at first, thinking she was acting innocent. Minutes passed and he had begun to hear her snoring lightly. Touma had felt horrible at suspecting her without proof and began to fall asleep himself, until something hit his side. His eyes had sprung open and he looked around wildly. Lessar was still asleep and then he felt it again. She was kicking him in her sleep. The entire night, she kept turning, kicking, and sprawling out to take over three-fourth of the bed. It took a while for Touma to get to sleep, but he had slept through worse conditions.

"She is kind of cute when she's sleeping," Touma muttered quietly, as he slipped out of the bed quietly. He stood up, stretched, and glanced down at Lessar. Lessar was only half covered with a sheet and he was grateful she was wearing pajamas. There was a tiny line of drool on the corner of her mouth, but it was nowhere near the amount Index produced when she smelled food. I feel a lot better. Some good food and rest is all you really need to combat a cold. Still, Lessar being able to cook was a surprise. I should make it up to her. He walked into the kitchen to make breakfast. I need to talk to her about what we did yesterday. It was wrong. There is no way around it. I may have been sick and not thinking completely straight, but I should never have given in like that.

He grimaced as his body betrayed him at the thought.

"Shumthin smells good," Lessar mumbled sometime later, sitting up and rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Breakfast," Touma called form the kitchen.

"Are you feeling better?" Lessar asked, as she made her way to the table and sat down.

"A lot," Touma confirmed. "That soup you made really helped a lot."

"You sure it wasn't me helping you eject all those bad toxins from your body?" Lessar asked with a devious smirk. Touma coughed and turned back to the skillet, avoiding all eye contact.

He's so cute when he's embarrassed, Lessar thought. She put her chin on her hands and her eyes twinkled. Okay, so I finally got to the first step, but what next? If I take it too fast, he will try to run or cover his emotions. Hmm, this is tricky. I need an opening. Her eyes followed Touma as he brought over two plates of food.

"Ooo, omelets!"

"I had some eggs and a tiny bit of cheese." Touma laughed as he took his own seat. "Then you had some extra vegetables you didn't use last night. Might be a little different, as they aren't usually eaten at breakfast -…"

"Nope!" Lessar interrupted after swallowing her first bite. "It's great."

"That's good," Touma replied and dug in himself. It had been kind of lonely without Index around, so he was grateful for Lessar's company. Though, he traded head bites for a girl with an extreme sex drive. Last night was a warning she wasn't just talk. "Lessar…?" He trailed off when she looked up.

"What's up?"

"About last night…" He trailed off again when Lessar grinned.

"That was great," Lessar replied and Touma realized she was thinking she was agreeing with him. "But if you want it every morning, you need to do stuff for me-…"

"That's not it!" Touma interjected quickly. "It was a mistake, Lessar. A moment of weakness on my part. You… shoot both of us… are too young to be doing stuff like that. It's one thing to joke around like you did in Russia, but actually doing this… Let's stop this before it goes too far."

"Too far?" Lessar set down her fork and stared at Touma for a minute. He gulped, but stared resolutely back at her, and, after a brief sigh, Lessar continued. "You know, back then, I may have had an ulterior motive. I liked you, sure, but I really wanted you to stay in England with me to help protect my country. Someone like you would have been perfect."

"I can't leave Academy City to live there," Touma told her. "You know that. If you ever need help from me, you can contact me anytime and I'll do whatever I can."

"That's just it!" Lessar declared loudly and slammed her hands on the table, which caused Touma to jump. "Sure, I still want you to come to England, but there's a lot more to it now."

"M-more?" Lessar grinned and leaned forward.

"All of our adventures together made me feel things," Lessar said lustily. She was laying it on thick, but the truth here would probably help her case. "Teasing you was fun, but I think it was to mask my own insecurity." She smiled and looked down slightly. "I really like you and I wanted you to come back with me as my boyfriend, not just a vanguard for England." Something like gurgling reached her ears and she glanced back up. Touma was staring at her wide-eyed and mouth hanging open. "You know you will attract flies like that." Touma slammed his mouth shut and scooted back from the table.

"Q-quit joking a-around," Touma spluttered. "T-there's no way… you're too young… just messing with me…." He blinked and rubbed his face as he gathered his thoughts. "Lessar, that's not something you should be joking around with. Some people might take you seriously."

"I am being serious," Lessar told him. "If I wasn't, I would probably just blackmail you with a suggestive photo of me and you." Touma gulped. "I like you and I will do whatever it takes to get you to like me back. Everything up to now was just to get you to notice me. Now, I'm going all out."

"I-if you are being serious," Touma stuttered. This was something new. Lessar was the first girl to actually confess to him. Everything was normally a joke with her. This time was different. There was no sign of a devious smile, no twinkle in the eyes to indicate she only wanted to see his reaction. Her gaze held steady and there was even a small amount of embarrassment there. "I-I'm flattered. Still, you're young-…"

"Age shouldn't matter!" Lessar declared. "I know I like you. I… never felt this way about any other boy I've met." Her eyes grew shiny as water began to form in them. "Do…do you not like me?"

"That's not it!" Touma denied quickly. "This is the first time a girl has said that to me and I'm not sure how to respond." Lessar tilted her head in confusion.

"Really? I thought for sure someone would have." Sparky never did? Thought for sure she would have after Hawaii. Of course! She's too much of a tsundere to tell him. Heh, snooze you lose!

"Nah," Touma waved his hand dismissively. "Girls are much more likely to hit me than ask me out."

I have heard you say some sensitive things like they are no big deal before, Lessar thought amused. "Well, I confessed. What are you going to do about it?"

"I…am happy you said it," Touma admitted slowly. "It's not every day a cute girl says that to me." Lessar beamed at him. "But I think things might be… too complicated for us. You are only visiting Japan and I'm sure you have to go back to England eventually. Long distance relationships never work out. Then there is my hand…" he trailed off and looked at his right hand.

"Because you think enemies will keep coming after you for it?" Lessar asked.

"There is that," Touma confirmed. "But there's a lot more. It negates my luck, so I'm always poor. I could never support a girlfriend or give her the things she deserves. Besides, I'm just a normal high school student and you're a really skilled magician for being so young."

"You think I'm skilled?" Lessar asked, as she tilted her head slightly.

"Yeah," Touma replied with a nod. "I've seen you in action before."

"Like the action last night?" Lessar asked with a wink and Touma hid his face in his hands.

"I told you already that was a mistake during a momentary lapse of judgment," Touma sighed and slammed his head down on the table. "What will it take to make that go away?"

"Nothing," Lessar declared and crossed her arms.

"Please don't blackmail me," Touma begged.

"I told you I wasn't going to." It was Lessar's turn to sigh. Touma looked up hopefully and Lessar winked at him. "That doesn't mean I'm not going to joke about it constantly." He slammed his head back down, while she laughed and finished her food. "Tell you what, if you can look me directly in the eyes and tell me you did not like what I did yesterday and you know you would never want to do it again, I'll give up." Touma raised his head slightly to look at her and she pointed a single finger at him. "I will be able to tell if you are lying. You really are bad at it."

"I…" This was his chance. Touma had a way out and he could get Lessar to stop doing her unnecessary flirting.

He was going to answer, but a couple things stopped him before he could get the words out. The first was that there was a part of him that worried about what would become of their friendship. They may not have started off on the same time, but Lessar did help him so much in the past. It would really be better for her to realize they couldn't be a couple and just stay friends. Then there was the male part of him. It was the part of him last night that made him tell the truth. He enjoyed it, who wouldn't? Now, he could lie and say he would never want to do it again, but he couldn't predict the future. Several years down the road, such a thing could be possible.

"…don't see it being possible, but it's not like I know what the future holds."

Got him! Lessar internally cheered and she beamed at him. Touma obviously noticed her expression, because his head fell back on the table. He's considered the possibility. Can't push him right now or he will retreat back into his shell. Change the topic!

"So are you really feeling better?"

"I told you I was," Touma mumbled, his voice muffled because his head was still on the table.

"Thank god," Lessar sighed and Touma moved his head slightly so he could see her. "Just because I know how to cook, doesn't mean I like doing it. Bayloupe usually handles the cooking when we are together. Now I can enjoy your food while I'm here."

"How long are you staying?" Touma asked, curious. "I take it you know Index is gone this week?"

"I heard she's in England." Lessar nodded. "For how long I'll be in town… hmm. How easy will it be to convince you to be my boyfriend?"

"Ugh!" Touma moved his head so he wasn't looking at her.

"Sounds like I'll be here for a while with that attitude," Lessar laughed. "That's fine. I promise, before I leave, I'll show you all my good points."

"I know you have a lot of good points," Touma said and sat up. "You wouldn't have done what you did in England or Russia if you didn't truly believe in what you fought for. Plus, you can cook and did your best to help me when I was sick… which I really need to pay you back with." Lessar's ears twitched at his words. "Reasonable, of course!" He added that last part when he saw Lessar's excited face. Lessar put a finger to her cheek and thought about it for a moment.

"Well," Lessar said slyly. "I do need to pick up some clothes. Besides my PJs and New Light uniform, I don't have any other stuff, especially underwear." Her eyes narrowed and she grinned. "Unless you want me to go commando. Is that your fetish?"

"No, no, no!" Touma denied. "Wear clothes, please!" His eyes widened. "Wait, I told you I'm a poor high school student. I can't afford to buy you anything."

"Oh, I know." Lessar laughed and kicked her chair back. "I need someone to carry the bags."

"How much are you planning to buy?" Touma asked warily.

"A few all-purpose outfits that allows me to blend into Academy City," Lessar answered. And a few very specific occasion ones. Touma didn't have to know about those yet. He would find out at a later date, when it would be too late to say no. "I won't get that much. You may be feeling better, but we don't want a relapse. Besides, the fresh air would be good for you."

"Can't argue with that," Touma reluctantly agreed. "I've been cooped up here the last few days and it's driving me insane." He looked at the pile of newspapers and magazine clippings in the corner of the kitchen. "Give me a few minutes to check today's sales. We need food if we don't want to starve."

He should have seen it coming.

He really should have seen it coming.

After all, it was Lessar.

The two of them had left his dorm, once Touma clipped out some coupons and addresses of sales. Their first stop was getting Lessar's clothes at the mall. Food was perishable, clothing was not. The summer air was hot. Even so, after being stuck in his dorm with a fever, it felt quite cool. He glanced over at Lessar, who had wrapped her right arm around his left arm and didn't let go the entire way. Touma put up with it; as not only did Lessar appear in good spirits, but she also didn't seem to be trying anything else. This was incredibly tamed by her standards. He also couldn't deny it was kind of nice. He read in plenty of manga of couples doing it, but never thought it would happen to him.

No one really looked at him strangely, which surprised him. They must have just seen a boy and girl linking arms. When they got to the mall, he was going to wait outside of the stores, but Lessar dragged him in; saying she needed a boy's opinion. This was the first time warning bells went off in his head. Touma was suspicious, but figured he could always make a break for it if things got bad. To his surprise, Lessar bought rather ordinary clothes. Sure, her shirts and shorts were a little tighter than she really needed, but they still looked nice. She only bought a couple outfits and was incredibly interested in Touma's opinion. He tried to be honest without being weird. It wasn't like he knew anything about fashion.

"You know," Touma said to Lessar, after they had left the last store. "I expected more." He was only holding three bags and none of them were that heavy.

"I'm picky about what I wear," Lessar said and puffed out her cheeks. "You won't believe how long it took for us to agree on our New Light uniforms." She sighed. "The jacket's a little hot for summer though. I really needed summer clothes."

"Are you done?"

"One more stop and I will be," Lessar answered and turned and started looking around for something specific. Touma followed her without issue.

A normal day for once, Touma thought to himself as he trailed the exited girl. No one needs saving, no magicians are attacking Academy City, and no world calamity is threatening my peaceful life. Carrying a few bags was a perfectly acceptable price for peace. His phone buzzed and he pulled up a message sent to him and Motoharu from Pierce.

Hey, guys! Just wanted to let you know bunny girls seem to be coming back. Of course, red ones are the best. Touma felt a flash of anger at this.

What bullshit is this?! Touma responded. We all know black bunnies are the best!

You're both wrong, Motoharu added to their chat. Both fail to compare to the pure angelic white bunny.

"In here!" Lessar called out over her shoulder.

"Sure," Touma replied and followed, his eyes glued on the heated discussion between him and his friends. Why can't they see the original black bunny girl is far superior to all others?! Seriously, I'm arguing with idiots! He wasn't paying attention to anything around him while he was focusing on the debate going on through his phone, until a familiar voice caused him to look up.

"W-what are you doing here, i-idiot!" Touma's head shot up to find the source of the familiar voice. A girl with short brown hair in the famous brown and white uniform of Tokiwadai Middle School was staring at him is disbelief. She seemed to have her hands behind her back. The girl's name was Mikoto Misaka, friend and self-proclaimed rival of Touma. She was an electromaster and the third rank Level 5 in Academy City.

"Biribiri…?" Touma started to reply, when another girl interrupted.

"What's the matter, onee-sama?" A girl in a similar uniform with tawny hair tied into two curly pigtails. Her name was Kuroko Shirai and Touma froze when he saw her. Kuroko tended to be somewhat physical and it wouldn't be the first time she performed a teleporting dropkick to his head. "Did you find some something? Please tell me it's not more of those childish Gekota panties…" Her eyes fell onto Touma and her mouth dropped. "Ape!" she yelled. "How dare you come here, you pervert!" Her hand reached down to her thigh and there was a strap with several needles in it.

"Woah!" Touma cried and took a step back while holding out his free hand. "I'm perfectly allowed to be here!"

"A likely story!" Kuroko accused. "I knew you were a lowlife hanging around onee-sama, but to try to spy on her here. Disgusting!"

"Ouch," Touma replied. Her accusations hurt. "Lies and slander! I'm only here with a friend! Nothing more!"

"A likely story!" Kuroko repeated.

"Who would take you with them to a women's… undergarment store?!" A red faced Mikoto demanded. Touma blinked and finally took in his surroundings.

He was surrounded by rows and rows of underwear in all designs and colors.

He had followed Lessar into the store, oblivious to what was being sold.

"Such misfortune," Touma moaned. He could feel the penetrating glares of Kuroko and Mikoto. "Seriously, Lessar? Why did you want me to follow you?"

"Wait…Lessar!?" Mikoto couldn't resist asking. This caused Kuroko to turn toward her.

"You know his frie-…?" she started to ask, when the person in question arrived.

"Need an opinion on this, Lover Boy," Lessar announced and held up two different matching sets of underwear. Her back was to Mikoto and Kuroko and Touma wasn't sure if Lessar didn't know they were there or just didn't care. "This one matches my hair," Lessar said and held up the black set consisting of a bra and underwear in one hand. "And is more comfortable, but the design is a little ordinary. You might have a hard time with the claps in the back. Guys seem to do. This one," she held up a red stringed set that looked like it would barely cover anything. "Isn't as comfortable but looks so much sexier. It's also really easy for you to take off. Pulling the ribbon here causes the entire thing to unravel. Which do you prefer I wear when we are alone?"

Touma stared at her in horror, though she probably attributed it toward excitement, until she noticed his eyes darting to somewhere behind her. She glanced over her shoulder and grinned at the shocked faces of the two girls. She recognized one of them.

"Hi, Sparky!" Lessar greeted excitedly. "It's been ages."

"You're actually here, Lessar," Mikoto replied exasperatedly, finally finding her words. Her face was still crimson. "How c-could you wear something like that?!" she stuttered, pointing toward the red underwear.

"What?" Lessar asked innocently. "Designs like this are essential for a girl chasing her love."

"Exactly!" Kuroko agreed enthusiastically. Someone with refined tastes could understand why she owned a set herself. "I have something similar."

"Really?" Lessar asked her interestedly. "What do you think of the color? Any recommendations of designers?"

"I think red is a good all-purpose color," Kuroko replied and the two of them moved together. "It's actually pretty comfortable too, once you get used to it. Though, I don't recommend trying to do something physically taxing when wearing it. You take it off before that."

"Of course," Lessar agreed with a nod. The two of them started chatting like old friends about the specifics of adult undergarments.

"Oh, no," Touma moaned and face palmed. I heard Misaka complain about Shirai-san's advancements. Those two joining forces could only mean their efforts will double.

"Oh, no," Mikoto agreed and imitated his action with her free hand. Her thoughts were almost identical. She knew Lessar and how perverted she was. If Kuroko gained her knowledge, Mikoto was never going to have a peaceful night back in her dorms again. She was also embarrassed because she had actually selected some underwear, but then she ran into Touma and hadn't had a chance to hide it yet.

"So… err… what have you been up to?" Touma asked Mikoto, as their friends debated.

"Not much," Mikoto answered. "We went to an amusement park yesterday with a couple of our friends. I'm really just glad to get out of the dorms. Someone in my dorm has been really annoying." The image of a blonde haired girl with a chest way too large to belong to a middle schooler flashed in her mind. "What about you? Why are you with Lessar?"

"I was sick the last few days with a cold," Touma answered and sighed. Mikoto raised an eyebrow. "Long story, please don't ask."

"Didn't think idiots could catch colds," Mikoto pointed out with a smirk.

"Very funny." He still chuckled at it. "My luck is way too misfortunate to allow that to be true, otherwise, I would be fine. Anyways, Lessar showed up out of the blue and was nice enough to make some food for me yesterday. Carrying her bags today was my way of saying thanks."

"How bad was your cold?" Mikoto asked, concerned.

"Bedridden last few days." Touma shrugged.

"You could have called," Mikoto huffed. "I could have brought something over." Touma's eyes widened.

"Didn't want to impose on anyone," Touma said sheepishly. "But thanks for the offer. If it happens again, I'll contact you." Mikoto's face flushed and she turned away.

"It's not like I do it specifically for you," she denied. "I would do it for anyone of my friends who needed it." Her eyes widened when she said friends. Did I just say that?

"Thanks," Touma said again. "It means a lot for you to consider us friends." Mikoto's face burned and she felt dizzy. This moment would have been perfect and she might have been able to say what she wanted to for ages, except Kuroko noticed them talking.

"What are you doing to onee-sama!?" She teleported between them and pushed Touma back while grabbing Mikoto's arm.

"Hey!" Lessar protested. "You're here with me today!" She lunged forward and Touma stepped back instinctively. She pushed him off balance and he tripped. As luck would have it, he fell face first into Mikoto. They fell back and Touma reached a hand out to catch himself so he didn't crush Mikoto. He vaguely heard Lessar and Kuroko yell something when they hit the ground. Touma felt something on his lips and he pulled back an inch. When he opened his eyes, a crimson faced Mikoto stared up from under him.


His apology might have worked if the item Mikoto had been holding had not floated down. When he crashed into her, she had accidently flung it upwards. A white pair of underwear with a green frog face landed on his head, visible to the three girls. Sparks started flying from Mikoto and Touma could swear smoke was coming from her ears. This is not good. I stole a kiss. Such misfortune. The lights exploded all around them before he could touch Mikoto with his hand.

Needless to say, they were asked to leave shortly after.

"You know you don't have to follow us," Lessar huffed. She, Mikoto, Kuroko, and Touma were all sitting at a hamburger joint eating lunch.

"I… need to apologize for my earlier action," Mikoto lied. "Especially since it wasn't his fault, but yours." The truth was she didn't trust Lessar alone with Touma at all. Lessar had proven she was even more perverted than Kuroko was and if left alone, she would try something on Touma. Of course, Mikoto's concern wasn't specifically about the idiot, but the fact Lessar was much too young for him and it would be wrong for those two to get together.

"It was an accident," Touma dismissed and waved his hand. "At least you didn't shock me this time on purpose."

"I challenge you fairly," Mikoto protested. "I just give a surprise greeting, which doesn't work on you anyways." Touma flinched at the memories of Mikoto's surprise greetings. They usually consisted of a random thunderbolt flying at him out of nowhere. At least she didn't do that with innocent people around.

Wish we could have chosen a better place, Kuroko thought and looked at her burger with disdain. She and Mikoto were high class girls and shouldn't be eating junk food like this. She didn't even want them to come along with Lessar and Touma, but Mikoto insisted and it could be hard to argue with her. Focus! Remember why you relented. If Lessar is dating the ape, onee-sama will have to give up. Then you can cheer her up back in the dorm. Once she realizes my feelings are real, we can sleep in one bed without the need for clothes and only our love keeping each other warm. She started to daydream of that perfect night and shook her head. First things first!

"So Lessar," Kuroko asked. "What is your relationship with Kamijou-san?"

It took a lot of effort to say his name.

"Friends," Touma said quickly and Lessar took his comment in stride.

"Friends who live together," Lessar announced.

Mikoto and Touma started coughing on their food. Kuroko raised an eyebrow.

That was… unexpected, she thought. But this could work.

"We also sleep in the same bed," Lessar added, like it was an afterthought. She grinned in amusement as Mikoto's face turned beat red and even Kuroko flushed. Touma had just frozen in horror.

"How bold…," Kuroko murmured. Mikoto couldn't say anything and a spark shot out of her, but luckily it wasn't enough to cause any damage. Still, Kuroko and Touma scooted slightly away from her.

"Explain," Mikoto finally said to Touma. Her face was still red, but she more composed. The dark aura around her told Touma saying the wrong thing was going to cause his life to end prematurely.

"It's not what it sounds like!" Touma denied. "I was sick and only have one bed…" He realized what he was saying when Kuroko's and Mikoto's eyes widened. Well, I just shot myself in the foot.

"Not what it sounds like?" Lessar asked, completely amused at the entire situation. "We shared a single bed at night and slept in it. What else could it mean? I mean, sure. There was some physical activity, but I figured you didn't want others to know."

This time even Kuroko's face flushed.

"You make it sound like-…!" Touma couldn't finish the sentence.

"Like…?" Lessar prodded. He didn't have an answer, at least one he didn't want to give under Mikoto's glare and Kuroko's interest.

"You know," Kuroko stated. "I really should report this. A young girl living with a high school gentleman in his dorm, but I won't."

"You won't?" Touma asked surprised. He was sure Kuroko would relish the opportunity to get him into trouble. Maybe portray him as a delinquent to authorities.

"Why not?" Mikoto asked incredulously. She was actually in two minds about this. One, she didn't want to get him into too much trouble or she might not see him again. He also might not want anything to do with her if she did. Then there was the other fact Lessar was living with him. Mikoto had no doubt Lessar would try to force herself on him and Touma wouldn't have the guts to say no. Boys were stupid after all.

"She seems to be initiating the confrontation," Kuroko answered with a shrug. "Who am I to stand in the way of true love?" She gave thumbs up to Lessar, who returned it with a grin. "Don't give up."


Great, Touma and Mikoto fretted silently. They teamed up.

"He's been stubborn," Lessar continued with Kuroko. "But he's coming around."

"Onee-sama is slowly coming around too," Kuroko agreed. "Yesterday, she hit me with her whip of love."


"I shocked you because you teleported in on me when I was in the shower!" Mikoto fumed.

"And I understand that is how you show your love," Kuroko reassured her with a pat on the shoulder. A quick flash of bluish-white light flashed and Kuroko fell back into her.

"You two are perfect for each other," Lessor exclaimed. Heh, time to take out one of my rivals for Lover Boy.

"We aren't a couple!" Mikoto protested, red faced and sparking slightly. Her eyes darted to Touma, who quickly finished his burger and stood up.

"I'll be right back," he announced and left with his tray.

"Great," Lessar groaned. "You scared him away. You know how much work it took to get him to open up a bit?"

"Maybe if you weren't a pervert he wouldn't have left to get away," Mikoto retorted. Lessar shrugged and shoved the rest of her burger into her mouth. "And your manners could use some work."

"For your information," Lessar responded after she swallowed. "I can fit much bigger things in my mouth." She gesture to Touma, who seemed to have bumped into a large guy and was backing away quickly. Mikoto's mouth fell open and Kuroko snapped out of her stunned stupor.

"What does that mean!?" Mikoto demanded.

"Whatever you want it to," Lessar replied deviously, but she cupped her hand and moved it up and down like she was polishing a pole. To top off the image, she licked her lips.

Kuroko and Mikoto could only stare at her in disbelief.

"Finally back," Touma sighed and deposited the groceries in the kitchen. He was exhausted and it was only a little after three in the afternoon. He still wasn't fully recovered and his stamina wasn't at its peak.

"I hate how hot it is," Lessar complained and stretched the collar of her shirt out. "And why is your air conditioner broken?"

"It always breaks when it gets hot," Touma sighed, as he started putting away stuff in the refrigerator. "That's my luck. Just be happy the fridge is working."

"I'm going to get cleaned up and changed," Lessar announced. "I'm soaked."

"Do it in the bathroom!" Touma called out in panic. Lessar laughed and then he heard the door to the bathroom closed. At least she's being reasonable today. Maybe she's sorry for antagonizing Misaka and Shirai?

He had returned and found the two girls completely red faced and Lessar making some obscene gestures. Sensing danger, Touma pulled Lessar away and said they had to get going. They bolted out of there before Mikoto, who was sparking up, could do anything. It turned out to be a good idea, as the lights outside the store flickered and died. After that, they had to deal with a huge crowd of people at each of the sales, so it was a relief to be back.

Maybe I can get a couple hours of rest, Touma thought as he trudged into the living area and collapsed on the bed. The room was hotter than he would have liked, but the blinds were closed and the temperature was significantly lower than outside. There was a bag Lessar had brought in and left on the bed. So as not to accidentally crush what was in it, Touma reached over and grabbed it to place it on the table when a box fell out. He glanced at it and his mouth fell open before he faced palmed.

It was a box of large condoms.

"Lessar!" he yelled and the bathroom door opened and she stuck her head out.


"What are these?" The box was held up and she grinned.

"I bought them just in case," Lessar explained. "I finally got an accurate size of your dick so those should be perfect for you." Touma threw the box at the far wall.

"Just… why?!" Touma asked in dismay.

"Safety," Lessar replied in a tone that it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Unless you like it raw, that's fine with me. I could get pregnant and I'm a little young for child, but I know you are the kind of guy who would definitely support us, so that wouldn't be-…"

"I get it!" Touma took his pillow and covered his face. "It's not going to happen," he continued, though his voice was muffled. "I'm not delirious anymore."

"You never know," Lessar told him confidently. "You're still a guy." The door closed again and Touma sighed in relief.

I wish she wouldn't try so hard, Touma thought to himself. She's talented and pretty, but I can't have a girlfriend in my life right now. Besides, older dorm manager onee-san types are still the best.

He laid spread out and stared at the ceiling. He wasn't really tired enough to sleep, but he didn't want to do anything. Logically, getting started on his summer homework would be the best option. That would still require getting up, something he didn't want to do. He eventually did get up to switch out of his sweat soaked shirt. The second his shirt was off, the door to the bathroom creaked open.

He should have expected Lessar to be monitoring him.

"I'm done!" Lessar announced and bounced out of the bathroom. Her eyes fell on Touma, shirtless. "Nice, a show! I approve."

"Are you done?" Touma asked turning around. "I should get… in… too…" His voice trailed off at what Lessar was wearing.

Well, at what she wasn't wearing.

"Like it?" Lessar asked posing with her hands behind her head. She was wearing a very sexy black bra and matching panties, nothing else, not even socks. It was more than string, so it covered everything, barely. It was the black underwear she had shown him in the store before Mikoto and Kuroko joined them.

"Ah!" Touma covered his eyes and took a step back. "Put on some clothes!"

"But you've seen me in a swimsuit before," Lessar argued. "This is pretty much the same and it's too hot to be fully clothed."

"I'll get the AC fixed!" Touma reassured her and then he realized something important. He lowered his arms and stepped toward Lessar, who seemed surprised at his action. "If you don't know the difference between underwear and swimsuits, it shows you just how much of a child you are!"

"W-what?!" Lessar stuttered. "C-child!?"

"Swimsuits are designed to be seen and functional outdoors," Touma lectured. "Underwear is special. Men don't get to see it and girls take great care to decide on them. When a guy gets a glimpse of a girl's underwear, it's like getting an early birthday gift! When a guy finally gets together with a girl and slowly removes their cloths to see their underwear, it's like opening a present on Christmas morning. It's a sacred gift and should not be given so freely! That is why you are too young for this!"

Lessar stared at him in complete shock. His rant was so unexpected, she was caught flatfooted.

"Y-young!" Lessar finally retorted, irritated. "I'll show you young!" She suddenly reached out and pushed him backwards. Unprepared, Touma fell back onto his bed. With a fluid motion, Lessar leaped forward and landed on top of him. She looked down at him with a superior expression and a gleam in her eyes. "You look cuter when you are on the defensive."

"You said you wouldn't do anything like this," Touma told her, as he averted his eyes. In his position, there was a perfect view of Lessar's chest, covered only partially by the bra. He involuntary took a sharp breath when she adjusted her position. Her butt was on a particularly precarious position. Don't betray me body, don't do it!

"I'm not," Lessar reassured him and leaned closer. "We are just playing around, if something more comes from this…" She shrugged. "It's because you want it." A small frown crossed her lips. "I don't like to be called a child, you know."

"Why?" Touma asked and this time looked squarely at her. If he focused on her eyes, he could ignore her lack of clothes.

"I'm a magician," Lessar reminded him. "Our side is a lot more… strenuous to kids. We get involved in a lot more adult related stuff than you would believe. My group kind of all got involved really young, so I didn't have a normal childhood until I started going to school." She grinned slightly. "I learned how to manipulate boys there, especially since I developed earlier than other girls." She gestured to her chest, something Touma tried very hard to ignore, but his eyes continued to wander. "You don't fall for any of my tricks, so I'm forced to be myself around you. I kind of like that. Also, you seem to like my true self too, so that's a plus."

"I'd rather people be themselves and not try to be what other people want them to," Touma agreed. "And I'm sorry for calling you a child. I still think you are trying to move too fast and should just enjoy being young. Look at me, I get involved in all sorts of misfortune and even got roped into the magic side. But I'm always happy to return to my normal life. School, friends, playing video games, the simple things."

"Normal," Lessar chuckled. Like a normal person could cross Russia to save someone on their own. Her eyes traveled to his chest and she reached a hand down to run it along a faded scar. "I noticed these yesterday, all these scars on your front and back. You got them from helping people, didn't you?"

"Some, yeah," Touma confirmed. I can't remember most of them though. I did lose my memory, but she doesn't know that. "Others are from my misfortune, like slipping on a wet floor and hitting a tool rack."

He forced a laugh at this and then shivered. Lessar was running her hand across more of his chest. Her hands were small, delicate, and smooth. It felt nice and Touma's body began to threaten to betray him again.

"We both had it rough, huh?" Lessar seemed lost in thought.

"I guess," Touma said sheepishly.

"Hey," Lessar demanded suddenly. "Close your eyes."

"Huh?" Her request was so random, it through Touma for a loop.

"Close your eyes," Lessar repeated.

"W-why?" Touma stuttered.

"I want you to trust me," Lessar told him and stared him straight in the eyes. "So close your eyes."

Touma thought about it briefly. This was Lessar he was talking to. She could be very unpredictable, but he didn't believe she would try to hurt him in anyway. The issue was she was almost naked and he was shirtless, something could easily happen he would regret.

"Okay," Touma relented. "I trust you." He closed his eyes. If Lessar tried something, he would feel it and be able to react. Seconds passed and nothing happened, which caused Touma to become a little anxious. When Lessar's weight on his body shifted, Touma tensed up.

Only to feel hands against his cheeks and something press up against his lips.

His eyes opened automatically and Lessar's face blocked his view of anything else. She was kissing him. He wanted to say something, but his body was frozen. Her lips were like silk and sent waves of pleasure through him. What felt like centuries later, though it was only a few seconds, Lessar pulled back and looked at him with a smile on her face. Before Touma could say anything, she hopped off.

"Sorry," she apologized. "I had to. Are you mad?"

"Lessar…" Touma said slowly. "No… I'm not. I was just… surprised." His eyes shifted down to the floor.

"That's good," Lessar told him. "I'll put on actual clothes on now." She headed toward the bathroom, but turned around right before she closed the door. "Oh, I knew you liked it, that's why I didn't ask. Your body is honest." She laughed and shut the door, leaving a shocked, embarrassed, and shirtless Touma on the bed. He raised a hand and covered his mouth as he relieved the moment.

Lessar had not been wrong.

He really had liked it.

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