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Touma was sitting on his table, trying to get as much summer homework done as possible before he was interrupted by something again, when his phone buzzed. He sighed, knowing whoever was calling was going to cause him to abandon his work. A quick glance only confirmed his suspicion.

"What does he want," Touma muttered, as he opened the message from his friend Motoharu Tsuchimikado.

Kami-yan! You'll never guess what happened.

What? Touma replied, typing.


Just tell me.

No guess.

Fine. You got a girlfriend?

No, smartass. Aogami got a bunch of tickets to that fancy waterpark. Get ready. We are meeting in an hour.

Don't I get a say in this?

Nah. Perfect day to pick up some girls. With your luck, there will be a lot of girls that need saving.

"This guy," Touma growled.

"Who?" Lessar asked and Touma turned to the bed. Lessar had been reading a magazine until his words drew her attention.

"Just a friend of mine wanting something stupid," Touma replied dismissively.

"I see…" Lessar tilted her head slightly. "So… when do I get to meet your friends?"

"Huh?" The question surprised him.

"I was thinking," Lessar explained, sitting up and kicking her legs off the side of the bed. "Since we are dating and all, I should take the opportunity to meet your friends. You've met one of mine."

"Pretty sure Floris hates my guts," Touma pointed out and Lessar laughed.

"She'll get over it." Lessar waved her hand dismissively. "Besides, it's Bayloupe you need to be afraid of. She's kind of the mom of New Light." She hastily added that last line at the confused look on Touma's face. "Being the oldest, she always looked after us. Since we're dating, I'm sure she will want to meet you at least once."

"I guess that makes sense," Touma mumbled dryly.

"Relax, she won't bite." Lessar laughed again. "But in all seriousness, why not go with your friends and let me tag along. I won't be in Academy City forever and it would be fun to meet them. What are they planning?"

"Aogami bought some tickets to the water park," Touma answered. The second he said that, he knew they were going. Lessar's eyes went wide and she jumped off the bed instantly.

"That sounds awesome!" she cried and before Touma could react, she bolted over to him and embraced him in a constrictive hug. "The heat is horrible with your AC broken." Her cheek rubbed against his and he could feel a little perspiration.

"Well, when you put it that way…" Touma put his arm around her waist. "I'll let them know I'll go if you can come along." He suddenly remembered a piece of information Motoharu told him and he figured he should let Lessar know. It was doubtful she would care, but Touma preferred being honest. "My two friends merely want to go there to pick up girls. I haven't gotten around to telling them we are going out yet." He rubbed his forehead with his free hand. "They are going to be really jealous."

"Flattery will get you everywhere," Lessar informed him and rewarded him with a kiss on the cheek. She then let go of him and sprung up to her feet. "I need to get ready. Shower and get my swimsuit. So much to do. When are we leaving?"

"They want to meet up in an hour," Touma replied and she gaped at him.

"That's barely enough time if I hurry." She bolted into the bathroom and the door slammed behind her.

"By swimsuit you better mean a normal one and not that string abomination you had on earlier!" Touma called through the door.

"I got a simple one we've used for New Light events at the beach," Lessar reassured him. "I'll save the other one for some of our one on one time." Touma rolled his eyes at her answer, but secretly glad she was going to wear something normal. The last thing he needed was for Pierce and Motoharu to think he and Lessar were getting freaky all the time.

You could call that time at the amusement park getting freaky I suppose, he thought, as he started texting Motoharu back.

I can come if I can bring someone else along.

Index is in London though, so you picked up another freeloader?

Little more complicated than that. Touma felt himself smirking. Easier to explain in person.

Whatever, it's fine. He has four tickets and Maika couldn't come due to work. See you two there.

"They said you could come!" Touma called out.

"Sweet! Are you okay with this?"

The door flew open and Lessar stepped out. Her appearance caused Touma to drop his phone in surprise, though it was mostly due to her outfit. It seems she did in fact have another swimsuit. This one was a lot more normal than the other one. It was a mostly red two piece bikini with blue strings that held it up around her back and over her neck. It wasn't conservative by any means, but it did cover enough that no one could say it was indecent. Touma's mouth fell open as Lessar twirled around. He hadn't been lying when he told Lessar there was a difference between swimsuits and underwear. However, this time he found himself captivated.

The thought that this girl before him was his actual girlfriend made everything more impressive.

"Like what you see?" Lessar asked, her voice dripping with smugness. She put a hand behind her head and shook her hips. Touma blinked and slammed his mouth shut before turning away.

"It looks… really nice," he admitted.

"You know," Lessar suggested lustfully. "We could not go and stay here to have some… fun."

"We have plenty of time for that," Touma replied hastily and then slapped a hand over his mouth. It was too late to take his words back.

"Ah, so you can't wait for later." Lessar licked her lips. "Well, then I'm fine with us having some fun at the pool." She stepped back into the bathroom. "Don't get me wrong." Her smile widened. "There will be a later."

Touma shivered as the bathroom door closed.

From a combination of anticipation and worry.

"So where are they?" Lessar asked, leaning up against Touma on a park bench outside the water park.

"They should have been here by now," Touma muttered, mostly annoyed but with a little bit of worry. "It's only ten after, we got plenty of time."

"Keeping a girl waiting," she huffed indignantly. Her arms cross as she pouted. "No wonder they are single."

"Try not to say that to them or you might make them cry," Touma warned amused.

Lessar was adorable when she pouted. It's just he couldn't say that out loud because of two reasons. First, it was embarrassing and, second, Lessar would take the opportunity to repay his compliment with skinship. While he wouldn't mind a little, the last thing he needed was his friends showing up with her on his lap and lips locked against his. Instead, Touma sighed and reached for his phone to see what the holdup was, when it buzzed.

"Speak of the devil." Touma opened his phone and read the short message.

Kami-yan, you bastard!

"What the…?" Touma was aware Lessar was now looking down at his phone. Not sure what he did this time, the only option was to probe Pierce for more information.

What did I do?

You know what you did.

"What did you do?" Lessar asked curiously. "Nothing happened since we left your dorm."

"That still surprises me," Touma admitted. "There's also a chance those two aren't actually mad and just want to keep me on edge.

Okay, not funny. Tell me where the hell you are.

We planned this to go pick up chicks and you bring decide to bring one instead. Bastard!

"I thought you told them about me," Lessar said and raised an eyebrow.

"I did! I asked if you could come and that I would introduce you in person." Touma protested and Lessar rubbed her chin.

"I wouldn't care if your friends were picking up girls," she admitted. Touma chuckled under his breath.

"I figured you wouldn't," he admitted. "Shoot, you would probably give them advice. Bad advice, but still advice…ow!" Lessar glared at him and pinched his arm.

"My advice is based on life experience," Lessar huffed. "It's always great." Touma phone buzzed again and he looked down at it.

And now you're flirting with her in public. You suck!

"Damn it!" Touma face palmed. "They're watching us." He glanced to his left and right but didn't see how friends.

"I don't know what they look like," Lessar reminded him. Her eyes also darted back and forth. "There's no one obviously spying on us. Have they done this before?"

"Probably." Touma didn't know for sure.

"Hmm." Lessar tapped a finger against her lips for a moment. "Then we have to draw them out to us," she finally said.

"You got an idea how to do that?" Lessar's devious smirk was all the answer he needed. "Fine. What do you have in mind?"

"They don't like public displays of affection, right?" Lessar questioned and Touma nodded.

"So what, we kiss or something?"

"Nah… well, we can. I would like that, but I had something else in mind." Touma raised an eyebrow. "Let's shock them."

"Er…" Touma was hesitant about what she meant by shock. What Lessar could do to shock someone was completely different from what a normal person would do. At least it would be different from shocking someone with actual electricity. Probably. He hoped that was the case.

"Don't make a scene," Lessar whispered as she put a hand on his arm. "Here's my idea. I'm going to stand up, stretch, and then I want you to smack my butt."

"….I must have misheard you," Touma said, after a long pause. "Can you say that again?"

"I want you to smack my butt," Lessar repeated.

"Why?!" Touma cried out and was quickly hushed by Lessar. A few people looked at him and then went on his way. "Are you nuts? I can't do something like that."

"Hey, it's consensual," Lessar explained. "Trust me, it will work."

"This isn't some plan of yours to try to get me to be more experimental?" Touma asked suspiciously.

"I'm hurt you would even consider that," Lessar answered, though she avoided eye contact. "It's not like you have to hit me hard. A quick swat. That's all you need. I mean, I wouldn't mind it harder if you wanted to…" She trailed off and grinned at him. Touma sighed and rubbed his face.

"Fine," he relented. "I'll trust you because we are actually dating." He took a deep breath. "Ready when you are."

Lessar laughed like he just told a joke and then sprung to her feet. She raised her arms into the air and arched her back as she stretched. Touma hesitated for a fraction of a second as the gravity of what he was about to do coursed through his brain. Lessar did give him permission and he had seen other boyfriends do that to their girls in public. Gritting his teeth, he opened his hand and swiped her ass with the palm. She jumped at the impact and Touma felt a weird combination of excitement and guilt at what he did. The feelings didn't last long though.

"How dare you show off!?"

Touma and Lessar turned as a boy with blue hair and a t-shirt with a popped up color bolted toward them. Before they could react, he grabbed Touma and put him in a headlock. The two of them struggled while Lessar watched with amusement etched on her face. From behind her, another boy approached, this one with blond hair, sunglasses, and a green shirt with white floral patterns. She turned and looked at him when he drew near.

"Did you expect anything else from Aogami?" The blonde haired boy asked Touma. "When you bring a cute loli as a date when you knew what we would be doing?"

"She's even a cosplayer!" Pierce roared, tightening his grip on Touma's neck. "Look at the dragon tail!" Lessar looked down at her golden tail and flicked it around for show.

"Let… me…explain!" Touma was having a hard time breathing but finally positioned his center of gravity under his attacker. With a single flip, Touma threw him over his head and slammed him onto the ground. For good measure, a kick was added. "You were the ones who spring this up on me at the last moment. I was going to introduce you two to Lessar…"

"Hello!" Lessar greeted and waved to them. The smile on her face was more amusement at the predicament, rather than actually meeting them.

"…and she knows what you bastards wanted to do," Touma finished. "She even offered to help."

"I did," Lessar confirmed. "It sounds fun and I wanted to make a good impression on Kamijou's friends." Her using his name wasn't lost on Touma and he stared at her for a moment.

"This is Lessar," Touma introduced formally. "Lessar, these two are my… friends." He kicked Pierce again. "Sometimes. The one on the ground is Pierce Aogami. The guy next to you in Motoharu Tsuchimikado."

"Nice to meet you," Motoharu said and shook her hand. Lessar briefly gave him a funny look and then returned the gesture. "So, Lessar, where did you meet, Kami-yan?"

"Oh he visited my hometown and we ran into each other accidentally." That was completely true. Touma had gone to England right before Princess Carissa's coup and Lessar ran into them. "Then we got a little frisky playing cat and mouse. He won of course and then I followed him." Touma's ears burnt and he looked away. Technically, that was all true. It was just the way she said it made it sound sexual.

"At least there is one good thing to come about this," Pierce said, as he stood up and brushed himself off. There was no trace of anger left on his face. "Since this guy's taken, that means there will be some girls for the rest of us."

"Not going to go on and on about my harem?" Touma asked sarcastically.

"That's up to your girlfriend over here," Motoharu interjected, pointing to Lessar.

"There's no-…" Touma started to say, but Lessar interrupted.

"Eh, I might be willing to experiment." She winked at Touma, who froze in shock.

"Wow." Pierce looked impressed. "Going to have to hand it to you, Kami-yan. You found the perfect girl for you. She your Alpha?"

"What are you talking about?" Touma demanded.

"If we decide to let a few more girls join us," Lessar said seriously. "I'm in charge, for sure."

"I like her," Motoharu said to Touma. "She gets it."

"She pretty much does whatever she wants," Touma muttered with a sigh and Lessar grabbed his hand with hers.

"You know you like me being forward, Lover Boy," Lessar told him. Touma looked away and his friends laughed. It was true. Touma would never get the nerve to ask a girl like her out. She had to throw herself at him multiple times for it to sink in.

"So," Touma wanted to change the topic of conversation before things got bad. "We going in?" He gesture to the water park.

"That eager to see me in my swimsuit again?" Lessar teased. "I took your lecture to heart, you know?"

"What lecture?" Motoharu asked curiously and Touma saw the perfect opportunity for some pay back.

"Lessar, here," Touma began. "Didn't know the erotic differences between underwear and swimsuits." Pierce's and Motoharu's mouths fell open.

"You told her about their primary function, right?" Motoharu demanded.

"Sure did."

"Then you made sure to point out the sacred gift of finally revealing their underwear," Pierce added seriously.

"Couldn't lecture her without it."

"Okay! Okay!" Lessar crossed her arms in irritation. "I fixed my mistake." Touma chuckled at her expression and enjoyed his revenge.

"Which also begs to question," Pierce continued. "Kami-yan, you saw her underwear?"

"Umm…" Touma looked away and refused to answer.

"Traitor!" Motoharu and Pierce declared. Motoharu stuck out his leg and Pierce pushed Touma onto the ground.

"While we are alone without girlfriends, you go and lose your V-card," Pierce declared angrily.

"You idiots are missing several steps!" Touma roared back and kicked them in the shins from the ground.

"So you didn't deflower this innocent girl?" Motoharu asked.

"I haven't done anything wrong!" Touma growled, bouncing up to his feet.

"You guys are misunderstanding," Lessar agreed, standing between them. Things were going too far. More than she expected. There was just supposed to be some teasing and name calling. "We haven't done that yet. He's seen my underwear because I had to make sure he actually paid attention to my advances. It took me forever to get him to agree to go out."

"That… makes a lot of sense," Pierce admitted. "He's way too dense to notice girls liking him."

"He could have gone out with all those girls he saves every day," Motoharu added.

"You guys think because I help someone, they want to immediately jump me," Touma muttered.

"Keep living in denial," Motoharu replied. "You got a girl now, so it doesn't matter."

"Besides," Pierce continued. "They would leave as soon as they realize how small he is. Can't satisfy any girl with that."

"Asshole," Touma said through gritted teeth. "Don't be jealous of my… wow I can actually say this… luck."

"Cue lightning strike in the pool," Motoharu commented and the three guys laughed. Lessar listened interestingly. She wanted to get to know Touma's friends and she had limited male friends herself besides some classmates in earlier years. Their interactions were teaching her a lot about male bonding. However, there was one thing she couldn't let stand."

"The reason we haven't gone all the way yet," Lessar stated, the corners of her mouth twitching. "Was because I saw the size of his package. I'm worried it's going to split me in half, literally." The guys froze at her words and she walked into the park alone, trying not to laugh and unable to keep her face from smiling.

Touma was the first to break out of the stunned silence and turned to his friends, who were still staring at him in shock.

"If you guys try to get a glimpse in the locker rooms here, I will kick your ass."

"Why are you here?!"

Lessar had just stepped into the female changing rooms and began to whip off her clothes. To her displeasure, this park didn't have coed ones. As she was reaching for her bag with her swimsuit, a familiar voice spoke up behind her. Lessar turned around with a huge smile on her face.

"Sparky!" Lessar cheered. "I didn't know you would be here!" Then her expression grew more subdued. "And why can't I be here? This is a waterpark and I had a ticket." Her eyes traveled up and down Mikoto's dark blue school swimsuit and smirked.

"You know what I-…"

"She's right, onee-sama," Kuroko interjected, stepping up next to Mikoto. "Regardless of your feelings for each other, she has a right to purchases tickets for this establishment." Unlike Mikoto, Kuroko was wearing a very revealing maroon micro bikini that hardly covered anything.

"I know," Mikoto muttered in a combination of guilt and irritation.

"How are you Lessar?" Kuroko asked. "Are you here with friends?"

"I'm doing great," Lessar answered. "And I'm here with my boyfriend and some of his friends." She made sure to emphasize the word for Mikoto, who gritted her teeth. "Speaking of…" She threw off her bra without the slightest bit of shame and started sliding into the upper half of her red and blue bikini. Kuroko didn't seem fazed, but Mikoto diverted her eyes.

"Are you and the ap…Kamijou-san still going strong?" Kuroko asked.

"Oh, definitely." Lessar made the OK sign with her hand. "We got to know each other intimately." She smiled. It was mostly sincere with a tiny bit of maliciousness. She held up a hand on one side of her mouth to whisper to Kuroko. "I'm learning all his preferences. Turns out, there's a big difference for guys between swimsuits in underwear."

"Really?" Kuroko asked and leaned forward in a whisper. "Think it's the same for girls? I've been trying in a swimsuit with no success."

"No one needs you two comparing notes," Mikoto sighed, pulling Kuroko away. "Come on. Saten-san and Uiharu-san are waiting for us."

"Good luck!" Lessar called out, aware the other customers could hear her. "Don't get too frisky in the pool you too. Electricity may be kinky, but there are children about!" Mikoto's faced flushed crimson in a combination of anger and embarrassment. She ran off, dragging Kuroko with her, who was imagining the scene and drooling a little.

Laughing to herself, Lessar finished changing and left the locker room.

"You took longer than I thought you would," Touma said to Lessar when she approached.

"Aww," she cooed. "You missed me."

"Nah," Touma lied and tried to play it off. "Worried about what kind of trouble you get into when you are out of my sight."

"Sounds like someone just wants me within arm's length all the time," Lessar retorted, playing the game better than Touma ever could. She pressed her body up against him. "Have I spoiled you too much?" Touma chuckled awkwardly and looked away. Lessar took the opportunity to poke his abs with a finger.

"If you two are done flirting," Motoharu said, his sunglasses glinting. "It's time to hit the road and see if we can score!"

"Without Kami-yan attracting all the girls," Pierce agreed. "We have a chance."

Doubt it, Touma thought. I've seen how you two flirt and it's going to end with a long of handprints on your face.

The first thing their group did was head for the water slides. The park had so many different kinds and different heights. Some you could just jump down while others used mats. There was one that was similar to a whirlpool, where you ended up spirally around an upside down dome. Eventually, you fall into a small pool when you slow down and reach the center. After they went on about a dozen different water slides, Lessar grabbed his hand and dashed for the tallest one that had several warnings it wasn't for kids.

"I'll meet you at the bottom!" Lessar called back over her shoulder as she slid in and her voice echoed back. She zipped out of sight instantly.

"Next," the life guard said and Touma gulped. They were really high up. Gathering his nerve, he tucked his feet together and slid down. After about three feet, the drop hit and his speed increased exponentially.

"Holy shit!" Touma yelled and then slammed his mouth shut as he reached the bottom and hit a pool of water. It took a few moments to right himself before he could swim to the end. A hand reached down to help him out and he looked up. Lessar was standing in front of the sun, laughing, while helping him out so the next person could go. "That was… fun. How fast did we go?"

"Nearly 100 kilometers per hour," Lessar replied.

"Yeeeaaahhh, probably won't go on that again." Lessar laughed and patted his arm.

"Me either. Those steps were a killer. How about we get a raft and go along the river?" She pointed and Touma turned. The river was just a ravine in the ground that navigated the entire water park that people could use rafts along the entrance/exit ramps and just float along to rest or look at the attractions. "They even have rafts for two people."

"Okay," Touma conceded and looked around. "Where did Pierce and Tsuchimikado go?" Lessar shrugged.

"They asked a couple girls in line out and got rejected," she informed him. "Then they ran off."

"Let's keep an eye out for them or they might cause trouble," Touma warned."

"More trouble than me?" Lessar asked.

"No one's more trouble than you."

"How rude."

She elbowed him in the side as they boarded a two person inner tube raft and started floating off down the river. Touma positioned himself so he was sitting a little closer to the middle and Lessar could lean up against him. It took a few minutes to position themselves and they almost capsized twice. Eventually, they worked out the balance and Lessar was half lying in his lap with her legs dangling off the edge.

"This is nice," Lessar mused, looking up at the sky. "I'm so glad I followed you here. Back home, I couldn't relax like this."

"Is being a magician that stressful?" Touma asked.

"Besides all the competition between groups?" Lessar explained. "Right now, New Light doesn't have a good reputation with the church. We helped the second princess start a coup. Even if she betrayed us and we helped the Queen, it doesn't change the fact our involvement started all of this." Her expression grew strained and she looked guilty. "I have to confess. When I first chased after you, a part of me wanted you to come back to England for two reasons. One, I truly believed your hand would help protect my home." She paused. "Even when they branded us a traitor, it didn't change that I did what I thought was best for England at the time."

"A lot of people do that," Touma reassured her, patting her head softly to cheer her up. "Carissa and the knights believed that. It's tough to know how right or wrong your actions will be in the long run. I rarely know what my actions will end up causing, but I try to do the right thing. If someone's suffering and I can do something, I will."

"Heh, such a hero." Lessar couldn't help chuckling for a moment and then her smile faded. "The second reason is a lot more selfish." Touma wanted to say something. Experience, however, told him to wait and let her explain when she was ready. "I thought, after everything you did… The church would also want you around. If I managed to convince you to leave the science side and come back to England, they would go easy on me and New Light." Touma's eyes widened as he looked down at her.

For one of the few times he could remember, Lessar was the one who was diverting her eyes.

The guilt and self-loathing was obvious.

"There was no way the church would try to get rid of us if you were part of our group," Lessar continued, still not meeting his eyes. "I'm pretty sure Bayloupe knew that at first and is the reason she let me go without much issue. Our time in Russia though? Pushed all that from my mind. I really just want to be with you." She finally looked up. "Are you mad? I can understand if you hate me."

"I'm not mad," Touma said slowly. "Just surprised." He sighed and looked up at the sky. "You were willing to give up your own life to save your family. If it hadn't turned out the way you hoped, you would be the one suffering, not me." He lifted his hand and gently patted her head again. "You aren't the same now as back then. We like each other and want to see what will happen. There's no need to dwell in the past when we should be looking forward." He smiled at her. "Where's the lucky and teasing Lessar I know?"

"She's really comfortable and doesn't want to surprise you," Lessar huffed, though her pleasure was evident from her smile. "I mean, if you fell off, I would too."

"Fall off?" Touma mused, leaning back.

"Don't you dare," Lessar warned.

"I think I'm slipping," Touma said, pretending to panic.

"I'm lying right next to your bits," Lessar pointed out. "If I fall, I'm grabbing anything I can reach to save myself." Touma froze and she laughed evilly.

"Truce?" Touma asked.

"Truce," Lessar agreed, snuggling against him and letting his hand rest on her stomach. "Enough dark talk today then and just have fun?"

"Sounds good," Touma agreed and then the corners of his mouth twitched. "Want to see if we can find my friends and watch them blow it trying to pick up girls?"

"Definitely!" Lessar agreed instantly. "That's sure to be worth a few laughs." She slowly sat up, careful not to capsize them. "Any idea where they are?"

"Probably near the wave pool," Touma suggested. "More people there." He raised his head up a little to check the direction of the river. "We'll pass right by and we can get off there."

"How much help do they need?" Lessar asked. "Look wise, they seem to have the stuff. Girls should be going up to them if they just stand around."

"It's more of… when they open their mouths." Touma tried to explain. "Most girls aren't as… expressive as you."

"You mean they're boring," Lessar suggested.

"Yes. Let's go with that." Lessar pinched him lightly in the leg for his smart mouth.

"Ooo." Lessar winced. "That had to have hurt."

"That was, what? Fifth girl that slapped him?" Touma counted on his fingers.

"And they all aim for the same spot," Lessar added. "Do all girls in Academy City have some kind of mind link?"

"Probably." Touma shrugged.

The two of them eventually located Motoharu and Pierce. It wasn't hard at all. They just had to listen for a girl yelling at someone angrily and follow the sound. Once they found Touma's friends, they stayed back and watched with a combination of amusement and sympathy. They couldn't get close enough to hear everything without being discovered, but they caught enough of the conversation to understand the slapping was necessary. Motoharu seemed to prefer younger girls and told them they could call him onii-chan. Pierce on the other hand, didn't seem to have a type. He went after any girl he came across.

He went after anyone who could give him the time of day.

"They are optimistic, I'll give them that." Lessar crossed her arms and tilted her head. "Kind of reminds me… of me. If they keep pushing forward, they will eventually find someone."

"Or the cops," Touma pointed out and she laughed.

"They aren't doing anything illegal," Lessar informed him reasonably. "I think? Not sure of all Academy City's laws. Pretty sure I'm breaking more being an unauthorized intruder." Touma looked at her and she whistled innocently. Her eyes suddenly widened and she grabbed Touma's arm and pointed with her free one. "Look, they're going at it again."

"Who they going for?" Touma asked, seeing around four possible girls they could target.

"Looks like that girl sunbathing,"

Touma followed where Lessar was indicating and saw a very attractive girl lying on her back in a two piece black swimsuit with sunglasses. The girl had a tall and slender figure with long soft tea-colored hair. With a well-endowed chest, Touma wouldn't be surprised if she was a model. The girl appeared to be alone or, at the very least, her companions weren't nearby. Touma stared at the girl until he felt a sharp poke in his side. He jumped slightly and turned to Lessar, why was glaring at him.

"Looking at other girls with your girlfriend right next to you is bad manners," she huffed.

"Sorry," Touma apologized. "But you were the one who pointed her out." Lessar appeared to have been correct, as his friends were approaching the girl. They stopped for only a moment to play a game of rock-paper-scissors. Motoharu won.

"She's way out of their league," Lessar continued. "If they couldn't get normal girls to go out with them, she's not going to. I wouldn't be surprised if she's seen stuff." She pulled Touma after her and the two of them moved closer, hiding behind a group of vending machines to avoid detection.

"How do you tell?" Touma asked. "She's not a magician, right?"

"Just a hunch," Lessar answered and shrugged. "You learn to trust hunches in my line of work." She stared at the girl for a moment. "Nah, don't think she's one. Might be wrong, but pretty sure."

"Then let's watch," Touma whispered.

"You just want to see them get slapped again," Lessar whispered back, amused.

"You know it. I deal with those two on a nearly daily basis." They grew silent as Motoharu was the first one to approach the girl.

"Hello!" Motoharu greeted and the girl's head tilted ever so slightly to indicate she noticed him. "What's a beautiful girl doing here all by herself? Surely that can't be." The girl reached up and lowered her sunglasses slightly so they could see her brown eyes.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding me."

"No joking here," Motoharu replied. "I only wanted to get to know a beautiful girl!"

"Get lost if you know what's good for you," the girl replied and moved her sunglasses back up.

"Come on," Motoharu pushed and Touma face palmed. "It's only natural for a guy to be interested in a gorgeous beauty like you. How about you and I spend the day together?"

"I'm not going to repeat myself," the girl told him, displeasure etched in her voice.

"Mugino?" Motoharu turned to see two other girls walking up to her. "Is this loser bothering you?"

"Wow!" Motoharu declared and zipped away from the first girl to meet the second. The new girl was blonde, maybe partially French ancestry, and was wearing a revealing orange ribbon style swimsuit that barely covered her moderately sized chest. At least the lower half appeared somewhat normal. "A beautiful foreign loli in the flesh! You sudden presence is like the sun rising in the morning. A welcome relief that breaks the darkness."

"W-what?!" stammered the girl. "Basically, who do you think you are talking to be like that?! It's not like I want your attention. Baka!"

"A beautiful foreign tsundere loli," Pierce added, appearing out of nowhere next to him. "Such a rare sight!"

"Who the hell are you?!" The girl yelled.

"Hahaha." The third girl next to the blonde one had short brown hair and a simple two piece pink bikini. "They super got your number, Frenda." She wasn't nearly as well-endowed as the other two.

"Shut it!" Frenda growled back. "Let's beat up these losers and be done with it."

"But they called you beautiful," The girl pointed out, smirking. "Shouldn't you thank them?"

"Don't worry," Pierce reassured the last girl. "Small breasts are great too. You might not be able to pull off the sexy teacher look like her." He jabbed a thumb at the girl called Mugino. "But Dominatrix outfits are made for girls of all sizes."

"Maybe an elementary school outfit," Motoharu suggested. "Maximize the cuteness?"

A long silence followed their pronouncements.

"They're going to die," Touma and Lessar whispered together from their hiding place.

Both of the girls turned to the first one, who was actually sitting up on the bench now.

"Okay," Mugino relented. "Go ahead."

Everything happened in an instant.

The brown girl pulled back her hand and delivered a punch into Pierce's gut. The force of the impact lifted him off the ground and sent him flying into the deep end of the wave pool. The blonde girl, Frenda, spun around on one foot and delivered a kick in between Motoharu's legs. Motoharu collapsed on the ground and she kicked him again. This time, the force sent him rolling into the pool.

"Wow," Frenda said, dusting her hands off. "I know we get hit on a lot, but those perverts were on a different level."

"Think they super learned their lesson?" The brown haired girl asked. A voice from the pool informed them, no, they had not.

"You can hit me again anytime!"

"That's it! They are super dead!" The brown girl jumped into the pool, followed by Frenda. Mugino on the other hand, laid back down and went back to sunbathing. She had no stake in the other girls' antics. While the boys were idiots, they had only complimented her. Touma and Lessar looked at each other for a moment.

Then they burst out laughing.

"That was worth every second," Lessar finally managed to say after calming down.

"Come on," Touma gestured for her to follow him. "Let's go make sure they aren't dead." The two of them walked around the pool, following the sounds of boys antagonizing two girls.

Little did Touma know, he and Lessar were being watched. One pair of eyes was of a young girl who was trying very hard to keep her ability in check. Lessar would have been aware of her. The next person watching them was an older woman with stars in her eyes. Neither Touma nor Lessar knew about her. The last pair of eyes was focused solely on Lessar. Out of all three, these were the most malevolent.

They resembled a predator.

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