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Smoke rose higher and higher into the sky, the screams of fear and anxiety growing louder and more numerous with each passing second.

Lessar, Mikoto, and Touma forced their way upstream through the seemingly endless wave of panicking teens and other passersby. Almost everyone but them was trying to get as far away as possible from the sudden explosion in hopes of finding the nearest exit. Even still, the trio continued to make their way closer to the source of the chaos, hoping to get to the bottom of all of this.

Rather annoyingly, there were a handful of people whose self-preservation instincts were thrown out the window and chose to stay behind to record the event, disrupting the attempts of the off-duty Anti-Skill and Judgement members caught up in the fiasco who were trying to restore and maintain a semblance of order and help those injured by the explosion or the resulting mob of people doing whatever it took to leave.

Touma slid to a stop and took note of the disaster area.

The smoke was indeed coming from the water slides. What was once a large and overly complicated structure of intertwined slides was now nothing more than a cobbled mess of burning plastic and metal. The remains of it all screeched as the weight of everything started to collapse inward, the damaged support beams not having the needed strength to hold it all upright. Large chunks of molten plastic and broken metal were falling from all sides, splattering into the waters and crashing against the concrete. The ground was littered with craters and spider-web like fractures from the falling debris, though the worst of it was right next to the foot of the slide, looking as though several bombs had just gone off.

If mere structural damage had been all it was though, the situation wouldn't have been nearly as dire. Indeed, two other factors changed everything.

First and foremost was that there were still people on the slides when everything started. Most were still at the top, but some had fallen, and were hanging on for dear life or trapped beneath the rubble. Sounds of pain and terror permeated the air as they all began to panic.

Even worse yet, the slides were swaying back and forth, and the support beams were visibly bending inwards with great strain, threatening to fall at any second.

"We have got to get those people out of there!" Touma yelled over the noise to Mikoto and Lessar.

"You don't have to do anything," Kuroko said, teleporting behind them with a disapproving look on her face. "You three need to evacuate with the others before-…"

Her words were drowned out by another roar of the screeching metal. It was so loud now, that they had to cover their ears. It was cringe inducing. The screech of metal against metal was worse than nails on a chalkboard and painfully loud to the point of feeling like one's ears were bleeding. It felt nearly impossible to concentrate or think, but the group all knew that they needed to do something and they would need to do it quickly.

Suddenly, Mikoto's hands shot forward, eyes hardened with focus and determination. With a twisting motion of her fingers, the beams seemed to stop in place, seemingly held up by sheer force of will. Numerous pieces of metal started to fly around her and towards the slide tower in an attempt to stabilize the fragile structure.

"I'm trying to keep it up! I'll hold it in place as long as I can," she spat through gritted teeth. "So you better hurry! This is a real pain trying to hold it all up with just magnetism while preventing even the tiniest bit of electricity from leaking through—"

After all, everything was soaking wet at the water park, so if Mikoto accidentally let out even a small amount of electricity it would act like the proper conductor it was and fry everyone and everything in range, including all those trapped citizens hidden under the rubble.

And as a level 5 Electromaster who could generate metric tons of power, controlling the output got a lot harder the more energy she put into accomplishing a given task. Suffice to say, holding up the metal tower with pure electromagnetic forces was incredibly taxing, even for her.

Kuroko looked like she wanted to argue about her Onee-sama's involvement, but decided that rescuing the civilians took priority. Without another word, she teleported to the top and began evacuation.

"I'm going too." Lessar stated before dashing off.

"W-wait!" Mikoto called out before realizing her mistake. The break in her concentration caused her power to wane and the tower to start falling again, shrill screams raining out before she steadied her focus and held on once more. This wasn't something she was used to. Like using chopsticks to hold a fork while eating rice. It could be done, but it took practice and concentration.

Lessar reached the bottom of the slide tower and jumped. Easily leaping over ten feet from the ground to a metal perch, only to jump again towards another. Her tail was a magical item unique to her. While most saw it and thought of it as no more than a mere accessory or cosplay item, in reality it enhanced her physical traits and let her jump incredibly high without fear. With it, she could leap several stories without much effort if she so desired.

Touma quickly deduced where she was going. Whereas Kuroko had started to rescue those at the top, bringing down one or two at a time, Lessar was heading towards those stuck in the middle. It would be harder for Kuroko to teleport inside the cage of mangled support beams and broken plastic. One wrong movement or ill-timed teleport and the teleporter might have found the structure inside her rather than her inside the structure.

"I'm not staying behind either," Touma declared, sprinting forward before the electromaster beside him could object. Even though her brow furrowed slightly in annoyance, Mikoto smiled slightly as she couldn't find it in herself to be mad at him. He really was just that kind hearted and foolhardy that he'd rush towards the nearest source of danger in an emergency.

Very quickly, Touma realized the dilemma at hand as he came to the base of the water slide.

He couldn't touch the tower with his right hand, otherwise he risked Mikoto being unable to hold it up with her magnetism. He didn't know for sure how his hand might affect the structure, but with lives at risk he wasn't willing to take any risks. Glancing around, he saw a number of other ability users and Anti-Skill members working to rescue everyone they could before the wreckage all came toppling down. There was even someone on the opposite side from Touma, using their ability to control the water and turn it into a make-shift slide to let slide down to safety. It was ironic in a way, but it was working. No one even bothered to question Touma's presence there, assuming he was just another off-duty member of Judgement that had come to help.

Then he saw it.

Underneath a broken-off piece of twisted slide, Touma saw a leg. Someone was trapped under the wreckage, and they were hidden behind a blind spot for most of the rescuers.

His legs moved before he knew it, instinct taking precedence over any potential thoughts within his mind.

"I've got you!" The spikey-haired teen yelled, jumping over sharpened metal before sliding beneath a bundle of melted plastic. Taking extra care to not touch anything with his right hand, Touma hastily navigated his way past the remains of the decimated slide until he found himself next to the protruding leg. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?"

"I- I'm stuck!" Came a small, panicked, boyish scream. "Please, get me out of here! Someone, please let me out!"

"I've got you, don't worry." Touma tried to remain calm, pushing chunks of heavy metal out of the way with only his left arm. He gritted his teeth and heaved, slowly moving the mass debris off the kid just enough for him to crawl their way out. "Go, that way!" Touma pointed with his right arm. "Think of it like… extreme jungle gym. All you've got to do is make it to the other side, and those Anti-Skill over there will take care of you."

"I'm scared," The boy said, legs trembling, collapsing to his knees. Touma could almost see the tears in his eyes.

"It's okay," Touma assured, dropping the debris he'd been holding to the ground. "Don't worry about it. We can go together, okay–…"

A clicking sound drew his attention and he turned around. Where the kid should have been was a small silver orb. It might have been a ball of some kind, but it was definitely metal. What made it visible and suspicious were glowing red markings on it. They were growing brighter and brighter. Heat washed over Touma and he realized what it was.


An explosion went off again, engulfing the area in fire and smoke.


The words of an older individual came from where the young boy Touma saved had been.

It had been a trap. All of this had been a trap. There was more screaming as the base of the tower weakened even more, with black smoke rising once again. Then, the fire and smoke vanished. Standing up straight, with his hand out, Touma stood unharmed. The areas in the direction opposite of him had been damaged, but the force from the explosion against the boy had vanished the moment it collided with his hand. That didn't stop his ears from ringing in pain.

Nor did it help the already fragile situation of the tower. Instantly, it began to creak.

"Such misfortune…"

Touma looked up as the entire mess of metal and plastic began to collapse.

"Move you idiot!"

Mikoto's voice jolted him out of his stupor and he dove out of the way as a large piece of plastic slide collided where he had just been. Plastic may normally be light, but water slides like the ones here were made especially thick and sturdy. Not only would they hurt if they fell on someone, but getting out from beneath one would be a major challenge, if not outright impossible to do by himself. Touma pushed himself off the ground and began to move, his ears still ringing from the explosion.

The young boy was nowhere in sight.

The surrounding metal began to rise slightly thanks to Mikoto's effort, giving the spikey haired teen barely enough room to escape and take a place at her side. The moment he was out, the remains of what was once an elaborate tower of water slides began to collapse. Mikoto slowly lowered the metal down, pulling her power back. That way shrapnel from the collapsing tower wouldn't fly off everywhere when it all came into contact with the ground. Thankfully everyone was off the tower, Judgement and Anti-Skill having made quick work of the situation.

Well, almost everyone.

"Catch me, Lover Boy!"

Instantly, the teen's gaze turned upwards to the source of the familiar voice. There Lessar was, wearing Touma's t-shirt and falling through the air with a wicked grin as the couple locked eyes. Bracing himself for impact, Touma stepped forward slightly to catch the falling girl. Lessar's eyes sparkled when she made it into his arm. Unable to hold herself back, she reached over and gave her boyfriend a small peck on the cheek.

"Thanks for actually doing that this time, unlike England," Lessar teased, blowing into his ear.

"W-what are you doing?!" Mikoto almost instinctively demanded, sparks flying from her head as her emotions got the better of her.

Unfortunately, that single moment of distraction cost her.

Too busy watching the rewarded display of affect Lessar gave to her boyfriend, Mikoto lost grip on her concentration at the task she'd been so carefully managing. A series of loud clangs, splashing, banging, and tearing could be heard. Her control over the tower slipped, causing the remaining pieces of it to all come crashing into the ground. It was a good thing everyone was already off the tower or they probably would not have survived.

For a few seconds, the three simply stood silently in pause, staring at the further wreckage caused by the lost focus.

"So…" Lessar started, breaking the moment of silence. Jokingly, she continued, "That was a thing."

"What were you still doing up there?" Touma asked, still carefully holding her in his arms. "You could have been killed!"

"Found this." Lessar reached under her –Touma's– shirt, and pulled out a silver ball, the same kind that's explosion the unlucky teen had narrowly survived earlier. "The explosive the perpetrator used. I disabled the activation device. Seems like I was right. It's definitely magically charged, and it's got a timer too."

"That would explain why my hand worked on the explosion…" Touma muttered. If that hadn't been magical in nature, he would have a lot of other problems right about now. "Do you have any idea who caused it?"

"Would have to examine it further, but it seems familiar…" Lessar pursed her lips together. "The runes on it are definitely Nordic in nature."

"Wait… so whoever did this knows you?" Mikoto asked, only vaguely understanding the situation. Lessar rolled her eyes. After everything they went through together, she thought that Mikoto would have opened her mind a little bit more to magic.

"They use magic similar to New Lights," Lessar huffed, still in Touma's arms. Not that she would complain about it. "Plenty of organizations use Celtic runes. But it seems unlikely one of them randomly showed up here."

"Er…" Touma finally set Lessar down on her feet, the girl giving him a coy smile as he did, and then scratched his head. "I think they might be after me."

"Why?" Lessar asked before shaking her head, almost facepalming. "No. Wait. Stupid question."

"What. Did. You. Do?" Mikoto asked, slowly articulating each word carefully through grit teeth.

"Nothing?" Touma truly didn't think he did anything, but it was hard to tell. Somehow, people always seemed to be after him for one reason or another.

"That's why I said it was a stupid question," Lessar commented smugly. "He wouldn't know why people are after him."

"You three!" A man shouted. They turned to see a member of Anti-Skill approaching them. "I have some questions for you!"

"You'll be telling me everything later," Mikoto hissed under her breath.

It took a while to explain everything to the Anti-Skill officer.

First, because Mikoto, Touma, and Lessar weren't part of Anti-Skill or Judgment, they were reprimanded for interfering. Being untrained, their actions could have gotten other people hurt. Of course, because their actions actually allowed the civilians to be saved and Mikoto being a level 5, they got off without any real trouble. They just had to give their names. Touma was worried Lessar wouldn't be in Academy City's system, but he received a surprise when she was found.

As a visitor.

It seemed like her story about being here officially was accurate.

Then of course, Kuroko continued to reprimand Mikoto about interfering, even if she was praising her at the same time. It was almost comical how Kuroko could do both things at once. Lessar figured she had plenty of practice with that before. When their friends, a girl with flowers in her hair and a girl with long black hair showed up, Mikoto didn't have a chance to get away. Lessar flashed her one last grin and dragged Touma away.

Though, the two male friends of her boyfriend were still there.

"Weird, huh?" Pierce commented, his hands behind his head. "Who would want to attack a water park?"

"Probably some loser who can't get a date." Motoharu scoffed.

"Pot calling kettle?" Touma commented. "Oomph!"

Pierce elbowed him in the stomach.

"Kami-yan, not all of us can have a cute, fun girl like Lessar here." Motoharu shook his head. "You shouldn't crush people's dreams."

"How did things go with you two?" Lessar asked innocently, enjoying the compliment. "Before the explosions obviously. We lost sight of you two."

"There was a blonde foreign loli who just wanted to get with me," Motoharu replied. "She kept chasing after me."

"Her friend was flat, but she was feisty," Pierce added. "I bet we see each other again."

Touma had to bite his tongue. Those two didn't realize he and Lessar saw it all. Things were quite a bit different than those illusions of theirs. It wasn't time to shatter them though. If he did it now, they would take their anger out of him. Besides, why should he care if they pretended they had girls chasing after them? He had his own girlfriend to worry about.

'Still feels weird to think about Lessar as my girlfriend, but in a good way.'

"Just let me know if you two need any help," Lessar smiled. "Anything to help Lover Boy's friends."

"Already have pet names, huh?" Pierce grumbled, trying to elbow Touma in the stomach again. This time, the unlucky boy dodged.

"She's offering to help you find a girl and you're still trying to hit me." Touma growled. "It's like you want to die."

"Please, you wish you could beat me!"

The two of them began to punch each other before Pierce got behind Touma and put them into a headlock. Motoharu was cheering them on, while Lessar watched interestedly. If Touma was in serious danger, she would of course help. They were a couple now and even if they weren't, Lessar would still help him out for all the things he did for England. Right now, it was just boys doing boy things. Something completely new to the girl. Her group was all females after all.

So she just enjoyed the show.

"As much fun as this, I got to go see Maika." Motoharu assured them. "She'll find out about what happened at the park since I told her we were there. If I don't tell her first, well, she won't be happy to say the least." He leaned forward and whispered something into Touma's ear after he escaped Pierce's grasp. Lessar couldn't hear what it was and his lips were blocked so she couldn't read them.

If that was on purpose, that guy was good.

"Sure, I'll message you later." Touma assured him and checked the time on his phone. "Since we left early, I think I can still catch a couple sales and actually stock my refrigerator."

"You do that, I'm going to go check up on a new doujin that's coming out today." Pierce whistled. "Cya Kami-yan. Don't do too much to Lessar now."

"I'm worried what she'll do to me." Touma groaned.

"I do have my leather suit I want to break in." Lessar commented sneakily, causing Touma to spin around and stare at her with a shocked expression.


Both of his friends hit him one last time before heading out.

"Did you have to say that?" Touma muttered, rubbing his bruised cheek.

"It's true though." Lessar assured him.

"That may be, but there's a time and place for it."

"Did you not want to see me in it?"

"No comment."

Lessar's eyes twinkled as she smirked at him.

"Making a note of that for later." Lessar mumbled. Instantly knowing what was in store for him, the boy quickly changed the subject to something more important.

"So about the magician who attacked the park, it was a magician, right? You're absolutely sure?"

"Unless there's someone in your city making magical bombs with mana, then yes, I'm sure." Lessar pointed out. "I just don't understand why they attacked the water park. You're sure they were after you?'

"I tried to rescue a kid and it turned out to be a trap," Touma explained. "There was one of those silver balls there and then the kid vanished right when it went off. I heard someone around my age, maybe a little older, insult me as he vanished. Definitely male, but I know magicians can disguise their voices and appearance."

"That's true, so until we have some more information, there's not a lot we can do." Lessar mused. "I could give Bayloupe a call later tonight when it's morning there. She might know something. The magic signature was Norse, so she might have heard if there are rumors of any organizations with a grudge against you. If not, this might be a lone magician who just doesn't like you."

"Wouldn't be the first time I guess." Touma shrugged. "As long as they target anyone I care about."

"Awww, you do care about me!"

"I do," Touma grabbed her hand. "Very much so."

"So are we going to just stand here or maybe rush somewhere for some excitement?" Lessar suggested sultrily.

"I know just the place," Touma winked, pulling Lessar after him.

This was an unexpected, but not unwanted gesture by the boy. Lessar couldn't help smiling as she raced behind him. After all her advances, all her sexual innuendo, playful teasing, and finally her true confession, she managed to convince Touma to finally throw away his doubts. He was taking the lead. They were going to go back to his apartment after fighting a life and death battle to save lives. In the heat of their victory they would take that step Lessar had been waiting for.

Touma would throw her onto his bed, kissing her as his strong arms held her down. She wouldn't struggle, or maybe she would struggle a bit at first. Just to excite him. Then he would remove his shirt so she could see his muscles again. The well-defined, but not overly large ones, along with his scarred skin as a reminder of all the people he saved. Lessar wasn't sure if Touma would tear off her clothes. She kind of hoped he would, but knew he was too much of a gentleman. It would be either slow as to not damage her belongings, or he would let up just enough to allow her to take off her clothes.

Maybe they could make out and rub against each other while stripping. That would be fun.

Knowing her boyfriend, Lessar realized he wouldn't do anything serious to her unless she initiated it. So, once they were topless, she would have to pull down his pants. The memory of his large cock from the Ferris wheel was still fresh in her mind. Large enough she could choke on it, but not ridiculous that she couldn't get it down. Seriously, some of those porn stars had some stupidly sized members that could kill a horse.

Pleasure was a two-way street.

Her tongue instinctively licked her lips as she remembered the taste.

As much as Lessar wanted to pretend she was experienced, the most she had done was tease boys at school. When she told Touma this, she had been one hundred percent honest. That didn't mean she was a naïve little schoolgirl though. The Internet was a thing in Britain and even if Bayloupe tried to put parental blocks on it, there were ways around it. Porn helped a lot along with some intense self-exploration and stimulation.

Lessar was technically a virgin, if you didn't count dildos. With all the physical exertion in her line of work, her hymen was long gone. When she and Lover Boy finally had their first time, she wouldn't have to worry about pain interfering. Touma would stop and worry about her. Sometimes he was just too nice. What she wouldn't give for him to just start being a beast on top of her until she was an unconscious mess.

The women in porn seemed to enjoy that. Plus, the experience she had with toys told her she liked it hard and fast too.

A tingly sensation ran between her legs as Touma pulled her after him. Feeling his large cock go inside her awaiting womb had to be better than plastic. The throbbing pulse, the heat, the way it would make itself at home within her was so tempting. A little drool ran out of the corner of her mouth. Maybe she should suck Touma's dick first, get it really lubed up. The faster it got inside, the faster the raw passionate sex would begin. Well, not raw per se, they had condoms, but close enough.

"We're here."

Touma's words snapped Lessar out of her vivid daydream where Touma had just taken her outside on the balcony and fucked her from behind over the ledge. Expecting to find themselves in front of his apartment, Lessar was confused when they ended up in a different location. It wasn't a hotel, which would have been the next best option. No, in front of her, was a store with plenty of individuals inside.

Confusion was evident on the girl's face as she slowly turned to her boyfriend.

"What are you waiting for?" Touma asked, grinning. For once, he pulled a fast one on her. "Let's go before all the good stuff is sold out."

Lessar didn't have a choice as her mind was still trying to process why they were heading into a grocery store.

"You're mean, you know that."

They were finally leaving the grocery store with bags in hand.

"What do you mean?" Touma asked innocently or as innocently as possible with a huge shit-eating grin on his face.

"You know what I meant!" Lessar huffed, carrying a bag. The girl wasn't so much angry, as disappointed. Food shopping was important, and it wasn't like they had any food at home. A poor high school student like Touma couldn't afford to go out to eat. "I thought we were going to go somewhere for excitement?"

"We did," Touma pointed out, a little surprised. His arms were laden with bags. "Weren't you almost crushed by that mob when meat went on sale?"

"Okay, fair point." Lessar conceded. "Have they never heard of manners? All that over some discounted food?"

"A lot of stores here have very limited time deals," Touma explained as they finally headed back to his dorm room. "Old stuff they would throw away that's perfectly usable and fresh for slightly newer goods. Academy City likes to make sure stores are stocked with up-to-date merchandise. Anyway, most people here aren't very wealthy. We get money from parents, but mostly rely on stipends from the city. The higher level you are, the more money you get. As a level 0, I get just enough to get by."

"That doesn't seem fair," Lessar frowned at that. "Isn't it up to the city to improve your levels?"

"Yeah, but the city is also a business." Touma reminded her. "The city gets information from our abilities and uses it to develop new technology that funds this place. The higher level you are, the more data they can get. Thus they pay you more for the greater contribution." As he said this, the boy gave a small shrug with his shoulders. "It's give and take. You can't expect all this for free, right?"

"It's nice you're mature enough to understand that," Lessar complimented, eyeing her boyfriend in case he was trying to hide something. "Some people would just lash out."

"We have people who do that called Skill-Out." The spikey haired youth shook his head. "Don't get involved with them."

"Okay! I don't want to get into trouble while I'm visiting. They would kick me out and we can't live together then."

Somewhere behind them, a girl staggered as she was listening to them. Her eyes were wide to reveal the star shapes in them. Quickly, she ducked down an alleyway as Lessar turned around for a moment.

"I'm afraid to say, I'm getting used to having you around." Touma smiled warmly at her. "Ever since we accepted each other and our boundaries."

"Did I have boundaries?" Lessar asked, confused.

"I'm sure you do… deep down."

"If you say so, but I'm up for anything you want to do."

"Go home, put groceries away and rest from the long day?"

"Until it gets dark?"

"Then we sleep."

"Are you an old man?!"

"And you're a young girl who needs rest to grow-…ow! Careful! Don't make me drop the groceries! I gave you the eggs so this unlucky Kamijou wouldn't drop them!"

Lessar had kicked him in the shins at his last comment.

The young girl had noticed that Touma insisted on carrying most of the bags, even when it was obvious he struggled with it. Typical macho stuff where the guy wouldn't let the girl carry anything heavy. Though, there were lighter bags than the eggs, so he must have given them to her for a reason. She had a short laugh imagining Touma dropping eggs and crying over his lost protein. If his financial status was as bad as he said, that boy might actually do that. Especially with Index, who was known to be a bottomless pit.

'I should use more of the church funds to help him when I can.'

It would be an uphill struggle, as Touma would try to avoid her paying for him. They would need to have a discussion about the fact Lessar wasn't a child and their partnership needed to be 50-50, even if he was older.

Back at Touma's apartment, Lessar decided to show her skills off while her boyfriend put away the food. They made it home with everything intact, even when a dog tried to get one of the bags full of cheap meat. Lessar had to chase it away since Touma couldn't move well due to the weight of the goods in his arm. Now, since they were free, it was time to show off her skills as a magician.

To air condition the dorm room since the A/C kept dying!

It was almost a sauna. How Touma could live in these conditions was a mystery. Lessar rolled up her sleeves and began to draw a diagram on a piece of paper. It was more than just a simple Celtic rune for cold. All that would happen would be making the air around it cold, not regulating the room's temperature. This was more Bayloupe's department, as her oldest team member was a lot more into technical aspects, but Lessar wasn't a slouch. Combat was her forte, but she could do something as simple as make an environmental regulating rune.

The first rune began to smoke and she quickly put that out.

"What's that smell?!" Touma called from the kitchen.


A small white lie didn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Lessar tore the paper and started over, making sure to be careful with her design. This one was perfect. Lessar stood on Touma's bed and placed the rune as high as the small girl could reach. This way no one would accidently knock it off. One the paper was firmly attached to the wall, a small jolt of mana ignited the symbol. Instantly, the hot dry air began to become more bearable.

"Haha!" Lessar cheered, collapsing on the bed. The change in the room was already noticeable. "Hey, we now have AC with no electrical cost!"

"What?" Touma walked in and stopped when the cool air washed over him. "Woah… you did this?"

"Of course!" Lessar gave him the victory sign. "Who else could be that amazing?"

"I don't know, Birdway?" Touma teased.

"She wouldn't do it without you owing her," Lessar pointed out, after sticking out her tongue at him. "And you do not want to owe that girl anything."

"Can't argue with that," Touma laughed. "But you know, with my luck, because we talked about her, she's probably going to appear."

"From what I heard, her Cabal is in a tiny bit of a feud with another," Lessar snickered and tried not to look happy about that. "She won't have time to come here and goof off for a bit. By then, our relationship will be too cemented for her to intervene."

"Why would she?" Touma leaned up against the wall. "My private life has nothing to do with her."

"Probably worried you might join New Light since we are together," Lessar partially lied. The full truth could be hidden. Touma didn't need to know that bitch had a crush on him too. She snoozed and lost. "As I said, I'm not going to pressure you to join. We're a magical group and with your hand, you can't use it. So mostly, just think of it as a hobby for me you aren't interested in."

"With everything that's happened recently, I sort of want to know a bit more about magic," Touma admitted. "At least more on how it works and to avoid the random magician throwing fire at me."

"Thought Stiyl was supposed to stay away from you?"

"Can you say all magicians follow the rules?"

"Don't I?"

"Do you really want to go there?"

"Nah, it's not important." Lessar shook her head while kicking her feet off the edge of the bed. "If you want to know more about magic, I can teach you a bit. It would be nice to share my interests with you."

"Tell you what, I have a little homework left to do," Touma considered. "Let me do that for a bit, I'll make you something nice for dinner, and then you can start teaching me a bit about magic. The basics. Remember, I'm stupid and know nothing about it."

"Come on, you aren't stupid, just dense."

Lessar has a good laugh at his reaction. The best part was the boy couldn't deny it. With how hard it took Lessar to get his attention, Touma had to admit he had been extremely dense in that regard. It also looked like they weren't going to have some sexy time today, but oddly, Lessar was okay with that. Spending time alone with Touma felt nice. They were in a relationship and relationships were a lot more than just physical intimacy. There were feelings and companionship involved. Like how married people could be close without sex.

There would be sex eventually between those two. Lessar would make sure of it. For now, lying next to her boyfriend and teaching him what she knew would have to do.

"Mmmmmm!" Touma moaned into his pillow. "Don't stop, Lessar."

"You like when I touch you like this?" Lessar teased, moving her hands.

"If they weren't so cold and slimy, this would be a perfect massage."

"Pretty sure the guy is supposed to do this for his girlfriend."

"You're not the one who got burned."

The following morning, Touma and Lessar woke up to quite a sight. Touma's skin was bright red and was incredibly tender. He had gotten sunburned yesterday at the pool. While Lessar had him help apply sunscreen to her, he never reapplied the lotion to himself. The pain was his own fault. Though, as his loving girlfriend, Lessar was applying aloe to his burns.

"What have we learned?" Lessar admonished.

"That having a girlfriend do my back is a blessing?"

"Good, you have learned." The young girl snickered. "It's not too bad, but you should avoid the sun for a bit and if you go outside, put sunscreen on."

"I didn't have any plans except to hang out with you today," Touma muttered. "Sorry about this."

"It's partially my fault," Lessar admitted softly. "I should have offered to smother you in white gunk."

"Are you ever going to stop saying things like that?" Touma glanced over his shoulder and winced at the pain in his neck.

"Hmm, publically? Sure. Privately, not a chance."

"I guess that's a good compromise for you." Touma relaxed. "I was a little worried you were accommodating me more than I was you, making our relationship unbalanced."

"Oh, pleeeease." Lessar scoffed. "You do plenty for me. Even accommodate my selfishness. Floris always demands Bayloupe rein me in. I have you go out of your comfort zone all the time. So don't say you don't accommodate me. If I'm feeling neglected, you'll be the first to know."

"When you put it like that, you're not one to hide your true feelings." Touma chuckled.

"Damn straight." Lessar got off him. "Now, you just stay inside, watch TV, maybe study so you don't fail the year."

"Yes, Mom."

"I will slap your back and then you can cry to your mother."

"…I'll behave."

Lessar was used to boys trying to one up her. She had to learn at a young age to put them in their place. With Touma, it was a little more give and take. He showed her up sometimes and she got him back other times. Nothing like a little joking to spice things up.

"If I'm stuck inside all day, what about you?" Touma questioned her.

"I could stay and teach you more about magic?" Lessar suggested with a shrug.

"My mind is still reeling from last night," Touma reminded her. "Understanding refining mana and all that is tough to understand when I can't do it. How about you go out and have fun? Don't worry about me. You're not the type that likes to stay still."

"Are you sure?" Lessar asked cautiously. "I could look around the city a bit, I suppose. There's a lot to see and since I'm not officially a visitor, I don't have to keep a low profile."

"It would be selfish of me to keep you inside," Touma pointed out. "You'll start bouncing off walls and probably forget I'm hurt."

"What? I wouldn't do that…" Lessar thought about it under Touma's watchful eye. "…maybe a little."

"Go out, have some fun, but don't get into trouble." Touma encouraged. "Just pick up some more aloe before you get back, please."

"No problem, dear." Lessar cooed, blowing in his ear. "And I don't get in trouble."

"Britain." Came the monotone response.

"That was once! Name another time."


"Touché. Even though you were part of the trouble."

"Never denied that." Touma chuckled weakly. "It's just Academy City is a lot stricter than a lot of cities. Don't do something to make Judgment and Anti-Skill go after you. You'll get kicked out and we won't be able to see each other."

"I don't want that," Lessar kissed his cheek. "I'll behave and be back later. Take care then."

Touma couldn't move around to kiss her back easily, but he rubbed her leg with his hand. That small gesture was all Lessar needed right now. Waving goodbye, Lessar left the dorm room, stepping out into the bustling city.

"Hmm, what to do now?" The girl mused. "Wonder if Sparky and her friend are busy?" She debated calling Kuroko, as they had exchanged numbers, but decided it was a little early. "Let's see what cool things this city has since I actually have time to kill."

It had been a while since she had a break from official business.

Now that she had time to observe the city, Lessar couldn't decide what to do first. There were shops that sold everything from clothes to electronics. Designs and models she couldn't get anywhere outside the city. Food that didn't seem to make any sense. Some of those vending machines had drinks she would never dream of touching. She stopped at a bookstore for fun and decided to check out the religion section.

"Huh, they actually have some books," Lessar snickered. "Thought the science side didn't believe in this."

The books were common religious texts from the main religions and weren't anything special. At that point, Lessar than scooted over to the manga section and read their selection. One thing she really liked about Japan was the selection of manga and anime. Before she knew it, over an hour passed and some of the employees were looking at her suspiciously. Since she wasn't planning to buy anything, Lessar slipped out and kept walking.

There were some tech displays that caught her attention, including a power suit.

"Wonder what it would be like to drive one of those." Lessar mused, watching the suit show off its capabilities to the crowd. "It would be so easy to borrow one…" A quick head shake forced that thought out of her mind. "No, bad. You're on the straight and narrow path now."

The girl quickly left, not wanting to get tempted. She wasn't a thief unless it was absolutely needed. In the past, back when she, Bayloupe, Floris, and Lancis were younger and poor, Lessar had stolen some food to eat. That was the only time. Bayloupe worked hard to provide them food and shelter, but as she was a growing girl, she was usually really hungry. The food she took was some fancy candy bar, but it tasted like crap. At the time, she just believed it was some terrible brand.

Until Bayloupe bought her one for Christmas.

It had been delicious.

Eventually, Lessar understood the difference. Getting something from someone you cared about is a million times better than acquiring it by unscrupulous means. There was a doll back home she got from Bayloupe years ago she still kept because of that. It didn't have any monetary value, but rather, sentimental value. Recalling this, an idea came to her.

"I should get him a small gift." Lessar mused. "But what? What does he need?"

That simple question stumped her as she continued looking around the city. Naturally, as a young girl, she got easily distracted and didn't make as much progress as she would like. It was almost noon when she took a detour through a park.

"Ugh, I have no idea what to get him!"

"Would you like some help?"

Lessar turned around to see two girls she didn't know addressing her. One of them had light brown short hair with straight bangs. The other girl had long black hair tied up in the back and glasses. Both of them were wearing the Tokiwadai middle school uniform that Mikoto and Kuroko went to. Lessar felt something was off and noticed a weird trait they shared.

Both of them had stars in their eyes.

"Sorry, I don't know you," Lessar told them. "I'm just looking for a gift for my boyfriend."

"Would this boyfriend of yours be a gentleman by the name of Touma Kamijou?" The light brown-haired girl said.

Instantly, Lessar was on her guard.

"Don't worry," The second girl assured her. "Our Queen knows Kamijou-sama personally. I believe she could be of help to you."

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