Chapter 1: Regaining memories


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"Oh hello, my name is Issei Hyoudou." speak

[Boost! / calm down partner!] Ddraig and his thoughts or talk via telepathy

{Divide! / Chill partner! } Albion and his thoughts or talk via telepathy

"Trace on!" using Skills or ability

'I regret nothing!' thoughts or talk via telepathy

After Issei is born as half human, half devil

His parents loved him, not only them the Maou liked him specially Serafall and they felt that he could change the underworld

Yet his memories were temporarily sealed by Decade as he requested and he personally requested to put the dragons to sleep due to unwanted circumstances like teasing.

4 ½ years later

The Hyoudou family were in good terms with the Sitri's since Isa Emiya-Hyoudou is Serafall only Knight and Seiji Hyoudou from Hyoudou Clan who specialize in Arte and the last Arte user of the current generation, the couple were treated nicely especially the Gremory and Phenex Clan (at that time Ravel was born) since both clans want Seiji to become their servant but he made a promise from his wife that he's going to be her servant when she's promoted to a High-Class Devil

On the future heiress, Sona Sitri is treating him differently and their parents were clueless that she very affectionate to Issei, while Serafall is wondering why her little sister acts like that.

"I wonder if those two became a couple like Seiji-Kun said," Serafall said while watching her little sister and Issei is playing tag

Meanwhile in DxD world #3278

(i forgot to remind you guys each world time runs differently.)

(so this is 6 months after Issei meets Decade.)

One of Issei's counterpart codename Shuiro reports that he sensed an O.C is lurking in this world and he calls the others to find and eliminate the O.C

(note: Shuiro means Scarlet/Vermilion)

"Hey Decade, are you sure about the report?"

Decade nods "Yes, Shuiro sensed the O.C's energy the moment he entered this world."

"I see, I guess we need to be careful then while searching," Akashiro said

Decade nods "Yeah and I already told them to flare their energy when if they found the O.C"

"Them?" Akashiro asks

Decade nods "Yes, Shuiro ask 4 of us including Shiro to come here, is there something wrong Akashiro?"

"I guess should tell you this Decade since you're our leader, Shiro is mad at me."

Decade gave a serious look at Akashiro "Why would Shiro is mad at you?"

"Well, it happened from our previous mission."

Decade remembers that they reported there's an O.C in #2429

"Yeah, you two reported me that you two have found the O.C in #2429, so tell me everything what happened on that mission and that made him mad at you?"

Akashiro says "I killed another Saji while were in the operation."

"You killed Saji?" Decade glared at him "Seriously Akashiro you killed another one?!"

"Yes, before you blow your anger on me, I have a reason why I did that."

"Fine, tell me everything!" Decade asks angrily

"When we found the O.C in Kuoh Academy," Akashiro said

"You two found the O.C in Kuoh Academy?"

Akashiro nods "Yes, when we found the O.C, Shiro made a plan and his plans are to deal O.C by himself, while I prevent the others to assist the O.C then I went to ORC to put Rias and the others put them asleep except for our counterpart, he's resting at his house in that time, after that I went to the student council to put Sona and the others to sleep while I move forward i saw Tsubaki, Momo, Reya, Yura, and Ruruko in the hallway and they're about to assist the O.C, I presume Shiro has engaged a battle and they saw them fighting, then I use my sleeping spell put them asleep, after I done that..."

Flashback DxD world #2429

'Ok time to put Saji and Sona asleep and I hope Shiro finish that O.C quick before they noticed.' Akashiro said in thoughts while he using Cloaking Exceed an ability to conceal himself completely cause unable to detect or smell their presence even a devil or a dragon can't detect the user

When he's about open the door, he suddenly heard a commotion inside the room

"Don't kill him, Saji I beg you"

Akashiro silently opens the door and he's surprised at what he saw

'What the hell? Why Saji is fighting my counterpart?!' Akashiro didn't expect what he sees right now

"After I kill Hyoudou, your purity is mine Kaichou!" Saji grins sadistically and suddenly he found the Ascalon on the ground (Issei attempts to stop him using the Ascalon but Saji manage to subdue him before he moves)

"Please Saji, don't kill him!" Sona pleads

Saji glared at his King "Why I shouldn't kill him Kaichou? This bastard is taken every girl I liked, aside from 'Fujimura' which I'm going to kill him next after I'm done with him."

Issei was surprised by Saji's revelation "What? The reason you wanted to kill me because of that?!" he wanted to stand up but he couldn't stand up due the wounds he received from Saji

"Yes, you took every girl I liked and my hatred has reached my limit, you took Kaichou from me!" Saji growled

Before Issei could say something

"Die Hyoudou!" Saji charged towards at downed Issei

'I will not allow that!' Akashiro undo his cloaking exceed

"What the hell?! Another-!" Saji couldn't complete his sentence because he coughed a lot of blood from mouth and then he realized that his body was sliced in half

"Forgive me…" Akashiro said in cold tone 'you have forced me to do this Saji' his thought said

"!" Saji's body hits the ground and it became ashes

End of Flashback

"Then after that, you immediately altered their memories and put them asleep?" Decade aks

Akashiro nods "Yes after that Shiro was right behind me and he saw what I did to him."

"You explained to him what happened there and he didn't believe you right?" Decade said

Akashiro sighed "Yeah, he didn't believe me"

Decade sighed "I see, I will talk to him since Shiro is new on this job since this is the first time he saw you killed Saji in cold blood,"

"Yeah, I'm glad that you and Shuiro understand the situation I had since you guys have given me bits of advice to suppress my hatred of Saji's counterpart."

"I know, but next time Akashiro, I remind you that not all of his counterpart is bad as you think."

"I know Decade, I will try to suppress my hatred next time if I see his counterpart."

"I will expecting that on your next mission or el-" Decade was about to say something when he saw a person wearing an orange and black jacket, orange pants and a Konoha head protector appears.

Decade and Akashiro recognize the energy then put their self into a battle stance because the person who came to them is an O.C

"Well this is surprising you saved us a lot of time looking for you 'Naruto'." Decade summons his Dragon Rider Belt

"Yeah, you really did us a favor, prepare to die!" Akashiro summons his Divine Dividing

The O.C growled

"Alright! Let's do this Akashiro!" Decade pull out the card on his jacket

"Right!" Akashiro said

"Henshin!" Decade puts the card inside the belt then closing the belt with a snap

"Balance Break!"

-Dragon Ride D-D-Decade!-

{Vanishing Dragon: Scale Mail!}

And their fight against the O.C has begun

Let's go back in DxD world #7839

6 months later

Issei is sleeping peacefully yet he didn't know that his memories are about to return

When the clock hits at 12 midnight

Issei receives a massive a headache and it lasted for 3 minutes (he didn't wake up when he receives a headache)

On that night Issei regains his memories and his dragons were awaken.

At Issei's Dreamscape

"Jeez, why he didn't tell me about this!" Issei complains

[You never ask him about the side effects partner.]

"Man he should have given me warning about that, well it doesn't matter my memories were back anyways." Issei sighed

[Indeed, so how's your new memories partner?]

{Yeah, we want to know hows your life in this world?}

Issei look at his memory lane and he saw that his parents loved him

"It's wonderful I'm going to like this world like Decade said"

[But partner you shouldn't let your guard down since your counterpart told us that the O.C might appear in this world.]

{I agree with Ddraig kid, we should be careful on our surroundings.}

"I know I guess I'm going to start my training soon since my power goes down drastically even though my power is sealed in 20 layers."

[You're right partner, I guess we're back to almost from the beginning partner since your current power right now is 3 times stronger than an ordinary human, if we remove the 20 seals in your body I believe that your power is above your mother's master.]

"Hmm that's not a bad start, honestly I need to adapt on this world first before we go to intense training but first priority I need to learn the Gravity magic and I hope that this would have one."

{You don't have to worry about the Gravity Magic since before we went into slumber I sense several Gravity users in this world.}

"Really? Well, then we're going to find them and possibly teach us or find a spellbook about Gravity Magic when I completely adapted to our new lifestyle.."

[I see it's settled, good luck partner.]

{We wish you good luck kid.}

Issei smiled "Thanks for the encouragement."

Morning at Hyoudou Residence

Issei wakes up and he went to the bathroom and take a bath later on brushing his teeth after that he went to the kitchen and he saw his mother is cooking their breakfast

"Morning mom!" he greets his mother

Isa smiled "Good Morning Ise, would you wake your father upstairs since I haven't done cooking our breakfast yet."

Issei nods "Yes mom!"

Then he went upstairs to wake up his father in their bedroom and he saw his father is still sleeping then he approach closely to his father to wake him up

"Dad wake up, it's time for breakfast." he nudges his father to wake him up

"Too lazy... to stand let me... sleep more," Seiji said

"Dad, if you don't wake up mother, will hit you with a frying pan."

Seiji shivered when he imagines Isa is going to hit him with a frying pan

"Jeez Ise you really know how to wake me up," Seiji complained

"Mom says that I use that phrase in order to wake you up," Issei smirked

After that, they went to the kitchen to eat their breakfast and they went to the amusement park

Issei is able to experience a wonderful life as a child which he never had on netherworld, after that they went home and suddenly a magic circle appears and he recognizes the symbol of the Sitri Clan the person who came to visit and it was Serafall Leviathan one of the current Maou and Sona Sitri the next Heiress of the Sitri Clan

"Happy Birthday Ise-chan/-kun~!" the Sisters said

Issei suddenly hugs the Sitri sisters "Thanks, Sera-sama, Sona-sama!"

Seiji and Isa was surprised that Issei is suddenly hugged Serafall and Sona

Serafall and Sona didn't expect that Issei would hug them since they knew Issei hates being hugged unless it's her mother.

"Eeh? Why everyone is surprised?" Issei asks

"I'm just surprised that you hugged them Ise," Isa said

"Yeah, I thought that you hate being hugs to anyone unless it's your mother," Seiji said

Issei realized that from his memories shows that he didn't like being hugged by anyone unless it's her mother

"Uhm well… let's just say I'm starting to get mature." Issei said nervously

[That's a lame excuse partner…]

{Yeah, that's the lamest excuse you ever had...}

'Oh shut up you two that's all I can think of!' Issei retorted them in via telepathy

On that day his parents including Serafall and Sona were surprised by his sudden change of behavior

Starting from T.V shows, Issei didn't like children shows like Barney the Dinosaur which Seiji and Isa were surprised on that and the next thing Issei have sudden interest in matured Animes which involves violence and other genre like Code Geass, Gurren Lagann and some animes which sparks of his interest and he got a several ideas of getting new abilities like Lancelot Albion Energy Wings which is very close to Albion's Divine Dividing and God Gundam God Finger plus Heat End which caught Ddraig interest and he wants to imitate that move badly (well no one thought about this before from i what seen from many fanfics of DxD)

Then 3 months later Issei has a new hobby, he has a collection of Gundam Figurines, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and other anime-related items which sparks of his interest like in anime.

That causes Isa and Seiji worried that Issei might become a Hikikomori, but Issei told them he won't end up like that since he has a few friends in school and he frequently goes outside and he promised that he will keep his hobby and his studies in balance even though he ain't a fan of studying.

Then 3 months later Issei has started his intense training secretly which locates far away from Kuoh and to make sure no one noticed him, he creates an isolation barrier thanks to the spell book he found at his father's bookshelf which he found them useful since he asks Decade to remove all of his abilities except the 3 abilities he decided to keep it, because of that request he will try to learn new ability on this world.

5 years later (Hyoudou Residence: Living Room, Issei is now 10 years old)

Issei has completed his intense training for the past 4 ½ years, right now he wanted to see the results of his training thanks to Gravity Training it gave excellent results, he learned the Gravity magic 3 years ago when he found the spell book from his father bookshelf.

"Dad," Issei calls his father

Seiji look at his son "What is it Issei?"

"Where's mom?" Issei asks

"She's with Leviathan-sama"

"Where are they?" Issei asks again

"There are in the underground basement," Seiji said

"What are they doing down there dad?"

"Your mother trains down there Issei since she's Leviathan-sama's only Knight and she needs to remain in good shape.."

"So mom is sparring with Sera-sama?" Issei asks

Seiji shooks "Nope, your mother trains alone and Leviathan-sama is just watching her since your mother is the strongest Knight in the Underworld ever since and the only devil can handle her in terms of abilities is Okita Souji, Lucifer-sama's only Knight."

"Lucifer-sama's only knight? You mean he consumes 2 Knight piece?"

Seiji nods "Yes Issei, Okita-san consumes 2 knight piece and both of them are mutation piece and your mother has consumed one Knight piece and it's a mutation piece."

"So Mom has consumed only one mutated Knight piece to be Sera-sama's servant?"

"Yes Issei, since mutation piece is more powerful than ordinary piece and the reason why your mother is strong because she has more battle experience than him, in other words, she's bested him base on experience."

"I see, but i wonder dad why don't you become Sera-sama's servant?" Issei asks

"I have my reasons Issei, I promised to your mother that I will become her servant when she's promoted a High-Class devil."

"Oh, anyway Dad can I become a High-Class devil without the help of a High-Class family?"

Seiji rubs his chin "Hmm honestly I don't know Issei, you can ask Leviathan-sama about that."

"I see, anyway dad since you told me that mom is strong, I want to spar with her!" Ise said excitedly

Seiji was surprised by his son sudden request "Issei you can't be serious?"

"I'm serious dad since I trained myself secretly," Issei said honestly

"What? You train secretly? When?!" Seiji asks

"4 ½ years ago," Issei said calmly

Seiji figured it why his son always wanted to go outside alone and now his son is telling him that he trains secretly

"So that's the reason why you clothes tattered every time when you get home because you been training secretly?"

Issei nods "Yes dad."

"You're still surprising me Issei since your 5th birthday you have changed so much, what's your reason to become strong?" Seiji said in serious tone

"I need to be strong and protect the people I care!" Issei said proudly

{Nice motivation kid.}

[We never expect you will say that partner.]

'Honestly, I really wanted to say that since the reason why I left those two in Hades under Valvatorez care since the sardine vampire will keep his promise no matter what it takes.'

{I see, so that's the reason why you left them, but I been wondering what did you promise to that vampire anyway?} Albion asks

'I simply ask him to take care of Reiko and Reina for me since I can't bring them every time when we go hiding from those who wanted to take my title back then.'

{No wonder that you been nice to them since both of them are girls even though they are a Prinny.}

'Well, I'm worried about their safety every time we go in different planets to hide against those who tried to steal my title back then.'

[Since we were talking about those two, I can't believe those two refused to reincarnate to have a new life when the 'Red Moon' appears.]

'Yeah, I still remember that Ddraig, those two wants to serve me forever even though I refuse their offer they stilling following me.'

[Yes those two were very stubborn to leave you and it took you 50 years when you left them under the vampire's care.]

'I know, speaking of those two I wonder those two is doing right now?'

[I'm sure that those two are doing well and I hope they understand why you left them there in Hades since those two will insist to follow you wherever you go.]

'Those two will be fine, they are strong enough to defend themselves since I trained them both.'

Seiji pats his head "It seems your mother's blood is getting into you Issei, but I wonder since you been training secretly does that mean you able to use magic?"

"Yes, I can yet in order to use my magic it requires chanting before I can use it," Issei said honestly since he had no idea why his magic is required chanting yet they are powerful when he finish chanting it.

Seiji got curious about his magic requires chanting "What spells did you learn Ise?" he asks

"Hmm... Let's see I learned Thunder Blade, Prism Sword, Blessed Drop, Infernal Prison, Absolute, Ground Dasher, and the recent one is Meteor Storm."

Seiji bulged his eyes out when he heard those spells

"Issei, those spells you learned are no ordinary magic spells those are Fonic Arte."

"My magic spells is a Fonic Arte?"

Seiji nods "Yes Issei, my clan is specialized on Artes and Fonic Arte is one of it."

Issei was surprised about the Artes since he didn't know about it

"You mean Fonic Arte is a part of a branch?" Issei asks

"Yes Issei, so do you know about the other Artes?"

Issei nods "Yes, I want to know about it!" he really want to know about Artes

'i didn't expect that my parents were this special, I need to know everything in this world!' his thought said

Then Seiji tells Issei about the Artes and its other branch

Several minutes later, Seiji finished telling about Arte including Mystic Arte

Issei realized something when his father told him about Mystic Arte

'It seems those moves I learned during my intense training were called Mystic Arte, which is surprised me since those moves are no ordinary attacks.' his thought said

"Before we go to your mother Issei, can I ask you something?"

"Uhm sure, what is it?" Issei asks

"Did you took my spellbooks on my bookshelf every time you went training?"

Issei weakly nods "Yes dad."

"I see, I guess you manage to learn from those books right?"

"Yes dad, I learned a lot of it." Issei grin

Seiji smiled "I see, very well then let's go see your mother."

After that, they went to the underground basement

Underground Basement of Hyoudou Residence

Isa is currently training on her sword skills while Serafall is watching her

"Projection!" Isa summons a sword out of thin air then she charges the dummy

The dummy can withstand the power of Maou, Isa had nothing to worry about since her current strength hasn't reached that level yet (but Issei does if he removes 5 seals)

"Sword Rain Tiger!" Isa attacks the dummy with a flurry of slashes and then slashes it upward into the air. She kicks it twice before slashing the enemy back to the ground.

Then she follows up with "Rending Havoc!" Isa thrusts with her blade then perform a flying kick and then finishes with an uppercut.

"That's enough Isa-chan!" Serafall ordered her to stop

Isa drops her sword and it disappears before it reach the ground then removes her sweat from her forehead

"Good job Isa-chan I'm surprised that you manage to learn several moves from those Skill Books," Serafall said

"I feel the same Sera-sama until now it still surprised me, but honestly Seiji really wants to learn about a few things on that skill book yet he decided to focus on Fonic Arte which he's very good at." Isa sighed

Isa manage to learn several skills from Strike and Arcane Arte Skill books but she's still incapable to learn the Mystic Arte since she has no idea how to pull it

'I guess learning the Mystic Arte seems only runs to the Seiji's bloodline.' Isa thought

"Yeah, it's a shame that Seiji-kun decided to focus on Fonic Arte," Serafall said

Isa and Serafall saw Seiji and Issei is waves at them

"Well speaking of the devil." Serafall giggled

"Oh, what brings you here Seiji, Ise?" Isa asks

"Issei wanted to say something Isa." Seiji look at Issei and he steps forward a bit

"Uhm mom, please spar with me!"

Isa and Serafall were surprised by Issei sudden request

"Seiji?" Isa look at her husband

"Don't look at me," Seiji said

Isa looks at her son "Ise are you serious?"

"I'm serious."

Isa sighed "Fine then, but I will give you a test first."

"A test?" Issei exclaimed

Isa nods "Yes." then she points at the dummy "see that dummy, I want you to hit it with all your might and don't worry about that dummy it can withstand the power of a Maou"

Issei is surprised that the dummy can withstand the power of the Maou

He points at the dummy "Seriously? that dummy able to withstand the power of a Maou? Please tell me that you're joking mom?

Isa gave him a serious look "No I'm not Issei if you manage to reach High-Class level damage level I will consider it."

"Fine, then since all I need to hit that dummy at a High-Class level right?" Issei asks

"Yes Issei, just hit that dummy."

Issei is cracking his knuckles "Alright let's do this!"

"You can do it Ise-kun~!" Serafall cheered him

"Alright I guess this distance is good enough, but first I need a weapon."

"A weapon?" Isa exclaimed, "I can help you that, so which weapon do you want Issei?"

Issei looks at her mother and he shooks "No need for that mom, I can create on my own."

Isa was surprised of her son says "You can create your own weapon?"

Issei nods "Yes, it took me 3 months when I started my training 4 ½ years ago."

Isa looks at her husband "Seiji do you know about this?!"

"Just now, well I haven't recovered what he said earlier that he can use Fonic Arte," Seiji said

Serafall is surprised "Ise-kun can use Fonic Arte now? On what level?!" she asks

"High-level Leviathan-sama, he learned Thunder Blade, Prism Sword, Blessed Drop, Infernal Prison, Absolute, Ground Dasher, and his most recent one is Meteor Storm."

Isa and Serafall were shocked that those spells what Issei learned is are no ordinary High-Level Fonic Arte

"Our son was able to do that?"

"Yes, since it's Issei there's no reason he would lie to us," Seiji said

"You're right Seiji there's no way that Issei would lie to us," Isa said calmly

"I wonder if Ise-kun can pull a Mystic Arte?" Serafall wondered

"I would be pleased if my son can pull that yet I wanted to know if he can pull the trace version of Projection," Seiji said

Issei walks towards to the dummy while concentrating to create a weapon...

"Trace ON!" Issei summons a sword (the sword appearance is Asch's, Maestro Sword)

Isa was completely shocked that her son is able to use the projection trace version

"I can't believe it my son has inherited my grandfather's ability?!"

"This is so surprising Isa! our son is able to use it!" Seiji said happily and he's so proud of his son able to use those abilities that he and Isa they didn't.

"Ise-kun is capable use Trace version of Projection? That's Awesome~!" Serafall said childishly

Issei holds his sword tightly "Alright here I go!" he charged towards to the dummy

When he reaches the right distance

he muttered "1st seal...2nd seal...3rd seal... release."

When he said that his strength increased by 16 times which is par on the weakest one of the Yondai Maou (honestly I didn't know which one is the weakest between Serafall and Falbium)

"Haaaa!" He tosses the dummy in the air with a flurry of light rays

Seiji noticed that his attack are no ordinary and he felt that attack is special

'You gotta be kidding me! Issei has achieved the Mystic Arte?!' his thought says

"Annihilation! Rending Saber!" then Issei slams his sword into the ground, causing a Fonic glyph to appear beneath him and more energy to rise up and damage the dummy further

Isa, Seiji, and Serafall were surprised that the dummy was severely damaged since only Maou Class devil can harm that kind of damage

"It seems Issei has nearly totaled the dummy." Seiji looked at the damaged dummy

'"This is unbelievable he almost destroyed that dummy!" Isa said

"Wow! Ise-kun is capable to use Mystic Arte awesome~!" Serafall said childishly

"So mom did I pass?" Issei scratch his left cheek

"Issei, when did you learn that move?!" Seiji asked his son

"You mean the Mystic Arte? which one?" Issei exclaimed

"Yes, that-..." Seiji paused for a moment "wait did you say which one?"

Issei nods "Yes since I learned several moves from it and one of them is Rending Saber."

Isa, Seiji, and Serafall fainted when they heard about Issei learned more than Mystic Arte

[i think you broke them, partner.]

Issei sighed 'I shouldn't have done that'

{Well it's not our fault that you're overpowered}

[Indeed were just lucky to have an overpowered host.]

'Oi! I ain't that overpowered since we faced a lot stronger enemies in the previous world!' Issei retorts

[True we face a lot of enemies were stronger than you and defeat it but they didn't force you to use the Juggernaut Drive.]

'Well that is true I didn't use Juggernaut Drive when we fought them since we manage to overcome them.'

{Indeed, after you use it for the first time, no one has forced you to use the Juggernaut Drive for a long time and I'm sure that your friends knew you have more tricks on your sleeve and they decided to stop fighting you instead fighting you to the death.}

[Even the so-called Badass Overlord Zetta has recognized your strength.]

'I'm glad that they didn't force me to use 'that' since we met that brat Laharl and that battle maniac, Adell, that change my view that not all devils are bad yet I'm still surprised until now that the battle maniac didn't know that he's a devil, i can't believe how clueless he is.'Issei sighed

[Indeed, a devil hunts his own kind what an irony.]

On that day his mother has found a worthy sparring partner at the same time they found out her son is very strong and possibly stronger than her and at the same time the underground basement became his new training ground since there's no point of hiding it and they knew their son has been training himself by intense gravity training yet he hopes that Serafall won't tell anyone about what he did to the dummy yet he still trains secretly since they didn't know about his Sacred Gears.

While Isa is surprised that her son went through harsh training then she tried it after 2 weeks of Gravity Training and her strength and endurance has increased tremendously and it became part of her training

3 years later (Issei is now 13 years old)

Issei graduated in elementary, then he had a visitor

"Ise-kun come with me in the underworld!" Sona is trying to convince him to come with her in the underworld

Issei shooks "Sorry Sona-sama, I can't do that," he said

"But why Ise-kun?"

"I just really don't want to go there," Issei said

Sona sighed "Fine... I will respect your decision Ise-kun."

Sona knew she can't convince him to come in the underworld yet she's able to convince Rias to come with her yet Rias really wants to go in the human world especially to Japan and later she founds out Rias is a Japanophile due to Okita Souji her brother's Knight influence.

"Thank you Sona-sama." Issei smiled

She can't stand it anymore the way he called her, she really wants Issei to call her in first name basis

"Mou! I already told you Ise-kun that call me Sona instead!" Sona said angrily

Issei sighed "I can't do that Sona-sama, you know I highly respect you and your clan, anyway the reason why I don't want to go in the underworld because of the discrimination towards reincarnated devils and half-breeds."

Sona knew about the discrimination in the underworld due to elder's influence even her sister couldn't handle them and Issei has a point not to come with her.

"You have a point there Ise-kun but after you graduated middle school you will go with me in the underworld either you like it or not." Sona gave him an ultimatum

Issei sighed "Okay fine, I will go with you to the underworld once I finish middle school."

Sona smiled "Good, I am expecting you will keep your words after 3 years."

"Don't worry Sona-sama I'm a person who keeps my words," Issei said

When Sona left, his thoughts say 'did I just dig myself into my own grave?'

Then the next day Issei starts to train his magic manipulation that he can form a shape using his demonic energy

a few months later he created a new move and he called it Hadron Shot which he inspires from the Anime he watched (you know where I got this idea) as a replacement of Dragon Shot which it requires Boosted Gear in order to use that move, later on, he manages to improve the Hadron Shot and he called it Hadron Cannon a charged attack which he inspires of Gremory/Bael's Power of Destruction

3 years later (Issei is now 16)

Hyoudou Residence

Issei has graduated in middle school then someone knocks the door when he opens the door

"Hello Ise-kun it's been a while the last time we saw each other." said the black haired girl styled in a short bob cut and violet eyes

Issei didn't recognize the unknown beauty but when she calls him Ise-Kun and the only 2 persons who called him that and that is Serafall and the other one is...

"It's been 3 years Sona-sama, I almost not recognize you since the last time we talked" Issei greet her politely

Sona raised her eyebrow "What do you mean Ise-kun?" she asks

"To be honest with you Sona-sama, you look very beautiful especially those purple eyes which it's my favorite color.." Issei cheeks turn red when he said that

Sona cheeks turn red "W-when did you become a sweet talker Ise-kun?" she asks

"I just only said my honest opinion about you Sona-sama"

[Partner, you should go out with her since you always think of her every time you start training.]

'Oi! That's not true Ddraig!'

{Liar! you should have to go out with her!}

Issei snorted them in thoughts 'As if I can do that Ddraig, Albion, I never had experienced this kind of feelings before so shut it!'

"Ise-kun after 3 years you still calling me that, I already told you to call me Sona instead." Sona sighed even though he praised her looks yet she still disappointed that he still calls her that

"You know I can't do that and you know the reason," Issei said

"I know you highly respect me and my clan anyway you should already know why I'm here."

"Yeah, I will come with you in the underworld since I finished middle school."

"You don't have to worry to about that anymore Ise-kun."

"What do you mean Sona-sama?"

"Well you see Ise-Kun, I become one of the governors on this town."

Issei was surprised "Eeeeh?! You a Governor? When?!" he asks

"Last year, after I graduated middle school in the underworld, when I accepted the job and moved here."

"Well this is surprising, since going to the underworld is a no go, I guess you will enroll me where you study at right?" Issei said.

He was totally glad that he won't go to the underworld anymore since he doesn't want to deal with arrogant devils

Sona nods "Yes Ise-kun, you will come with me since you're a man who keeps your words."

"Yeah I will keep that what I said, so which school are you study at?" Issei asks

"Kuoh Academy," Sona said

Issei was surprised when she said the name of the School he was going to

"Kuoh Academy? seriously Sona-sama? You know that school is a girls academy and there's no way a guy like me would go there!"

"Well not anymore Ise-kun, Kouh Academy will become a Co-ed on this semester."

Issei was surprised that school will become a Co-ed "The school is going to be a Co-ed?!"

Sona nods "Yes, and they will accept only 50 male students as a trial."

"I see, how are you going get me in there since they only 50 boys will be accepted?" Issei said

"I don't have to worry about that Ise-kun since your academics is almost good as mine."

Issei raised his eyebrow "You're assuming that I will pass and be one of the 50 male students will be selected?"

Sona nods "Yes Ise-kun, I'm sure of it."

"You really believe me that much?"

"Yes Ise-kun, since you're my childhood friend aside from Rias and Seekvaira."

"Thanks for believing me Sona-sama, So are you going to pull a string to get me in there if I failed to pass the test?" Issei asks

Sona glared at him "You failing? Ise-kun we have known each other since childhood there's no way for you will fail that test unless you do it on purpose, Onee-sama will be disappointed if you didn't attend in Kuoh Academy."

Issei was surprised "Eh? Sera-sama will be disappointed, if I didn't go to the Academy you can't serious about that Sona-sama?!"

Sona gave him a serious look "I'm serious Ise-Kun, Onee-sama wants you to enroll in Kuoh Academy."

'Why she wants me to enroll there to that academy?' his thoughts said

Issei suddenly remember 6 years ago

Serafall was totally surprised of his strength after he pulled a Mystic Arte and use the Trace version of Projection because to that she tried to turn him into a servant but she failed after she tried every evil piece she had.

'I hope Decade visits me soon and I want to ask him if there's a way to become her servant.' Issei thought said

"I see, anyway Sona-sama are those girls behind you is your peerage?" Issei decided to change the topic

Sona nods "Yes, they are my servants."

"I guess that girl with a glasses behind you is your Queen right?" Issei points at the girl with long straight black hair that extends all the way down to her knees, with split bangs and wears blue, semi-rimmed glasses with square lenses.

"Yes, she's my Queen how did you know?" Sona asks

"Well she's the strongest among your servants next to the blue haired girl and I presume she's a Rook." he points at the tall girl with blue, shoulder-length hair and matching eyes. She has the basic appearance of a tomboy and has a bishounen face.

'Damn! Why her peerage is full of beauties!' his thought said

"Yes, I didn't expect you able to gauge them Ise-kun," Sona said

"Well thanks to my intense training which improves my energy sensing," Issei said proudly

Sona was surprised "You trained when?" she asks

Issei scratches his left cheek "about 10 ½ years ago."

"Why you didn't tell me about this!" Sona said angrily

"You never asked," Issei said calmly

"You could be had to ask mom or Sera-sama about that since I already told them about that," he added

Sona sighed "I see, I should have to ask Onee-sama about that since she visits here very often"

"Yeah, Sera-sama tried to make me her servant 6 years ago," Issei said

"Onee-sama wants you to be her what?!" Sona was surprised that her sister wants him to be her servant

"Sera-sama tries to turn me into a servant but it didn't work, it seems I'm too powerful to be her servant after she tried her Queen piece then 2 Rook Piece and lastly her the 8 Pawn piece on me."

Sona was relieved that her sister failed to turn him into a servant yet disappointed that she can't turn him into a servant since her sister's Evil Piece didn't work on him since her Evil Pieces is special and they were superior to the regular Evil Piece.

Then the blue haired girl suddenly ask him "Hyoudou-san, what kind of training method did you use?"

"Gravity Training," Issei said calmly

Sona and her Peerage was surprised his training method was a Gravity Training

"G-gravity Training?! How many times did you take?" Sona asks

"Fifty times," Issei said

"Fi-fifty times?! You able to withstand that pressure?!" Sona couldn't believe that Issei trains very intense

"Yeah, 4 hours of 50 times gravity training really gives me a good result," Issei said calmly

Sona and her peerage were completely shocked that he trains 4 hours in a 50 times gravity training and that is pretty intense since that kind of training is very brutal for a High-Class Devil

"Adding sparring with mom has given me more impressive results," Issei added

"Y-you spar with aunt Isa?!" Sona couldn't believe aside from 50 times gravity training he trains with his mother at the same time.

"Yep mom and I spar a lot and it always ended a tie since mom has the upper hand for being a weapon specialist," Issei said honestly

"I see, I didn't expect you able fight your mother toe to toe."

"Yeah, it's not easy to deal with yet I have learned a few tricks from her."

"I see, I guess aunt Isa's blood runs onto you" Sona smiled

"Yeah, Dad said that too, anyway are you going to introduce your peerage to me?"

Sona nods "Tsubaki." she calls her Queen to step forward

"Yes." The black haired girl said then she steps forward

"My name is Tsubaki Shinra, Sona-sama's Queen pleased to meet you Hyoudou-kun."

Issei smiled "Nice to meet you too Tsubaki-san but please call me Issei or Ise."

"As you wish Ise-kun." Tsubaki smiled

Then the blue haired girl steps forward "My name is Yura Tsubasa, Sona-sama's Rook pleased to meet you Issei-kun."

"Nice to meet you too Yura-san, I noticed that you got curious about my training method?"

Yura nods "Yes, I want to try that Gravity Training if you don't mind?"

Issei smiled "Sure, I don't mind since you're new to this we will start at two times the next time you visit."

Then the white-haired girl steps forward "My name is Momo Hanakai, Sona-sama's Bishop pleased to meet you Ise-kun."

"Nice to meet you too Momo-san." Issei smiled

Momo replied him with a smile

Then the reddish-brown haired girl steps forward "My name is Tomoe Meguri, Sona-sama's Knight pleased to meet you Issei-san."

"Pleased to meet you too Tomoe-san"

Then the long-haired brown haired steps forward "My Name is Reya Kusaka, Sona-sama's Bishop pleased to meet you Issei-san"

"Pleased to meet you too Reya and I hope you girls treat me well." Issei smiled

The girls giggled

"We will Ise-kun," Momo said

"Anyway since you girls have introduced yourselves, I guess it's my turn to introduce." Issei said calmly "My name is Issei Hyoudou, nice to meet you, everyone!"

Meanwhile at DxD world # 6143 (Decade's world)

(2 days later after his mission in #3278)

Kadoya Residence

Decade is currently taking a break from their mission in #3278 and gave Shiro a small 'talk' on their previous mission in #2429 and made him understands about Akashiro actions

Decade yawned "I'm so tired,"

"I'm sure dealing the O.C's doesn't make you tired that much Ise."

"True, but I haven't enough rest since I been hunting the O.C every day."

"Well it's your fault Ise, you been focusing too much on hunting the O.C after you eliminate them you just keep going to hunt them instead of taking a break."

Decade sighed "Yeah I know, I've practically blamed myself on that."

"I believe you should take a break for one week before you go hunting again."

Decade smiled "Sure, just for you Sona."

Sona smiled "make sure you going to pamper me a lot Ise."

On Decade's world, Sona had a body figure of Rias, and she has a long hair also slightly taller than her original counterpart,

While her best friend Rias had the opposite her body figure and her height is the same as her original counterparts

Decade snuggles her "as you wish my dear"

Sona giggled "I'm still wondering why you haven't told your counterparts that I'm your wife?"

"Because I don't want let them know about it since one of my counterparts is a total nut on your counterpart."

"Oh, you mean Akashiro?" Sona ask

Decade nods "Yes him, I swear the moment he sees you, his brain will go haywire."

"Is it because of my body?"

Decade frowned "Yeah, pretty much of that and he will go hysterical and say 'Damn it, man! why is my Sona doesn't have that glorious body?! Onore Dikeido!' something like that."

She giggled "I see, by the way, Ise, have you visit your overlord counterpart?" Sona asked

Decade shooks "No I haven't, why do you ask?" he asks

"Well, have you ever thought if he wanted to be a servant by someone? You know there's a chance he might ask that question."

"Now you mention it I never did ask him if he wanted to be a servant."

Decade realized that he hasn't asked about if Issei wanted to be a servant

"I guess I should visit him soon after I'm done pampering you my dear," he said while he snuggles Sona

Sona hugged him tightly "You should start pampering me now Ise before I change my mind."

"Say no more." Decade carried her to their room and begin their 'love session'



To be Continued




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