Upon a midsummers night

When the moon was on high

Your beauty shined bright

Out shining the brightest stars

That sparkle in your eyes

Flickered in the moonlight

A glimpse of inner beauty

That drew me to you

You stood tall and proud

Independent and intelligent

My heart grew heavy

With what I believed to be love

And on that moon filled night

All the songs and poems

Talking about love at first sight

All suddenly made sense

So when I professed my affections

My soul felt light

My heart filled with jubilation

As you welcomed me into your arms

You told me you loved me

Declared to be my rock

In a sea of turmoil

Forever by my side

SO how am I supposed to feel

When I am set adrift

In a swirling sea

And my rock is nowhere in sight

My love, my world

Torn from my heart and shredded apart

As I gazed upon your form

Wrapped and tangled in another's embrace

I want to say that I am unbroken

Unemotional and unfazed

Brush it aside,

like it's an everyday thing

But I simply can not Hide how I feel

As I stand there crying

Trembling with this raw emotion

Just a broken shell,

A shadow of the person I once was

Did you think it was joke

That I gave you my trust

Shared my heart

And called you soul mate

I think of your laughter

The one that used to make me whole

Now nothing more than

poison to my soul

The stars are shining

The moon is glowing

The world is turning,

while I stand frozen

On this midsummer's night

Am stuck in that moment

A speck in the time stream

Wishing for what was

But can never be

I am dangling on a precipice

Afraid to move on

My heart is Lined with scars,

tales of my anguish

I yearn to love another, To hold someone

As I once held you

But I am filled with hesitation

Afraid of pain

Can I learn love again

To trust another as I trusted you

Or will I forever be

A broken man