Little Artie

Authors note: We never get any flashback of Artie before wheelchair. So these are few little scenes from little Artie that I came up sense we are told Artie has a dad and he was never given name I decided to name him Michel the ch says that ch sound.

Disclaimer: I don't own Glee

Four years old.

Artie came down stairs Saturday afternoon. It was little bit of time on Saturday his parents where both home. Artie said,"Mommy,Daddy I've been thinking and I really want something."

Nancy asked,"What is it baby?"

Artie said,"I'm not a baby anymore."

Michel said,"Artie go ahead and tell us what you want."

Artie said,"Oh right I want dance lessons. It seems like fun and I like dancing."

Nancy said,"It's hard work to."

Michel said,"But if it's what you really want Mon and I will support you."

Artie said,"Yes I really want dance lessons. More kinds of dance the better."

Nancy left the room to go call the studio that she'd be best for her son. Sure it was a 45 mintue drive and maybe class she signed him up for was a bit long for a four but it's what Artie wanted.

The next morning Artie got up early he was so exicted for his first dance class though it wasn't till afternoon. Every hour he asked if he could go now. Finally after lunch his parents took Artie to dance class together for his first dance class. Artie didn't yet have dance clothes so he was inn regular clothes. His teacher provided parents list of things he needed for dance class.

Artie was so eager to learn it impressed Ms Lyra.

First is 15 mintues of ballet starting with stretching,then some bar, then basic turns and jumps across the floor as this was the class for 4 and 5 year olds. Artie fell his first turn because he didn't know to spot but once he was told he nailed it. He had no problem with the jumps. Then was 10 mintues of tap class. Artie was wearing shoes borrowed from the school. Artie did really well in tap he was able to copy teacher exactly to make excellent music with his feet. Then there where 15 mintues of hip hop Artie liked learning how to move his upper body in kind of strange ways. told his parents that for the first day Artie did amazing. Nancy and Michel smiled with pride.

Artie walked over to his parents and said,"Thank you mom and dad."

They strapped Artie into his booster seat it wasn't exactly law but highly recommend and his parents wanted to keep him safe. Artie was a little on the smaller side. They proceeded there drive to grocery store.. Artie talked about everything he liked for about five minutes. Then Artie yawned and within another minute Artie was asleep in his seat. His parents chuckled of course it wore him out but he loved it. He was still so little.