Chapter 1



Frigid rain fell from the darkened sky. A slow rumble came from the world above. I wasn't all too interested in the cold I instead listened to my slow breaths. They released a small cloud of warmth into the frigid air. I hugged onto my cloak tighter. I then heard the sound of footsteps coming my way. I hide closer into the shadows of the alley. I closed my black irises. I heard the pursuers steps fading away. I stepped cautiously alley and walked through the dark streets. I went to a park across the street. I then stopped walking.

"Your sense of smell is commendable". I said still not turning to face the pursuer.

"We're not here to hurt you". A husky voice said.

"An accent not born here". I stated more as a fact that a question.

"We just want to help". He said. I turned around. My black irises stared into his blue ones.

"Who are you"?


"No your real name".

"Logan". I pulled off my hood.

"Jiahladi most call me Jasmine".

"I'm with the X-Men".

"I've heard of your group. Why contact me"? I asked.

"We've heard of the reports of jewelry thefts. The wires were tripped but the culprit was never found on tape. You can't use your powers to steal". I gave Logan a witty smile.

"I was hoping I could play this off. I need to show you something Logan, call off the others". After a brief pause, he said.

"Alright, there headed home".

"How did you do that"?

"We have a telepath".

"I see we'll come along and try and keep up". I put my hood back on. I led him to an orphanage. "The reason I steal is this place they were slowly going out of business".

"Let me guess this was where you grew up".

"Nope, I just felt like helping".

"What your doing here is great an all, but stealing is still wrong".

"I know". I said.

"My last run was yesterday the orphanage will be around for another twenty years or so". I said looking at the building mindlessly.

"I guess I'm done here so about this place for mutants got a room for one more".

"Yeah, I'll take you there".

"Good I'm tired of being Robin Hood". Before long I was at the X-Men facilities.

"Jasmine a pleasure to mean you. It's late so I'll have Jean show you your room and we'll have a chat tomorrow".

"Thank you, for the hospitality". A girl with red hair and green eyes that was about my age walked up to me.

"Hi, I'm Jean". "Jasmine". She showed me to my room. When she left I looked around the room. I took off my cloak. I had jeans and a white turtleneck underneath. I looked in the mirror that was in my room. My onyx black skin was still dry, unlike my snow white hair that was in buns three buns on my head. I looked at my black irises and yellow sclera. I then started wringing out my fluffy tail that was the color of my hair. I took my hair out of there buns. Half my head was draped in long white hair that was wavy from being damp. I then heard a knock on my door. I went and opened it.

"Yes". I was met with a guy who seemed my age. He had brown hair his eyes were covered by red shades.

"Sorry, Logan said you might need towels since you were out in the rain". He said.

"Thank you". I said. I took them. He kinda just stood there after I took them. "Is that it"? I asked.

"Oh yeah sorry to bother you". He said waking away. I closed the door. I dried myself off. I then pulled out a small suitcase I brought with me. I got out some pajama pants and a tank top. I put them on then went to bed.

The next morning I woke up late. I put my hair in a ponytail. I then went out of my room. I found the kitchen and grabbed an apple. I realized that a few people would look at my tail. "Thinking of staying here"? I turned to see the guy that had brought me the towels.

"I intend to". I said.

"By the way, I never got your name". I said looking at him.

"Sorry, I'm Scott".

"Well it's nice to meet you, Scott, I'm Jasmine by the way".

"Yeah about last night".

"Never happened".

"Thank you".


"The professor would like to see you now".

"Alright, lead the way". I was led to an office. I took a seat on the other side of the desk. Scott walked out closing the door behind him.

"Is this some interrogation to see that I'm not a human-hating mutant because I'm not".

"No not at all I just like to talk with all future X-Men". Xavier said.

"So wait I can join that easily"?

"I don't see why not".

"Is this some kind of interrogation about my past".

"No your past is your business. I just want to know what is your agenda here".

"That's it"?

"As far as I can see you're not a threat".

"Well, I want to help other mutants". Xavier smiled.

"Very well, welcome to the X-Men".

"You're not gonna make me wear one of those jumpsuits are you because I have my own fighting clothes".

"No, you seem confident in your combat skills".

"I was trained".

"Suit up and I'll have Jean and Scott take you to the danger room". I nodded and walked out.

I went back to my room. I took out my outfit a white leotard. I pulled out my white combats boots that went to my ankles. I then put on my white leather jacket. I put on my white fingerless gloves. I then put my hair into three buns that went down my head. I left out some short pieces of hair that fell on the right side of my head. I then heard a knock on my door. I opened it to see Jean.

"Wow, you do already have a suit?" I gave her a sly smile. I then followed her and Scott who met with us in the living room. I was led to a big white room. "Good luck". Scott said. Then they both walked out. Suddenly the room seemed to roar to life. Guns came out of the sides of the walls they started shooting. I dodged swiftly. I jumped in the middle of them making them shoot each other. Then the walls of the wall started closing in. When the walls got close enough I jumped wall to wall. I ended up on top of them. The room started filling with water. Really my tail is a pain when it's wet! I thought angrily. The room filled very quickly. I waited till I could reach the ceiling. I then grabbed onto the air vent. I pulled it to no avail. I then kicked at the screws loosening the vent I then pulled off the top. I went into the vent. I crawled until I found the control room I kicked the vent out. I then dropped down to see Xavier, Scott, and Jean.

"Did I pass". I asked.

"Very good Jasmine, I think you're ready to be field tested".

"Good, call me when you have a mission ready". I said. I then walked to my room. I took a shower then got dressed I put on a blue sweater and dark jeans. I braided my hair then blow dried my tail. I then walked out of my door. I went to the living room I pulled out my book on mystic arts. I then saw Logan in his normal clothes.

"Where are you going"?

"Another recruiting mission".

"Another mutant causing problems"?

"Not this time but Xavier is interested in this mutant's abilities".

"Anyone coming with you"?

"Yeah, Scott he's the bait". Logan said smirking.

"What's that suppose to mean"?

"Come with and find out".

"Is the place you're going public if you haven't noticed I'm not the best at blending in".

"Nice try kid I know your powers remember". I smiled slightly. 'Right invisibility sometimes I forget'. I thought.

"Alright but I'm only coming to watch". I went outside with Logan then I saw Scott walk out in a suit and tie. 'Oh, I can't wait to see this'.


I walked into my photo shoot dressed in a short black dress no mother would want to see her daughter in. My dirty blonde hair was tucked into a black wig with a short haircut. My hazel eyes were enhanced with smoky eye makeup. I had on black leather knee high boots that had high heels. On my gorgeous model legs, I had fishnet stockings. I had a black leather jacket on and red hot lipstick.

"Elizabeth"! I stopped looking in the mirror. I walked in front of the backdrop and did whatever poses the photographer asked.

"Alright break time". I walked to the sidelines where my assistant was. She was staring at me with wide eyes. She held out a water bottle for me. "Good job out the Elizabeth".

"Yeah, yeah whatever". I said I took the water from her and took a swig. I then looked around the room.

"Who's that"? I said pointing at a hot brunette that was in a suit.

"I don't know, do you want me to have him escorted out"?

"No, I'll handle this". I said. Taking off the wig I had on. I fluffed up my long wavy dirty blonde locks. I walked up to him a smirk on my face. "What's a guy like you doing at a private photo shoot"?

"I'm here to see the fashion".

"Sure the fashion, you're not even wearing a designer suit. So you wanna tell me the real reason you're here"?

"Maybe I came here to see a certain someone". He said smirking I smiled. I pulled out my dressing room key. I put it in his breast pocket.

"I'll be done with this in about thirty minutes wait for me". I said pulling my cute pleading face. He nodded then walked away. I smiled then walked back over to the backdrop. "Let wrap this up I've got places to be".


I watched as Scott returned to where Logan and I were waiting.

"What you got"? Logan ask.

"Her dressing room key".

"That fast"?

"What can I say I'm charming".

"Or she's easy". I mumbled.

"Jealous"? Scott ask.

"Alright, kids lets go". Logan said.


I walked back from the shoot to my dressing room. I opened the door.

"I never did get your name". I said. I then saw the guy from earlier and another guy. "What's going on here"? I said looking from one of them to the other.

"We know what you can do"? The dark-haired stranger said. Well, actually there both pretty many strangers. "We know you're a mutant". My hazel eyes widened. I closed my door behind me.

"Ok, who are you two real names"! I said sternly.

"I'm Scott that's Logan and we're from an institution for mutants".

"You guys mean to tell me that you're the same people who rescue mutants"?

"So you've heard of us". Scott said.

"Yeah but why find me"?

"The professor is interested in your powers".

"Mine why"?!

"He thinks he can help you". Logan said.

"This is a lot to take in". I said sitting in my chair.

"The professor is the best at explaining these things".

"So you want me to join this mutant helping people loving task force"?

"You don't have to if you don't want to". Scott said. I looked at myself in the mirror. 'What kind of potential can the professor see in a sleazy girl like me'? I thought. 'Maybe this is a sign to better myself'.

"Alright, I'll go with you let me just get dressed in something appropriate". They left I took off all my make up. I put on some jeans and a white blouse. Of course, I still looked attractive I've got killer curves. I then got out a small bag I packed some clothes then I stepped out. "Ready I guess".

"Alright let's go".

When we got there I was nervous. I then felt a hand on top of mine. "It's ok you don't have to be nervous". Scott said.

"Thanks and about hitting on you sorry".

"It's alright felt nice that I could get a model if I wanted to".

"Don't get cocky". I said smirking. The car then stopped I walked into the huge mansion. "Whoa"! I said looking around.

"Come on I'll show you to the professor's office". Scott said. On the way there a redhead stopped us.

"Scott whose this"?

"A new recruit".

"Elizabeth". I said holding my hand out.

"Jean". She said shaking my hand. She then walked away.

"You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend".


"You and Jean I can tell it's very obvious. I wish you had told me. I may be a bad girl but I don't like to flirt with taken men". I said he was silent. I started laughed. "I was just joking Scott lighten up". I said laughing.

"Very funny". We then reached the office. I walked in. I saw a bold man In a wheelchair.

"I'm Elizabeth".

"Take a seat Elizabeth". I sat down.

"Relax". "Right, I forgot you're a mindreader".

"Actually you keep tapping your foot I presumed it was a nervous tick".

"Oh right".

"Elizabeth, I know you've been struggling with your powers. I can help you so you don't have to fear them anymore".

"I've been scared of my powers for so long. I'm ready to control them instead of them controlling me".

"Very good, I'll have Scott take you to your room".

"Thank you, professor".

"Take a tour, tomorrow we'll start your training". I nodded and left the room. Scott was there waiting for me. We walked to my room.

"So you never did tell me what can you do"? I asked curiously.

"I think I'll keep my abilities a secret for now".

"Playing hard to get". I said.

"This is your room". He said. Stopping at a door.

"Ok, but where's yours".

"I thought you don't flirt with taken men".

"Thank you never did confirm if you and Jean were dating". I opened my door. "You wanna give me a tour later"? I asked before going in.

"I don't know Jean might not like that".

"I'll take that as a yes my room thirty minutes ok". Before I could give him a chance to answer I closed the door. I turned and saw a girl my age sitting on one of the beds.

"Oh, a roommate how nice."

She had ebony black skin. Her hair was white and I could see she had a tail.

"Great of all the people they could put me with". She said.

"What's that suppose to mean"? I asked tilting my head.

"Nothing I'm going to go for a walk". She said she got up walked out.

"Wait what's your name"? I ask. But she was already gone. "Ok rude great". I decided to make myself look more appealing which wouldn't take much. I put on a nude eyeshadow on. I then put on a pink gloss I took off my black heels and put on red ones. I then brushed down my wavy locks of hair. I then heard a knock on my door. "Come in". I was met with a nice surprise, and when I say nice I mean terrible. Jean, Scott's girlfriend walked in with him. "Ready for your tour". She said faking a smile. I put on my own fake grin.

"Hi, Jean nice to see you again". I said turning away from the mirror.

"Well let's go this place is big so we better get started". Scott said I stood up.

"Lead the way". I followed dreadfully as they showed me places.

"This is the garage". I saw all kinds of cars.

"I like the red one". I said.

"That one's mine". Scott said.

"Why don't we show you the danger room". Jean said.

"Alright". Just don't try and blow me up there I thought. When the tour of torture and awkward was over I was happy.


I couldn't believe I was going to be stuck with the narcissistic model girl. It was bad enough I had to deal with her while I was invisible the whole time. I stopped walked when I realized someone was behind me.

"What do you want Logan"?

"I can tell something's got you mad what's wrong kid"?

"You know that girl we recruited today"?


"She's my roommate".


"So I hate her type letting guys into her room after a few seconds of meeting them".

"Jasmine I know I have no business saying this, but maybe you should give the girl a chance. You can't judge her right away".

"I guess you're right".

"Try and make friends you might be surprised".

"How'd you get so wise"?

"Experience". I smiled and walked back to my room. When I got there she was gone. I decided to take a shower. I then put on my pajamas. I sat on my bed and started reading. Then the door opened.

"Oh good, you're back. I don't know what problem you have with me, but can we put it behind us I've had a hectic day"?

"Yeah sorry about earlier I'm Jasmine".


"The showers all yours if you want".

"You know Jasmine I think we're going to get along swimmingly".

"I hope so". I said hopefully. Maybe she won't be so bad I thought.