Chapter 20



I woke up to see yet again Kira, Elizabeth, and I on the same bed and spread out. Kira stretched her wings pushing Elizabeth off the bed. I laughed at this then there was a knock on our door. I got up to open the door.

"Kurt, why are you here this early"? I asked.

"Somehow I became professors errand boy he wants you to go to his office, oh and he said to suit up". Kurt said in between yawns.

"Ok thanks, you can go back to sleep. Oh, actually can you get Kira to her room? Last time we both woke up and left her in here she ate Elizabeth's chocolate stash". I said.

"Yeah sure," he said. He walked in picked her up and teleported out. After that Elizabeth bolted up.

"Let go of my shoes"! She yelled.

"What is wrong with you"? I asked suppressing a laugh.

"I had a dream Jean was stealing my purse she like pushed me to the ground and wait why am I on the floor"? Elizabeth asked.

"Kira's wings kinda pushed you off". I said while getting my suit.

"What did she like teleport away where is she"? Elizabeth asked.

"Yeah, actually Kurt took her to her room". I replied.

"Ok, why are you getting your suit"? Elizabeth asked.

"I have a mission, no just me, not you". I said after seeing Elizabeth get all excited.

"What am I going to do"? She asked.

"How about decorating the house Halloween's tomorrow". I said.

"Ok". Elizabeth said lying back on the floor.

"I'll be back soon see you later". I said walking to the bathroom to take a shower before I changed. I grabbed a granola bar for breakfast and went to Professor X's office. When I got there I saw Warren in there sitting across Xavier's desk.

"Good Jiahladi you're here I have a delicate case for you two".

"I'm guessing this is another recruiting mission"? I asked.

"Yes, my former student has shown up again. She doesn't want to come here but I know she needs my help. I have a feeling you to can convince her. Just don't upset her though or you'll have a war on your hands. Can you handle it"? Xavier asked as he sounded desperate which surprised me.

"We'll do our best," I said.

"Right, she's going to be hard to find but I used Cerebro to find her Warren had the location. Hurry she won't be there long". Xavier said. We nodded and headed out.

"So you've been here longer then I have. Any idea who this girl might be"? I asked Warren.

"Not a clue, but from what Xavier said we should stay on our toes". Warren said.

"Yeah," I agreed we took the blackbird sense it was sensitive. We ended up in the middle of nowhere.

"We should look around". Warren said. All I saw was a desert dry ground for miles and a few abandoned buildings in the distance.

"Why would she be out here"? I asked.

"Who knows let's just be happy that if we end up fighting her there won't be any civilians". Warren said. We walked a while then I felt something.

"She's near I can sense power she's strong". I said.

"I'll go on ahead that way we have the advantage of she decides to be difficult". Warren said. I nodded in agreement. Warren flew on ahead.


I flew a while before I saw a crater. In the center of the crater there looked to be a girl. I landed and slowly spotted her. She was laying on her back in the crater. She sat up and looked at me. She stared at me while I walked down the side of the creator.

"That's far enough". She said when I was just a couple feet from her. "Xavier thinks I need that much help to send an angel". She said dryly.

"I'm not an angel". I replied.

"Sure do look like one". She said. She stood up and walk toward me. She circled me before stopping right in front of me. I was met with the cold stare of bright green eyes. I could now see what the girl looked like more closely. She looked like a teen going through an emo stage. From her just above the shoulder black hair with purple tips to her converse on her feet. She even had a nose piercing ear piercings and her eyebrow was pierced. "Why are you looking at me like that? Did Xavier tell you about me"! She yelled the last part taking a step back.

"No," I admitted.

"Well, how are you going to try and get me to join the team"? She asked.

"Xavier said you needed help what exactly is wrong with you"? I asked her.

"What the hell don't just ask that and I don't need help". She said looking pissed off.

"Then why are you out here"? I asked.

"Well I was living perfectly fine until Xavier started fucking with my head now he won't get out". She said angrily.

"What aren't you telling me"? I asked.

"Well aren't you the perceptive one. I may or may not have lost track of my powers". She said.

"Xavier can help you control them".

"He doesn't want me back causing trouble". She said.

"Yes, he does he worried about you". I said. She stood there a while seeming to contemplate.

"What's your name"? She asked.

"Warren what's yours".

"Valerie". She said quietly.

"Well, Valerie if you come with me you don't have to stay in the institute. Just let Xavier help you then you can leave". I said.

"Who else is with you"? She asked looking suspicious.

"Jasmine she's a mutant as well". I said.

"Alright, I'll go"! She shouted it seemed like it wasn't directed towards me though.

"Jasmine I got here you can head back". I said into my earpiece.


I was going to fight with whoever Xavier sent, but of course, the old bastard had to send some cute angel guy typical.

"Let's go". I said. He nodded before picking me up. "I didn't say carry me"! I yelled as he flew up out of the crater.

"Sorry, it's easier to then walking out". He said setting me down. I rolled my eyes. I didn't even want to go back. I really just wanted to tell Xavier to stay out my head in person. We walked back in blessed silence. When we arrived I saw the all too familiar blackbird.

"I was hoping I could stop by my place before we went". I mumbled.

"I'll take you after". Warren said.

"Alright". I got on the plane. I saw the Jasmine girl.

"So you're" she paused waiting for me to respond.

"Valerie". I said nonchalantly.

"Valerie nice to meet you". She said. I ignored her gesture and sat down.


I noticed how distant Valerie was right away. She just saw in her seat her legs curled up by her body. I know Elizabeth would freak if she saw her outfit. A red flannel with a grey tank top and faded black jeans with holes in them. Warren went to fly the plane meaning I was left with Miss. Antisocial.

"So getting you to come was easy I'm glad you didn't put up a fight".

"You and angel boy's kindness makes me want to throw up I swear that old man has got you all brainwashed". She said looking out the window.

"Unlike Warren, I don't intend to be nice to you if you're just going to be rude". I replied she snorted at that.

"Someone clearly hasn't been at the institute very long". She said.

"What's your problem"? I asked.

"We don't have all day for me to tell you just sit down and keep quiet if you piss me off bad things will happen". She said. I was about to say something but Warren intervened.

"Stop acting like children". Warren said. I sat down in silence and Valerie made a huffing noise.


I played with the holes in my jeans until we got there. As soon as we landed I got off the ship and headed to Xavier's office. I barged in and all he did was smile.

"Valerie it's good to see you again".

"Let's skip the pleasantries and start with why you keep invading my mind"? I asked.

"Valerie you can barely get through the day without losing control of your powers".

"And who's fault is that"?! I asked.

"Valerie we both know you don't blame me".

"Stay the fuck out of my head". I yell then I heard his windows break.

"Valerie calm down".

"Whatever". I said turning to leave.

"Are you staying"?

"Might as well rents getting expensive". I said.

"I look forward to helping you". He said.

"Let's not screw up this time". I said before walking out. I was met with Warren and a scowling Jasmine. "Don't give you that look". I said walking past her.

"Do you need help finding a room"? Warren asked.

"No, I have a room remember. I could use some help getting to my apartment though, and no I don't want to take the wing express". I said.

"I'll get Logan". Jasmine said. I nodded honestly I didn't know Logan was still here.

"Are you ok"? Warren asked.

"No, but then again I never am". I said.

"Valerie"? I turned around to see a familiar face.

"Great, of course, Xavier's perfect prodigy is still here". I said.

"Are you back for good"? Jean asked.

"For good no, for now sadly yes".

"I see". Jean said.

"Is Summers still here"? I asked.

"Stay away from him". "Jean warned.

"Relax red I never liked him to begin with". I said. Just then I felt a familiar presence. "Logan"? I said turning around a ghost of a smile on my face.

"It's been a while kid". He said.

"Logan I'm barely a kid anymore," I said.

"I guess you're right".

"Well come on I can't stand being in the same room as red". I said. I walked out with him to the garage. "Can I drive"? I asked.

"You know the answer". He said.

"Worth a shot so anything new been happening"? I asked.

"A lot of new members now". Logan said.

"Yeah, I noticed". I said.

"You should try to make nice". He said.

"When have I ever been one to be nice". I asked.

"That's true". He said I smiled.

"So is there anyone else I can get along with here other than you and angel boy"? I asked.

"You mean Warren"?

"You know I used nicknames". I said. When we got to my apartment I started packing some clothes. "Alright, I really don't have too many things". I admitted.

"Valerie before we head back I want to tell you to let Xavier help. I know you don't want to but I can tell when someone is suffering and you're suffering".

"Thanks, Wolfy". I said.

"I wish you'd stop calling me that".

"You brought it on yourself". I said. We headed back and I unpacked in my room. I then sat on my bed hugging my knees. I felt my head start to ache. 'Not again'. I thought to myself. 'You know what to do to stop it'. Echoed through my head. 'Fine'. I thought. I tried to clear my mind and kept track of my breathing. 'Mind, body, and soul help you keep control'. I chanted to myself over and over again. I then heard a knock on my door. I signed and got up to open it. "What is it"? I asked. It was angel boy. "What are you doing here don't you live at home"? I asked.

"How'd you know that"?

"I asked around once again I ask why you are here. Did Xavier send you to check on me"? I asked.

"No believe it or not I do have this thing called free will". Warren said.

"So what you were worried about me"? I asked sarcastically.

"Yeah," He replied I snorted.

"Well aren't you a sweetheart we barely know each other". I said.

"Were you always this grouchy or is it a trait this just appeared".

"I've always been a bitch if that's what you're asking".

"I've been wondering since we found you what's you mutant abilities".

"Well don't go telling the whole institute but I have powers like Jean but there way more temperamental". I said.

"Oh, so that's why you hate her you're jealous of her". Warren said.

"I will mind blast you". I warned.

"You seem nicer than you let on". He said.

"Whys that"? I asked confused.

"Cause you haven't mind blasted me". He said putting air quotes around the word mind blast.

"Whatever Angel are we done here I have meditating to do".

"Meditating"? He questioned.

"Did you fall asleep when I told you my powers are temperamental".

"Oh, so you have to meditate to keep them in check".

"Yeah". I said.

"Alright, I'll let you meditate then". He said.

"Word of the wise don't try and be my friend. I've had enough of those give up on me". I said.

"Angels don't give up on people". He said simply. A ghost of a smile formed on my face.

"Night Angel". I said before closing my door. I changed out of my day clothes and put on a huge purple shirt and black shorts. I sat on my bed silently meditating to myself.