Soo... it's a Bella Damon crossover. Bella's life is like this pre determined life that is told from this diary that is passed down with family members. And Bella is suppose to be this powerful person and they said she will go through heart ache and she goes back to visit all her friends and when she hugs her friends they feel happy and like everything is okay. Charlie knew what all was going to happen and that Bella was going get her heart broken by Edward and that her true mate, Damon, will be together when the time is right. I was reading it then I changed phones and all my web pages that where opened were lost...

please help!

Okay... adding ideas

i think it was called something like mystic falls mystery or something like that.

When bella was born she had different powers and they had to be bound. Renee was never around and was always working and going to school. Charlie knew from the special diary that was passed along in his family that Renee would leave him one day and she got a job as a teacher in Phoenix. Bella and Charlie would go back and visit mystic falls and when bella would hug Simone they felt happy again.

Damon was told by Emily that his true mate would find him one day. Ugh! I seriously think this story got pulled :(