Earth Witch

Bella x Damon pairing

This story kind of follows twilight and vampire diaries. Uses time lines and plots from both worlds.

Bella is an elemental. Which means she can control air, water, earth and fire. She has grown up knowing of the supernatural world but has unfortunately been on the run her whole life. Dark magic witches and other creatures want to either use her powers for evil or sacrifice her to gain power. There has not been a full elemental, or Earth Witch, in centuries. That alone has caused quite the uproar in the supernatural world, as Earth Witches have historically only been brought about when a great evil has come about. Charlie, her father, has no magical qualities, but was given the knowledge when Bella was born so that he could keep her safe.

Join Bella and her friends as she learns more of her abilities, of love and her destiny in this story of…. The Earth Witch.

Also... If anyone would like to help me write this, especially sexy scenes, which I am not good at, that would be amazing, and just PM me if you are interested.

or if anyone would like to co-write some of my other stories on here, you can do that too!


Also, I have decided that I am going to try writing again. The other ones that I have on my account, I might try and write on in the future. I lost interest in writing for a long while, but I have now recently got back into it. I am actually writing a book that if it turns out good I might try and publish to Amazon Kindle. Who knows, but I mostly wanted to try writing a story on here so I can keep the creative juices flowing.

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