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Chapter 5

We were sitting in the car when I realized that we haven't introduced ourselves yet. I turned to the young witch and I noticed that she was griping the steering wheel pretty tight.

"Are you okay…" I asked. She glanced at me, then took a deep breath. She really did look like Rose. Had the blonde air, and if rose was human I would expect her to have the dark blue eyes that this girl has.

"Yes, I am fine. I'm sorry, it's just… it's just that no one thought that you were going to return. We have been taught to prepare for you, but I am just a little, ummm… scared that you have actually returned." She admitted. "It must mean that you are needed, if you have returned."

I looked down at my hands, sad that my presence is causing her this stress. I looked back up at her and said with confidence, "I promise that I will, to the best of my ability, protect anyone I can. It has been a while since I have returned to this world, and I have been working on my powers." I breathed out, "But without my mate, I am unable to get to my full powers, so I have been practicing the best that I can." It has been a very long time since our souls have been together on earth at the same time.

She had stopped the car, in what I assume is her driveway, and looked over at me. She was just staring at me. Still not believing that I was actually here probably.

I turned to her for fully and reached out my hand to her, "I don't think we introduced ourselves back there. My name is Isabella Swan. But you can call me Bella, or Bells. Either one works." She reached out and grabbed my hand. "Hi Bella, my name is Rosemary Hale Matthews, Mary for short." She beamed at me. I just chuckled to myself, yup, that was Rose's great niece alright.

"Nice to meet you Mary. So, shall we get inside. I don't know about you, but I could really do with a nice hot shower."

"Yes Yes, let's go." We got out, and I felt like we were being watched. I looked around but Mary grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front door and opened it in a hurry. "I will introduce you to my mom. She did have witch powers, but she doesn't practice as much anymore. And then once I turned 16 the light powers were mine. She still helps me practice and helps me with spells and all that." So, her mom is going to be Roses niece. And her great grandmother would be Rose's sister. I can't wait to tell rose. I hope Mary and her mother though are not against some vampires. Not all vampires are bad.

Mary led me into the house, and opened up the door for me to enter in behind her. "Mom!" Mary shouted out. "I'm in the kitchen hun." I heard a voice shout back. Mary turned toward me and motioned me to follow her. "Mom, we have a guest that might be staying with us for a little while."

I stepped into the kitchen with Mary. "Oh, who is that dear?" Mary's mother said. She turned around as she asked this, then just stopped. She dropped the book she was looking at and was just staring at me, much the same that Mary had. I reached out and caught the book with my air element and just let it hover there. I figured that would help her realize who I was.

She kept looking between me and the book before she gently grabbed the book from the air and sat it on the counter. She walked over to me and reached out like she was going to touch me. I nodded, and then she just hugged me as tight as she could. "Ummm… I am really happy that you are not mad about me being here, but I need to breath please." I huffed out. "Mom! You are strangling her!" Mary yelled out while laughing.

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry hun." Mary's mom said as she pulled back quickly. She brought her hands up to cover her mouth and I noticed that she had tears in her eyes. "I can't believe that you are here, that you are on earth. I never thought we would be the ones to see you. My name is Coralie Matthews. Most people call me Cora." I smiled at her and nodded to her. "Nice to meet you Cora."

Cora asked us to sit down at the table and asked if we wanted anything to eat. I shook my head and said that I was okay.

"I was actually wondering if I could stay with you both for a little while? I recently had to leave my home and my father. He had told me that I could ask someone by the name of Grayson Gilbert if I could stay with his family, but we were not aware that him and his wife had died in an accident. So, I am not sure where to go now." I said and looked down.

"Oh of course dear. You can stay here as long as you like. Though we must sit down and talk about some history about this town first before you go and start wondering around. This town has some…interesting characters in it that you should know about so you are prepared." She whispered. She looked to Mary and nodded. Mary went to the door and muttered a few words under her breath then came back with a smile on her face. I was looking at them for an explanation.

"I went and cast a spell on the house so if anyone was nearby that had super natural hearing, they can't hear what is being said inside here. So now we can talk about the town." Mary said. "So, this town, back in the mid 1800's there was a council that was formed that dedicated their lives to protecting this town for vampires. One night, the council was able to trap many of the vampires, and lock them in a church and burn it down. The towns people believed that they had won and that the vampires had been destroyed."

Cora continued on the story, "But what others didn't know, was that there was much more to that story. There was one vampire that had come into town that had caused a lot of damage between two brothers. Damon and Stefan Salvatore. This vampire, Katherine, had come in and made both of the brothers fall in love with her. She loved causing trouble. She is also a very old vampire." I stopped Cora for a moment, "So these vampires must be the traditional vampires, right?" I asked. "Oh yes. Sorry, I should have specified. I realize that you have met many other supernaturals in your life." Cora said. I nodded but let her continue with her story.

"Anyway, the brothers father found out about Katherine and had given Stefan vervain just waiting for the next time she fed from him. That night, which was the battle of willow creek, the council rounded up the vampires, and did indeed put them in the church, but Katherines maid, who was a powerful Bennett witch and was working for Katherine, placed them in a tomb underneath the church."

I was shocked to hear about the history of this town, and that there were so many vampires living in one location. "The brothers had gone to try and free Katherine from the carriage that she was locked in, but their father shot them. He killed them both for trying to help a vampire. Yes, she was not a very good vampire, but their father did not see them as his sons anymore once they sided with, in his eyes, the enemy." I sniffled a little and wiped the tears I had forming in my eyes. I couldn't believe that a father would kill his family like that.

"SO, what happened to the bothers? They were feeding from Katherine I assume, so they had to have vampire blood in their system." I asked. Cora and Mary both nodded at me and then looked at each other. "Yes, they did, and Stefan turned first and then went to see their father. He ended up killing his father, but it was on pure instinct. Their father tried to kill Stefan again. Stefan then was found by Damon who had already completed his transformation." Mary whispered. She looked at me for a moment. She looked like she was debating on telling me something.

"I don't have something that I think I should tell you. It will help I think instead of being blindsided." Mary came and sat down next to me. "Those brothers, they are back in town now. A few things have been happening around here, but we have kept off the radar. Damon was under the impression that Katherine was in the tomb, but it has recently been opened and she was not in there. But we knew of this already. See… you came to me in my dreams about couple months before the brothers showed up. You told me that things were going to start changing and but I had to stay out of the way until you arrived. I had just thought it was my own hope that you would arrive, but I still took the warning seriously."

I nodded to her in thanks. And grabbed her hands to show that I am thankful that I had found her. She took a really deep breath before exhaling. "And I also have to tell you, that your spirit told me that you mate would arrive before you did." She said so lowly that I almost missed it. I froze. My vision going blank. I struggled to take a deep breath.

"Bella? Bella, come on. Snap out of it." I shook my head to clear it. Not believing that I was this close to finding my mate. Could he really be here already? I looked and Cora and Mary, "Who are the recent new comers that have arrived? It what my spirit was telling you, then it has to be some of the newer arrivals." They both looked at each other.

"WE have thought about this, and the only new comers that have arrived since that message…" she paused, "… are the Salvatore brothers." Mary finished. I just sat back looking at her. My mate is vampire.

I looked between the two girls. They were just watching me. We sat there for a couple minutes, me just thinking about what I have learned.

"I think we need to go find these brothers. So, I can talk to them. See what they know. The bond will slowly start forming and I will feel the pull more when I start talking to them. Well to which ever one is my mate." I said. I stood up from the table, "I can start on this tomorrow though. We have been talking for a little while, and I am tired and in need of a shower, please?" I asked.

Mary stood up and asked me to follow her. She showed me to my room, and where the bathroom is at. She told me to sleep well, and that we will start work tomorrow. I smiled at her use of the term, work.

I got in the shower, and let the past 48 hours settle in my mind. My mate is here, in the same town as I am. And he is a vampire. I wonder which one it is. I closed my eyes in concentration, and bright blue eyes flashed in my mind. I opened them quickly.

I don't know anyone with those colored eyes…wait… the man from the bar. Could that have been him?

I finished my shower, and went back to my room to get ready for bed. As I was laying down my eyes got heavy. I soon feel into a deep sleep, missing the blue-eyed man that was staring into the room from the window.

Damon POV –

I had been sitting at the Mystic Grill, trying to decide on who I wanted to feed from when she walked in. It was someone that I had not seen before, but I felt drawn to her. She was a dark mysterious beauty. Dark hair, and when the lights hit it just right, it almost looked like it had a dark red to it. Her eyes, though brown, were a shade I had never seen before. She was shorter than me, but was still a good height.

She sat down at the bar, and I listened in as the old lady who was running the bar went to greet her. Asking if she was new and what she wanted to drink. What surprised me though was the woman's next question. She was asking about Grayson Gilbert. Elena's father. Now I was on edge and very suspicious of this new comer. I heard the old lady ask why she was looking for him in particular.

Her answer was "I recently had a fight with my dad, and because I am 18, I don't have any other family that I know of, and I remember my dad always talking about Grayson and his kids. I thought I would come by and visit for a little while." That might have been true, but I still detected that there was much more to the story. When she asked for the address to the house, I thought this was my chance to see what she wants. Maybe I could compel her to tell me what really happened and what exactly she was doing here.

I went up behind her quietly, "I could show you if you want." I offered. She froze for a moment, before turning around to look at me. I thought that she would agree easily, but she turned me down. She went to walk around me, and I stepped in front of her. Not really used to being turned down that quickly. I looked at her, added some compulsion behind my next words, "No I insist. I am always available to help out a damsel in distress." I smirked at her. But that was obviously the wrong thing to say.

She went off on how she was not a damsel and how she will just find the address herself. I was just looking at her, wondering how she denied the compulsion. I didn't detect vervain, and I don't think she is a witch. She doesn't have the vibe like Bonnie or Emily did.

So, for now, I stepped aside and let her walk by. I turned around and went out the back door quickly, so I could go and watch which direction she went too.

I was standing at the corner of the building. She was looking down at her phone, not seeing the girl that was walking right toward her. They were going to collide.

Sure enough, down went the other girl. When the woman reached out to help up the younger girl, they both gasped, like they were being shocked. I felt a surge of power in the air, and then the wind picked up for a moment. That is weird. I looked back at the girls, "…Who are you...?" I whispered out loud.

I listened to their conversation, even more confused. The younger girl obviously knew who this woman was and couldn't believe that she was here. They both got into a car and drove off. I turned back from the corner for I could be seen.

I followed the girls to their destination. I stayed far enough away, hoping that it is far enough away to not be detected. I need to find out who this new comer is.

They pulled into a house of a family that I have noticed is just a mom and daughter. They don't really get involved to much with town business. They were just sitting in the car for a moment. It seemed the younger girl was having some sort of freak out moment. She is scared of this new girls return. What could that mean?

The woman started talking, tell her that she would protect anyone that she can to the best of her ability. But she is not able to reach her full powers until she meets her mate. That was odd. I don't know of any witches who required their mates, if witches have mates, to reach their full potential.

The woman then said that they had not introduced themselves. Finally!

When she said her name though, I froze to my spot. My blood started pumping faster and harder till that was all I heard in my ears. Isabella. No that couldn't be. That had to be coincidence. I shook my head trying to clear it.

I looked back at the girls, and they were walking into the house now. I missed what the girls name was.

Isabella stopped for a moment when she got out of the care, looking around. She could probably feel someone watching. The younger girl said she would introduce her mom to her. She also said that her mother used to have powers, but when she was 16 the light powers were transferred to her. What did that mean?

The younger girl introduced the woman, Isabella, to her mom, and the mother reacted almost the same way as the younger girl. I moved a little closer so I could see inside the house. I gasped loudly at what I saw. Isabella was levitating a book for the mother.

I was thinking back what I had read in Susan's journal. She kept using terms like Earth Witch, and elemental and light witch. So, the mother and daughter were witches, or the mother was a witch. Was Isabella levitating the book with air? Or was she just a different type of witch?

Both the mother, who's name I learned was Cora, and the daughter were both saying that they couldn't believe that Isabella is here on earth. That had fit with what I had read in the journal. About the earth witch not coming to earth yet.

I continued listening in. Isabella asked if she could stay for a while. Of course, the mother daughter duo said that she could. Then I grew nervous. Cora said for Isabella to sit down so she could explain more about the town and to give her warning. What do these two people know of our town?

The younger girl got up and walked to the front door and I ran to the opposite side of the road, thinking that I was caught. But in reality, she started muttering some words, and suddenly I couldn't hear a single thing that was going on in the house.

"Damn! She put a freaking spell on the house!" I kicked the ground. Now I won't know what is being told to this Isabella. I sat out here for a long while. They were talking at the table for hours. It was nightfall when Isabella got up and the younger girl was showering her the bathroom and her bedroom, I assume.

Isabella went and took a shower, then went to go lay down. I stood at her window, just watching her fall asleep. Could she be THE Isabella? The one that is destined to be mine?