Chapter 6

Damon POV –

I changed into my crow, and sat on the windowsill just watching the new comer. I had run home for a bit to look at the journal some more. Susan had talked about light witches and how they were destined to help with the earth witches.

This must mean that this woman is the newest earth witch. That means that this is my destined mate. Our souls had been looking for each other for centuries. I just sat and was watching her. It was about 7 am right now. I had been back for about 2 hours. I still couldn't hear what was going on in the house. The other girl must still have the spell up.

The woman in the bed started moving around. I flew up into the tree so it didn't look odd for a bird to be sitting on the narrow windowsill.

Bella POV

The light from the morning started waking me up. I actually slept pretty well. I did keep seeing those bright blue eyes, and new that I had to go find him today. What was his name again?

I rolled over and was staring at the ceiling, contemplating what I was going to do today. I sat up, and glanced at the window. I had that feeling like I was being watched, but it was a comforting feeling.

I got out of bed and walked to the window. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I crow up in a tree, and a person jogging for the morning. Normal things.

I turned and went to the bathroom to change clothes and get ready for the day.

Making my way down the stairs, I heard soft voices in the kitchen. When I walked in, I noticed Cora was getting some coffee, and Mary was reading over her book that she had with her yesterday when I met her.

"Good morning ladies." I said, stretching. Still trying to wake up.

"Good morning!" they both echoed back to me. "There is some coffee on, if that is something that you drink." Cora motioned to the coffee pot on the counter. "Coffee sounds perfect right now. I slept pretty good, but traveling always drains my energy." I said, making my way over to the cups and coffee pot.

"So what are you doing today Bella?" Mary asked. I thought about it for a moment, but I already knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to go and talk to the two brothers that recently made their way into town. "I want to go and speak with the brothers. Maybe one of them is actually my mate, and I can start the bonding with him." I said quietly. I was honestly a little nervous about the possibility about meeting him. The one my soul has been searching for.

"Well, they live at the Salvatore boarding house. I wrote down the instructions to their house already, because I had a feeling that you were going to want to do that today." Cora smiled softly at me. She handed me a piece of paper and a set of keys. "You can take my car if you want. It's a little bit of a walk. They are way on the opposite side of town." I grabbed both the keys and the paper, and hugged Cora tightly.

"Thank you!" I said to her. I looked at Mary, and she was already shaking her head at me. "I may know that there are good vampires out there, being as one is probably your mate, but I still don't feel comfortable around them. So, if you don't mind, I will set this one out." I chuckled and nodded in agreement. "Oh, here is my and my mother's number though, just in case you need it." She said, and give me a sticky note with their numbers. I nodded thanks, and grabbed my bag and went outside.

I looked around before walking off the porch, and made my way to the other car in the driveway. Before leaving, I quickly added the numbers Mary gave me into my phone. Then pulled out the other piece of paper and typed that into my gps on my phone.

I took in some of the sites in town, and noticed that it was a smaller town, but looked like it held a lot of history. I guess if it had vampires roaming around a while back, it must have been here for quite some time.

I pulled into the huge driveway, that led to a very impressive home. It looked more like a mansion. And two bothers lived here? Wow!

I shut the car off, and just sat in the car for a bit. I was getting that discomfort in my chest again. This time, it was a strong tugging feeling. Like my body was saying "Get the hell out of the car woman".

I took a deep breath and open the door to get out. Walking up to the front door slowly, I gently knocked on the door. I shook my head at myself and then knocked louder realizing in such a big house, that my first knock might not have been heard.

There was no answer for a bit. I knocked again, and kind of yelled out a hello. But still no answer. I went to turn around, because there was no way that I was going to randomly walk into two vampires home.

As I turned around, I heard the door click and creak open. I turned back around, and was met with the same man from the bar I was at yesterday. Though this time, he looked a little less threatening. Yesterday he looked like he was out to get me, but this time he had a softer look on his face.

He just kept staring at me, and I began to feel a warm feeling rush through me. I quietly said a hello and gave a small wave. He smiled at me, and opened the door further with his arm up as to invite me inside.

I wasn't sure what to do, and he gave me a look with one eye brow raised wondering what my next move was going to be. Then I heard him speak, "Hello. Please come in. I think we have much to talk about." He said with a smile.

I nodded and walked forward. As I walked past him, I could have sworn I heard him say Isabella quietly to himself. How did he know my name? I kept walking straight and came to a big open sitting area. It had a beautiful grand fireplace, and a small wet bar off to the side. I took in all the beauty of this place, and then turned to look at the man who let me in.

We just stared at each other for a moment. I could still feel the warm feeling rushing through me. He took a step closer to me. I don't think either one of us knew quite what to say.

"What was your name again? I am sorry, but yesterday I think I was still trying to figure out where I was going, so I don't remember what you had said." I told him honestly. He just chuckled at me.

"My name is Damon Salvatore. I'm sorry about yesterday. I wasn't really in the best of moods, so I am sorry if I seemed pushy." He said kindly to me, though with a hint of a smirk.

"Oh, I understand those days, so thank you for that apology. And I am sorry that I was so rude to you, but it did kind of feel like you were playing the field last night." I laughed at him. He looked a little shocked, but slightly nodded in agreement. "Yes, I was, but then I realized that it wasn't the right move for me." He said quietly, as he took another step forward.

"What is your name? I don't think we quite got to that part yesterday." He asked. "Isabella Swan." I said. Once I said my name though, I saw his eyes get huge, and he froze in his spot. "It can't be…" he whispered.

"Damon, are you alright?" I asked. He shook his head as if to return to reality. He reached out his hand to me, "It's nice to meet you Isabella." I placed my hand in his, and when out skin touched, a fierce wind erupted around us then was gone just as quickly. "It's you…" we both muttered together.

He reached forward and pulled me into a tight huge. My body burst with that warm feeling. And it was flowing between us. Damon pulled back and gently grabbed my face between his hands. He was staring into my eyes. "I am so sorry that I didn't realize it was you yesterday. I was still recovering from heartbreak and betrayal." He said still gazing deeply in my eyes.

I placed my hands on top of his, "It's okay. I didn't realize it was you either. I think we both were not ready to accept the other quite yet. I had no idea you were this close yet, so I didn't have myself open enough to see you." I said back. I had happy tears running down my cheeks. Damon was trying to keep up with wiping them away. I smiled back at him and he was smiling at me. We both have finally found each other.

He started leaning forward. I couldn't help by lean toward him as well. Our eyes closed as our lips met. It was the most perfect kiss I have ever had. It wasn't rushed or heated, just, perfect. He then leaned his forehead against mine. Both of us just breathing each other in.

I pulled away first and led him to the couch. "So, I have to ask, how did you know it was me? As far as I know, we don't have knowledge of our past lives, so you wouldn't have really known who you were looking for." I asked curiously. He nodded in agreement, but then said that one of the light witches during his human years, who was a maid in his household, had kind of told him in a way. He told me about the night he turned. He also told me a little about the moments leading up to that. I realized that Cora and Mary were telling me his story last night.

He told me to sit still for a moment, then flashed away. He came back a second later, and handed me an old leather journal. "This was the maids journal that I was talking about. It was actually lost to her, and found by a vampire that recently gave it to me. I was reading it actually the whole night before, and day you arrived."

"Susan, the maid, had told me that I needed to be strong and ready for when you arrived. The whole time, I was thinking it was Katherine that I was supposed to be strong for. That is why I was not in a good mood last night. I had learned she was never in the tomb, was never my mate, and on top of that I was learning that it was my own fault for thinking that this whole time, because I wouldn't stop and listen to Susan. She had tried telling me." He said shaking his head. I placed my hand over his.

"It's okay. You thought you were doing the right thing. I can't fault you for caring that deeply." I said with a smile. Even if I do want to hunt down this Katherine and strangle her.

"And according to the journal, you, well your soul at that time, believes that this is your last reincarnation, and that this was the time frame that you were to arrive. We have finally been reunited after centuries. I wish that we could remember our past lives together though." Damon said.

I smiled and nodded in agreement that I too wished I could remember our previous lives. I remember reading something in one of my many books about the earth witch. There was a section that spoke about the elementals supposed last time on earth. That she would be reunited with her mate and lover, and they would forever walk the earth together. And that their pasts would become known so they could enjoy the memories of their lives.

"Damon, I think that if this is indeed my last reincarnation, that we are going to slowly receive our memories together. I remember reading a section of my books that I have been studying. It said that we would walk the earth together forever and remember or past lives together." I turned and looked at him. "I wonder why this is my last reincarnation though. Something must happen to me to stop the cycle." As I said this, Damon let out a growl. "I won't let anything happen to you Isabella. You are mine now. Mine to love, and to protect." He said then kissed me again.

"I know you won't, but I fear that there is a huge evil on its way. I need to tell you more about my life, so we can better prepare what is coming." I told him. He nodded in agreement, and grabbed my hand, interlacing our fingers. "Come with me, we can go back to Cora's house. We will be safe to discuss things, and they might have more information or help me explain some things." With that I stood up and we walked out to Cora's car.

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