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I feel like I should tell you, that this is not a character death story, so don't panic. As I am not a doctor (yet) I have taken many artistic licences as to how a hospital works, and injuries that can result from a car crash. I have tried to be as realistic as possible, and have done vast amounts of research in order to do so. Hope you enjoy! If you have any other suggestions for the title feel free to tell me as I'm kind of stuck. Please review if you want me to continue this!

Quinn's POV

I could hear a steady, faint beeping sound in the background. 'What the hell happened?' I thought to myself, confused. Then I remembered that I was in the car with Rachel, we were singing along to music and…

I saw a car hurtling towards the driver's side of our car, completely out of the blue,

"WATCH OUT!" I screamed to Rachel,

It was too late; it would have been impossible for Rachel to avoid the car. The car crashed into us, and our car skidded horizontally before flipping over and turning around several times. It rolled down the hill and eventually came to a stop at the bottom, the wrong way up. I closed my eyes. The pain was truly incomprehensible.

A minute or so later I opened my eyes again, I assumed I had passed out for a minute. I could hear shouting but it all sounded very distant, almost like an out of body experience. I tried moving my head to look around and winced at the pain shooting through my neck.

"Rachel?" I groaned quietly, trying to twist to see her,

I really wished I hadn't. It was horrifying. Rachel was still strapped into her seat, but she wasn't sat in it properly. Her eyes were closed and I couldn't tell if she was awake, or alive.

"Baby?" I said more urgently this time, "Baby, come on, you have to wake up!" I urged her,

Nothing. Her arm was twisted at a funny angle and there were the beginnings of some serious bruises all over her body. There was a gash on her neck that was bleeding profusely and I couldn't even reach over to stop it.

I didn't even want to think about my own injuries. I could feel a cut on my own neck, I presumed from my seatbelt or some glass, and my wrist felt like it was on fire. I raised my uninjured right hand to my forehead and felt warm, sticky blood on it. Another injury to add to the list. I turned my attention back to Rachel,

"Rach?! Honey, you really have to wake up! Can you hear me?" I pleaded with her,

Nothing. Not even the slightest bit of movement. At this point, my panic levels had reached the point of no return. I was terrified. I was also extremely disoriented and confused. My brain wasn't properly processing all of the information in front of it. All I was thinking was, 'Why isn't she listening to me?'

I could hear some sirens wailing in the distance. 'Sirens,' I thought, 'Sirens are good,'

A voice spoke from somewhere beside the car,

"Ma'am, the EMT's are on their way, as are the police. Hold tight." He instructed calmly,

I liked his voice, it was soft, reassuring,

He kept on talking, saying, "Stay with us," and "You'll be fine," and I just kept listening to his calm voice, feeling safe enough to let my guard down and drift off to sleep…

The beeping continued insistently, I groaned in annoyance, I just wanted to sleep.

'Wait,' I thought to myself, 'Where's Rachel?'

I slowly, and very painfully sat upright in the bed. I didn't feel as if anything was immediately wrong, I was just really sore all over.

I took a moment to look at my surroundings. I was in some kind of ward, clearly, and had a room that had a privacy curtain cutting down the middle of it. I was near a window, but its shutters were drawn shut, the room dark, with dim lighting.

I tried to move so that my legs hung over the edge of the bed, but when I put my weight on my left wrist, I yelped in pain, 'Okay, wrong wrist' I thought to myself. I bit my lip and just used my right hand to manoeuvre myself.

There was an IV of some sort in my arm, I assumed it was just for fluids or pain medication. There was also a catheter in my right arm, that didn't have any tubes attached to it at the moment.

There was some rattling at the door and a moment later a nurse walked in, looking down at a clipboard in her hands. I cleared my throat and she looked up in shock, "Oh! You're up! How are you feeling?" She asked with a smile as she went to check my vital signs,

I gritted my teeth, "How do you want me to answer that?" I asked her,

"Honestly, always honestly," She told me with a smile,

"Like crap. What the hell happened?" I asked her, though I already had a bit of a clue,

"Well, you were in a car crash," The girl, 'Amy' her nametag read, told me, "It was pretty bad, your car rolled several times down the hill before landing on the roof, you were very lucky." She explained,

'Hang on, I was lucky?'

"Where the hell is Rachel?" I demanded,

"Hmm?" Amy replied,

"Rachel, the girl who was in the car with me in the accident, she was driving, where the hell is she?" I repeated,

The nurse looked to the side a bit guiltily, an awkward look on her face, "She, uh, wasn't quite as lucky as you. She's in the ICU at the moment, whereas you managed to bypass it. Technically I'm not supposed to tell you but…"

"Are her fathers here yet?" I asked quickly, needing to know that there were people there for her,

"I believe so, there were actually several people in the hospital waiting room but they were all told to go home, something about a club…?" She trailed off,

"Glee club? The New Directions?"

"Yes! That's it, the New Directions, that's them."

"I need to see her," I told her,

"I'm not sure I can make that happen," Amy said uncertainly,

"Please, look, you can't tell anyone, but she's my girlfriend alright? I need to see her, talk to her, make sure she's okay." I pleaded,

The look on Amy's face softened slightly, "Okay, I'll walk you down to the ICU so you can see her. I'm not sure what her condition is though…" She warned,

I took a deep breath, "It's okay. I can handle it." I decided,

"Okay, let's go then."

She unhooked a couple of the wires that were attached to me, and removed the heart rate monitor, then she grabbed the IV pole and moved it so it was beside my bed,

"Okay, hold this to balance one side, and I'll support you from the other." She instructed,

I stood up slowly, holding the pole and the nurse's arm. It was quite painful, and I almost sat back down, but then I realised that Rachel was in a worse condition than this and I gritted my teeth in determination. I had to see her.

The nurse held my arm (very carefully because of the cast) and led me down countless corridors, through several of those annoying sliding door things, and we had to get in an elevator as the Intensive Care Ward was below us.

Running, down corridors through, automatic doors

Got to get to you, got to see this through

I see hope is here, in a plastic box

I've seen Christmas lights reflect in your eyes

As we approached the room, I saw Mr and Mr Berry standing outside her room talking in hushed tones, holding coffees in their hands, but probably not drinking them.

Hiram looked up at me and gasped, making me realise that I had no idea how bad I actually looked to other people,

"Quinn!?" He said in shock, "What are you doing here?" He asked, getting up and approaching me to give me a very careful hug,

"What on Earth happened to you?" LeRoy asked me, concern etched on his face, also coming forward to give me a hug,

I stuttered a bit, not actually sure how I was supposed to say it, but thankfully Amy saved me from answering, "She was the other passenger in the car, Sirs," She informed them carefully,

The realisation hit them, "Oh sweetie, we are so glad that you are ok." LeRoy said,

"Yeah, nobody told us there was another person with Rachie in the car," Hiram said confusedly,

"How is she?" I whispered tentatively, "Can I talk to her?"

LeRoy and Hiram shared a look, "Sweetie, Rachel is in a coma." Hiram told me,

I stumbled back a step, 'Why would Mr Berry lie to me?' I thought,

"You're lying." I accused, "She wouldn't do that to me,"

Hiram took a step forward, hands raised in defence, trying to calm me down, "Sweetie, I'm not lying. There was some serious swelling around her brain."

"No, no, you're lying!" I shouted at them,

Amy spoke up from beside me, "Maybe you should sit down Quinn," She told me, trying to calm me down,

"Don't touch me! Why are you all lying to me!?" I screeched at them, my eyes darting around all of them,

I made a decision and pushed past Hiram and LeRoy (I could apologise later) and stumbled into Rachel's room, using the IV pole to support me.

"No," I whispered brokenly when I saw her,

"NO!" I shouted, tears now streaming down my face, "Rachel, honey, you have to wake up! Do you remember what we were going to do tonight? You have to help me do it!" I pleaded with her, grabbing the hand closest to me,

She looked terrible. I could see the cut on her neck that I had noticed in the car, all stitched up and bloody. There were purple-red bruises covering her face and arms. At least, that's all I could see. She had wires, of different colours attached to her everywhere. A drip in one arm, and a catheter in the other. She was connected to a ventilator, the tube connecting to her mouth.

You got wires, going in

You got wires, coming out of your skin

You got tears, making tracks

I got tears, that are scared of the facts

My hand rose to cover my mouth as I choked on a sob, I fell to my knees next to her bed, bowing my head. My shoulders were shaking as I cried. I couldn't believe it. It was just hours ago (I think anyway) that we were planning on telling everyone that we were dating, now, she was stuck in a coma. Attached to a ventilator. Every time I started to stop crying, I remembered why I was crying in the first place and I started all over again.

I was trying to muffle the sound of my crying with my arm, but it obviously wasn't working all too well as there was soon someone behind me, wrapping their arm around my shoulders,

"Ssshhh, sweetie, it will be okay," It was Hiram, sounding like he was trying not to cry himself,

I turned around and threw my arms around him, crying even louder. Hiram seemed a bit hesitant, but he wrapped his arms around me anyway. I didn't know where my mom was at the moment, as we passed the waiting room outside the ward I think the nurse said something about her going to get Soph. I just accepted the comfort. Even if he didn't know why I was crying.

20 or so minutes later, I pulled myself together and asked if I could have a minute alone with Rach.

"Sure, Quinn. Take a few." Hiram agreed,

I wiped under my eyes, trying to be gentle as I could, as I also seemed to have multiple bruises and cuts on my face.

"Rachel?" I asked her cautiously before walking over to her bed, "Hey, sweetie." I paused slightly, "I'm here, okay? You just," I choked on a sob and took her hand, "You have to wake up, please?" I pleaded through my tears, "I'm here, you're not alone. Don't be afraid to wake up. You'll be fine. I love you." I told her, and kissed her hand, "I have to go talk to your dads, I'll be back. I promise. You will be fine." I swore to her,

I see it in your eyes, I see it in your eyes

You'll be alright

I see it in your eyes, I see it in your eyes

You'll be alright

I got up, kissing her head before I left the room. I approached her dads, and a doctor that was talking to them,

"What's wrong with her?" I interjected,

The doctor glanced to Mr and Mr Berry, and they nodded at him,

"Rachel experienced some major trauma in the car crash, as the car hit her first, at a relatively high speed. The police, by the way, suspect he may have been driving under the influence, so they are currently investigating. She had some internal bleeding due to trauma to her liver, which we fixed when we took her into the OR." The doctor paused to let that information sink in, "Several broken ribs, bruising all over her body, some minor and not so minor lacerations on her arms and legs. The worst cut was probably on her neck, but it narrowly missed a major artery and has been stitched up. The most severe trauma was to her head, which caused some major swelling in and around her brain which has resulted in her being in a coma."

I nodded my head, only actually taking in about 10% of what the doctor told me, "What does all of this mean? When is she going to wake up?" I questioned,

Once again, the doctor's eyes flicked to Rachel's parents, who nodded, before he continued, "Unfortunately we don't know. It could be tomorrow, it could be next week, next month, or…"

"Or…?" I prompted when he trailed off,

"Or it could be never." He said carefully, "She could remain in a persistent vegetative state, meaning that Rachel's parents," he gestured to the Berry's, "Who obviously are the designated medical decision makers, could eventually decide to turn off her life support."

I felt myself losing my balance, and Amy caught me from behind, "We need help over here!" I heard her call out before I once again, lost consciousness.

I woke up sometime later, curled up on my side, but kept my eyes closed as I heard a hushed conversation coming from one side of the room,

"She's going to be fine Sophie," I heard my mom say,

"What about Rachie?" A teary sounding Sophie asked,

I heard my mom sigh, "I don't know sweetie, I just don't know."

I let the tears fall down my face and decided to pretend to be asleep for a little bit longer.

Rachel's POV (Day 1)

I woke up in my bed, feeling nice and cosy under the covers.

"Rachel?" I heard a familiar voice call from beside me,

"Come in!" I replied, slightly confused as to why there was someone at my house in the morning, I turned to see someone walking up to my bed and sitting in a chair beside me, but I couldn't make out their face,

"Hey, sweetie." The person paused, they sounded female, but the voice was distorted,

"Hello," I replied politely,

"I'm here, okay?" She continued,

"I can tell." I joked though this person sounded serious,

"You just," she choked on a sob and took my hand, "You have to wake up, please?" I pleaded through my tears,

"Hey, I'm awake, don't cry." I tried to comfort the woman,

"I'm here, you're not alone. Don't be afraid to wake up."

"I'm already awake!" I objected,

"You'll be fine. I love you." She told me, ignoring my comment and kissing my hand, "I have to go talk to your dads, I'll be back"

"Hey, wait?! Who are you? Why are you leaving?" I called out to her,

She didn't answer, instead, she continued to walk out of the room.

I shrugged, feeling kind of weirded out about what just happened, but not really bothering to find an explanation for it.

I lay awake for a while, staring at my ceiling before my dads walked in,

"Hey Rachie," Daddy said,

"Morning Daddy!" I greeted cheerfully,

"You have to wake up okay, you wanted to talk to us about something important. You still have so much to do, school, Glee, just, please, wake up. We love you," He said, and then walked back out of the room,

I turned to my dad, confused, "I'm already awake! I'll get ready for school in a few minutes!" I told him,

"I love you, sweetie, won't be gone long." He promised, kissing me on the head and walking away,

I turned onto my side confused, this was a weird morning. I felt kind of sleepy so I let myself close my eyes, just five more minutes.

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