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Rachel's POV

"I don't think that passenger seat, has ever looked this good to me," I sang, moving around the kitchen as I listened to one of my favourite songs, "She tells me about her night, and I count the colours in her eyes,"

I flipped the remaining pancakes and left them to cook, sliding over to the fridge and getting out the orange juice, pouring it into the glasses that were sitting on the tray,

"She'll never fall in love she swears as she runs her fingers through her hair," I sang quietly, checking the pancakes were cooked before sliding them onto the plate with the others,

I put some butter in a bowl and grabbed the maple syrup, putting them on the tray and picking it up,

"I'm laughing 'cause I hope she's wrong," I sang, walking up the stairs and down the hallways to the bedroom,

I hummed the next lyrics as I approached the bedroom door,

"Knock-knock," I said when I reached the bedroom,

"Come in," A voice called back, and I balanced the tray on one hand while I opened the door,

"Good morning," I greeted in a soft sing-song voice, walking forward and placing the tray on the bed, "How are my two favourite girls?" I asked in a playful voice,

"We're good," Quinn replied with a smile, "Aren't we Ellie?" She asked our daughter with a fond smile,

Elle nodded with her thumb firmly in her mouth,

"Are you gonna have some of our pancakes?" I asked the three-year-old,

Elle nodded again, this time with a huge grin on her face,

"Shouldn't you be having some kind of awful green smoothie?" Quinn asked me teasingly,

"I'm pregnant, give me a break," I replied, rolling my eyes and sitting on the bed next to Elle, handing the girl her cutlery

"How are you feeling this morning?" Quinn asked, a hint of concern in her voice,

I nodded, "Better," I answered, "I don't feel sick, I'm just really hungry," I explained, cutting another slice of the pancake stack, "I feel like Sophomore year Finn,"

Quinn smiles fondly, "That's a good thing," She replied, helping Elle with her next mouthful,

"Ooh, make sure you remember that we're having dinner at San and Britt's at 5," I reminded Quinn,

Quinn shook her head, "I still don't get when we all turned into people that eat dinner at 5," She grumbled,

"We had kids," I reminded, poking Ellie's stomach playfully,

"Only us and Sam and Kurt," Quinn pointed out,

I rolled my eyes, "Yes, but Santana and Brittany appreciate the fact that we need to be home to put our kids to bed," I explained, "Plus, I think San has been mentally preparing herself for the fact that they're having a baby,"

Elle yawned, "Elle sleepy,"

Quinn and I looked at each other, then at Elle in total adoration,

"Aww, later, Sweetie," I said, "Are you looking forward to seeing everybody today?"

"Auntie Tana," Elle replied, sticking her thumb in her mouth,

Quinn and I nodded, "And Auntie Brittany, Uncle Sam, Uncle Kurt, Auntie Tina, Uncle Artie and Uncle Puck," Quinn listed, looking quite bored by the end,

"The whole gang," I rephrased with a smile,

"Are they bringing Charlie?" Quinn asked curiously,

I frowned, "I'm not sure," I said, reaching for my phone and scrolling through my messages,

"Yep," I answered after a minute, "They weren't sure because he wasn't feeling well last week but he's better now," I explained,

"How do I not know that? I work with the guy, " Quinn said confusedly,

"That would probably be because you don't listen," I answered, my voice full of false cheer as I tickled my daughter, who giggled in delight,

"I do too!" Quinn replied indignantly,

"Charlie was only sick on Friday," I replied with a smile, letting her off the hook,

"That makes more sense," Quinn agreed,

I shook my head and smiled,

"Charlie sick?" Elle queried, worry shining in her little hazel eyes, looking identical to her mother,

"No, he's better now, you'll see him tonight," I answered, and Elle nodded, attempting to cut off more pancake using her fork, "So you're going to go to work?" I asked, directed at Quinn,

Quinn nodded, "Kevin really wanted me to come in today," Quinn told me, "I said I'd come in for the shoot, then leave with Kurt at Lunch. I figured since he's retiring next month, I may as well do my best until I take over," She shrugged,

"I can't believe you're going to be the Head of Photography," I muttered, shaking my head in disbelief and stuffing another forkful of pancake into my mouth,

When I looked up, Quinn was smiling at me,

"What?" I asked with my mouth full,

"Nothing," Quinn replied, "I was just thinking of how lucky I am,"

"Sap," I teased,

"Momma's a sap," Elle agreed, dropping a bit of pancake on her pyjamas,

Quinn narrowed her eyes at us playfully, "You know you love me,"

I hummed thoughtfully, tilting my head to the side, "Hmm, do we love her Ellie?"

Elle nodded, "Love momma," She agreed,

"I guess we'll keep you," I teased, "Well, as long as you don't get fired for being late," I pointed out, nodding to their alarm clock,

"Shit, it's 8:30 already!?" Quinn cursed, "I'm dead," She muttered, jumping out of bed and slipping on her clothes,

She kissed me quickly and gave Elle a hug, "Love you both, I've just got to get my keys and I'm ready to go," She explained, running out of the room,

"Mommy?" Elle piped up,

"Yes, Ellie?" I replied, turning to the little girl with a smile,

"What's shit?" She asked confusedly,

"Quinn!" I called out angrily, before hearing the front door slam shut,

"I swear if I wasn't married to her," I muttered under my breath, shaking my head in a kind of... fond exasperation...

Quinn's POV

I walked up to Kurt's house and hesitated slightly before knocking on the door,

"Coming!" A muffled voice called from inside the house,

The door swung open to reveal Kurt, still in his (very fashionable) pyjamas, with a young boy to his right,

"Quinn? You're early," He commented in confusion,

I looked at my watch, just to check,

"Nope, you're late," I told him, "It's 8:50," I added, showing him my watch,

Kurt's face morphed into one of pure horror,

"Oh dear Gaga," He muttered, "I'm doomed,"

"You do have quite the flair for the dramatics," I muttered under my breath,

"Hi Auntie Q," Charlie greeted from beside Kurt,

"Hello Charlie," I greeted back with a smile, "Do you want to watch TV with me while your Papa gets ready?" I asked in a slightly teasing tone, directed at Kurt,

"Right, I need to get ready," He agreed in a slightly dazed manner, shaking himself, "Stay with your Auntie Q, Charlie," He instructed before rushing off down the hall,

Charlie looked up at me expectantly,

"Wanna watch TV?" I asked him with a smile,

"Yep," He agreed, leading the way to their living room,

Just as we reached the living room we bumped into a sleepy Sam in the hallway,

"Hey, Quinn, buddy," He greeted the pair of us,

Charlie tried to move forward but his father stopped him in his tracks,

"You have to get to school early today," He reminded, "Cereal, get dressed, then you can watch TV," He said pointedly,

"But-" Charlie tried to object,

Sam held up his hand, "No buts, come on, the quicker you get ready the quicker you can watch the TV," He said with a sense of finality,

Charlie groaned and walked in the direction of his bedroom,

"5-year-olds," Sam muttered with a slight smile, rubbing his face with his hand,

"You coming in with us today?" I asked curiously,

Sam shook his head, "Nahh, I've got a shoot downtown," He explained,

I nodded, "Sweet,"

"Darn right it's sweet," Kurt interjected, looking a hundred times more awake as he kissed his husband on the cheek, "It's for Calvin Klein," He whispered conspirationally to me, winking at Sam,

"Come on," I said to Kurt, "Grab your breakfast and let's get out of here," I instructed, nodding towards the clock on the wall,

Kurt jumped slightly, "Right, of course, I just need my bag," He said decisively, peering around the corner curiously, "Would anyone happen to know where my bag would be..?" He asked hopefully,

Sam smiled wryly, "It's by the front door, Sweetie," He teased,

Kurt glared at him, "Thank you," He said curtly,

"Love you," Sam chirped,

Kurt's resolve broke and he smiled slightly, "Love you too, thank you," He replied, kissing Sam on the cheek, "I'll see you at Brittana's," He reminded, before walking past me to get his bag,

"Bye, Sam, we'll see you tonight," I said with a smile, "Hey, wait up!" I called out, quickly following after Kurt before he left without me.

By the time we arrived at work, we were definitely running late. Oops. But hey, we practically ran the place. We had a right to be late. I think...

I looked at the building in front of me with a huge smile on my face, I would simply never get tired of working here. Put that on top of my big promotion, and Vogue was a dream come true. Plus, working there with one of my best friends had its perks.

"Lunch around the corner?" Kurt checked, digging through his bag to get his lanyard and smoothing down his suit,

I nodded, "1 o'clock?" I clarified, slipping off my sunglasses, smoothing down my pencil skirt and preparing myself for the chaos I was about to walk into,

"Sounds good," He agreed, "See you then," He farewelled, walking into the building first, disappearing through the revolving doors,

"I love my job," I decided, following suit, heels clicking, my 'show-face' firmly in place as I walked into the building.

Rachel's POV

After Elle and myself had finished breakfast, I jumped out of bed with my phone in my hand,

"Are we going to call Auntie Tina?" I asked Elle excitedly,

She nodded, making grabby hands at my phone,

I laughed, "How about I take the lead on this one?" I suggested, making her shake her head and then nod her head in agreement,

"Auntie Tina, Auntie Tina, Auntie Tina," I muttered, coasting through my contacts until I hit by friend's number,

I smiled at Elle, who was drinking her orange juice, as I waited for Tina to pick up,

"Hello, this is Tina," She greeted, sounding bored, or maybe it was tired...

"Tina..." I said slowly, a wide grin on my face,

I could hear her groan on the other end of the phone,

"Nope," She said instantly, "Not going to happen," She said firmly,

"You wouldn't hurt a pregnant lady's feelings would you..?" I fake pouted,

I could practically see her eye twitching through the phone,

"I'll catch a cab and meet you there," She sighed, but I knew she was playing it up, "But if we get murdered, I am totally blaming you," She said warningly, probably pointing her finger at her phone,

"I owe you," I thanked her in a sing-song voice before the line went dead,

I turned to Ellie with a big smile on my face,

"Who wants to go shopping?!" I asked her excitedly,

She put her juice down and clapped, "Elle, mommy, Auntie Tina; go shoppings!" She agreed, nodding her head wildly,

"Right, well, let mommy get changed, then we'll get you dressed and go out," I told her, letting her sit on the bed as I got ready.

I smiled at Tina as we approached the front door, pushing Ellie's pram in front of me,

"She's not gonna be happy," Tina warned,

"She'll be fine," I answered confidently, "We'll persuade her the same way we always do, remember?"

Tina winced, "You know, every time we do that she gets one step closer to murdering us in our sleep," She pointed out,

I looked at her exasperatedly, "She's a softie," I defended, knocking on the door,

"Shit, she's coming," She cursed as we heard footsteps approaching the door,

"Hell-" A voice greeted as the door swung open, "Oh, hey guys!" Brittany exclaimed, her hand resting firmly on her stomach, "Wasn't expecting you here," She said with a smile, "Hello, Ellie," She said enthusiastically to Elle, crouching down to look at her, and Elle waved, her thumb still in her mouth,

Tina sighed with relief, clearly glad to see Brittany instead of-

"Hey," I greeted, "We were wondering... If you two would like to go shopping with us..." I said with a grin,

"For baby stuff," Tina clarified, "But we can see that San isn't home so we will get out of your hair," She said hurriedly, turning to walk down the path before I grabbed her arm and turned her around,

Brittany smiled guiltily, "Actually, I have my baby ballet class in an hour, but San's free?"

Tina smiled tightly, "We can do it another day," She said, "No biggie," She shrugged, turning on her heel again,

"Britts?" Santana called curiously from inside,

"Shit," Tina muttered under her breath,

I elbowed her in the ribs,

"Tina and Rach wanted to take us shopping," Brittany explained as Santana approached us, "I can't go, obviously, but I told them you would," She shrugged, opening the door wider,

Santana smiled at them, "What for?" She asked curiously,

"Baby stuff!" I answered excitedly, practically jumping up and down,

"Go on, San, you go without me," Brittany encouraged, "I'll come out another time," She shrugged,

Santana nodded, "Sure, I'll get ready and meet you guys out in a minute," She told us, walking back into the house,

"We'll just wait outside," I told Britt, "I need to get my phone anyway" I shrugged,

Brittany nodded with a smile, "Okay, I'll see you tonight then?" She checked,

I nodded,

"Yeah, Artie and I are going to be a few minutes late, though," Tina apologised,

Britt waved her hand at her, "Don't worry, we said 5 so that the kids can eat early," She explained, "Our dinner should be at six," She nodded,

"Great," Tina said,

Britt nodded, looking to Ellie in her pram, "See you later, Sweetie, have fun with your mommy and Aunties," She said to her,

I turned the pram around, "Bye Britt, we'll see you later," I farewelled, walking down the path with Tina following behind us,

I smiled at Tina knowingly, "See, Tana wasn't mad,"

"Just you wait," She grumbled, taking Elle's pram and pushing it over the curb, stopping at the back of my car to let me lift her out and put her in her car seat.

A few minutes into the drive, the four of us were quiet. Apart from Elle occasionally babbling to herself, Santana tickling her toes every now and then,

"You two are so dead," Santana piped up from the backseat,

I rolled my eyes,

"Told you," Tina muttered under her breath, shifting in her seat, clearly feeling the glare that was set on her.

Once we got into the shop, Tina had offloaded Elle onto Santana, possibly as a barrier between her and us, after all, she wouldn't do/say anything with a three-year-old in front of us,

"Come on, Tana," I said to her, "Aren't you excited about all this stuff?" I asked her, picking up a white onesie that had had a deer on the front,

"Of course I am," She replied quickly,

I raised an eyebrow up at her as I put the onesie in the basket,

"You learnt too much from Quinn," She grumbled,

"I'll take that as both a compliment and a deflection," I answered with a smile, "Now, what's up?" I asked her, more seriously this time,

She sighed, and Tina smiled, taking the pram from her and leading Elle off to where some of the children's toys were,

"It just-" Santana started,

"It just what? Come on, you can talk to me," I encouraged,

"I love kids," She told me, and I nodded, "I mean, I love Charlie and Ellie, I love being their aunt," She explained quickly, "And I love Britts more than anything in this world,"

I nodded slowly, starting to understand what she was thinking,

"So, what's the problem?" I asked softly, encouraging her to be honest,

"I'm just scared," She blurted out, "I mean, what if something's wrong with the baby? What if they don't like me? What happens if I drop them? What if I'm a terrible parent?!" She exclaimed,

I held my hands up to try and calm her down,

"Calm down, everything will be fine," I assured,

"It's just, this all happened so quick! Our doctors all said that it could take months, years even, and after one round she's knocked up!" She whisper-shouted,

"Look, Santana. Everything will be fine," I said firmly, "I can't promise you that you won't drop your baby, or bang their head on a doorframe. I can't promise that they won't fall off of the monkey bars and hurt themselves. I can't promise that parenthood is going to be easy. All I, as one of your closet friends, can promise you, is that you are going to be an amazing mother," I told her, "You aren't going to be perfect. You're snarky, sarcastic, bitchy, hot-headed and more stubborn than anyone I know. Apart from myself, of course," I amended,

She chuckled slightly in agreement, her eyes shining with tears that she refused to let fall,

"But you are strong. You are kind, you are honest, you are determined, and you would do anything for your family. Those are the hallmarks of a great mom." I assured her,

Santana nodded and exhaled, "Okay," She said,

"Okay?" I checked,

She nodded again, laughing self-consciously as she wiped under her eyes, being careful to not completely ruin her eye-makeup,

"You know, Berry..." She trailed off,

I linked my arm through hers, "I know you love me," I answered, saving her the embarrassment of admitting it herself and resting my head on her shoulder, "I'm an awesome friend," I added with a cheesy grin,

"You're not half bad," She agreed, resting her head on mine briefly,

"Come on," I encouraged, "We've got some shopping to do!" I squealed, pulling her along the next aisle where we bumped into Tina and Elle,

"We good?" Tina asked, walking up to us,

"We're all good, Tina," Santana affirmed,

"Good, because I think we're being followed..." She told us, nodding behind her,

Santana rolled her eyes with a slight groan and I slipped on my sunglasses,

"Okay, we all look great," I assured them, "Come on, three famous actresses out shopping for baby stuff, we should have known someone would see us," I reasoned, "I'm actually a little bit surprised nobody has recognised us yet," I added, tilting my head thoughtfully,

"I don't think I'm ever going to like the paparazzi," Santana grumbled, slipping on her own sunglasses and pulling her jacket around her tightly,

I pulled the hood down over Ellie,

"I don't think they saw her," Tina reassured me,

"It's fine. I don't mind her being photographed, it's more the flash I'm worried about," I said, "I just don't want it to hurt her eyes," I explained, "Okay, we'll finish shopping and get out of here," I decided, "It was more of a look than buy shopping trip anyway,"

"How much do you and Quinn already have?" Tina asked curiously, having pulled up her hood and added sunglasses,

"Well, we're going to reuse Ellie's cot, pram, high chair and change table, so it's really only clothes, toys and other little things," I listed, "And since we're keeping the gender a surprise, we're not going to know exactly what to buy until after the little one arrives," I explained, patting my stomach gently,

"Only a few months to go, now," Tina pointed out excitedly,

"I know, right?" I agreed in awe,

Santana picked up a little, white bunny and showed us,

"Okay, this is kind of adorable," She admitted,

I nodded towards the basket, and she placed it in carefully,

"Tina," I whispered, "Want to stir up the press?" I asked conspiratorially,

She grinned, "Always..." She nodded,

"Use our cash and pay for our stuff," I dared,

She chuckled, "My publicist is going to kill me," She said, nodding and taking the proffered money, going to pay and noting the people outside of the store taking photos,

I laughed, "I love my life," I decided, "I give it a week before the news of Tina and Art's baby is headlining,"

"Three days, fifty bucks," Santana bargained,

"Done," I agreed, and tucked Elle's blanket up at her chin as she dozed off.

We walked out of the store minutes later, five or six photographers around us trying to take photos, the three of us walking briskly, with myself and Ellie in between Tina and Santana, offering slight buffers between her and the press, occasionally smiling at them.

The paparazzi always scared me more when I had Elle with me, but so far, I hadn't had any dangerous encounters with them...

They were calling our names as they followed us along to our car, and we just smiled at them and waved slightly.

We reached the car and I grabbed Elle out of her pram while San and Tina put her pram in the boot,

I waved my hand at them to quieten down and I smiled at them,

"Hi, everyone," I greeted, "We're all doing very well, thank you, just out on a little pre-baby shopping trip," I explained with a dazzling smile, holding Elle so her face was hidden,

"And how far along are you Ms Berry-Fabray?" A reporter -Jane, I think her name was- asked me curiously,

"Four months tomorrow," I answered with a soft smile,

"Yep, we've just been shopping and we're heading for an early lunch now," Tina informed them from beside me, her and Santana taking over while I put Ellie in her car seat, an act I had quickly learned to do in rapid time.

Once we were in the car I couldn't help but breath a sigh of relief,

"Next time we go out with Elle I'm calling my security guard," Santana said decisively,

"Or mine," Tina added uneasily,

"Look, guys, I've never had a problem with them before," I defended,

"Neither have I, Rach," Santana points out, "But as Elle gets older you're going to need an extra pair of hands, just to make sure she's safe," Santana said gently from the backseat, her voice quiet so as to not wake Elle,

I nodded, "I'll call James next time, leave it to me," I agreed, "He'll be happy to help, anyway,"

"Think on the bright side," Tina chirped, "Between all of us, we practically have an army of security to help out,"

I laughed lightly, "My high school self would be thrilled,"

"If my high-school-self was aware of we were going to be famous as we are, I would have dropped my stutter sooner," Tina admitted,

"Oh, it's alright, T-t-Tina, it all worked out just f-f-fine," Santana assured her, smirking slightly,

Tina slid down in her seat, "I hate you," She grumbled petulantly,

I laughed and reached for the radio, after all, music always helped Elle sleep,

"No way," I laughed,

"What?" Santana asked from the back,

I turned the volume up on the radio and the hit 'Paparazzi' from the 2000's started playing,

"I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me, Papa-paparazzi," I sang softly, and the girls joined in,

"Baby there's no other superstar, you know that I'll be, your papa-paparazzi.".

"Honey, I'm home!" Quinn called out jokingly from the front of the house,

"Hey, babe," I called back, walking down the hallway to greet her, kissing her chastely, "How was lunch?" I asked her, taking her jacket from her and putting in the coat room,

"Good," She replied, "It was kind of supposed to be business but we didn't get around to much," She shrugged with a slight grin,

"Am I supposed to applaud you for not doing your work?" I asked, raising my eyebrow,

Quinn pretended to think, "Yes, yes you are," She decided,

"You're going to have to make me..." I teased, sliding down the hallway as quickly as I could,

"Raaacchh," Quinn groaned, "This house is way too big for this game," She complained,

I stopped and turned around, "You getting old, Fabray? I thought you'd at least last past thirty-five," I teased,

She growled slightly, "Stop teasing me," She grumbled petulantly,

"Make me," I dared with a wink, running down the hallway, still attempting to be fairly quiet so as not to wake Elle, who had just gone down for a nap,

Quinn ran after me and cornered me in the kitchen,

"So, Ms Berry-Fabray, is Ellie asleep?" She asked hopefully, getting closer and closer towards me,

I gulped in anticipation and nodded, "Yes," I affirmed,

"Lucky us," She smirked, coming right up to my face,

"God, Quinn," I groaned, "Please,"

"Please wh-" She started, before I interrupted her by pressing my lips against hers,

"Kiss me," I added, pulling back slightly,

"I'll do my best," Quinn replied breathlessly, moving forward to kiss me harder,

I moaned into the kiss as Quinn grabbed my waist and lifted me onto the counter,

"God, I want you so bad," I whispered, kissing down her neck,

At that moment, a loud crying sounds from the baby monitor on the surface, making me laugh into Quinn's shoulder,

"We need to get ready anyway," I admitted, carefully jumping down from the counter, "Raincheck?"

"Raincheck," She confirmed, kissing me lightly on the lips, "I'll go surprise Elle, you take longer to get ready anyway," She teased, running away before I could catch her,

"She has a point," I begrudgingly admitted after she had left, going upstairs to get ready myself.

We had ended up arriving at the LoPierce's twenty minutes late, and though I hated being late, it was something I had long since come to accept since having a daughter.

"Hey!" We both greeted as the door swung open to reveal San and Britt,

"Hey, guys! And hello, little lady, how are you?" Brittany greeted cheerfully,

Elle smiled up at her Aunt and nodded,

"Doing good," She replied, sticking her thumb back in her mouth,

"Come on, come in! You're late, if you hadn't realised," Santana pointed out, leading us through their house as Quinn handed Britt a bottle of wine,

"You'll understand in a few months," I replied with a smile,

"What do you mean?" Santana asked with a slightly horrified look on her face,

Quinn smirked, "You'll never be on time again," She restated,

"Princess?" I heard a voice call from the kitchen,

"Noah!" I squealed, running over and jumping to give him a hug, which he accepted with a chuckle, "You were supposed to be here last week!" I reminded him with a glare,

"Sorry, Rae, I couldn't miss that meeting," He replied apologetically, "To be fair, they would have kept me another week, but I told them I had to get back to New York to see my family,"

"Yeah, well, don't be gone so long next time, your family misses you," I pouted,

"Uncle Puck!" Ellie squealed as she saw him, and I moved back as Noah opened his arms for her,

"Smelly Ellie!" He exclaimed back, hugging her and setting her on his hip,

She giggled at the nickname,

"Puckerman," Quinn greeted with a small smile, probably trying to play it cool,

"Q," He nodded, holding his other arm out for her,

She grinned and walked over to him, putting one arm around his waist and the other around our daughter,

"Missed you," She mumbled,

"I know, I'm sorry, I told my manager that my next tour has to have bigger breaks in between so I can come back here more often," He told her,

"Good," She replied, moving back towards me,

He put Elle down on the ground and she ran over to say hello to Charlie, who had been playing with some of the toys he kept at San and Britt's house, smiling at the scene,

"Yo, Tartie in the house!" Artie called out jokingly as Tina pushed him into the room,

The room cheered back and we all greeted them in turn,

"Long time, no see," Quinn pointed out when she saw him,

"It's only been a month, Q," He said as he rolled his eyes at her fondly,

"Yeah, well, that's three weeks too long," she replied stubbornly, leaning down to hug him and moving to greet Tina, whom she pulled through to the lounge area,

"Hello, Artie," I smiled after I quickly greeted Tina, whom I'd already seen, leaning down to hug him,

"You wouldn't believe what I heard down the grapevine when I was in L.A," He whispered in my ear before I pulled back,

"Really? And what was that?" I replied innocently, crossing my fingers,

"You do know that I'm friends with Mercedes' producer, right? I directed some of her music videos," He shrugged,

"I wanted it to be a surprise," I defended,

"Don't worry, I didn't tell anyone else," He assured, "When were you planning on telling us, anyway?" He asked curiously, rolling next to me as I walked down the hallway,

"Tonight," I answered nervously,

"It'll be fine," He reassured me, "They'll all be thrilled,"

"Really? I don't want anybody to think I'm overstepping," I whispered nervously,

"They won't," He assured,

"Rachel!" Kurt called out, walking towards us, "I'm going start by apologising for missing our spa night," He started,

I waved my hand at him, "Don't worry about it, though, we are definitely rescheduling," I brushed it off, "Where's Sam at?" I asked him curiously,

"Oh, he's helping Britt in the kitchen," He explained,

I nodded, "Guess I'll go say a quick hello then maybe see if I can help with our dinner," I decided, walking towards the kitchen,

"Rachel!" He exclaimed when he saw me, "I'd hug you, but," He said, holding his hands up to demonstrate,

I laughed, and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek,

"Anything I can do to help in here?" I asked Britt, washing my hands at their sink,

"If you could peel the potatoes, I definitely wouldn't say no," She replied,

I grabbed the potatoes and the peeler and set myself up in the corner,

"How're you feeling today Britt?" I asked her, wincing as I barely missed peeling my finger,

"Good, that morning sickness is officially gone. That stuck around way too long," She said, "I'm starting to think I should pray to Lord Tubbington more often," She admitted, a slight twinkle in her eyes,

Sam and I laughed lightly, the thing about Britt was that she had matured immensely since High School, and now when she came up with those lines, it was a lot harder to tell if she was being serious or joking or not. That was the fun part though, so few people questioned it,

"How about you?" She replied, washing her hands before checking on the food in the oven,

"I don't think I'm out of the woods yet, but I don't want to jinx it," I said honestly,

"Our surrogate had morning sickness her entire pregnancy with Charlie," Sam pointed out unhelpfully,

I pointed my peeler at him, "Keep talking," I dared,

He laughed, "Not the peeler!" He said in mock-horror,

"That threat probably would have worked better with a knife," Brittany whispered,

I glared at him, "If you just jinxed me, I won't make that cake for your birthday," I threatened,

"Not the cake," He paled,

I hummed, "Yeah, the cake,"

"I'll be good," He swore, crossing his heart,

After an hour of prepping the rest of the food, the oven timer chimed and Brittany clapped her hands,

"Dinner's ready!" She announced, walking over to the intercom and pressing the button, "Dinner in five, everybody! Wash up and get to the dining room," She instructed, her voice echoing slightly over the speakers.

Dinner was a very loud, jovial affair, and everyone at the table stuffed themselves with the amazing food.

After clearing up, Quinn and I put Ellie to bed in the travel cot and we all moved to one of the other lounge-rooms with wine and dessert, only for those not driving or pregnant, of course. I was stuck with sparkling water.

Halfway through our cheesecake I stood up and cleared my throat, wiping my hands on my dress nervously,

"Hello, everybody," I greeted as if I hadn't been speaking with them all evening,

"Hello, Rachel!" They all chorused back mockingly,

I glared at them and cleared my throat again, "I've got some news," I announced,

"You're pregnant?!" Kurt called out in faux-shock, "However didn't we notice!" He added, making the room erupt in laughter,

"This is actually more serious than that," I said over the laughter, making them quieten down quickly,

"Shit, you're not dying are you, princess?" Noah asked with a nervous laugh,

"No!" I replied back exasperatedly, "Can I have no interruptions for a minute?" I said loudly,

A few people exchanged some worried glances, "Everything okay, Rach..?" Sam asked softly,

I rolled my eyes, at this rate, I'd never end up telling them,

"Yes, just listen," I assured,

They all looked at me expectantly,

"Well, as you all know, I've been discussing the possibility of a solo album with my publicist, who has been asking around and interviewing people for me," I started,

They all nodded at me confusedly,

"Well, I got an album deal!" I announced with a nervous smile, and the room erupted into cheering, "With a big recording company that, though they're based in L.A, has some offices here in New York!"

Everybody jumped up and moved to hug me, which I accepted gratefully,

"However!" I added loudly, causing the room to go quiet again,

Artie smiled at me encouragingly as everyone else looked confused,

"It's not a solo album, per say," I said slowly,

Quinn looked at me confusedly, "What do you mean, babe?" She asked,

"You guys all know how much you mean to me, and how I wouldn't be here today without you guys, and glee club," I explained, and they all nodded confusedly,

"Of course we know that, Rach," Tina assured,

"Well, I talked to my new producer," I said slowly, making everybody lean forward on their seats,

"Spit it out," Artie advised,

"I want to do an album with you guys!" I blurted out,


"Well?" I said nervously,

"You want to what?" Santana interjected confusedly,

"I've wanted to do this for a long time, but I didn't know how," I explained, "And then I was too busy with television, Broadway, and having the task of pretending to be that one's best friend on the big screen," I said jokingly, nodding toward Santana, "That I never had the chance, and then I had Elle, and kind of forgot about it," I shrugged,

"So, you want to what?" Kurt asked, repeating Santana's question and tilting his head like a puppy,

"I mentioned it to Mercedes when we caught up last fall, and she brought it up with her producer," I said slowly, "I want to do an album entitled 'New Directions'," I announced, "I want everyone in it," I explained, "Mercedes is already on board, and she said she could talk to Mike, as he's still in L.A, and I was thinking that you, Kurt, could talk to Finn, as obviously you see him regularly,"

"Who exactly is 'everyone'...?" Santana asked suspiciously,

"Well, I want the focus to be on everyone here, but I want all our members to be in it," I said decisively,

There was a stunned silence for several moments,

"Are we really doing this...?" Tina asked with a nervous laugh, looking to our friends for an answer,

I just stood there nervously,

"Well, I'm obviously in," Quinn said firmly, coming to my side, "I love Rachel, and I love all of you guys, it makes so much sense,"

"So?" I asked hopefully,

"Hells yeah," Santana agreed, standing up and walking over to us, "The crowd will love us," She reasoned, "Three famous actresses, two heads of Vogue, two famous singers, a producer, a model, a choreographer, a famous dance teacher, and one of the top young CEO's in Ohio," She listed, "We'll be unstoppable,"

"I'm down," Artie affirmed, rolling to us,

Sam, Kurt, Britt, Tina and Puck all shrugged and stood up,

"We're all in," Sam decided,

"We're really gonna do this?" I squealed,

Kurt nodded, "I think this calls for a song," He announced, and we all cheered,

I smiled at my friends as I turned on the music, giving the beat a few moments before starting the lyrics.

I had a dream so big and loud
I jumped so high I touched the clouds
Wo-o-o-o-o-oh, wo-o-o-o-o-oh

Quinn was the first to catch on and nodded to signal that she would take the next lines,

I stretched my hands out to the sky
We danced with monsters through the night
Wo-o-o-o-o-oh, wo-o-o-o-o-oh

Sam smiled at Kurt cheekily and took over,

I'm never gonna look back
Woah, never gonna give it up
No, please don't wake me now

As soon as everyone realised the lyrics, they joined in for the chorus,

Brittany, Santana, Noah and Kurt (Sam, Quinn, Myself, Artie and Tina):
This is gonna be the best day of my life
(My li-i-i-i-i-ife)
This is gonna be the best day of my life
(My li-i-i-i-i-ife)

Noah jumped onto the couch,

I howled at the moon with friends
And then the sun came crashing in
Wo-o-o-o-o-oh, wo-o-o-o-o-oh

Artie rolled up to him to take over,

But all the possibilities
No limits just epiphanies
Wo-o-o-o-o-oh, wo-o-o-o-o-oh

I'm never gonna look back
Woah, never gonna give it up
No, just don't wake me now

Brittany, Santana, Noah and Kurt (Sam, Quinn, Myself, Artie and Tina):
This is gonna be the best day of my life
(My li-i-i-i-i-ife)
This is gonna be the best day of my life
(My li-i-i-i-i-ife)

Santana and Brittany:
I hear it calling outside my window
I feel it in my soul (soul)
The stars were burning so bright
The sun was out 'til midnight
I say we lose control (control)

Brittany, Santana, Noah and Kurt (Sam, Quinn, Myself, Artie and Tina):
This is gonna be the best day of my life
(My li-i-i-i-i-ife)
This is gonna be the best day of my life
(My li-i-i-i-i-ife)
This is gonna be, this is gonna be, this is gonna be
The best day of my life

Everything is looking up, everybody up now
This is gonna be the best day of my life

My li-i-i-i-i-ife

"Group hug!" Tina declared,

Moments later, Charlie came into the room,

"You sang without me?" He asked with a pout, and we all laughed, dispersing to get more drinks or chat amongst ourselves.

Quinn approached me an hour later with a drink in her hand,

"I am so hurt that you didn't tell me," She joked, holding her hand up to her heart,

"Was it a good surprise?" I asked nervously, fidgeting with my hands,

"The best," She assured me with a smile,

"Good," I replied, "Cause that was your birthday present," I deadpanned,

"Haha, meanie," She pouted,

I poked my tongue out at her,

"I'm so proud of you, Rach," She told me softly,

I raised an eyebrow at her,

"No, seriously, I couldn't love you more right now," She told me firmly, "I love you, Mrs Berry-Fabray," She said softly,

"I love you, too, Mrs Berry-Fabray," I whispered back, kissing her softly, "So, so much,"

"Q, stop macking on your wife and get your ass over here," Santana called from the next room,

Quinn rolled her eyes, "Duty calls," She said seriously, "See you in a minute," She added with a smile, walking into the next room,

Tina smiled at me from across the room and walked over to stand next to me,

"You must really love her," Tina said fondly,

"Love?!" I replied in a faux-incredulous tone, "Nahh." I denied with a smile.

And if you ask me if I love her, I'd Lie

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