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And if you're new to this, then the original version of this story is called Twin Heroes of Remnant, so, it got abbreviated as THOR.

"This is a story. About how my brother and I met a strange monster. It was a night that would change things, we just didn't know what at the time."

It was the middle of the night, the darkness blanketing the city.

Every residence in the large apartment blocks was sound asleep.

Well… all except one.

In it, a young boy, about 4 or 5 years of age, with dirty blonde hair and green eyes was staring in confusion at a computer screen.

He was sure his older brother had closed it earlier, so why were there so many numbers and words moving across the screen?

"Pierce?" the young boy heard a young voice say his name in confusion, making him turn around to see his twin brother, the only difference between the two being his twin's hair was a lighter colored blonde and his eyes were blue.

"Azure's computer is all weird." Pierce said, pointing at their older brother's computer, his twin rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and looking up at it, standing next to Pierce.

The blue eyed twin tilted his head in confusion "What's wrong with it?"

"I don't know Gyro." Pierce answered his brother, now revealed to be named Gyro.

As the two brothers continued to look at the screen in wonder, something started to push out from it.

It had a strange oblong shape to it, which was explained as it finished pushing itself out, the coding like skin on it disappearing to reveal a strange white egg with red stripes on it.

The two boys looked at the egg in awe, before turning to the computer, which had turned itself off.

After a moment, Pierce reached up and patted the monitor a few times "Good job." he said simply.

Gyro picked up the egg, looking at it in confusion "What do we do with it?"

Pierce turned to his twin, thinking about his question for a bit, before nodding at a decision "We'll tell Azure."

"Right now? But he has to get up for work tomorrow morning right?" Gyro asked, while also remembering their older brother had work in the morning.

"Oh yeah… we'll tell him once he gets back then." Pierce corrected with a nod, sure of himself this time.

Gyro nodded in agreement with the idea, finding it made sense this time.

With that decided, the two brothers walked back to their room, Pierce climbing up to the top bunk of their bunkbeds.

"Who keeps the egg?" Gyro asked him suddenly, making Pierce stop and think about it.

He eventually shrugged "I don't know."

Gyro thought about it as well "Let's play rock-paper-scissors." he said simply, finding it to be the best solution.

Pierce nodded, and Gyro sat down the egg, the two brothers holding their hands out in a fist each "Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!" the two called out while shaking their hands, and both chose paper, making them blink before trying again.

They actually ended up choosing the same thing for 5 more tries, until eventually Gyro chose rock while Pierce chose scissors.

With that decided, the two brothers went to bed, with Gyro placing the egg under the blankets with himself.

The next morning, the boys were woken up as their brother opened the door to their room.

He was in his late teens, with silvery blonde hair and blue eyes, currently wearing a simply blue button up shirt and a pair of jeans "Time for breakfast munchkins." he said with a smirk as he saw them start to get up, going back to finishing up his own breakfast.

What he didn't expect, and made him spit out his glass of orange juice, was for Gyro to be rolling a large white egg with pinkish stripes out of their room. Azure stared at the egg for a moment before his brain finally rebooted. "Wha...where did you get that?"

"It came out of your computer." Pierce answered innocently.

That just confused Azure even more, and was about to ask what his little brother was talking about, before noticing the time, turning back to his brothers whom were sitting at the table for their breakfast which was waiting in front of them "We'll talk more about this once I'm back this afternoon, as always, if anything happens, go ask the old lady across the hall for help."

"Okay!" his brothers nodded.

"In the meantime...ah...keep the egg warm. Maybe...put it in some blankets?" Azure suggested. This...was really NOT how he expected to start any morning like this.

His brothers nodded again, with big smiles on their faces, making him laugh in amusement, before getting up and grabbing his keys, waving goodbye to his brothers as he left for work.

With him gone the twin simply continued to eat their own breakfast.

Though, they stopped when the egg started rolling around on it's own, moving around the apartment, before rolling back into their room, making them look at each other, before they moved back towards their room, watching as the egg suddenly stood up straight.

The two brothers looking at it in awe, before cracks suddenly formed on the egg, making them jump in surprise at the fact it was already hatching.

Just as suddenly, the top of the egg was throw off and something small, black, and round zoomed out from within the shell, speeding around their room, darting between their legs, before eventually rushing underneath the bed.

The two brothers looked at each other, before getting on the floor, looking under the bottom bed to find two yellow eyes staring back at them.

The creature that had popped out of the egg looked like some kind of small black fuzzy thing, it's yellow eyes staring back at them, blinking curiously.

After a few moments of simply staring each other down, the small creature started blowing out… bubbles from it's mouth, making the two boys blink at it strangely.

It also seemed to be blowing the bubbles in a rhythm, which gave Gyro an idea.

He moved away from the bed for a few moments, coming back with a small bell from a tricycle, which he started ringing along to the rhythm from the small creature's bubbles.

Pierce looked around the room as the bubbles kept being blown out, as they just floated around the air.

When he looked back, Gyro was holding the small creature, which was still blowing out bubbles, although Gyro opened the windows so they wouldn't be swarmed by them. After a few minutes of quite literally aiming and fanning the bubbles out of the room, finally the small creature seemed to calm down.

The two boys sighed as they watched the bubbles float about in the air above the street, which were obviously noticed by several people, all of them staring at the cloud of bubbles in confusion. However, back in the apartment, the boys had to deal with a different problem...namely in the form of a grumbling stomach, one that was coming from the small creature.

Gyro lifted up the small creature, looking at it curiously "You're getting hungry huh?"

"What does it eat?" Pierce wondered outloud.

"I don't know… think it would like peanut butter?" Gyro asked his brother, receiving a shrug.

They decided to try that, making the small creature a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and watching it scarf it down… then it's stomach growled again, meaning it was still hungry.

The boys tried making it a bowl of cereal, although it ate everything before they even poured the milk into the bowl.

Gyro hummed in thought as he watched the creature start to eat a few slices of baloney they placed in front of it after the cereal "I think I know what it is."

Pierce looked to his brother curiously "Really? What is it?"

"A mini-black hole." Gyro said with a nod as he crossed his arms, as if his answer was the only right answer.

"...ok?" Pierce blinked.

"It just doesn't stop eating. And black holes keep sucking up stuff, right?" Gyro explained further, with Pierce nodding along, understanding what he meant.

Then a thought hit Pierce. "...are we gonna keep feeding it?" he asked, noticing that it was still eating.

Gyro blinked at that, about to answer, before they heard the creature let out a loud burb and just sag down, letting out a content sigh "I guess not." he eventually answered after a few moments.

Then they looked to the TV over in the living room as it started glitching out, the screen wavering and showing interference, and other electronics started glitching as well, neither of the two boys noticing the small creature standing stock still. However, when it started to glow, THEN they noticed it, and turned to see as it was engulfed in light.

They covered their eyes as the light shone bright, before it finally cleared away after a few moments, letting them look upon the little creature to see it was… different, now.

It had become larger, for starters, and it's black body was now a pale pink color, it's small little ears now long and floppy like ribbons, and it's eyes, once small and yellow, now large and red, it's mouth was even visible now, with visible fangs poking out from it's bottom lip.

The little creature shook itself once it came out of it's daze, before looking at that, smiling as it opened it's mouth… and spoke.

"Hey! Thanks for feeding me!" the little creature called in a child-like voice.

The two boys were speechless for a few moments, before finally Pierce spoke up "You can talk now?"

"Yep!" it said happily as if it was the most normal thing ever.

"Um… do you have a name?" Gyro asked after a moment.

The little creature nodded, somehow "I'm Koromon! Nice to meet you!"

"Uh...hi, Koromon?" Pierce blinked, not sure what else to say.

"Hi!... um, I can't remember your names but I'm pretty sure I heard them earlier." he said with a frown as he tried to remember "I… think they start with a G and a P?"

Gyro nodded with a smile "That's right! I'm Gyro, and this is Pierce!"

"Right! That was it! Gyro and Pierce!" Koromon said with a nod, his memory jogged.

"So...Koromon...what are you?" Gyro asked.

"Koromon is Koromon." the little creature answered as if that explained everything, and to him, it did.

"...okay?" Gyro and Pierce blinked, not sure what else to say.

"So...what do you want to do, Koromon?" Pierce asked, figuring he might as well.

Koromon actually hummed in thought "Uh… I only saw your room and this spot. What else is there?"

"Yay! We get to play tour guides!" Gyro called in glee, I mean, what child wouldn't want to pretend to have an important job?

"Not going to be a very long tour though." Pierce added as he looked around the rather spartan apartment.

The brothers didn't need much after all, just the essentials.

They did have video games and toys though.

Minutes later, we find the boys sitting in the living room in front of a gamecube and teaching Koromon how to play super smash brothers Melee.

Funnily enough, his long floppy ears actually worked like hands, so he was able to handle the remote and press buttons correctly.

Gyro was playing as Samus, Pierce as Ganondorf, and Koromon as Pikachu. Understandably, Koromon was a bit shaky at first, but once he got the hang of it, he turned out to be a fast learner. They didn't even need to let him win by the third fight. He'd actually won on his own.

"Wow, this is really fun!" Koromon laughed as on the screen the victory scene played with Pikachu doing its own little victory pose.

"Huh, didn't think you'd get good that fast." Gyro said, a bit surprised.

"Well, he's not better than Azure at least." Pierce mumbled as while Koromon had won they still KOed him a few times.

"What else can we do?" Koromon asked, bouncing excitedly, to which the brothers decided not to wonder how something with no limbs could bounce so much.

Instead, they ended up playing different games with Koromon, as well as playing with some of their toys. Before long, time passed till it was the evening, and they heard the sound of the door being unlocked an opening.

"I'm home," Azure said as he walked into the house. "By the way, I heard the strangest story while I was on the way home," he started as he put away his shoes and bag. "The neighbors saw a cloud of pink bubbles coming out of the apartment earlier this morning. Care to explain?" he asked...right as he saw the pink puff ball that was in front of the tv, playing a game. "...the egg hatched into that?"

Gyro turned to his older brother, waving with a smile, before addressing the Koromon issue "Actually he was a little black and fuzzy thing with yellow eyes a few hours ago, then he kind of just turned into that."

"...I'm sorry, what?" Azure deadpanned. Somehow he had a feeling sanity just died. For the rest of his life. For the next few minutes, his little brothers explained to him what had happened through the day, and when they were done, Azure was sitting on a chair with a bewildered expression. "So… 'Koromon' could suddenly talk, and from the looks of it, even play video games...and he eats just about anything."

"More or less, yeah," Gyro nodded.

Azure took a few moments at that, thinking about everything, before he muttered "My life has become a cartoon show for the entertainment of the masses."

"Really? Cool," Pierce laughed.

"So...can we keep him?" Gyro asked, holding up Koromon...and doing the dreaded puppy dog eyes, which Koromon soon joined. The cuteness could have rotted teeth in minutes.

Azure felt his will waver already, and it was shattered when Pierce noticed and joined in, making him groan as he hanged his head "Fine, fine, we're keeping him, but you two will have to do chores for the neighbours so we can pay for his food more easily."

"Okay!" both boys said happily, bouncing excitedly, something Koromon joined in despite not fully understanding what was going on. They didn't mind having to work if it meant they could keep their new friend.

"Well, enough of that. For now, let's get dinner started," Azure chuckled, to which the brothers did just that, though Gyro and Pierce took turns keeping Koromon company while dinner was being prepared. Dinner itself was a lively affair, as Koromon showed his ravenous appetite again, something that had Azure a little worried seeing as that...could be a drain on their expenses too...not that he told his brothers that. Eventually dinner was over, and the dishes done, and everyone soon was ready to head in for bed.

Once they were in their room, Gyro and Pierce were about to try and decide who Koromon could sleep with...before Koromon jumped up into Gyro's bed. "...well, that was easy," Gyro blinked, while Pierce shrugged, and the two got into bed. Little did they know, that this night would be one that would change their lives forever.

It was several hours later, a little bit past midnight, when Pierce was awoken by Gyro shaking him awake, his brother's face set in worry "What's wrong?" he asked as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes.

"It's Koromon." Gyro said in worry, Pierce understanding as he quickly climbed down from his bed, and saw the same thing Gyro did.

Koromon pale, his eyes wide with his irises almost invisible little pinpricks, and his whole body shaking all over.

"Koromon?" Pierce called out to their new friend in worry.

They didn't notice every electronic in the apartment complex going haywire this time either.

It was at that moment that Koromon's form started to grow, getting taller and wider, scales covered him, a dull yellow in color, arms and legs grew in, both pairs with large claws, his floppy ears shrinking down into small little ears flattened against the side of his head's his rather flat face growing into a more reptilian snout, as his red eyes were now green in color, the whole thing finished off with a short and stubby tail.

Quite obviously, the bed couldn't handle Koromon's new weight as it collapsed under him, Gyro pouting as he stared at the pieces of his bed scattered around the floor.

Koromon's new form looked around a bit, before moving towards the window, looking out of it curiously, the two boys following him in confusion.

Koromon's claws picked against the window, as if he was trying to open it, the two boys understanding and opening it for him as they stepped out onto the small veranda.

Sniffing the air, Koromon walked towards the open window, trying to squeeze past it, only to end up breaking some of the wall.

Back in his room, Azure shot up as he heard all the breaking coming from his little brothers room, getting up and walking towards it, clad in a simple pair of sweatpants, a t-shirt, and slippers.

When he opened the door, he looked into the room with a raised eyebrow, only for his face to morph into shock as he saw Koromon's new form, as it jumped off the veranda… with his brothers hanging onto his back, the two boys shouting in surprise as they fell down to street level.

He stood there for a few more moments, stunned, before bolting out of the apartment with a coat in hand.

While Azure was heading down to try and catch up to them, the boys were wandering around the town while hanging onto Koromon's back.

Lucky for them, not many people were still up at this hour on this side of town.

Eventually they reached a row of vending machines, with Koromon staring in curiosity at them.

"I'm thirsty." Pierce mumbled from Koromon's back, with Gyro hearing him and tapping the side of Koromon's head before pointing at one of the vending machines.

Koromon seemed to get the message, as he used his claws to break open the vending machine, causing several cans of soda and juice to fall out, with Pierce grabbing one of the cans of lemonade, before they walked off.

Azure ran around town, looking everywhere in the main area of where they lived "Gyro! Pierce!" he shouted out their names in worry, before adding a moment later "Koromon! Where are you?!"

Back with the boys, they were still hanging onto Koromon's back, the adult sized dinosaur walking in traffic.

"Koromon… why won't you talk to us?" Gyro said in worry as he looked up at his friend, before all three of them turned their heads as a truck was headed right for them.

Just before the truck would have hit them, Koromon jumped over it, surprising the boys, as well as one of people in the truck.

"Did you see that?" the one in the passenger seat asked.

"No, I was sleeping." the driver mumbled.

"But you're the one driving!" the passenger shouted at him.

As Koromon landed back down, he growled at the truck, the boys looking at him in worry.

"Koromon?" Gyro called to him, before both him and Pierce were shocked as a ball of flame shot out from Koromon's mouth, seemingly heading straight for the truck, but thankfully being off course and hitting a payphone instead.

The two boys stared at the flaming wreck of the payphone, scared, the gravity of the situation now starting to dawn on them.

At the same time, Azure stared at the broken vending machine, panting, a thought crossing his mind 'If I don't acknowledge it, I don't have to pay for it.' he thought to himself before turning and starting to run again.

Meanwhile, the boys were trying to stop Koromon as he looked at a bus, his mouth slowly opening with a flame building up in his throat, before he snapped his head towards the sky, jostling the boys around as he stared up a plane that was flying up high.

Unsurprisingly, he tried to shoot his fireballs at it, but all that happened were that the flames extinguished themselves on the way down.

They stayed lit long enough for Azure to notice them though.

As he ran in the general direction the flames had been shot from, the boys were still hanging onto Koromon's back, the dinosaur walking around town aimlessly.

They didn't realise every electronic in this area of town going haywire, except this time… it wasn't affecting Koromon.

Hundreds of people looked up in the sky in confusion, as a gigantic egg formed out of nowhere, Azure staring up at it while still trying to find his brothers "I don't want to meet the chicken that layed that egg." he muttered, before starting to run again.

Koromon was running towards the egg, the boys hanging on tight to him, until he slowed down while passing under a bridge, looking up at the egg with a growl.

"Is it something bad?" Gyro wondered.

And suddenly, the egg hatched.

Falling out of the egg was a HUGE green and yellow bird with arms, the top portion of it's beak covered in metal, and with two red antennae on top of it's head.

The bird flapped it's wings, slowing its descent as it started to slowly fly about, as if trying to figure out where it was.

That's when Koromon reared back and roared, making the boys fall off his back, before he fired fireballs up at the feathered monster, getting its attention.

The two boys got up, before running up to Koromon and trying to pull him back "Don't! It's too big! You'll get hurt!" Pierce said in worry over their friend.

"Gyro! Pierce!" the two boys heard, making then turn to see their older brother running toward them, his face a mixture of relief and worry at having found them.

He crouched near them, Koromon seemingly ignoring them as it kept looking at the huge bird, before pulling his brothers into his arms, just glad they were ok.

Before anything could be said however, it was then the bird decided to retaliate against Koromon's attack, as electricity charged between it's antennae, and it fired.

The shot didn't hit Koromon, no, it hit the bridge above him and the brothers, causing it to collapse on top of them.

As hundreds of kids watched on as the bridge collapsed, little did any of them know this anomaly wasn't isolated.

World of Remnant

At the same time, in the world known as Remnant, thousands of children, teenagers, and adults all watched in shock and awe at the sight before them, transmitted through various different electronic devices.

Some of the people watching did so with siblings present, some alone, others were even watching from the streets while looking at TV displays in a store, then there were those no one would ever knew watched.

And finally there was a little 4 year old girl with black hair and red highlights, her eyes a surprising silver, wearing a pink footie pajama with a whistle hanging around her neck, staring at the TV in her living room in childish awe as she watched the large green bird land down.

Then she jumped in surprise as the bird shot lightning at a bridge and broke it.

As soon as she saw that, she ran for her big sister's room, trying to shake her awake, only to get more snores in reply.

Puffing up her cheeks in childish annoyance, the little silver eyed girl placed her whistle to her lips, before starting to blow it in her big sister's ear.

This caused her older sister, a girl with lavender eyes and blonde hair that went to her upper back, wearing a t-shirt and shorts to bed, to jolt up in shock and almost throw the younger of the two onto the floor "What was that for?" she asked her little sister in a bit of anger, her eyes flashing red for a few moments before turning back to lavender.

The younger sister simply pointed towards the living room, before running off, causing the older one to stare at her in deadpan before sighing as she got out of bed and followed after her.

When she arrived in the living room, she stared with her jaw dropped at the sight on the TV.

A large orange dinosaur with blue stripes on it's body and a brown, horned helmet covering its head, emerging from a pile of rubble, and she could see that crouched underneath him were an adult man and two boys her age.

She watched, along with her little sister, as the dinosaur charged at the large bird, the two clashing against each other before the dinosaur pushed the bird back and shot a white hot flame from it's mouth, burning off one of the wings of the bird and grounding it.

In retaliation, the bird charged it, grappling with it, before discharging electricity point blank into it's face, sending the dinosaur flying back and skidding on it's side.

She saw the two boys that had been under it run up to it and apparently try to wake it up as the bird slowly walked forward, unbalanced slightly thanks to the loss of its wing.

Her attention was drawn to her little sister as the little girl blew her whistle with a sad tone, walking up to the TV and blowing into it a few times.

The older sister understood what she was doing "They can't hear you." she said simply, frowning as she looked back at the TV.

That caused the younger sister's shoulders to sag, before she perked up with an idea.

She took her whistle that was hanging around her neck, and tried to push it into the TV.

Her older sister opened her mouth to tell her that wasn't going to work, only for choked out words to come out as the whistle actually fell into the TV.

Her little sister also nearly fell into it, before she pulled her back out.

Still… tonight was definitely strange.

Back on Earth

Gyro winced as something fell on his head while he stared up at Koromon, looking down as it fell to the ground, making him raise an eyebrow as he saw a whistle attached to a red string.

He looked at it for a moment, before glacing at Koromon, then at the giant bird, and grabbed the whistle, before putting it to his lips, and whistling into it for as long as he could.

When he pulled it back, he panted for air, looking up at Koromon.

Nothing… until his eyes snapped open.

Gyro turned his head to the bird, uttering a single word "Fire."

Koromon's body shot up, facing the bird, before he opened his maw and a stream of white hot flames shot forth from it.

The intense flames wrapped around the feathered monster as it struggled to get away, before disappearing into them.

However Koromon seemed to have lost control of them, as his body disappearing into the flames as well, their heat reaching a point where everyone looking was blinded.

It was minutes later when the bright glow faded, the sun slowly rising on the horizon as specks of light floated in the air before fading away, though, no one noticed as a small amount of orange lights fell into a portal of some kind as it closed itself up.

Gyro looked around, a frown on his face, before he called out "Koromon! Where are you?!"

"I didn't know it at the time, but, my friend had gone back home. My first ever Digital Monster encounter, it was something I, or my brothers, would never forget. It set so many things in motion, that we couldn't possibly understand at the time, not only for us, but for the friends we would make on Remnant years later. It was the start of our very own Digimon Adventure."

(Play Butterfly (the first movie credits version) by Wada Kouji)

Gyro stood, now grown into a young adult, wearing a short dark blue coat with a green flame design on the edge and a furred collar, a blue shirt with a green star on the chest underneath it, wearing long dark green pants and black running shoes, a pair of goggles around his forehead, and a whistle hanging around his neck.

He looked up with a smile, standing in front of him, crouched close to the ground was Koromon in his large orange dinosaur form, who moved closer to Gyro, making the young man smile wider as he hugged the large dinosaur's snout, the reptile closing it's eyes happily at the action.

The two stood in a large field of flowers of different kinds, while in the background stood a tall mountain with a castle like structure on the top.

After a few moments, the two separated, and seemed to act as if they heard something, before turning to the screen and smiling, starting to walk towards it as the scene froze.

Digital code appeared on the screen, before translating itself into "The Adventure begins in 10 years."

Yeahp, full on rewrote the one I made in the original THOR for this, because I wanted to put more effort into it and also add my own spin on things in certain spots.

Also, if it isn't obvious, grown up Gyro's short coat is the same one Daisuke had in 02 just with different colored flames.

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