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An Uncertain Partnership! The Dawn of War!

The air was still rather tense, weapons pointed at Emerald who didn't dare speak, instead darting her eyes between a lot of angry looks, which she could understand given what she'd almost helped accomplish in Vale.

The silence was almost deafening at this point… and then her bike materialized right above her, Norn and Morphomon.

"Ah!" the three gasped in shock before rolling away, the bike falling right where they were a moment ago.

That seemed to cut the tension, as everyone stared in confusion now "Uh… what just happened?" Gyro said with a raised eyebrow.

"That would be our ride," Emerald groaned as she got up. "Okay, I'm not just gonna say it straight. I get you don't trust me, and considering what I've tried to do, you have every right to not trust me, but I'm not like that anymore," she sighed. "I get that a simple 'sorry' isn't going to cut it, but if what I've been able to understand is right, let's start...with this," she said, reaching into her clothes and pulling out her Tag and Crest.

The group paused at that, lowering their weapons a bit "Wait… what? A 14th Crest?" Ruby said in confusion.

"Isn't there supposed to only be 13 though?" Jaune pointed out.

"Well, I was told that this one was made specifically for me, recently at that." Emerald said "Yggdrasil apparently made it… and it's called the Crest of Redemption."

"Ok… the fact you know about Yggdrasil is already major points for you." Gyro said, though he still looked a bit skeptical, before he looked at Morphomon "She your partner?"

"Yeah. Morphomon's my friend." Emerald said with a nod "Same with Norn here."

"If it means anything to you all, Emerald has done nothing but help people since I met her. She's actually saved Folder by freeing it's trapped ruler, SlashAngemon, from his crystal prison, just before we got here." Norn said, vouching for her friend.

The group paused at that...and promptly pulled into a huddle, though they did still keep an eye on the trio.

"Okay, so I think we can all agree this just got really weird, right?" Yang asked.

"I get that we agreed she was the one most likely to have a change of heart, but when we agreed on that I'm pretty sure none of us expected Yggdrasil to make a 14th Crest just for her," Ren agreed.

"Think it might be a fake?" Blake mused.

"Doubt it. It looks real, and even if it was a fake, why would Emerald have it? It's not like we ever showed off our Crests," Pierce pointed out.

"And then there's the fact she has a Digivice, and a partner. You can't fake a bond," Palmon added.

" willing to listen to what she has to say, but be ready in case she tries anything funny?" Ruby suggested.

"Sounds about right," Gyro nodded as they broke the huddle.

"Okay, as hard to believe as your story is, we're willing to hear about it," Weiss said.

"But just to be clear, and nothing personal on this one, if there's any funny business…" Nora trailed off cheerfully...which actually just made it creepier.

"Right...I'd think you need to get your heads examined if you settled for anything less," Emerald sweat dropped.

With that, she started recounting her journey through Folder to the group, with Morphomon and Norn both chiming in for their own viewpoints occasionally, and when they finished…

"Ok… feel a bit sorry you had to deal with an annoying Raremon that actually got more disgusting for revenge, not gonna lie." Gyro admitted with a wince.

"I'm annoyed that this makes another person who got a Digimental before I did." Pierce mumbled as he sat at a table, his head resting on his arm.

"At least we know the Digivice, Crest and Digimental are real." Weiss said while compiling data on Morphomon's evolutions into the analyzer after they had her evolve to demonstrate if Emerald's gear really worked.

"And at least now we understand her story too." Yang said, a bit of a frown as Emerald had opted to tell the group about her life prior to thievery as well.

"I'm going to be honest, I don't feel as angry as I thought I would have been." Penny admitted thoughtfully.

"Probably because it's been a year since the Battle of Beacon, and Cinder's plan failed on nearly all fronts." Pyrrha said "I'm actually feeling the same to be honest."

"So… what do we do then?" Rusty asked.

"If I may?" Oren butted in "You all gave me a chance when we were previously enemies. Why not do the same for her?"

"It's a bit different though, isn't it?" Aile said unsurely.

"I agree with Oren actually." Oscar said "She seems genuine to me, and we know that the Digivice, Crest and Digimental are all real, and that they only work if they are indeed meant for that person. At this point, wouldn't it be hypocritical of us to refuse her?"

The group looked at him for a moment, before Gyro sighed "Oscar's right. We'd be no better than the hypocrites the canon group turned into during V6." he said, just low enough only they heard him, Emerald, Norn and Morphomon sitting away enough they could barely hear them, with Qrow watching them silently.

"So… we're letting her join us?" Agumon asked him.

Gyro nodded after a moment "Yeah… but we don't mention anything about canon until we're positive she's fully on board with us, so somebody will keep an eye on her at all times."

"Huckmon and I will do it." Oscar volunteered himself.

"And if you ever want something else to help him out, I volunteer to help as well." Oren said, his partners nodding behind him.

Gyro nodded, before the group went back to where Emerald and her group were sitting quietly, waiting for the final verdict.

"Okay, we've talked it over and we've decided that we'll believe your story. You know things that there's no way you'd know without the story being true," Gyro said. "But!" he quickly added. "You can understand that we don't fully trust someone who was working for Salem till relatively recently. It's not that we don't WANT to believe that you've changed, it's just that a bit too much is riding on us figuring out how to stop Salem, preferably before she tears the Kingdoms apart and basically drives the world to an early grave for whatever insane plan she probably has."

Emerald nodded, fully understanding. "Like I said, I'd be more worried if you didn't," she shrugged. "I can admit I've done a lot of terrible things, and would have succeeded on some of the worst things too if we hadn't been stopped. The fact you didn't shoot me before is already a lot."

"Yeah, well…" Gyro sighed "The only people in Salem's group we're on 'shoot on sight' are Tyrian, who's already dead, and Cinder because she's such an annoying bitch."

Emerald blinked "Huh, so that was you that took out Tyrian." She said, before nodding "But, yeah, I don't blame you for wanting to shoot Cinder dead. After I finally understood just what she was doing and how she used me… I want to fill her with bullet holes myself." she said, before sighing "That part's gonna be tough without Thief's Respite though."

"About that…" Ruby said "If you have blueprints, or know how to build them, we COULD rebuild them for you out of Chrome Digizoid."

Emerald looked up at that "I… I don't have blueprints, but I know them inside out." she said, before pulling out the shards of her weapon she'd kept "If you really can rebuild them for me, I want these pieces to be melted into the metal to be part of it… that way a part of dad's weapon is still with me."

"That we can do," Ruby nodded. With that she took the pieces and moved them to the workshop so she could start working on them at any time.

"So...what happens now?" Emerald asked.

"Well, since Yggdrasil's decided you're supposed to be part of our team, I guess we should let you in on the current situation in the Server Continent, especially since you already destroyed one Dark Tower," Aile mused, before they brought up a map of Server, with many black spots (which were growing), and soon zoomed in to the various areas.

" a LOT of Dark Towers," Morphomon couldn't help but gulp.

"Our current enemy is the one making them," Lopmon said. "As of currently, a good chunk of Server is under his control, something we hope to change soon enough."

"If we don't stop him, we can almost guarantee he won't stop at just Server," Keenan frowned.

Emerald frowned at that "So he'd probably head for Folder too then." she said, before looking thoughtful "Would he try to strike at Remnant itself as well?"

The group paused at that, looking between each other in surprise "We… hadn't considered that." Ren admitted.

"Now that you mention it though, it's definitely a possibility." Salamon frowned.

"He probably wouldn't be satisfied with just the Digital World." Veemon added.

"He's trying to take over the continent seemingly on a whim," Oren frowned. "Attacking Remnant seems like something he might decide to do as well…"

"So that just makes it even MORE important you don't let that crazy kid get his way," Qrow frowned.

"Well, we'll definitely help." Morphomon said with a smile.

"I may not be able to fight, or have a partner of my own, but I can at least coordinate everything for you from here." Norn added.

"Every little bit helps, so yeah, we'd appreciate that," Patamon nodded.

"So first things first, we need to break his hold on Server, be it by destroying the towers, or by taking back the main control system," Oren frowned.

"Let me guess, the Towers take longer but are safer, while the main control system would be faster, but we'd have to literally fight into the heart of their forces," Emerald said.

"Yes, that's absolutely correct," Oren sighed.

Emerald sighed as well "Right… well, if you want my opinion, I say we should go for the towers. Plus it'll mean more people will fight him, right?"

"That's kinda why we were leaning more towards that plan, yeah," Gabumon sweat dropped.

"So I guess we can all agree taking down the towers is the better option. It'll take longer but we'll be able to get more on our side...and do more damage to Nero's forces," Salamon said.

"Before that though, we should probably start with consolidating some forces," Jaune mused.

"True, you all may do a pretty good job, but that's still an army you're fighting, and one full of innocent Digimon being brainwashed," Qrow mused. "You'll definitely want an army on your side too. Not to mention you'll need to keep the areas you take back from falling back into enemy hands."

"That reminds me, we should probably contact the Resistance too," Blake said. "Knowing them I imagine they're fighting Nero's forces as much as possible."

"Hopefully they won't have any objections to my presence." Oren frowned.

"Why would they?" Norn asked.

"Ah, right, you guys don't know." Oscar blinked "Oren was the Digimon King, ruling over Server himself peacefully until Nero hijacked everything and started ruling with an iron fist."

"Not really seeing why they'd not like you," Morphomon blinked.

"They didn't really agree with some of the things that I did to aim to unify Server," Oren sighed. "And among their more overzealous members were ones who seemed convinced I was a tyrant in the making. Hopefully Nero hasn't decided to cultivate the idea by pretending to be me…"

The group paused at that one. "Oh yeah...that COULD be a problem," Veemon blinked.

"Well...I'm sure if we explain the whole situation the more level headed members will understand...right?" Huckmon said.

"Here's hoping. Either way, having the Resistance on our side fully would definitely help, plus they can help make sure Nero doesn't retake territories we take back," Ruby said.

"Alright then, let's see if we can't pinpoint where some of the resistance are first," Weiss said, making sure to encrypt their signal before starting to search for the communication frequency of the Resistance. However…

"Hm...they're not picking up," Weiss frowned.

"That probably means they can't pick up, and that's never a good thing. Looks like we got our next location then," Gyro said.

"How many of us should go?" Nora asked.

Gyro hummed at that, before snapping his fingers "For once, I actually know who's going right off the bat." he said "Me, Ruby, Jaune, Oren, Oscar, and Emerald. Time to see how serious you are about helping us first hand."

"I won't let you down." Emerald promised with a serious nod.

"Good to know," Oscar said with a small smile, before they were soon in front of one of the screens, and opened the Digital Gate.

The gate opened up in the Digital World and deposited them into the area of the Digital World, which was a grassy hill…and in the distance they saw what appeared to be a city built into and on top of a mountain, with several gates and defenses along the pathways to the main city...which was also walled up and guarded….that was being attacked by an army of Digimon.

"Wow, right off the bat we can see the problem," Ruby blinked.

"You said that WAY too casually," Emerald blinked.

"Not the first time the gate's dumped us right into the fire," Gyro shrugged.

"Speaking of the gate, did all of you get a slight wardrobe change?" Emerald asked, noticing the slight changes to most of their outfits.

"Oh that? That happens to everyone who has a Crest," Jaune shrugged. "Looks like yours happened to your pants," he added, to which Emerald looked down to see her right pants leg had turned white, and now bore the Crest of Redemption on it.

"Huh...weird, but all things considered, nothing too weird," she mused.

"Alright, any dark towers around here?" Palmon asked, looking to Ruby, who pulled out Crescent Rose, looking through the scope.

"Well… yeah, looks like Nero brought a mobile Dark Tower on a small patch of floating island somehow. It's being towed by some Airdramon." she said, pointing it out in the distance.

"So much for using Ultimate to break the initial siege," Agumon frowned.

"Wait, you guys can go Ultimate?" Emerald blinked in surprise.

"We've been able to go Ultimate for a while already. The catch is we only use it when we can't care about collateral damage," Gomamon shrugged.

Morphomon blinked at that, before sharing a look with Emerald "Guess we've got some catching up to do, we can only go to Perfect."

"Yeah, same here." Oscar said with a smile while Huckmon chuckled.

"I can only go up to Adult." Oren sighed.

"You'll get it eventually." Terriermon consoled him.

"It's just a matter of finding your trigger." Lopmon added with a nod.

"Anyway, for now, Emerald, you're going to be running support for the most part since we couldn't make your weapon just yet." Gyro said.

"That's fine, I got plenty of practice with my Semblance while on Folder." she said with a nod.

"Okay, first things first, we aim to break the tower as soon as we can. It's the main thing controlling the Dark Rings in the area, so if it's gone, the Dark Rings should fall apart too," Jaune said.

"And though I'm sure you know, most if not all the Digimon in that army are being controlled, so if you have to fight them, break the Rings off," Ruby added.

"Yeah, kinda figured that was the case since that's what happened with us too," Emerald nodded.

"Perhaps we should split up," Oscar said. "A small party to take out the tower, while another one draws attention?"

"Maybe I should be in the distraction team then." Emerald suggested.

"Yeah, Pierismon's attacks are… pretty Area of Effect." Morphomon said with a nervous laugh.

Gyro hummed, looking the group over, before nodding "Right. I have a plan. Emerald, you may be good at distraction, but this plan needs us to strike hard and strike fast. You, Ruby and Oscar will be the demo team, taking out the tower by sneaking up to it and blowing it up while Oren, Jaune and I handle the actual distraction by charging right into the fight and being as loud as we can with our attack. We can always use AOE attacks in case any of the Dark Rings still work after the tower is gone."

"Got it," everyone nodded and quickly separated into their individual groups.

The Dark Tower Army was busy trying to bust its way into the city, but the defenders were doing their best to hold them back. "Hold them back! We must hold out until reinforcements arrive!" Those orders were shouted by a humanoid Digimon that looked like a muscular woman covered with scars… and wearing nothing but a tiger print bikini type of outfit with golden gauntlets, boots, shoulder pads, and a helmet that covered most of her head, her mouth exposed along with her eyes visible through the holes of the helmet, her messy green hair coming out the back while a cape rested on her shoulders, a huge kanabo in her hand. "Any word on when we're getting more people here?!" she shouted to another resistance soldier.

"Not yet Lady Kinkakumon!" the Digimon in question, a Commandramon, said with a salute.

Digimon Analyzer: Kinkakumon

Kinkakumon. Virus Type. An Adult Level Oni Digimon. A normally rampaging woman that is feared as one of the Gold and Silver Siblings with her little brother, and is noted to be a bit of a romantic while also being a violent warrior. Be careful you don't mess with her feelings too much, or you'll be sent flying thanks to her Shichisei Kanabo. Her special attack is Raikou Kishu, a surprising, high speed kick that discharged electricity into the opponent on contact.

"Whatever the case, we cannot let them breach the city!" Kinkakumon ordered...right before several explosions were heard, causing her to turn and see the source...which was happening among the enemy forces.

For starters, for some reason some of the enemy forces had started attacking each other, the reason made evident as Dark Rings were dropping off of Digimon like flies as KajiGreymon, the Speedermon Twins and MetalSealmon plowed through the enemy forces with Gyro, Oren and Jaune attacking as well. Even so, the army was still vast, meaning even with the numbers cut down a bit, more would keep coming...or that WOULD have been the case if not for several explosions ringing out near the Dark Tower, the Airdramon towing it being shot out of the sky.

The army quickly tried to focus on the tower, but with them being attacked at the same time, they were in complete chaos.

With the demolition team,Emerald, Oscar and Huckmon had been able to set the charges, while Konohamon and Pierismon were busy keeping the Dark Ring Digimon from getting close as Ruby sniped at the rings as much as she could. And just to be safe, they'd set charges on all four sides of the Dark Tower...and left a few Dust Crystals at the base of the tower, before getting to a safe distance. "Charges set!" Huckmon reported.

"Timber!" Emerald added as she pressed the trigger, the ensuing explosion rocking the entire Dark Tower, which soon fell over with a loud thud, falling off the floating island and shattering on the ground below.

With the loss of the tower, the signal controlling the Dark Rings was lost as well, causing the army to freeze up, the Rings now no longer being properly directed.

THAT was the opening the Resistance was hoping for. "All troops, counter attack now! I want every Dark Ring in the area destroyed!" Kinkakumon roared, the Resistance troops roaring in approval and soon jumping in to mount the counter attack, an attack the Chosen joined in as well, and before long the Dark Rings were all destroyed.

A while later, and the battlefield was full of Digimon who were waking up with one hell of a hangover from being controlled by the Dark Rings and their subsequent freedom.

"Well, I'd say that plan went well." Gyro said with a sigh of relief, as it seemed the worst anybody had was a few bruises and mild headaches.

"I'm grateful for that." Oren said with his own sigh.

"Well now, guess the rumors of things getting crazy just got confirmed." they heard from behind, turning around to see Kinkakumon walking up to them.

"Talk about an outfit that would make a stripper blush." Jaune muttered as they stared at her for a moment.

"So… what's the Digimon King doing all the way out here with the Chosen?" Kinkakumon asked once she reached them.

"In a few words? His kingdom was hijacked." Agumon said with a frown.

"By who?" Kinkakumon asked in concern.

As if to answer the question, up in the air all over Server, controlled Airdramon were flying before setting into a hover, and a holographic device was activated, creating gigantic projections of Nero. "Hello my future servants!" he said with an arrogant smirk. "This is your future ruler speaking! As of now I have completely taken over the existing territory that once belonged to that pansy calling himself the Digimon King. As such, I will be continuing his work of uniting Server and the Digital World, but you see, I've decided to make his initial plan. He was a fool to think you could unite the world peacefully. As such, from now on the only will that matters is my own. All of you will be my servants and answer to me without question, for I am the Digimon Kaiser, and this world will become my Empire!"

"Big ego on that one, huh?" Morphomon couldn't help but say dryly.

"An egotistical maniac with the means to actually make good on his words," Palmon added with a frown.

Kinkakumon looked between the projection and Oren a few times "Huh… kinda looks like you, but he's got some extra ears."

"Yeah… he's my evil brother basically." Oren sighed.

"Woah… that ain't something you hear everyday." she said with a blink of surprise.

"Either way, he has to be stopped," Oren said. "And like it or not, I ended up helping him get to this point. So that's why I want to help stop him."

"Thing is, with how things are, we can free areas, but we'll need to make sure the areas STAY free," Jaune frowned.

"You don't have to say it," Kinkakumon said. "We may have been against the original idea, but most of us could agree we never really considered the King an enemy. This Kaiser on the other hand…" she frowned. "You can count on the Resistance to make sure any liberated areas STAY liberated."

"And us too!" they heard one of the controlled Digimon say, a Tankdramon (that Nero had put clamps over his main weaponry, even he wasn't that insane it seemed) "We used to serve YOU my King, and we'll continue to do so by making sure any areas you free from the Kaiser stay free!"

"Then we can trust both of your groups to work together?" Lopmon asked the two.

"Of course." Tankdramon said with a nod.

"No issues here either." Kinkakumon said with a nod of her own.

"Then it's agreed. All of us are now in cooperation until the Kaiser falls," Gyro nodded.

"Preferably without going back to before after we're done," Ruby added.

"In light of recent events, I don't think I'll be going back to the old system," Oren sighed, before looking at his followers. "Sorry everyone…"

"Even if you're not the King anymore, we will still follow you. We believe that what you choose, it will be with the best intentions in mind," several of the Digimon smiled.

"Then it's agreed." Gyro said, before glaring up at the projection of the Kaiser "From now on, we stand as one united army… because it's time for an all out war with the Kaiser."

And there!

I'm sure one or two of you expected the Chosen to just accept Emerald easily, but the majority of you got it right that they're going to be wary, while still accepting her help of course.

They'll give her plenty of chances to prove herself until they're sure they can trust her completely.

As for what happened after, we've finally revealed the leader of the resistance, Kinkakumon (seriously her outfit is stripperific as hell) and we've toned down some parts from her... reference book entry.

You know what parts I'm talking about.

Her brother MIGHT appear, not sure on when we could use him though.

But, besides her, it's time for the war on the Kaiser to truly begin.

Hope you're ready, because...

The Adventure Evolves