I was fixing my home and I saw this strange glow on the floor! I didn't know what it was? It looked red and yellow , I couldn't take my eye off it-So,I flew down to check close up on what it was and then ,poof! I was human." said Unikitty.

"Okaaay." said Emmet. Batman snuggled in closer to Unikitty .

"Um ,Batman ,that's too close." said Unikitty.

"Oh ,um ,sorry ,Unikitty."Batman backed away and blushed. Emmet and Wildstyle looked at each other again and looked back on Unikitty.

"Do you know if there is a way to transform back?" asked WildStyle.

Unikitty looked at her human hands then she looked back at Wildstyle and Emmet.

"I don't know." she said "Then ,PLEASE, stay like this forever!" shouted Batman.

"No! Batman we have to get her back to normal!" demanded Wildstyle

"Okay ,fine." said Batman annoyed. Unikitty giggled.