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A/N: This fic was inspired by several others too numerous to name, but I assume you people will figure them out as you read through two major inspiration would be 'The Traveller' by Ultimate Alcatraz and 'A Demon Among Devils' by The Crimson Lord.

As you might have guess, this is multi-crossover fic with multiple fictions be anime, cartoon, movie, game, comic, book, etc. Releventivity of each fictions to the story is vary. Some is just few paragraph cameo, some just a chapter while a few will stay permanently.

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He did not expect this. He could not even imagine this happening to him; not in this manner at least. For the longest time, he could feel nothing, do nothing. He was nothing. Then absurdly, he was revived, in an instant, and was sitting at a table with a cup of tea and a cake prepared for him.

Surrounding him was darkness, neither warm or cold, neither bright or dim, neither evil or good. The only thing that held the chair and table in their place was the white platform he was on, else he would be floating in this eternal darkness.

And of course, there was his host. A man sitting across him on the opposite side of the table, dressed in a Victorian black suit, with his hair hidden completely by a comically long top hat and a monocle over his left eye. The boy would have presumed he was a stereotypical Englishman if it was not for his long, ancient Egyptian Pharaoh-like beard contrasting the overall image he tried to present himself as.

The blue-haired boy eyed the man with caution and suspicion. His last memory was sacrificing himself to become the seal… Yes, the seal that would stop Erebus from reaching Nyx and destroying humanity. Was this man his savior? As if in response to his thought, his host chuckled.

"Goodness me, no. I'm not your savior, Mister Arisato." The man moved his hand and grabbed hold of the teapot before pouring the content into his cup. Instead of tea, an unholy black substance filled the cup. Once the cup was filled to the brim, the man set down the pot and took a sip of his 'tea'. "I suppose you have questions, and now that you can finally assemble your thoughts together, I can begin my explanation."

Minato did not reply, only listen.

"Now that you have remembered what had transpired before your arrival here, I must first admire the show you had put on for me to watch. But let's not dwell on that; the program, sadly, is already over."

'Already over? No…' Minato thought. The idea that his freedom would undo the Great Seal filled him with dread.

"No. Erebus and Nyx did not merge, I have made sure of that; there is still so much for me to watch from that world. Now, as you can see — and feel — I have not only broken you from the Great Seal but also found a substitute in your place, so you need not concern yourself with that any longer." The man paused and took another sip.

Minato still looked on, unable to shake off his dread. This man gave him an uneasy feeling, something he didn't feel so much. He was surprised that his usual apathetic-self was being melted from inside out before this creature.

"Yes, there's a reason for that," the man responded to his thought. "But don't worry too much about that, you have other things to worry about, mainly," the man paused, "the price of your freedom."

A chill tingled down his spine. He'd never felt that before — not even when he had summoned Thanatos, the personification of Death.

"I freed you for a reason, Mister Arisato." Another dreadful pause. "It's because you gave me so much drama to watch. I'm simply enjoying you too much, and I felt that it was unfair for one of my favorite among… favorites to be stuck to the wall and no longer entertain me. So here you are, ready to put on a show for me once more."

Minato tensed up, not liking where this was going.

"What do you want from me?" he finally spoke, firmness in his tone.

"As I had said, entertainment. I am not going to bond you to a stage or anything — well, not a stage as the mortal would know it anyways. I will drop you into… let us say a cluster of dimensions, yes the Cluster, that had a weak barrier between each other, to the point that he had to separate them into a singular sphere in order to stop the breach from spreading further."

"Who is 'he'?" the bluenette asked, not out of curiosity, but caution. He was not so shocked at the revelation of other dimensions; the Sea of Soul, where all of his Persona resigned, was, after all, another dimension in its own right.

"None of your concern," the man answered, less emotion in his tone than Minato thought humanly possible — and he had been pretty far down that road once. "Back to our ordeal. I will drop you into one of the dimensions in this cluster. There's a threat from one of these worlds within this cluster that would threaten to destroy every dimension within. And that's where our fun begins, Mister Arisato."

The man started to grin, unnaturally wide; almost like a Western cartoon.

"I know you wanted to go home. Yet I know you would help those who are in need if you cross them. I knew you will stop the threat, you're heroic like that. These worlds are filled with monsters, villains, heroes, authorities, and innocents. There are so many threats going on around you, you would have to figure which one is the dimensional threat. After that, how are you supposed to stop it? Finding allies among local heroes? Infiltrating villain hierarchy? Oh, there are so many things you could do, Mister Arisato."

The man was grinning madly. Now his face started to melt, his hellish grin still stuck on his face as the melted flash started to coat the white teeth. Despite the sense of fear that crept around the edge of his heart, Minato did not flinch. He did not look away but face this entity head on.

"If I succeed?"

"Oh, you don't get it, Mister Arisato," the 'man's' voice began to distort. "Survive or die, win or lose, I get what I want. You either die when this threat starts its rampage or win and try to find your way back home. One way or another, I am entertained. But I am not without pity though, which was why I chose to tell you all this instead of keeping you in the dark. Ah, one more thing..." He held up a finger.

The platform beneath him began to expand, growing twisted arms of light that moved toward the void and robbed the darkness of its territory. Soon the world he knew was consumed with malevolent light, with only one blind spot of darkness where the man was supposed to be.

Find the martyr. She might help you. Might . I will visit you later.


Minato's eyes shot open to meet the sun peeking over the horizon. He got up from his position on the ground. His head swung wildly at his surroundings, searching all around to try and determine where he was.

He was lying down right next to a road. Judging from a sign and empty environment, with few farmhouses in modern Japanese architecture, he was at least still in Japan; in a rural area to be specific.

That was when he noticed something weighing down on his lap. He gazed down. There were several documents, all in a single plastic folder, and a gun — no, an Evoker. A tool used to materialize a being that was the manifestation of human thought, Persona. A single paper was glued to the folder.

'A. I have prepared all the necessary documents for you. I would prefer that you get to what this world has to offer as soon as you can rather than having to deal with some knick-knack like these. You are already in the computer system as well, like you used to be, though you will find that 2016 is much more different than 2010.'

Minato started digging through the folder. Everything was in there: His birth certificate, his insurance papers (though he noted it was now with a different company), his high school diploma, and everything someone needed to become a legitimate citizen. He also found an envelope with one million yen inside, much to his shock.

He went back to reading the note just as a car drove by.

'B. Lesson time. There are people in every dimension that are capable of using Persona or having ties to Arcana. But the dimensions within the Cluster had no Sea of Soul of its own so this possibility had been lowered extremely, I would say roughly one in a billion is capable of using Persona.'

His eyes widened at that ratio. It was so few that he did not believe the letter for a second, but soon decided to dismiss the whole issue for the moment. He could test that claim on his own.

'C. I leave you a million yen to start with. Get yourself a little something. Consider it a payment for the impact of your actions that are still felt to this day in your dimension.'

That would explain the envelope. Then he noticed a 'P.S.' at the end.

'P.S. The paper will burn itself after you have read this in ten seconds, so pull it off before your headstart burns to ashes.'

As soon as he finished reading, every letter on the paper formed into a number.

'10… 9…'

Minato acted. He yanked the destructive paper away and threw it on the ground. After ten seconds passed, the paper was covered in flame. The boy stomped the fire until it was extinguished. He would rather not be causing any wildfires today.

He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. Now what? He looked at the closet sign. Apparently, the closest place from here was no other than the capital of Japan, Tokyo.

'Guess that's where I should start,' he thought. Minato opened the envelope with a million yen and took out a ten thousand yen bill; there's no way he would walk all the way to Tokyo from here.


Minato eventually arrived in Tokyo. On his first day, he went to the bank to check on his account, only to discover all the savings he had were still there. He deposited eight hundred thousand into his account. No one suspected him of anything troublesome, strangely enough.

Next, he needed a place to live. He looked for an apartment for a while, before finding one in the outskirts of the middle-class part of Tokyo. Far from the noisier part of city life; his kind of place. He used the money he didn't deposit to assure the landlord he could pay for the place, for a while at least. He needed to find work.

Without a university degree, he would not find any good jobs in the rigid — no, hazardously competitive job market of Japan. (Not that he truly cared about finding a job that much.) He wanted something in the middle of the road, something he at least wouldn't hate and get good enough pay out of.

For now, he took odd jobs to sustain himself, without having to withdraw his savings. He also considered the possibility of going to university or college, but that could come later. This was not the entrance exam season.

As for other development, he slowly felt the connection to the Sea of Soul renewing. And after a few days, he had called his Persona into the world. Comfortingly it was his first Persona, Orpheus, who had answered his call. Slowly his bond to the Sea became stronger and the voice of its inhabitants could be heard by him, yet none of them knew of who the man that had freed him.

For now, he saw no reason to call upon his Persona, except on a rare occasion to remind himself that he still had some purposes in this world: To stop whatever tried to bring its downfall. Without this purpose, he would rather still be the Great Seal, knowing that his suffering still protected his friends.

All of his friends in SEES, the people of Tatsumi Port Island — he missed them and it saddened him that he could never see them again, but one he missed more than others.

'Aigis...' He thought of her every night; his best of friends, his protector, his lover. 'Aigis. '

But in the end, he had already made peace with that fact when he became the Great Seal. It was something he could easily drown out with jobs and hobbies, but what seemed to help him the most was thinking of what he must do here. That was both a reminder and a question.

Something told him this place isn't as plain as meet the eye. He was proven correct one a night while he returned to his apartment.


Minato was walking back to his apartment with a grocery plastic bag in hand and his trusty earset over his head. If there was one thing he liked about 2016, it was that there was so much music he had to catch up with. Not a single day went by where he didn't listen to something new — new to him at least.

On the way though, he saw a bush rustling. He stared at it for a few seconds to see what came next. He did not expect a midget with a rice straw package for a head to step out of the bush; it also smelled like natto. The bluenette remembered this little thing from a children's book about Japanese folk spirits, the yokai; this one was called Natto Kozo. [1]

He stared at it and it stared at him. The sweat seemed to spread across its straw head-if that was even possible.

"You can't see me, right human?" it asked nervously.

Minato nodded. The yokai stiffened.

"You nodded because you didn't see me right?" it asked.

Minato raised an eyebrow and then shook his head, his cold expression still on his face. Why would he have nodded in the first place if he didn't see it? Now it was really sweating, made worse by the fact that its sweat also smelled like natto, the most pungent food in Japan.

Finally, after a full five minutes of a staring contest with the little creature in silence, it spoke again.

"You are not going to leave, are you?" it asked again, still nervous and somewhat fearful. He shook his head. There was another pause. "Then I will just have to kill you!" it said, pretending to lunge at him. The boy did not even flinch. At this, the yokai knew it had one option left. "Screw this!" it said and ran off.

He followed. Maybe this could be his first clue as to what he must look for in this world. Chasing the little thing wasn't that difficult, especially with its short legs, but Minato kept his distance from it. He should let it lead him to where it was heading. Maybe he would find something more that way rather than interrogating the little guy.

That was his original plan until Natto Kozo bumped into something and fell on its back. It was something… strange… It also looked like…

"A Shadow?" Minato muttered to himself, trying to comprehend the creature it front of him.

It took a form of a woman with green skin that seemed to be almost half-mantis.

"Well, what do we have here? A little yokai and a little boy." She took a threatening step forward. "How shall I deal with you? I didn't even know yokai exist. Maybe I should bring you back to the professor — he would be interested in you. Maybe you could come too little boy, so you can be just like me: a Daimon." [2]

Well, at least he knew this wasn't a Shadow. Minato was a little bit relieved by the fact that the possibility of something like the treacherous Tower of Tartarus would appear had been decreased. Still, whatever this thing was, he could feel an obvious sign of malevolence coming from it.

A Persona within the Sea of Soul began to faintly whisper to him. Strange, he did not recognize her.

She said that the creature in front of him had possessed an innocence and a minimal amount of holy energy was required to kill it. She emphasized on 'minimal', apparently understanding the nature of some holy Personas within the Sea of Soul.

As he communed with her, the Natto Kozo ran back to him and hid behind his leg. It snapped him back to the reality with a shout. "Human! Do something!"

He supposed he could use some combat exercise. It had been a week now since his last fight. He needed to hone his skill or else he would get rusty. He took out his Evoker.

"A gun? Against that thing? Really human?" the yokai asked sarcastically. But the disappointment turned to shock when he pointed it at his head. "W-what are you doing?!"

"Oh come on now, being Daimon isn't that bad. You would just lose your freedom to think and get a lot of power in return," she half-offered, half-joked. He could feel that she wouldn't care if he took his own life one way or another.

A Persona with the ability to cleanse this creature had already answered him. She was a bit of an overkill, but anyone would do. Now all he had to to do was pull the trigger.


He felt the familiar sensation. Something reached deep into his mind. It wasn't pleasant or terrible, just feeling. Then the chilly liquid spilled over the other side of his head along with broken barrier of his conscience. The feeling of something burst forth followed, then the sense of connection with his Persona followed.

He smiled. In this case, it was a pleasant feeling.

I am Thou, Thou art I.

A being made of pure sunlight materialized, her light immediately illuminating the night as if it was the middle of the day.

I am one of the first three gods. I am the mother of this land.

A long katana was in one hand and its sheath in the other. The blade was deadly sharp.

When I abandoned this land, the people and gods alike suffered in the dark.

A fan-like shield strapped to each of her wrists, connected by a string of hanging fan-blades behind her that reflect her light, intensified its shine.

I bring forth the dawn and all its glorious blessing.

The Natto Kozo stumbled back, shaking before fainting at what he thought he could never witness in his life.

I bring forth the Sun and all its burning might.

The Daimon stepped back in fear and awe. It knew that it would stand no chance, but fear held it in place. It was unable to run.

I am Amaterasu.

The third observer, whom none could see, could not believe what was happening before her eyes.

You shall pay dearly for daring to corrupt one of my people, creature.

She pointed her katana at it, the light embedded within the blade. She held it up in the air and unleashed the power of the Sun.


A/N: And that's it.

[1] From anime 'Nurarihyon no Mago.' It's a common yokai, but this one is specifically from this franchise.

[2] I will be frank, I had never watched Sailor Moon so all the info is off from the wiki. If the speech pattern are off or if something is wrong, tell me about it I will fix them; but please don't be rude. She was an OC villain, or rather fodder with be better word.