Will's POV :

I looked back and forth between Mike and Richie only just noticing the similarities between the two, Eddie looked like he only just noticed as well as Mike and Richie looking for differences. Mike and Richie looked like they were trying to find some sort of difference, there was a slight bit of desperation Richie's eyes while Mike's held a sliver of hope. Mike looked away first but only to begin pacing back and forth muttering to himself, "Do any of you guys know what is happening?" I asked utterly perplexed at the scene before me, all I got in response was a chorus of no's and complete silence from Richie. I was feeling worried again, wondering what could have Mike and Richie so shaken up, I looked at Eddie and nodded. Eddie nodded back and we backed away from the group as they kept their eyes trained on Mike and Richie's odd behavior; Eddie and I stood a ways away, "So, what do ya need Will?" Eddie questioned, "I need to practice and I want a partner, are you available to hangout after school?" I responded feeling quite stressed. "I'll check with my mom the instant I get home." He murmured as we began to walk back towards the group, "Ok, call me when you have an answer and you know the way." I muttered loud enough for him to hear but for no other prying ears to get ahold of our conversation.

Eddie got permission from his helicopter of a mom to come over to my house for a sleepover, I had told him that he should bring his uniform and some music that he uses for practice. I got up when I heard knocking on my door, I open the door and I see Eddie standing there with a dufflebag and his backpack, "Lemme guess, medicine and extra pillows or blankets?" I asked joking, he blushed and nodded, "Yep, where shall we practice though?" Eddie asked. "We can do it in the living room because there isn't enough space in my room." I explained feeling a bit on edge, "Ok then!" Eddie said seeming to be excited. I went to my room and grabbed my outfit, "Eddie the room right next to mine is the restroom if you need to change." I stated, Eddie nodded and grabbed his uniform and went into the restroom to change. I turned back to my room and I changed into my ballet uniform. I stood outside of the restroom waiting for Eddie so we could set up a sleeping area, Eddie opened the door and jumped to find me standing there, "Need something?" he giggled, I laughed "only you, we need to set up a sleeping area then we can begin to practice.", he blushed at first but then started laughing at my joke, "Okay, let's go get this stuff set up." he was still giggling but so was I.

We finished getting our sleeping areas set up in my room and we walked to my living room, "So do you want the windows open or closed?" I asked, "Hmmm, I think we should have them open because the sun is still out." he stated looking very sure that his judgment was gonna help us in some way. I laughed and went over to the windows, I opened them and felt a warm breeze flow through the room, "Ready?" I asked, "Yep!" Eddie chirped. We began our routine

~Time Skip because I don't know anything about ballet~

We decided to take a break, we left the music on and we went to get some water from the kitchen, I grabbed two glasses out of the cupboard and I put them down on the counter. Eddie was sitting at the table waiting politely for his glass of water, I saw him spacing out slightly looking out a window, I giggled at this and I went back to getting the water. Eddie drank his water quite fast and stretched, I drank my water slower and looked outside hoping to space out for a few minutes, instead I caught sight of two pairs of eyes. One of them realized that I had seen them and they ran, I looked out the door to see who it was and I saw the ever iconic hat of Dustin Henderson. I sigh softly feeling scared, I knew that the other person could only be Lucas Sinclair, my other friend who always spends time with Dustin even though they argue more than Eddie and Richie. I felt tears welling up in my eyes, the world was spinning so I took a seat as an attempt to slow down, my thoughts were flying by a mile a minute, I felt sick like I wanted to throw up. I didn't know what to do, I flinched when I felt a pair of arms wrap around me in a protective manner, "Will? Will can you hear me?" Eddie sounded worried, I nodded but I just stared at the place where they had been standing last feeling way too many emotions flooding my mind and body, I felt like I was gonna pass out. There wasn't enough air and the world was spinning faster and faster, Eddie was trying to talk to me but I couldn't hear him over the roaring of the storm brewing in my mind. There were blinding colors, loud noise and screaming filling my mind, I didn't know what to focus on, there were black spots beginning to fill up the blinding area some how making me feel even more blinded, everything hurt and then as the world went dark I felt nothing.

Eddie's POV :

~5 minutes ago~

I chugged my water feeling as though I needed hydration in that moment more than I had before in my life, I looked over at Will and saw that he was staring out the window in a slight daze. I took deep breathes and thought of what we could do next, we could practice more but we still needed to take showers as to not be disgusting in the morning, I shuddered at the thought of waking up covered in sweat. I heard a chair scrape across the floor, I turned towards the noise and I saw Will rushing towards the door, I followed a little behind him and I saw two boys running around the bend, I saw Will swaying back and forth as though he were very off balance or drunk and then he just fell to his knees. I rushed over to him and pulled him into a hug, "Will? Will can hear me?" I asked, feeling worry washing over me from head to toe, Will only nodded in response but was looking paler and paler by the minute, he was hyperventilating and it looked as though he couldn't breathe, "Will? WILL?! STAY HERE! I'LL GET MY INHALER!" I was screaming in panic hoping that he would stay awake and give me enough time to get my inhaler to help him get air back into his lungs, I rummaged through my medicine bag trying to find my inhaler, when I found it I rushed back over to Will. I rushed over and saw that his eyes were closed and he was breathing evenly, he was still pale but he looked more peaceful than when he was awake, I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized he had only passed out. I carefully dragged and or carried him over to our sleeping areas and set him on his sleeping bag, I went back to the front of the house and closed the door, then I got changed and went to bed.