Disclaimer: I own nothing relevant, I just like to rhyme.

There's this kid, like twelve years old
New to this, but brave and bold
He is quite the little charmer
Weaponless, and without armor

Swinging by on flimsy thread
This one's gonna end up dead
in a pair of sweats, to boot
– No, I'm making him a suit

I remember snow and cold
Freezing, struggling, feeling old
I'd have given anything
For the warmth of early spring

He can swing and fight, but still
He's not immune to getting ill
He's a tiny thing, this Peter
– So! The suit must have a heater

I remember being lost
Freedom at a dreadful cost
Everywhere was sand and sun
All alone – it wasn't fun

If he leaves New York behind him
I must have a way to find him
I'm sure Peter will agree
– Add a tracker, then, or three

I remember, in short flashes,
Shocking, bright and painful lashes
Cool, in its simplicity;
Whips of electricity

If the kid had met that dude
He would have been barbequed
– Add a defense to his suit;
Let his webs electrocute

I remember when she fell;
I reached, I missed, I heard her yell
Desperation, panic, pain
That will
not occur again

Too much? I don't give a shit
If I'm not there to baby-sit
Then I can put a parachute
In Peter Parker's Spidey-suit

A scare; I took his suit away
Of course he went out anyway
Without the suit that would protect him
To a fight that almost wrecked him

I couldn't help, I didn't know
He fought alone against his foe
And he saved the day, as well
He's a keeper, I can tell

I should keep him safe, and close
He can't wear those useless clothes
As the team's newest recruit
– He will need a better suit