Chapter Two

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-281AC Riverrun -

It was a cold dark night at Castle Riverrun, the ancestral home of House Tully. There was no moon in the sky and a cold chill permeated the night down to the very bone. It was as if winter had come early and was now gripping you in its icy embrace. The men of the castle could not help but feel uneasy at this. The fact that the land around the castle was as quiet as the dead did not help to ease this feeling.

The only sound that they could hear was the cries of a woman in pain. This woman was one Catelyn Stark, wife of Eddard Stark, Lord Paramount and Warden of the North. She was in pain due to the fact that she was in the process of giving birth. Midwives ran around the castle getting everything ready for the birth of the heir to the North.

This should have been such a joyful event for everyone in the castle but sadly it was not. For in the darkness of this cold night a great fear gripped the hearts of all living beings and creatures in the land. From the smallest of animals to grown men inside the castle, they could all feel a primal fear wash over them like cold water. It was not the type of fear that made one wish to run for the hills, but one that made you feel as if a great evil was rising from the depths of Hell. The only question was for who was it rising?

- Unknown, Essos-

In front of a small fire, a naked woman with long red hair was on her knees, praying to her god. She prayed for guidance and visions of a future yet to come. This woman was known as Melisandre, a Red Priestess of the god R'hllor, the Lord of Light.

"Oh, great and powerful R'hllor, Lord of Light, I beseech you! Guide me, your servant, so as to better serve your will! Show me what is to come and how to bring your light to this dark world." She prayed with all her heart, hoping her god would hear her and answer.

She would wish that he had not for the small fire transformed into a roaring blaze, and within its dancing flames, she saw flashes of images. Things that made her skin turn pale with fear and caused a feeling of dread so powerful that she could not bring herself to breathe. In the flames, she saw a beautiful golden lion fall to a mighty wolf, a graceful stag whose body was pierced by arrows, snakes without heads, and a great red castle and the throne inside it razed to the ground. Despite these terrible images, they were not what inflamed her dread.

No, it was the last image that halted her breath in her lungs. For the last thing, she saw in the flames was a man. This man was dressed in black and stood with the grace of a true king, with such power that the world itself could fall on him and he would not budge a single inch. His features held such beauty that it was difficult at first glance to tell if he was man or woman and had a smile so evil that it could cause a dragon to tremble with fear and submission.

The last thing she saw was the eyes. These eyes seemed to pierce the body and soul. The eyes that could look inside you and find your deepest, darkest secrets. Then there was the red, bird-like symbol, that even through the fire, she could tell held power. Melisandre looked into the eyes for but a second, perhaps even less, and that was all it took for her to see her death and the death of anything that stood in the way of this ma- no… this demon.

The fire disappeared as if its very existence was snuffed out, and the vision faded with it. Melisandre was on her hands and knees, desperately trying to catch her breath and calm herself, but despite her efforts, she could not halt the shaking that coursed through her body. "What was that? Who was that? What does this vision mean?" She asked herself as tears of fear began to fall from her eyes.

-Back at Riverrun-

Catelyn Stark's cries of pain continued to fill the room as she struggled to give birth to her child. The pain was unbearable, and she felt like she would not make it. In her head, she prayed to the Seven, 'Please just let my child be born. Take me if you have to but let him or her come into this world safely.' Tears ran down her face and the fear that her praying would go unanswered started to set in.

"My lady that is it. Just keep pushing, you are almost most there." a midwife assured her.

Grabbing the sheets of her bed till her knuckles turned white, she let out a mighty cry that could rival the battle cry of the greatest and most feared warrior and pushed hard. When it was over, and her energy was spent, her head fell back onto the pillow of her bed.

"You did it milady, congratulations you have given birth to twins." The same midwife told her over the cries of a child.

She smiles, 'Twins! I have had twins!' So happy she was, that she felt her heart sing with joy at the news, but that joy soon turned to terror. For she could only hear the cries of one child and not two. Opening her eyes quickly she looked wildly for her children in the room. Once she spotted them she called out in a frightful voice. "My child, what is wrong with my child! I only hear one voice what is wrong?!"

"Calm, milady calm." The midwife walked over to show her the children. "See my lady he only sleeps that is all."

With tears in her eyes, she opens her arms to take one child in each and cries as she thanks the gods over and over for answering her prayer.

-281AC, Riverrun, a 2 months after the birth-

Eddard Stark, Lord Paramount of the North rode hard to Riverrun. The war was over and the Targaryens were dead, save only a handful. A war that started with his sister Lyanna Stark's abduction by the now dead Prince Rhaegar Targaryen was over. It had ended with the death of countless men, women, and children. Even his own sister, for whom he fought so hard to save had died in the end. So much death and for what? A prince who couldn't put his people's needs before his own desires and a mad King who decided to execute her family instead of seeing her returned.

So much weighed on his mind as he rode on. The death of his Father and older brother, burnt alive on the orders of the Mad King. The death of his sister, who died leaving him with her child. Then there was the Mountain, Ser Gregore Clegane and another knight known as Ser Armory Lorch. They'd raped and murdered Elia Martell of Dorne, before splitting her children's skulls with their blades. Eddard had called for the heads of both men for their despicable act, but his friend and new King Robert Baratheon would not hear it, for in his anger he only saw joy at the death of Elia Martell and her children. Lastly was the baby Jon that he had in his arms right now. His sister's child, not that any would know it. For he knew if word got out that Lyanna had a child born of Rhaegar's seed, Jon's life would end before it had even begun. The only joy he could find right now was in the knowledge of his twin sons being born.

Finally, after days of hard and endless riding, Eddard and his small party of men entered the yard of the Great Castle of Riverrun. He handed Jon off to his trusted man-at-arms, Rodrick Cassel, and commanded him to look after him and keep him safe. He knew his new wife and her family would not receive him well if they found out about him at this time.

"Yes milord, I will look after him as if he were my own." Rodrik Cassel told his lord.

Making his way into the castle, Eddard's mind turned to the joy and excitement that only a father could feel at the thought of finally getting to meet his children for the first time. Being led by his Good-Father Hoster Tully to the room where his children and wife were, he hears the sweet sounds of a baby giggling. Upon entering the room, he is greeted by his wife. "Hello, my lord husband, may I present to you your sons." Catelyn Stark said with a breath-taking smile that reminded Eddard of how beautiful she really was.

She made her way towards him, carrying one of the babies in her arms. The midwife handed the other baby. Taking them into his arms he looked upon his sons, taking in their looks. One of the babies had a small amount of brown hair with startling grey eyes which seemed to hold ungodly levels of intelligence. The grey eyes seemed to scan Ned critically, analyzing him, before sighing and going back to sleep. The other had red-brown hair with blue eyes reminiscent of any child born of Tully blood. This child started to cry from the moment he was placed in his arms but that did not bother Ned, for at this moment in time if only for a minute, all his worries and fears were lost to the wind as he beheld his sons.

Looking over at his wife he asks, "What are their names?"

Smiling at Ned Catelyn answered him, "Well the one with the grey eyes is the eldest and I thought we could call him Lelouch and the youngest with the blue eyes, I thought we could call Robb after the king and your friend."

Eddard's face took on a slightly puzzled expression. He had no problem with the name Robb, but Lelouch was a very odd name. "Why Lelouch?" He asked, looking again to Catelyn.

With a puzzled look on her face, Catelyn begins to search her mind for the reason that she had picked the name and found she could not find it. She had never thought on it before and decided to give Eddard a straight answer. "In all honesty, I was going to name him after your father or brother, but… somehow Lelouch just felt… right to me. We could always change it if you wish, my love."

Thinking it over for a bit Ned felt it was alright. For some inexplicable reason, the name fit. 'Why not Lelouch? It was not a bad name, sure it was a bit odd but fitting for some reason.' He thought. "No, that is fine. It is different from what most would name a child but it's a good name."

He would never know that something far more powerful than he had influenced him into thinking that.

-Lelouch's perspective-

'So, this is my new Father.' Lelouch thought as he glanced over at his Father, analyzing him. 'He seems a bit uptight and serious to me, but it looks like he'll be a better Father than the last one.' Lelouch thought as he lay still in Eddard's arms. He had already had two months to come up with an opinion on his new Mother, whom he found to be a bit stuck-up and conceited, though he assumed this had more to do with her upbringing as a noble than anything else.

He sighed outwardly and snuggled himself closer to Eddard as he thought back to what Death had told him about his new family and House. That House Stark was one of the poorest of the major Houses, and that it was located in the northern part of the Kingdom, having a large number of natural resources but was hard pressed to make use of them due to the cold climate. The worst thing, however, was that the Starks and the North as a whole were known for their honesty and blunt nature. This meant that the people were both naive and poor when it came to politics.

'This will be harder than I first thought, but I have worked with less than this before.' Lelouch thought to himself as he looked over to his brother. 'Now the biggest question is why Death felt the need to put me in the body of a newborn and not someone at least a bit older.' He was quickly finding that there was nothing quite so horrible as having the mind of a young man in his late teens, and yet being trapped in the body of a baby. Another sigh resonated through his head when he began to once again feel hungry. 'Well, I had best start whining so I will be fed. This is so incredibly demeaning.'