Hi everyone! For many years I've been a Transformers fan. Though I like staying true to original content, I'm going to do some tweaking to the movie story. As in, I'm go the direction I would hope the movies go, but that's a long shot. Now, I haven't given up on my other stories, I just need a change from time to time, so that I won't give up on it. Feel free to ask questions. I don't own Transformers. I'm just a crazy fan that loves Optimus, and Bee-bee. By the way, pardon my writing, I'm not a Times writer or editor. I'm doing this to learn, have fun, and do what I love.


Transformers: The Young Prime

Electricity pulsated in the sweltering air. From the electricity emerged a human shaped bot. She fell to her hands and knees, letting her body adjust after being torn apart then rebuilt. Violet optics gazed around the dunes, and sand that hissed on the breeze. Rising from the ground, she focused her energy on staying a foot above the sand. Optimus and his comrade Bumblebee may have taken this victory, but she would rather rust then let them claim her pride.

Quintessa glided from dune to dune. Slowly a town polluted with humans grew. As she got within half a mile, magazine pages filtered in the air like a drunken bird, then tumbled before her. Brown eyes glazed up under an indigo shawl, framing the woman's commanding features.

Unlike the Autobots and Decepticons, Quintessa didn't need a full model to scan, and mimic a form. All she needed was an image. And this one mildly pleased her.

Using more of her remaining energy, she transformed into a human, and let the wind play with the clothing. Scanning the area, she followed telephone wires, leaving uneven footprints behind. She soon stood under a transformer high on the pole. Leaning heavily against the dusty pole, silver tendrils snaked from her fingertips. The tendrils twisted, and wove up to the transformer, then dove through the protective covering like butter.

Power rippled through her, and soon she stood tall again. Though she was no longer in danger of falling into stasis lock, she still lacked her former power, but that had to wait. Closing her eyes, she reached out to one of her soldiers, far on Cybertron.

Perched on the old facility's highest peak, Razorblade watched the bright yellow, and black plumes of explosions grow like fungi. Blazing plumes that grew ever nearer. Constant tremors shock his vary core, and rumbles echoed below in the hollow halls. He would have left as soon as the first tremor hit, and saw the Autobots fly for the Ignition Chamber. But he had 'nest duty,' as Infernocous jested.

"Razorblade…" Murmured the distant voice of Quintessa on his communicator. "Bring the pod to Egypt. And don't let them get ahold of it."

"As you wish, my Creator." He replied, then leaped into the air, and transformed into a Kawaski OH-1 helicopter. He flew through the facility long abandoned. Cables hung from the walls that where coated in rust, and a mixer of ash and dirt piled into small dunes all though the complex. And naked windows looked out to the nearing chose.

The only clean room in the facility was two floors down, and occupied most of the west wing. The room gleamed with silver and black walls. Thin screens of green projected vitals that beeped strongly. Razorblade halted, then slowly neared the pod that sat close to the computers.

"What the scrap?" He said, and touched the pod that once was violet an hour an ago, but now was a brilliant blue.

"Aren't you a persistent one." He grumbled to the pod.

After wrapping chains around the gel like pod, he pushed a button on the computer, and the walls shook violently. Glass vials and beakers fell, and tools rattled as the ceilings opened to the main floor. Transforming, he rose with rust and ash blooming into the air. Rising with the pod was slow work. And the crumbling walls, and electrical explosions didn't help his growing headache.

Once the pod was just above ground level, he tore off as fast as his propellers could go. But the twenty-five foot pod might as well have been an anchor. Support beams and roof plates crashed around him. And with every piece of rubble that clattered against him, he wanted to release the chain, and let the chose have its sacrifice.

Sunlight glistened on his propellers, and soon even the pod glowed in the light as the facility was consumed by dirt and flame. Razorblade took to the free air, and welcomed its coolness. Then the occupant of the pod grew restless, and turned this way and that.

"Keep still youngin', and don't hatch on me!" He snapped, and the occupant slowly grew still, though it trembled, and he had enough of tremors.

"Stop shaking!" He barked, and the trembling grew faint, but didn't stop.

Cybertron drifted away, still slowly pulled itself together. Green grew steadily on the horizon, but the peace ended with the howling wind of jets closing in.

"Identify yourself." Ordered one of the pilots.

"Great." He grumbled, and turned as they flew around him. Missiles took off with white smoke trailing behind, chasing the jets. Razorblade continued, not watching the pilots fly toured one another, and the missals exploded into a red and black flower.

The pilots sent missiles after him, and he let the chain go to evade them. Freed, he tore after them with greater speed then any normal helicopter. The jets tore around him, but he rained armor piercing rounds on them, and both jets fell to the sea.

Razorblade hovered over the water, and scanned for the pod. But all he found was a pod of blue whales that didn't allow his scans to go beyond their songs.

"Frag this." He grumbled as more jets appeared on his scanners, and turned tail for land.

Meanwhile beneath the water, the whales sang around the sinking pod that rode the tide. The songs slowly calmed the thrashing occupant of the pod. But soon they moved on. Leaving the pod in the bosom of the sea. And the occupant grew still.

Optimus watched large plates seal together from the main deck of the ship. Though Cybertron was almost whole, he still saw the ruined lands were cities once flourished. It also was smaller, which made his spark ache. But it still was Cybertron. It still was home.

"Optimus Prime," Addressed Stormreign, flanked by Hammerfoot and Steelbane. Optimus stood to attention, forcing his optics to meet the knight's.

"The Guardians haven't forgot your crime—"

"It wasn't his fault!" Bumblebee stated, stepping to his commander's side. "Quintessa—"

"We know what she did. Step aside." Ordered Stormreign, but Bumblebee stood his ground, till Optimus put his hand on his shoulder. Bumblebee gazed up to his commander, then stepped aside with down cast optics.

"On normal circumstances, we would have executed you by now. But you did help stop Quintessa. So, we charge you to not let Cybertron fall, even if it means sacrificing your spark."

"Believe me when I say this," Optimus replied. "I don't aim it let our home die again."

"We'll hold you to that." Stormreign and the two others left.

"That was close," said Crosshairs, striding to look over Drift's shoulder as he piloted the ship. "I half expected Bee to start ripping him apart."

"Don't tempt me." Bumblebee grumbled.

"Easy now," Ordered Optimus. "They are our allies, and our home can't survive any more skirmishes."

"I'm with Prime on this one," Hound stated, gazing down to the remains of a city, or what could have been one. It all looked like the Sea of Rust expanded, and left partially standing skeletons of buildings. "Earth's graveyards are cheerier then this."

None argued. All they could do was watch the Capital of Iacon grow closer.

"Well," said Drift with mildly forced cheer. "It's better than nothing."

"Yeah, and that junkyard we had to wallow in." replied Crosshairs.

"Hay, I'm picking up a transition from earth. And you're not going to believe who it is." Stated Bumblebee. He tuned up the transmission as Optimus and Hund joined him.

"Hello, can you hear me now?" asked the voice through the static.

"This is Optimus prime, we read you Sideswipe."

"Ah, man I'm glade your back! Hay, what can a mech do to get a ride home?"

"After we have secured a location to setup a base, we will return to earth to hunt down our enemies."

"The scanners are picking up something over here." Announced Crosshairs.

"Stand by." Optimus ordered Sideswipe, and went to stand behind Crosshair. On the red terminal with arched quadrant lines, two dots crept past Mars.

"Where will they landfall?" asked Optimus.

"Around Inverness Scotland."

Optimus marched back, and leaned over Bumblebee's shoulder.

"Sideswipe, what's your location?"

"A place in England with hordes of cows."

"Two transformers will landfall in Scotland. Go there to investigate who they are, and report back."

"Roger Prime."

Drift guided the ship to a more stable and clear ground of the city. Rust chips bloomed into the air as the ship landed, and the Autobots gathered in the hanger. Most just stared out, breathing in the air, and taking in the sight. Optimus was the first to walk off the ship, and knelt to scoop up a handful of dirt and rust. Bumblebee was second, and stood by Optimus. Then he looked down to what his commander was staring at, he fell to his knees too.

Beneath the dirt and rust was a clump of grass that shimmered silver in the wind. The others gathered around. And like a switch being flipped, Drift and Crosshairs started play wrestling one another.

"I'll be scared." Chuckled Hound, receiving a slap on the back from Crosshair, whom placed Drift on a headlock.

"We're home in all its rusty glory!" Crosshairs howled.

The Knights and Dinobots started to wander around. Hund started marching off on his own, gazing up to the starry sky. But Optimus remained still, and let the dirt slip from his fingers. Bumblebee gazed at him with his wide blue optics.

"Optimus?" he asked, and he saw a glint of fluid leak from his commander's optic. Optimus looked to him then back to the grass, then started to gently push more dirt and rust away. He found more grass, but also a sign that Bumblebee helped him dig out. The neon paint was faded, and scarcely readable. But they recognized it, it was the sign of Aurora Spring; the capitals park, and once among the shimmering jewels of Iacon. Bumblebee looked around, trying to summon his memories of the park, but nothing matched to what laid before him.

"I need to see about something," Optimus stated. "Keep an eye on everyone, and be on the lookout for Decepticons."

He then leaped into the air, and with the mini jets in his legs, he flew westward. Iron rods of buildings stood slanted. And a single wall with a glassless window, looked ready to crumble at the next breeze. Optimus flew for an hour, then landed on a hill that looked over a smoldering pile of blackened metal and ash. He kicked off running down the hill, then knelt to pry hot rods and ash away. But with every scrap he dug away, something slid in its place.

After a while he stopped, and watched the debris cave over. His dirt coated hands coiled around ash and dirt. And his body trembled as he tried to hold back his optic fluid. He stayed there for long time. Long enough for dawn to start creeping to the horizon. Rising to his feet, he staggered back, then took to the sky. And never had his spark twisted so painfully.

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And I know, Bee is talking. But unlike Bay, I like consistency. So, Bee is keeping his voice! But on rare occasions he will us his old means of communication. Lastly, if you get a little confused with terms, try to find Transformers Dictionary by Pagen Godess. I'm using it as a term guide, because I'm not a mechanic in the slightest bit! But still feel free to ask anything. Okay, take care!