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Blazing along the highway drove Sideswipe, in his sleek red Lamborghini form. Street lights glistened off his windscreen, and the roar of his engine echoed off the buildings into the night. Hardly any humans where out, so he ran past the annoying lights undisturbed. The town bleared by, then he soon tore through the countryside.

Whoever was arriving to earth would have landed by now. As he neared the landfall location, he listened intently for the smallest of sounds. Pulling off onto a gravel road, he followed it till he was clear of human eyes. His body rose and turned as he transformed, then he skated along the road on his wheels. A ribbon of smoke rose into the sky, distorting the stars. He trudged through the fields to two craters. The damp grass still burned in scattered clusters. From the craters lead a trail of disturbed grass. He followed the trail to a small town, then skated along the outskirts till he heard loud clanging.

Ducking low, Sideswipe dashed to an old garage to take cover. Peering around the corner, he saw a large shadow dart into an alley, and a heard hosed voice. Blades slowly formed on his arms as he skated to the buildings, and closed in on his target.

"Stop that!" Angerly hissed the voice. "Spit it out right now, you don't know where it's been!"

Sideswipe felt his spark jolt to the sound of the voice, and peered around the corner to see his twin.

Sunstreaker gazed up from the energy pulse that made his spark fluctuate. The last time he felt like this—the feeling of being whole—was when his twin was with him. After what seemed like an eternity of searching, there his twin stood. For a moment he thought he was just having another charge vision. Then he noticed how alien his brother's armor was.

With his hand still in the mouth of the insecticon, it chomped down on his hand. He yelped and released the small bot, and it charged for Sideswipe.

"Bob, no! Bad boy!" Sunstreaker yelled as it plowed straight into the stunned Sideswipe. He came back to his senses as Bob sniffed and licked his face. Grabbing the bot, he held it up as Sunstreaker darted to his side, and pulled Bob off his brother.

"Sorry about that." He said, letting Bob go, then found himself in his brother's embrace. He hugged him back, and they parted when Bob tried to squeeze in.

"Where in the smelting pits have you been? I thought you were on the Ark." Sideswipe stated.

"I never got the chance to board." Sunstreaker replied, then continued. "Cons where closing in on us. Someone needed to face the hoard, and I wasn't about to let Slide face them alone."

"Then what happened?" Sideswipe asked when his twin grew silent with down casted optics.

"The Ark left, and nearly made it if not for Screamer." Sunstreaker growled. "Slide and I fought them off, but after she got injured we retreated."

Sunstreaker bowed his head as fists clenched at his side. Bob gazed up to him, then put his spiky head against his leg.

"Say no more," Sideswipe murmured, and pulled his twin closer. "Come on let's find you a vehicle mode, and ring up the others."

Sideswipe transformed into his Lamborghini form, but his brother turned into their native alt-mode. Their native vehicle mode resembled a mixer of an earth car, and a pod. But unlike most, Sunstreaker's was more oval, and a pale yellow.

The twins and insecticon drove around the town, avoiding humans, but couldn't find a worthy form for mimic. Thus, they headed for a nearby city, while avoiding late night commuters.

"So," said Sideswipe. "When did you start keeping bugs for company?"

"When I grew tired of being a loner." Sunstreaker replied.

Bob gazed to him, and kneaded happily on Sunstreaker as the wind pushed back his antennae.

"Music!" Bob barked in the Decepticon language.

"You couldn't teach him Modern Autobot?" Sideswipe grumbled.

"I did, it's just he prefers the one he's always known." Sunstreaker mumbled, and tapped into earth's radio channels, turning his speakers on for Bob.

"What the pit is this?" Sunstreaker asked as a Nicki Minaj song came on. Bob started to cower, and scrape at his sound processors as he whimpered. He then changed the channel, and landed on a song by Simple Minds. Bob immediately stopped, and perked up joyfully to the song.

"Yeah, I don't care about that fleshy's music too." Sideswipe stated.

"That passes for music on this dust ball?" Sunstreaker asked. "Forget the car, let's go home!"

"I second your motion, but you need to blend in…well, well enough anyway."


"Because humans will hunt us down if we aren't careful."

Sunstreaker pulled to a stop, and Sideswipe turned to meet him as the music stopped.

"Since when did we excepted 'carful', in our vocabulary?" Sunstreaker asked.

"Sunny, this isn't a safe world for us. Never has, or will."

"You've gone soft." Grumbled Sunstreaker.

"No, I haven't! Hide, Hatchet, and Jazz died here." Sideswipe stated, hating the bitterness that accompanied the names that once brought memories of pranks, and warmth. Sunstreaker grew still, and Bob laid down on him.

"Give me names." He growled.

"Let's talk about this later."

"No, now!"

"Sunny, please."

Sunstreaker remained still as time slowly crept by, then slowly moved forward along side his brother.

"I'm sorry Sunny."

The remainder of the trip was spent in silence. When they came to a city, Sideswipe lead the way through back ways and dark tunnels to a car dealership. Fancy, and extremely expensive cars sat on display. From muscle to sports cars, Sunstreaker examined the sleek vehicles. Some were pleasing to look at, but most he ignored. Then he saw the line of Lamborghinis, and nodded his head in approval.

"I've seen better, but it'll do." Sunstreaker murmured, and scanned the vehicle.

"You're still hard to please." Sideswipe grumbled. And watched his brother transform slowly, letting his body adjust to the new form.

"Come on Bob!" Sunstreaker called, swinging open his door. Bob crawled in, and snuggled down after turning in a circle.

"Okay, lets get out of here before humans come." Sideswipe ordered, and transformed to speed off into the night with his brother hot on his heel.

"Hay, this is Sideswipe to base." He called through his commlink.

"We read you," replied the static voice of Bumblebee. "How's things down there?"

"Well, bad news is; the humans still hate us, and want us dead. Good news is, the Lambo Twins are now in business! Plus one!"

"Sunny is back?"

"You bet your aft he is!"

"That's awesome. Okay, get to a safe place, and standby for us to get back to you."

"I take it you're not sending a ride down for us." Sideswipe grumbled.

"Not yet, sorry. But you will get up here soon. Try to stay out of trouble. And Sunny isn't the only newcomer, something big landed in the middle-east."

"How big?"

"Spaceship big. And I have a felling it's not Autobot, so be careful."

Sideswipe sighed, and pulled off into a tunnel with his brother.

"Okay, but I'm holding you to your word on getting us out of here." He growled, and cut off the line. Sideswipe slowed to a stop, and Sunstreaker pulled up next to him.

"Come on," His twin murmured. "Let's find a place to recharge, and we can catch up in the morning."

"Alright." Sideswipe mumbled, and drove slowly alongside his brother. And they pasted graffiti on Anti-Autobot posters of Optimus Prime, and Bumblebee.

Quintessa stood on a dune, looking to the pyramids that suffered heavy damage. Humans scrambled around like ants trying to repair their mound. She wondered how her former master could allow himself be part of a planet crawling with parasites. Unicron was a god, a mighty worrier that could easily best his brother. Now he is shattered, and rusted.

"I thought a hated you before," She murmured to the wind. "Now I also feel shame."

The sound of an approaching jet drew her attention to the sky. She saw the familiar form followed by a space ship. It was a battel ship with parts from other ships, making patches of miss-matching colors. But in whole, the lower hull was painted red, and the outer deck shun in silver.

Megatron slowed then transformed before her.

"Where is the Pod?" He growled.

"Who are they?" She demanded, but he glowered down at her.

"Razor blade is bringing it. Now tell me, where have you been, and who followed you here?"

"I've been observing the Autobots," He replied. "They've already began setting up base on Cybertron. As for them, they are pirates that only just arrived. I believe they can be an asset."

"I'll be the judge of their value." She stated coldly.

He transformed, and allowed her to climb up into his cockpit. The flight to the ship was short, and Megatron landed on the outer deck smoothly. The Captain of the ship met them, flanked by five bots. Nearly all where armored in hardened gold and silver, and wore white paint. However, the Captain also had aqua paint beneath his armor. And in his hand, was a gold trident. Though the only bot that didn't match, grossly stuck out like a sore thumb. He was an ugly yellow bot that looked like he never saw a drop of water or soap.

Quintessa transformed back to her true form, and rose out of Megatron's cockpit. Megatron transformed, and stood guard beside her.

"Welcome, Quintessa, Prime of Life," said the Captain, and bowed with a flourish of his trident. "I'm Halfshell, captain of the Seacon—"

"Terror of the cosmoses!" Interjected the pure silver bot with red paint around his optics.

"We heard you need assistance." Halfshell continued, ignoring Sea Phantom.

"And what makes you think you are worthy?" She asked.

"If you wish a demonstration of our strength, allow God Neptune to fight your champion."

Quintessa arched an eyebrow, and gazed at Megatron at the corner of her eye. He failed her once. If he failed to beat this God Neptune, then she can easily have him executed. If not, then it'll be up to how well this bot can hold his own.

"Very well. Bring forth your champion." She commanded.

"You heard our guest." Halfshell barked, and faced his crew that smiled with equal energon thirst.

Halfshell turned back to Quintessa and Megatron as his four crew members ran, and transformed onto him. He grew with Scylla and Terrormander bonding to his legs. While Coelagon and Sea Phantom bonded to his arms as his aqua, spiked shell formed on his back.

"You might want to get up to the helm, Prime. Things are going to get ugly." Halfshell stated in a morphed voice that sounded like all five where speaking in unison. Quintessa glided to Horri-Bull who bowed, and showed her to an elevator that took them up to the helm. The helm stood high over the outer deck, and offered an ideal view for the fight.

Megaron reached for his long axe, wondering how well his recently mended arm will fare. God Neptune flourished his trident and blaster that looked more like an arm mounted cannon. As they circled each other, Megatron couldn't help but remember the days spent on the gladiator pits. And he smirked to the thought of taking down bots twice the size of God Neptune.

"Don't worry, we'll only beat you within an inch of your life." God Neptune taunted.

"Funny, I was thinking the same." He replied, then leaped aside as the trident swung for him.

Megatron new size mattered, so he danced around his foe's legs, and let God Neptune burn through his energon.

"Stop dancing and face us!" Barked God Neptune.

"With pleasure." Megatron smirked, and leaded to kick his opponent straight in the forehead.

God Neptune staggered back, trying to fend off a barrage of blasts and swings. Finally, he knelt. And Megatron rested his blade on the back of God Neptune's neck. Both parties panted as their systems tried to cool down. Then Quintessa's voice purred loudly over the intercoms.

"Well met," She said. "Come, and let us discuss an agreement."

The pirates pulled away from each other, and Halfshell smiled to Megatron.

"An excellent duel, brother," He said, offering his hand. "You don't disappoint."

Megatron turned away and rode up to the helm. He joined Quintessa's side as the pirates stepped out of the elevator. Halfshell strolled to his chair as Coelagon ordered a small bot to get refreshments. Terrormander pushed the deck control's buttons, and from the glistening floor rose a long table and chairs.

"Please, be seated." Halfshell said as Scylla sat, bot the mechs remained standing.

Quintessa notated the mech's curtesy, and their knowledge of their place. She glided up to a chair across from Halfshell, and the mechs sat. Perhaps they could be of use to her.

"Now, Megatron gave us the short version of the tail," Began Halfshell as Scylla's tentacles snaked over his arm and shoulder. "But what is it you need?"

"It's not about what I need, it's what I want." She stated.

The slave returned with others, all baring gold goblets, and high-grade energon in a diamond pitcher. Halfshell, Quintessa, and Megatron were served first then the others. She couldn't remember the last time she sipped high-grade energon. But it still paled in comparison to what she drank when she was hailed as a goddess. Back then, it tasted sweeter then all of earth's fruits.

"I want Cybertron returned to it's former glory. And I want Unicron destroyed, along with the Autobots."

"So, it's true, the famed leader is here?" Terrormander asked with a glint of excitement in his optics.

"Pardon, my dear Prime," Coelagon addressed. "But did you say, Unicron?"

"You heard correct."

"Who is Unicron?" Scylla asked.

"He is the world eater," Coelagon replied. "He is the lord and father of chaos. And you say he is here?"

"Yes, he laid beneath this planet's soil for countless generations." Quintessa replied.

"We must leave!" He stressed to Halfshell. "I told you this was a cursed planet!"

"At ease, old friend," Halfshell rumbled. "Prime of Life, what would you give us in return?"

"I see you've a taste for gold, silver, and gems," She said, rising her goblet, and looking around the white and gold walls. "If you accomplish what I ask, you may take all the precious metal and gems you wish from this planet."

"And how much is here?" Terrormander asked.

"More than twenty ships can carry."

"Before we agree, tell us how we can destroy a god." Halfshell ordered, leaning forward.

"We will need two weapons; one is on its way, and the other is a sword forged from a star."

"Where can we find such a sword?"

Quintessa leaned back with her arms on the rests, and her chin straight. Halfshell smirked, and leaned forward more.

"You have my blade, and my crew."

Twilight crept toward the dunes on the horizon. Quintessa ride on a speeder; a devise the pirates ride when they transform into their aquatic forms, allowing them to travers without having to be in water. Though for her it was more like riding a superpowered go-kart.

Megatron followed her over the dunes, leaving the canyon the ship hid in. After the sun faded, and stars shone, Quntessa stopped on a dune. There they over looked the excavation sight around one of Unicron's horns. She dismounted, and transformed back into her human form.

"I know the humans can be somewhat resourceful," Megatron stated. "But how can they help destroy a god?"

"With the help of another." She replied.

"And Starbane?"

"It is a mere tool, like your sword. Remember that, Megarton. Bring me Bumblebee's and Optimus Prime's head, along with the matrix. And for your sake, don't fail me again." She nearly growled, and descended with the sand hissing silently around her.