Transformers SOS: A Call to a Vote!

Lot of this is ramblings, but I'm trying to figure some things out. Also, I'm sorry for the delays, but it's necessary to think about things. I will post one final chapter for this story, but it's more for giving the story a little bow at least. In light if discounting this storyline.

I want to ask some questions: one, should I remaster this storyline based off the Bay films? Two, work on the Earthbound storyline based off Bee's film. Or three, blend the two, even with the messy films? So, the main question is; disregard the Bay films, or embrace them?

To add some contents: I first planned to follow Transformers Cybertron story for the Bay film. But that is extremely long and messy. Bee on the other hand was a little bit set up like avengers: Aurora and her gang are on a primitive dinosaur planet. While Bee, Optimus, and Rodimus/Hot Rod are on earth messing around… to what end? I don't know.

*Pros and Cons:

Bay; more storyline to work with. But the universe is a complete mess.

Bee; elbowroom, and a clean start. But it has no direction yet, and I feel bad for the Bay storyline, but it can't be helped. "Darn you Michael Bay!"

{Thinking Outload}

I could go for an all the above where I semi, vary semi, follow the Bay films. But set things up Avengers style: minor villains assigned to a small group or individual. And a small set of books lead up to a boss battle of a kind, along with a Reunion for both Autobots and Decepticons. So, Quintessa could be a Thanos type along with Unicron or Nova Prime. No items of power, or world ending events per-story. War Fallout Survival, and Characters is the key.

Also, no robot Jesus moments, no human focus, and dead is dead. (looking at you Optimus and Rung) Main characters: Optimus, Bee, Hot Rod, Aurora, Ultra Magnus, and Drift. (need more info and feedback). All need to share the spotlight with the others. And I want Barricade and Megatron for something special…I need to read more of the mtmte comics, and comics in general.

Watching Screen Junkies's video How to Fix Transformers, I might make a Jeff Goldblum like charictor. Perhaps an uncle to Spike Witwicky…

Back to the Marvel style…what if there are some fronts? Like Optimus and Magnus deal with heavy hitters of War Bots. Bee deals with humans. Hot Rod and Barricade deals with Wild Cards (Stranded grown bots on earth, stray Decepticons, and humans). Drift and Aurora deals with Mystics, like Galvatron (Need more magic users, he's too powerful to use so soon). And all have some thread linking to someone or something, watch leads to the distant False Prime and the World Eater? Or someone else, like: Overlord?

The Fallen/Megatronus Prime




Unicron overdone?



Nova Prime

Some have Thanos potential, but I'll need more info.

*Rough Book Map: fallowing The Fire Brothers's Who Will Be The 'Endgame' For The Transformers 2021 Reboot Movie Universe – (Transformers Explained)

~ Phase 1 of 3? ~

*Transformers 1: Optimus Prime or War Tales (Optimus and Megatron Origin book, X-men and Caption America style)

*Transformers 2: Bumblebee or Yellow Scout [watch Bumblebee Movie. Not an actual book]

*Transformers 3 to 6…

(Hot Rod, Barricade. xxx: Boulevard Warriors)

(Deadlock into Drift. Lockdown, alien race …: Knight of The Light)

(Aurora. Jhiaxus: Forsaken Colony, Prime of Stars),

(Ultra Magnus. xxx? Gardiens of the Galaxy style?)

*7 Reuniuns… Galvatron? Or Starscream? Something Avengers level…

~ Phase 2~


It needs work but forcing myself to get something down helps. And I wonder what you all think. Or have I lost people by this point?