A dragon's pearl is a treasure that is valued beyond compare with its perfectly smooth surface free from any and all imperfections. It is said to shine even in the greatest darkness and that each pearl has unique colors that mirror the dragon that owns it. This treasure is valued not only by man, but by demons and spirits alike for two other reasons than its beauty alone.

One is that the pearls are said to hold mysterious powers that will bring prosperity to any who possess it. The second is because none except the dragons themselves know how the pearls are formed or what their purpose truly is. The only possible clue to the pearls value and origin comes from an ancient legend.

The legend states that after a poor boy and his mother stumbled upon the pearl they accumulated wealth almost overnight which they shared generously with their neighbors. When asked they spoke the truth of the pearls blessings. Unfortunately not all of their neighbors were as good hearted as they for two men from the village came in the dark of night to steal the pearl and the riches it granted them.

The boy wanting to hide the pearl placed it in his mouth, but swallowed it after the robbers tried to take it from him. It was not long before the pearl started to effect the boy as he began to change into a dragon as such he had no choice but to leave his home and mother behind. Ever since the boy now turned dragon has acted as the guardian of the river and his village.

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