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It has been eight years since one Miss Chihiro Ogino left the spirit world after she and her parents accidentally wondered through the portal. Though only ten years old at the time Cihiro was able to not only survive, but save her parents from being pigs to be eaten and aided the spirits she had befriended. Spirits such as Zeniba the witch of swamp bottom, No Face, Kamaji, Lin, Bo, Yu-bird, an ancient water spirit, and Haku the water dragon spirit of the Kohaku River.

For the most part other than the memories from her adventures she grew up to be an ordinary girl in her senior year in high school. Well perhaps a little bit more responsible than the average girl her age. She now measured 5 feet 3 inches with a rounded face and a slim figure due to her membership on the schools track and field team. She also had a chest and hips that were not large, but not too small that she would be mistaken for a child. Her dark chestnut brown hair that was always tied in a ponytail by the hair tie Zeniba, No Face, Bo, and Yu-bird made for her now reached down to the small of her back matched her eyes perfectly.

Eventhough she missed her spirit friends terribly Chihiro managed to make two human best friends named Haruka and Natsuki. Haruka had a similar look to Chihiro except she had blue eyes and fiery orange hair that she kept in a short bob with an attitude to match her hair color. Natsuki was more reserved with long black hair dark brown eyes and had a slighter frame barely making 5 feet in height small hips and chest despite being the same age as her friends. All three met in elementary school and joined the middle school track team together, they even managed to get into the high school of their choice that was as good as a Tokyo school that was only a single train ride away.

The only two things she could say was truly strange about her were first a subtle feeling in her chest like a little stone had settled in her heart about a week after her return from the spirit world and second the fevers. The stone itself was not outright painful nor did it show up during a physical so she decided to chalk it up to just her missing her spirit friends and that she should let it be another reminder of them. As for the fevers they were more unusual and neither her parents nor the doctor could find the cause for them.

They occurred once a year during the spring starting after she turned thirteen and would result in her being bedridden that one week out of the year. She always knew when they would come as the three weeks prior there was a dull aching sensation throughout her body. It would gradually worsen as she got closer to the first day of the fever until the unbearable pain melded with the heat of the fever. Thankfully she was not expecting another for a few days as tomorrow was her high school graduation ceremony and then the hot springs trip with her friends to celebrate.

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