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Meanwhile Nigihayami Kohakunushi or Haku as those he associates with know him prepares for another busy night running his business. A lot can happen in the spirit world in eight short years for as soon after he finished his apprenticeship to Yubaba 2 years after he regained his name thanks to Chihiro he was then allowed to leave the bathhouse. He contemplated staying on as her right hand as he had nowhere else to go with his river destroyed until some unexpected news came forth.

A nine tailed Inari fox came as the messenger for Watatsumi the god of the oceans and ruler of the water gods. This message was an offer to take over a mountain river which fed into natural hot springs which had been abandoned by its' god after the deity had collected too many impurities. This offer included the diverting of what little remained of his river to aid in the transition and to buy the contracts of any bathhouse employees he would like to take with him to help relocate and start his own business if he wished.

At first he was torn as this was the perfect opportunity to get away from Yubaba and bring his friends along, but it would mean leaving the portal closest to Chihiro behind. He was granted some time to think it over so he contacted Zenibia for her opinion. "Hmm that is quite the predicament you find yourself in my boy, but do not worry I have just the thing just cast the spell I am sending your way on the portal and it will alert you should she come through", the grandmotherly voice of swamp bottoms' own resident witch replied. Haku having swiftly agreed to do as the good witch said decided he would go through with the offer after all it would be nice to have somewhere safe that Chihiro could visit without worrying about turning into a pig, lump of coal, or fading from existence.

The next morning saw Haku gathering those he wished to take with him which included Kamaji, Rin, Aogaeru (The little green frog), and a handful of other staff from maids to chefs that were considered extra by Yubaba. He immediately returned the names of his new employees and allowed those who wished to leave to do so, but they all stayed saying they would work for him until he could hire others as a gesture of gratitude. As for Kamaji now kumoji, Lin now Malin, and Aogaeru now Koaogaeru decided they wouldn't mind helping to build a place for their human friend to visit them.

Only a year after he was able to open the Dragon's palace onsen resort and spa in his new territory which afforded his spirit form the room and power it needed to grow and mature as the years went by. Thus allowing for him to at last experience dragon mating season for the first time; however, contrary to any and all records on the subject matter was an absolute nightmare. So for the next five years he silently dealt with it by locking himself in his chambers to avoid the females and their suitors while suffering from the feverish aching and the yearning for the one soul that held his heart captive, but he could not reach.