Chapter 1: Prologue

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[ Prologue]

Gazing into the newborn blue eyes of her daughter- her first born daughter, Yue could not help the swell of emotion. Her little girl was beautiful, pale skin, bright eyes, the perfect blend of both her's and Ryouta's features. As those eyes bunk sleepily, a strong surge of protectiveness flooded her and there went her plans to visit her homeland. Maybe, in another decade, or two she would go back, they'd understand.

As she shifted her hold, her baby sent her a petulant glare. Startled laughter shot out of her and again the babe shot her a kitten's glare. So young yet already so fierce, she wondered how far the similarities would run. Maybe they shouldn't name her Junko after all.

Obedient Child.

Yeah, no. Definitively not. What were they thinking?

Yue winced as the babe let out a cry as the door slid open with a loud crash. Something told her the little one in her arms would've made the same unamused face as her brother in her birdie's arms if she could. Winter gray eyes came in and out of view as her little black bear couldn't quite keep himself awake, eyes drooping but stubbornly holding onto his yellow dinosaur plush.

Yue sent her thanks to Kami-sama, they really had blessed her with the cutest children. Her lips quirked into a smile, if this was their way of atoning for all those years ago, she could forgive them. At least in theory.

Her little bear yawned, and she felt her heart melt again. "Kuma, say hi to your little sister." The couple bought the siblings close to one another, slowly, winter gray lowered to focus on the pale pink swath in Yue's arms. Previously closed eyes fluttered open, unfocused blue tracking the air above them in a dazed manner. Gray met blue, and Yue could almost hear Kuma's brain stuttering.

A moment passed and the littlest one gurgled, squirming slightly in her arms. She could almost see her little one reaching up her arms to her brother. Gray eyes narrowed and immediately Yue clutched her babe to cheat and straightened up from her bed. It wasn't a moment too soon as vivid orange passed through the air and a weak thud was heard to her right.

She let out a huff in bemusement, she would have to replace Kuma's gumming spikes. Her hand carded through her babe's ink black locks as Yue lost herself in her thoughts. What were the chances that little ones being born on the same day just a year apart? Hopefully, she wouldn't inherit too much from her clan. It was a fruitless cause, their bloodline ran strong.

Sana, the head caretaker, as lovely as the women was, was getting too comfortable in her job. Adding another little Hibari to the household would really keep on her toes. For Sana's sake, she hoped this little one wouldn't like the taste of human flesh as much as her brother.

A hiccuping laugh left his wife, and Ryouta was sorely concerned for her. He could feel his brows scrunch up as his wife doubled over in laughter. Ryouta fixed his hold on Kyoya absentmindedly and stared at his wife transfixed. Was he missing something or did his wife dearly needed sleep?

"C-call Ge-Ge," she wheezed out in between her bursts of laughter. Amused but still very much concerned he slid out the prototype of one of the whatsit from his pocket and hit 9 to connect with his brother-in-law.

Fang didn't bother with pleasantries, "How is she! Is she alright! Why didn't you call earlier!" Ryouta shook his head lightly and didn't bother to answer just handing the phone off to Yue's outstretched hand.


"Meimei!" The siblings broke off into too rapid Mandarin for him to keep up with, so he refocused his attention to the grumpy toddler in his arms. The tiny mass grumbled and gummed on the remaining spikes on his plush.

It would be best to set him back into the nursery before his sleep schedule was messed up too bad. Just as he was about to leave the room Feng's voice rebounded off the walls and he halted in his steps turning his head around to the see his Yue cast in an eerie blue.

"Ryou," she purred. "Where are you going?"

"It's time for Kuma to sleep."

"So you were going to leave without even naming your daughter?" He heard the all too familiar click of a tongue and what was surely curses of their native tongue before Feng continued on in Japanese. "I don't understand why you didn't marry Genshi meimei."

"I've told you before-"

"Quiet." Two pairs of eyes turned to the bundle in Ryouta's arms and the voice on the other side fell quiet, "Let. Me. Sleep." Ryouta stifled his laugh, but Yue cooed. The little bear kick out in frustration, and his grip loosened momentarily but that was all Kyoya needed. The toddler quickly detangled himself from his blankets before he reached the floor.

"Noisy, herbivores," he growled a squeaky voice. The toddler snarled as he heard another coo and stormed out of the room. His exit finalized with a slam of the door and the sound of breaking wood.

Adoring eyes lingered at the door, and reflexive movements shushed the little one crying in Yue's arms. "He's so cute."

Ryouta didn't comment but looked over the splintered door frame with a cautious eye. There went the last of the handcrafted doors from Aunt-Fijorki. He mentally made a note to get a new screen built, he did not have the time for this. He had papers to finish in the morning and a certain toddler had an uncanny knack to track down and destroy the stacks. "That was handcrafted by my aunt you know."

Before Yue could apologize Fang pipped up from the other end, "He reminds me of you." And there went his night of rest as the siblings set them off into another much too loud, much too long, barrage of insults.

Ryouta let out a sigh and simply pocketed the discarded teething ring. He would just make a few cups extra strong cup of coffee tomorrow, and get Kusakabe to help out.

He was going to need it.


"I didn't even say anything this time."


"Then what about-"


"Fang. I'm giving you the honor of naming our daughter, and this is what you're doing with it? In what world do you live in! A Ming will never just be dainty or graceful."

"Excuse me, bright moon. Let me introduce myself, I'm light breeze-"

"What happened to Junko?" Ryouta commented. Yue made a sound of distress.

"Have you even looked in her eyes? It's worse than looking your mother in the eye."

Ryouya blinked startled but bent down to look his daughter in the eye. The sleeping babe as if sensing she was needed flickered open her eyes. There was nothing- and there it was. He made an agreeing sound. Junko was a bad idea, a good one if they wanted to lure everyone towards a death trap.

"It can't be that bad," Fang said through the phone. Yue rolled her eyes, and with A few clicks of the phone a photo was taken and sent. A curse erupted on the other end and Yue admonished Fang for his language. "You're going to have your hands full with those two," his voice croaking with ill-disguised mirth.

Yue clicked her tongue, neither agreeing or disagreeing, "Name?"


She stilled for a second musing over the name. "Su-yin," she repeated sounding out the syllables carefully. "I like it."

Ryouta agreed with a quiet hum, a warm feeling settling in his chest at that.


What did the name unadorned sound even imply?

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