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Ages: Kyoya, Ryohei, Katio (8-9), Suyin, Kyoko & Co. (7-8) Natsume (14-15) Yue (41-42) Ryota (45-46) Fon/Feng (50-51)

[Chapter Nine]

A calming hand musses my hair, "Have you been sleeping Risu?" I hum, not really acknowledging the question. She sighs but continues petting my hair as she lounges. "Don't stay up too late."

"I won't Oka-san." I didn't lie, I just couldn't sleep. The nights were filled with restless twists and turns, even when she did sleep she would wake up in the middle of the night. It was always the same, I couldn't sleep. The nightmares still lived in her mind, there weren't nightmares- just memories replaying- again, and again until I woke up. If not that dead eyes would stare at me from the depths of my mind.

It was creepy, and I always felt like I was being watched. Of course, how did someone sleep like that? I walk straight into a door and curse, he hands me a cup of green tea, I take it without complaint. His eyes narrow, but he doesn't pry, going on to drink his own cup.

Urgh, the lack of sleep is so bad to the point where Kyo-nii is getting worried.

There is no one in the room but Kyo-nii and I. I know this for a fact, but still, I feel watched. It gnaws on my mind, as I try to focus at the task at hand, but even the smallest of movements sends me into a furry. The ticking of the clock is in time with my heart. A rhythmic constant, but each tick bringing my panic closer to the surface. My eyes, never still, and it feels like they're going to pop out of my head with the abuse. There's no one there.

Kyo-nii sends me a weird look when I bring out my hand mirror to takes a discreet look around the room- no one is there. Maybe it was just paranoia after all.

I pick up my fallen pen, and distractedly sketch before I can get too far a hand plucks the pen out of my hand and replaces it with another. I roll my eyes, it's lightweight and plastic, a welcomed change from the heavy metal pen that Kyo-nii favored. Without looking up I can tell that all of the pens have been moved away from me.

I sighed, it was rude but reasonable. The ink was far too expensive to spend on scribbles, I wonder who bought the pens. The quality wasn't up to par with the others and the smoothness a far cry from what I was used too. It wasn't anything to complain about, I wasn't the artist. Kyo-nii, on the other hand, had always been enchanted by beauty. Who would've known he loved to create with how much destruction followed him?

Destruction, my eyes flicker up to Kyo-nii in his short-haired glory. I still couldn't believe it, the reality of all being a bit dizzying. He didn't intend to grow it out anymore, and he wouldn't tell me why. Without the hair, they couldn't match entirely, it was frustrating.

We always matched, and he didn't want to match anymore. He never did me about where he went in those three months and twenty-one days we were separated or what he did. Was he hiding something? As much as Kasan and I tried he refused to wear anything we suggested. Even now, instead of matching her in her overalls- he was stubbornly dressed in one of the yukatas Kasan had hidden away. Matching at home wasn't a big deal right?

Sigh, I tap my pencil against the table, this is so boring. My eyes wander up over the paper beneath his hands, the birds look as if they're about to take flight. As he reaches for another pen he catches her glance and scowls, very much matching her mood. What?

I tap my paper and flash him a smile, pretty. His smile is self-satisfied, and he graces her with an approving nod to her paper and falls into the flow of his art without another thought. I falter as I catch sight of the image on the paper, eyes, when did I do that?

They remind of me of the eyes in my dreams, cold and miserable. The hair on the back of my neck prickles in unease and blood rushes with the need to move. Sitting around and doing nothing, was only making her nerves worse. I look up towards Kyo-nii and tap my fingers in a pattern. 1-2-4-1, something I tap for attention if I didn't want to use my words.

He ignores me. Completely.

Rage floods me and something inside of me wants to break the pens. So the only choice he would have would be to pay attention to me instead. I resist the urge, but it so tempting. I watched the flow of his hands instead, Kyo-nii's hands moving with the same grace as his handle on his tonfas, the local wildlife evolving into a serene scene. He's lost in a world of his own, one without humans, and filled with graceful waters, and peaceful animals.

My hand moves without permission and grabs onto the cheap pen and slams it down on the table. He doesn't look up. I get up from the table and exit the room, feeling eyes on her all the while. They weren't Kyo-nii's. They watch even as I run laps outside.

Kyoko looks over curious and sends me a mischievous smile, "Are you sure you don't have a crush on him?"

My lips pucker up sourly, "I'm sure."

"Ahuh, then why do you keep drawing his eyes?"

I kiss my teeth, and glare at her. I can't draw anything else! She giggles sweetly, "Neh, Mitsuri-kun. Don't you think it's cute? They would make such a cute couple." I resist the urge to hiss as two pairs of eyes turn their attention to the conversation.

Mitsuri-kun raises his head from his arms lazily and takes a glance at the paper. "With who? A ghoul?" He snorts, "I think that explains why we never see her eat." I kick his chair, but he only grins. "Are you sure you want to go back to your class? We wouldn't want you to be devoured by the little ghoul."

"-ato-kun is not a ghoul!" They argue, and Kyo-nii kicks Katio underneath the table, a warning glare from Ryohei-nii stopping him from doing the same to the female Sasagawa. The teacher calls their attention away and their table quietens, Kyoko not exactly being part of the class is at a risk of being taken out and returned to her actual class.

The teacher pays them a bit of attention and forces them to tunes into their teacher's -whatever. Their mouths close- until SOMEONE spills water on me.

I turn on to the perpetrator, who guiltily hides the juice carton behind her. Kyoko sends me her best puppy eyes, but I've spent too much time with her to not be immune. I try not to, but the growl that slips from my lips is a bit too loud.

We're kicked out. I turn to chew out Kyoko but she already has out her kitten eyes. "Sorry, Susu." I bristle and hold out my stained white shirt in irritation. "I'll fix it?" I shake it, water droplets hitting both of us as the soaked garment flailed.

She smiles sheepishly, and I start walking towards the nurse muttering under my breath. Whatever she thought would "fix it," better be good. I liked this shirt, the collar had a blue heart that took an hour of blood and pain to embroider. I did not go through all of that to just throw out a shirt- the yellow stain marring an otherwise perfect shirt.

The nurse wasn't there. I shiver and throw Kyoko the nastiest glare I could, it's ruined by a sneeze. She smothers a laugh underneath a hand, "I really am sorry, do you want to switch shirts instead?" I eye her shirt into consideration, it was canary yellow with sakura blossoms- too bright for my tastes, but it- I sneeze again.


A glint appears in her eyes, "Are you sure? I think you're getting sick." I shake my head and force my body to stop shivering. She eyes me over, and looks away, "Okay." I let out a shriek and fall to the ground in surprise as a hand squeezed my side. "Ahh-ha! You were cold!" She pins me down, and pulls at my shirt,

"No, Kyoko, I'm fin- ha -stop it-" My hands catch nothing but air as the youngest Sasagawa forces compliance with tickles.

A door slides open, and we pause, "Do you need some help?" We detangle ourselves, "Yes, please! Do you have any spare uniforms?" Kyoko hands the nurse the pass, she sends us an unamused look.

The nurse nods and gestures for us to follow her. When she's turned around fully I elbow Kyoko in the side, "You didn't try opening the door?"

"I thought you tried!"

The nurse unlocks a door in the back and switches on a light showing us a sparsely stocked closet, "This is all we have," she sides eyes me, "due to the influx of students coming in and needing a change of clothes this year."

I tense up, but straighten my posture as she stares me down. Kyoko squeezes my arm reassuringly, "Thank you! We'll be out of your hair in a flash, but do you mind if we change in here?" It takes a bit of convincing but the nurse agrees to leave us alone to change.

I let out an annoyed grunt, and Kyoko smiles sympathetically, nodding along with my words.

"Kyoya can be really scary though."

My lips curl, "Can be. They're old enough to know where the bathroom is."

She stumbles into the door in surprise, and the door opens up automatically. "What's going on in here!" The nurse glowers at me, while Kyoko falls to the floor, dying of laughter. My grip on the new shirt tightening in my hands.

We return to Kyoko's class wet and irritable. Me being the one wet and irritable. The carrot-top the only one actually changed in a spare uniform, the harpy throwing me out before I could actually change. Kyoko follows along subdued, another sorry on her lips. We make a stop at the girl's bathroom where Kyoko and I switch clothes, her back into her slightly wet shirt, and me into the drier one. The wet shirt is thrown into Kyoko's spare bag packed with her art smock.

I open the door, and twenty pairs of eyes turn to the doorway. The teacher directs us towards our table in the back without another word, we go and sit- their eyes never leaving. I hated them all already. Kyoko turns to our seatmates and says her greetings, easily coaxing some of the guys to switch seats with her so she could sit next to the window.

They get up and Kyoko plops me next to the window, she continues chattering and keeping the focus on her. I relax as the eyes slowly turn away. I plop my head on my hand and close my eyes, intent on taking a nap. The feel of a stranger's eyes on me prevents that through. After seemingly an hour's worth of starting my eyes fly open and hunt down the perpetrator.

Dark eyes, reminding me of the depths of the ocean stare back at me from across the room, unwavering in their intensity. The absolute darkness sucking in the light around them. I'm the one who's forced to look away, the intensity of his stare cowering me. "See! He likes you!"

I refuse to enter the battle of meaningless banter and plop my head down on my arms again. So that was ghoul-kun? I could see why they thought I was drawing his eyes, they were shaped the same, but his lacked the feminine softness the drawings had, their creases too differently spaced to be right, and though they shared the same lost quality, the boy's eyes were bright. The deep sense of sorrow existent but far too raw to be the eyes of her mind.

I wondered what had happened to make them that way, it only lasted for a minute before I fell asleep. Why did it matter? It didn't affect me or my own.

Dark eyes greet me, I startle and fall backward. Falling, until water crashes over me, I forget how to swim and struggle to breathe as water fills my lungs. The light of the surface grows farther and I fall deeper and deeper into an abyss. Kyo-nii! Ryohei! Kyoko! Katio! Anyone!


An arm pulls me out of the water, and I latch onto it taking in the air greedily as I break the surface. I raise my head to meet the eyes of my savior just to fall back into the pool after meeting their eyes. They're pitch black, so dark I can see my reflection, familiar gray eyes are wide in fear as the water pulls me under.

I wake up in the real world gasping for breath. Kyoko sends me a concerned look and rubs my back as I try to form words but fail. Forming anything coherent is useless when the words refused to form on my lips. Words refuse to form for the day.

When we meet back up with our brothers, it's a unanimous agreement, we're going back home together. I don't fight them when they crowd around me on the walk back, Mitsuri-kun somehow being dragged on for the ride. His sarcasm soothes a part of me as he banters with Ryohei.

I sink into my seat cushion and lays my head on the table exhausted beyond reason. It's loud and chaotic, but warm. The chatter around me softens a touch before rising in level again. Kyoko tries to get everyone to quiet down so I can sleep, but the boys are arguing and there are snacks. It doesn't work but I fall asleep anyways. There's nowhere I would rather be.

But rest does not come. Staring at me are those dark-dead eyes but this time they're anchored to a body. They belong to a wisp of a girl. She's skeletal with sallow skin and a wild mane that matches the darkness of her eyes. She's almost feral looking, but the purity of her white dress says otherwise, she comes closer but I can't move. Why can't I move?

I try to swallow my fear as she comes closer. Fear? No- it was horror. How did someone get so skinny? Why did her skin seem translucent? When the light hit her she almost seemed to disappear. The harshness of it paying the girl no compliments, as the gauntness of her figure became all the more obvious. Shadows hung over her face in an unsightly manner, eye bags gouging out a gorge beneath her eyes.

She stopped right in front of me, so close her wild mane drifted across my skin. Chapped lips formed words but before I can hear what she said, the pain of a slap wakes me up.

Familiar gray eyes bore down on me and I breaks into tears. I don't know why, and I'm just as confused as Kyo-nii as to why tears are flowing down my face. He grimaces tugs me into his lap and tangles a hand into my hair, I calm as the familiar sensation grounds me. There's a flutter before I'm tucked in Mitsuri's fluffy jacket, Kyoko's favorite plush slipped beneath her head, and for once Ryohei blesses them with silence.

It's the first full night of rest in months. I wake to the feel of another body on my own, I'm not surprised to find out it's both Kyo-nii and Kyoko. A quick look around tells me where Ryohei-nii and Mitsuri-kun are. Ryohei is slung on Kyoko's stomach with Mitsuri trapped between them trapped by two pairs of arms, warmth settles in my chest and I fall back to sleep. My dreams are filled with crashing waves, and laughter.

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