She was abruptly awakened. Rolling over, the analog clock she fixed was right at three am. Ever since her fifteenth birthday, a small surge of magic would wake her when the clock struck three. No source in the Hogwarts library gave her a reason for the power surge, and with the suffocating presence of her "best friends" and minders, she was unable to find anything from the Black Family Library.

Lying awake in the darkness, she focused on that feeling of warmth, of safety and security, the magical spark she felt at three in the morning. Her hands tingled, and a small flame grew in from her palm.

A tarnished silver, the flame was different than any she had ever seen before. "I looked into the abyss and it looked back at me," floated across her mind as she released the flames.

It was near the end of the term and she was making an escape from the destiny others had charted for her. Through use of house elves, letters between the family account manager at Gringotts and a lawyer were able to reach her without any interference.

"Come on get up Rosie! You're going to be late and miss breakfast!"

"Ugh... does she have to shriek so loud?" She thought to herself as she dressed and met with Hermione. "And I really hate being called Rosie. Can't wait until I am out of here... no one will ever call me that again."

She grabbed her bag and placed the last of her belongings in her trunk, and shrunk it by activating a tune. "We have three hours before the train starts loading Hermione. I was packed two days ago, minus the things needed."

Hermione flounced out of the dorm, and Parvati flicked up a silencer and spoke, "is everything set for your escape? I really want you to be happy and safe Jade."

She smiled. "Everything is set. Tonight I will do the ritual that changes my magical signature and name. But last night the letter confirmed to be a Black I need a name of an ancestor."

Lavender and Fay looked interested. "What about Cordelia?" Fay asked, looking through the list of names the four had created earlier. "She was a born Black, and on the opposite side of your line so you won't be found through it easily."

Lavender chimed in. "I love the name Dorea though, but it was your grandmother's name so it's a little close."

Parvati looked peaceful. "Cordelia Jade Black. It's a beautiful name, and the scrying we did yesterday is indicative of a good future."

"I am so grateful to have you in my life," the newly christened Cordelia said. "I'll send a letter as soon as I am safe. I promise."

The four lionesses went down the stairs with their bags for a last breakfast before boarding the train. Lavender brought out a basket and sent it alongside a note requesting a picnic for the train ride, and a few minutes later it returned filled with soup, sandwiches, crisps, and fresh fruit.

"Well, it's time. Hopefully Hermione will get distracted by snogging Ronald or a book. I'd much rather spend the next eight hours with you," Cordelia softly uttered.

Luckily for Cordelia Hermione was distracted by prefect duties and they arrived in London without any arguments. Hugging the three girls, Cordelia pulled out a scroll and with a soft whisper, she portkeyed away.