Captain Medric cursed again as the three ships neared enough for him to identify them as Valyrian pirates. The slave trading bastards were nothing but an affront to the Gods, no man has the right to own another, it was against everything the Gods stood for. He would do everything in his power to keep the Princess and her ladies safe. Even if it cost him his life.

"Edric! Get us away from them as fast as possible, does everyone have their weapons ready?"

"Aye captain, doin' our best but there's a slight issue with the port brace, was thinking of sending Little Will up there to fix it, but it ain't that urgent."

Medric looked up and quickly identified the problem. The port side brace had somehow gotten wrapped around the end of the yard in the flurry of getting away. It would wear the rope quicker than normal, but it wouldn't impact their manoeuvrability right now. "Good call. We'll fix it when we finish those bastards. Get Little Will up there anyways with a crossbow, he has a good eye. Dev and Col, you will guard the cabins. Protect the princess with all you've got."

Two burly sailors, each carrying an axe, nodded and made their way down. The pirates were almost upon them by now, two yellow dragons facing each other on their sails. Fucking Dragons. Bloody fucking Dragons

The first grappling hook bounced off the side of the ship. The second and third stuck but were quickly cut loose by the nearest sailor. The fourth, fifth and sixth were accompanied by a wave of arrows and before anyone got close enough to dislodge them the pirates were onboard. What followed was a mess of swords, axes and blood, and suddenly there was a blade sticking out of his chest.

Fucking Dragons.