Trigger warning for mentioning sexual abuse of minors and abuse in general.

Translations are at the end. I'm sorry most dialogue is in Valyrian, more common tongue coming in the next chapter!

The pirates and their loot set their course southwards. The girls had been relocated to a small space in one of the slave galleys, shared with five more girls, all collared and chained to the walls. Only two of them were westerosi, Stormland girls from the Isle of Tarth, taken during a raid there three days prior. Their village had been put to the torch and the elders killed while the young men and girls were taken as slaves. Mellinna and Nyra had been singled out for their looks while the others from the village were put among the larger groups of slaves chained closely together just below deck.

The third girl was dark skinned and curly-haired and didn't speak a word of either Valyrian or the common tongue, but who introduced herself by pointing and saying "Zhona". If Raya was to guess she would peg the girl a Summer Islander, around six-and-ten namedays.

The last two spoke Valyrian and a little of the Common Tongue so they managed to introduce themselves to each other in a jumble of broken Valyrian and Common. Erleah and Minila were both born from Pentoshi pleasure slaves and were sold to the Valyrian fleet heading for Sothyros shortly after they flowered. Erleah was three-and-ten, Minila four-and-ten. Both had been given to men from a young age and both had the marks to show it. The black tears on their cheeks stood out against otherwise pale skin, apparently something their former mistress' Volantene husband had thought of.

The small area lacked windows and it was hard to keep track of days and nights. The slavers came with food at random times which only served to confuse the eight further. It became a game to try to figure out the time and day from how much activity they could hear from deck, but even that didn't seem to be consistent and varied more based on the winds than the time of day. On three occasions one or two of the men came and dragged Minila and Erleah with them out for some time. When they were returned it was always with blank eyes, ruffled shifts and visible bruises and they'd crawl to a corner and curl up against each other until the next meal was brought.

By their best guess it wasn't until a fortnight after Raya, Sarra and Serena had been taken that something happened. The noise increased by tenfold and vioises they didn't recognize joined the ones they had come to know. All eight girls were chained together by their collars and cuffs around their feet and brought up on deck, the sudden brightness blinding eyes accustomed to the dim belly of the ship. When they finally stopped blinking and were able to see, they were met by ships. Everywhere in front of them were ships, some larger even than the galley they were on and some smaller. The elder blonde man she assumed was the captain was talking to an equally blond man, probably from another ship, 'Gods, does every single man here look like that?' and gesturing to them and the cog the northern girls had first come with. The bloodstains were still visible here and there but no bodies were in sight. They had probably been thrown over board as soon as possible.

"Urnē. Riñi kostōbi se gevivesse issi. Sȳrī vēzor gaomilzi. Lōgor sindīlā. " The new man walked a slow lap around them, carefully inspecting every part of them, even going as far as grabbing Erleah between her legs and pushing a finger inside her. She stood stoically, her eyes blank and showing nothing, as he continued his inspection. He forced Zhona's and Raya's mouths open to look at their teeth before turning back to "their" captain.

"Issa, pōnta sindīli. Āeksia lantēpsa se gēlion jēnqa?"

"Dōre, Āeksia Izula lantēpsa se gēlion hāre".

"Āeksia lanta lantēpsa se gēlion bȳre."

Both men nodded and silver and gold coins changed hands, as did the chains connecting the girls, and they were led over a thin plank to the ship next to theirs. The men on the cog also changed for ones who jumped from their new ship. Raya couldn't help but be glad at some level that the reminder of the north still would come with them.

They were brought down below deck, but this time they were put in a larger area with other chained slaves and the chain was attached to a shackle in the wall. They were just below the upper deck and the low ceiling forced them to spend their time crouched or laying down if there was space. Both feet and necks were still chained so it was uncomfortable and cramped, but they made do. At least it was easier to keep track of night and day through the occasional crack in the deck above.

Another sennight passed before the next notable event. Shouting and screaming seemed to come from all directions at once, from near and afar. Raya thought she heard the voice of the man who bought them, but it cut off so fast she couldn't be sure.

Minute by minute the screams subsided leaving every slave below deck afraid for their life and unwilling to say a single thing. They waited for what seemed like hours before a small group of men came down, their half naked bodies streaked with blood and not a single silver-blonde hair on their heads, and they started striking the chains from the walls, breaking cuffs and collars where they could.

"Dohaerirossa iksāt daor. Dohaerirossa arlī dōrī kesāt."

Translations. I solemnly swear I will NOT have any Valyrian in the next chapter! Bloody headache… Corrections are appreciated.

Look. These girls are strong and beautiful. They will do well south. You can buy the ship [too].

Yes, I will buy them. Twenty gold and eight silvers?

No, Twenty four gold and three silvers

Twenty two gold and six silvers.

You are not slaves. You will never be slaves again

Names and ages

Raya Stark: 16

Sarra Snow: 15

Serena Snow: 10

Mellinna: 12

Nyra: 9

Zhona: 16

Erleah: 13

Minila: 14