Qoren I

Qoren Nymeros Martell was starting to get impatient. Every morning during the last moon he had taken his favourite sand steed from his rooms in the Tower of the Sun, the seat of his mother Obara Nymeros Martell, down to the harbour to inquire about whether the northern envoy had arrived yet. A few times he had been accompanied by Meria, but the little princess was unable to stay still for long periods so those times ended in either him sending her back to the palace early with a guard or promising her a proper desert race afterwards.

According to the raven exchange with Winterfell the princess and her ship should have arrived over a fortnight prior, just after the latest turn of the moon, and there hadn't been any reports about severe storms nor any demands from either the stags or the falcons. The raven sent to Starfall claimed the princess hadn't arrived there either, and so the Martells were starting to wonder if anything had happened. There had been reports of increased sightings of Valyrian ships south-east of the Stepstones, but except for the occasional dragon, likely heading to that small rock they'd heard the Valyrians had taken some interest in in Blackwater Bay, no actual dragons had been seen flying over the Narrow Sea for the last few moons.

They'd wait another sennight and then send out search patrols along the coast to search for wrecks or lost northerners.

It'd be a pity if the ship and the princess were completely lost, wood was a commodity in Dorne and a good trading relationship with the forested North would only benefit them in the long run. And the unmarried princess was supposed to be very beautiful, Qoren could freely admit he wouldn't mind becoming better acquainted with the woman if that was true. Nymmie had always teased him for his love of all things beautiful.

Sorry it's so short (again) and that the A/N is almost the same length as the chapter itself, I'll try to get another chapter out soon (no promises of when, that's probably safest for me…). No Raya in this one, just thought I'd write something about what happens in the south, and it happens around the same time as the mutiny of the slave convoy. And yes, the Dornish somehow didn't manage to intercept the 100+ ships large convoy on its way north. After Nymeria's burning of the ten thousand ships they didn't have the greatest fleet, and this is only set around 150 years after Nymeria's arrival.

Qoren is the son of the ruling princess of Dorne, Obara Nymeros Martell, and the great-great-great-great grandchild of Nymeria and Mors Martell. Meria is his 10-year old little sister and "Nymmie" is Nymeria, his cousin and the lady of Starfall through her marriage to lord Andrey Dayne, elder brother to Vorian Dayne, the current Sword of the Morning.

I may or may not have created a family tree for Raya reaching back some 200 years when I got bored. And for most noble Westerosi characters mentioned in this story… It includes some canon characters like the Horned Lord (king-beyond-the-wall) and I'll try to build it downwards all the way to the canon family trees since I intend for the story to reach all the way to canon. The annoying thing is not knowing exact birth and death dates for all characters but that can be improvised :-)