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Song Chapter:

Lost Girls-Lindsey Stirling

Darkness swallowed Audrey's vision causing her to fall from so far ways away of a building, her heart was pounding, and her eyes watered. Her face was in sheer terror as she could feel that she was closer and closer to the ground, why was she not screaming. Did she lose her voice all of a sudden? She did not even cry out for help. All of a sudden, her weight stopped from falling as something large as caught her arm as she looked seeing white glowing eyes and giant wings that spread out, as if it was shading her or something, but then the grip was gone making her fall even more as she finally had a voice to scream, her vision turned to see the ground, seeing it was closer and closer towards her whole body, she shielded herself prepared for her doom as her body was about to hit the ground.

She then jolted up from her bed sitting up and staring straight ahead of her seeing the door to her room... she caught her breath letting the sweat run down her face and body as she set a hand over her left breast clenching it trying to feel a heartbeat. She had the time to calm down and took a breath.

"It was just a dream." She spoke softly to herself moving her brown curly locks away from her face letting the cool air-dry her sweaty face. She laid back down slowly and breathed softly calming down "I ate too much food, didn't I?" she asked herself softly "Damn Audrey."

There was a soft tapping noise at the window, looking over seeing the wind was blowing causing a tree branch to tap on it. She sighed softly getting up towards the window as she broke the tree branch a little to the point where it was not tapping the window.

"That should do it." She said as she walked back into bed. She picked her I-phone as she looked at it seeing the time... it was 2:39 in the morning. She been having that dream lately; of her falling and how this creature grabbed her but let her go. It was a very strange dream; it started last week ending Audrey's summer Vacation. She was with her mom over the summer; her mother Tyra is a park ranger and a forest ranger in Nebraska. Her mother has been trying to keep the land alive and not to mention the wild life.

Audrey is 18 years old and this year is going to be her last year of high school. She is 5'6 having an hour glass like figure with tan dark Skin; her hair is spliced evenly curly a bit having it a dark brown hair that stops near the small of her back, and she has brown chocolate brown eyes. Audrey was going to be heading back to New York City to her father David Xanatos. In the summer, she stays with her mom in Nebraska while she goes to school during the fall and winter at her fathers place.

Audrey was born in December 4th, 1975. The same year that her father became rich as well, after hearing the story on how a stranger gave him an envelope of coins that were from the middle ages, became rich after that and him and his wife Tyra had a good life, and it was perfect for raising a baby. Audrey's parents are divorced now. Hearing her mother's side of the story her father's choices did not fly by her mother. Her father was the richest man on earth almost, and the things he does for business did not go by Tyra. They divorced when Audrey was 8 years old. Tyra gave custody of Audrey to David because it seemed right... does it?

Audrey turned her phone off and thought she could go to bed now and try to get some sleep. She set her phone down onto her desk and curled up under her covers and looked at the window for a moment... then slowly closed her eyes and fell right to sleep.

"You got everything you need Audrey?" Tyra called getting her stuff in the car. Tyra is 5'8 and has Raven black hair, her skin a bit tanner than Audrey's skin. Her hair was long and sleek, no curls are frizz, just perfect.

Audrey came bounding down the stairs grabbing her suitcase and tossing it in the back "Perfect, done." she said with a wide smile.

Tyra smiled as she closed the trunk up and got the driver's seat of the car, Audrey followed going into the passenger, but she stopped and forgot, she turned and saw her pet dog Tiberian come running, he was a beagle and full of energy. Audrey opened the back door for him, as he hopped in the car. Audrey closed the door and got in as she was about to say something, her phone went off. She checked.

"It's dad." Audrey answered.

"Well go on." Tyra said smiling rolling her eyes.

Audrey tapped the screen on her I-phone as she answered her father's call "Hi dad."

"Good Morning Audrey." Her father answered

"How was your trip to Europe?" she asked with a smile.

Her father's deep chuckle was an amused chuckle, and she could feel the physical smile on his face "It was magical." He answered in his playful tone "you would have loved it, are you on your way here?"

"Yep, mom is driving me to the airport." She answered.

"Good, there will be also an extra surprise when you get home." Xanatos spoke through the phone "So don't be too shocked."

Audrey paused for a moment and looked at her phone then went back to talking with him "Please don't tell me you got an exotic pet from the rainforest." Audrey spoke through the phone.

Xanatos laughed at her reply "No, no." he replied "I don't want that kind of liability at my home." He checked his watch on his wrist looking out into the horizon of the city of New York, it was still bright out a fresh breeze of the morning that blew in his face. He watched as the people carefully set some things of the castle ledges smirking to himself.

"Thank god." Audrey made a soft "whew" through the Phone.

"Will you get a Taxi or will I send Owen to get you?" Her father asked through the phone.

"I'll take a Taxi." Audrey said "I'll be excited to be back home and see my friends, and spending time with you this time."

"I always look forward to see you coming home my love." Xanatos spoke through the phone with a soft smile.

It made Audrey smile just hearing that sentance, it always made her feel positive about the whole Divorce thing though, both of her parents love her and she had nothing to do with it what so ever.

"When you get home, the security Gaurd will give you information on your new room."

Audrey paused at her fathers statement "My new room?" She asked.

"I told you it would be a surprised." Xanatos smiled even wider with that bright cheerful tone in his voice "I'll see you home tonight."

"Will do, I love you and see you tonight."

"Love you too sweetie."

The phone hung up from Audrey's phone as she hung up hers and put it in her pocket. Audrey took a quick glance at her mom seeing her experssion... nothing... but there was something in her mind, probably thinking about what Audrey and her father were talking about.

"Did you get your school schudel?" Tyra asked her daughter still keeping her eyes on the road.

"Dad said it was mailed in last week." Audrey said "He said I got the class I wanted for, and I will be president of the yearbook, which I don't know why I was voted but it made me feel... proud? Is that the right word?"

Tyra smiled "I think the words surprised and proud are the perfect combination." She headed down finally to the main road into the highway.

Audrey was going to miss it in Nebraska, it was kinda like second home in the summer for her. The Wildlife was amazing, the plants, the air, and the Community in her town. New York City is great too, but it didn't have the nature that Nebraska had. It was just loud noise of cars, people, and many other things that Audrey could list.

"So what did you father say?"

Oh there was the question now about dad.

"He said there is a big surprise at home, and he said I was going to have a new room." Audrey explained.

"So he told you th surprise anyways?" Tyra asked "giving it away that you have a new room?"

"I don't think the room is the whole surprise mom." Audrey said "Though I just hope he didn't buy a yahtte."

"Knowing him, it could be something way too expensive than your collage fund." Tyra said softly.

Audrey felt the air was a little tense though, seeing that her mother was going to talk about how her father just wastes money onto things that was not really neded into his life, maybe it was the sound as if her mother was a little... concerned for him, like a concerned strict mother.

"He has so much potentail with all that money." She spoke "And he just throws it wth cheap tricks."

Audrey furrowed her brow, now the conversation and the car ride was a little awkward now. Audrey just wanted to have a car ride without having a conversation about how her father did bad choices with his money. Audrey had the feeling that her mother thinks that David might infulence her with money, which is not true whatsoever. Audrey tensed up a little and sat back onto hre seat. Tiberan knows the car got silent so he fixed it with going up the front and sitting on Audrey's lap and putting his chin on her chest looking up at him with his big brown eyes as he was saying "I love you, and please give me attention."

Audrey smiled and ruffled his face and ears a little playfully giving him kiss's on his nose as he started to flick his tongue onto her face as she smiled at him.

"Your such a big baby." Audrey said smiling down at the adorable beagle.

Driving down into the city finally and getting right straight towards the airport, The Car parked and saw they were early too. Tyra looked at Audrey who was looking out the window, watching either plans leaving or plans coming in.

Tyra set a hand onto Audrey's shoulder and she turned her head looking at her mother.

"You know I don't hate your father right?" Tyra asked.

"Kinda." Audrey said "I know you do but... sometimes it's hard to tell."

"I know." She said "But a part of me still loves your father... because he gave me you on that very happy day... and your father loves you too, we both do... part of me is still sad that we have divorced."

That lit Audrey's eyes up a little hearing that from her mother "But why did you do it anyways?" Audrey asked.

"... because I could not deal with his desisions he made... I just couldn't... I didn't want you to either... I thought that maybe if we were apart... you would understand." Tyra explained to her daughter.

Audrey furrowed her brow as she looked at the airport... she sighed through her nose.

"I still wish it was back to normal." Audrey said softly.

"I wish the same thing... but some things must change, and I know how much your not into change." Tyra said.

Audrey looked at her mom and then hugged her close as Tyra hugged her back "You becareful on the way home my love." Tyra spoke lovingly to her daughter.

"I will." Audrey said as she let go and hugged her dog as he whimpered knowing she had to leave.

"I'll come back buddy." Audrey said to the dog kissing his face.

Audrey headed out into the building inside to get ready for her flight home. Tyra watched her walk away until she went into the doors... She sighed starting the car. She hoped her daughter had a good school year on her last year.

For Audrey's adventure has Started.