Drumming his fingers he waited. Time ticking by, the applicant was officially late. Which did nothing to releave a nagging itch in the back of his mind. What a waist of his time. It made perfect sense for his superior to assign him the uneventful, and often trying chore of the mentoring program. After all, it was the only time the head of his department egknowalge him as useful due to the fact that he 'intimadted' all the applicants, none had returned after the first day since he took over the task. He itched the back of his collar absence mindedly for just a moment before yelling broke his angry trance like state. He couldn't actually see what was compelling the now bleeding Officer Chanko forward as he screamed 'phyco bitch!'. Detective Bullock hit the back of the Officer's head with his open hand.

"Shut up Chanko! Lucky for you the chief was around. If it was me, you'd still be face down crying like a little girl... Hell I'd been hold'in you while she punched!"

He winked at the yet to be seen female hidden by the bulk of the two men who had taken over escorting Officer Thanks, one of the insufferable Officer Dougherty friends.

"Detective Bullock, do all us little girl's a favor, and stop comparing us to this throwback from the Paleolithic era." Her voice had the slightest of accent, coupled with the way she rolled her R's suggested her frist language was Hispanic.

"Ah.. Yeah, I'll do that, and please just Harvey."

"I still prefer formal titles, but thank just the same..."

Finally he could see the female in question, or of his questions at least. Long dirty blonde hair twisted into two braids. Obviously curly, and unruly, they were barely contained by the elastic bands holding them

"Hey Nygma, found Yer intern, shadow kid... person... un'less you're wait'n round the bullpen fer sum other reason..."

"No, no. No other reason. And it is quite evident Miss Kane can handle herself..."

"No shit Sherlock..." Nyma felt a new bubble of anger well up. He still had a fake vacant smile, his eyes however glared at the Detective through slightly narrowed eyelids. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Miss Kane's own change in demeanor.

"Detective Asshat! What my mentor was about to say before you so rudely interrupted him..." She shot Nygma a quick smile. Before anger marred her youthful face once more. "... was I never was lost, therefore I never needed to be found!"

"What happened to Miss title's and by the book? That wasn't very respectful way to speak to an Officer of the law." Nygma's eyes narrowed his eyes farther, were they 'flirting'? She answered with a sigh and sheepish smile

"So cuff me." She bit back with a twinkle in her eyes as she offered him her hands, wrists touching.

"When er 18... And only If you ask nicely." He was sure that was a sexual innuendo.

"Such a tease!" She said with a shake of her head, her full attention now trained on Nygma. His eyes flicked to his watch then back to his note board. Quickly rechecking her age but it what not listed on her application. He admitted to his inner self that he found her attractive, simply to keep him from pestering him about. She was attractive, but in no more ascetically pleasing manner than other female that's physical appearance suggested strong genetics. However If he had to use one word to describe Miss Kane in a popularulture, it would be… adorable. Comically huge black brown eye's behind eyelashes that were, like her eyes, almost out of proportion in size/length. Freckles playfully painted her face, which was a medium olive skin tone. Her most distracting feature was one single, solitary brown dot that was on the line of her lip. Half of it joined the others on her face and neck, other half the only blemish on her perfect pouty lips. His jaw flexed when he heard the echo''pruuuuuu-fectly pouty lips..." She wasn't wearing makeup, unless they were faults eyelashes... Did that count as makeup? They didn't look fake...

"Shall we sir?" When he didn't answer she bit her lip, hiding what she assumed had caught his attention with a rather sharp looking caine. The action brought up more primal feeling but he quickly squashed them making eye contact as he cleared his throat.

"It drives everyone crazy..." She offered as conversation. "I am told constantly... 'that I have a little something right there...' She pantomimed out the reaction "...which isn't as ercome as someone trying to wipe it off." The slightest of hiss escaped as she curled her lip at the thought. "My deepest apologies, I have been wasting your valuable time." He give a Curt nod and a sniff.

"It is expected that we will not accomplish much, if anything today." He kept his demeanor as cold and professional as possible. "Have you been made aware of the general layout of the building? Where you are and not allowed to go?" He spyed at her form out of the corner of his glasses when she chuckled darkly.

"Not really, officer Chanko..." her voice dripped with venom. "... offered to but he was more interested in playing grabass. Bastard never should have gotten through the academy! "Lupi caccia pecore non Lupi."

"Your comment is pointless when it is not understood by who, or whom, you share it" He sounded annoyed, but really he was hiding the fact that he was impressed. She had be a foot shorter than himself not to mention her petite build would make the odds of the outcome of a physical altercation less than favorable. But she had apparently bested Chanko. The confidence of her physical presence was admittedly intimating.

"Is that right?" A sly smile graced her face... TBC